Car Feature>> Star Road S30 Fairlady Z

There was one final car that I managed to shoot after the Hellaflush Japan event earlier this month at Fuji Speedway. I purposely didn't post many pictures of it in the main event coverage as I wanted to put a more detailed feature together. Star Road is a respected restorer and tuner based in Tokyo, dealing in all sorts of Japanese classics but specializing in Skylines and Fairladies.

This S30 is their latest creation, barely finished before it was taken to the event at Fuji, and not surprisingly attracting a ton of attention.

But before we take a look at the stunning exterior…

…I wanted to first concentrate on the amount of work that has gone on in the engine bay.

Power comes via an N24 L28 Nissan straight six that has been not only treated to a full rebuild, but quite a lot of tuning to make sure it doesn't disappoint on the performance side of things.

A lot of time was spent on the N24 head, porting and polishing the intake and exhaust ports to increase flow capabilities before the special 75º camshaft was dropped in. Valve seats were cut to accommodate the larger diameter valves, 46 mm for the intake and 36.5 for the exhaust, and the increased lift. ABB/PBB valve guides and special valve springs make sure this L-series can support a ton or revs…

…so the triplet of 44 mm Solex carburetors can supply the right mix of high octane gas and air.

The N24 bottom end was honed and prepped to receive the special Kameari oversized race pistons, Wako H-beam connecting rods and the balanced crank. Capacity has been boosted to just over 3L with these components. Under the carbs you can just about see the custom made 48 mm headers, which dump exhaust gasses into the 80 mm muffler, again a one-off Star Road piece. Everything that could have been chromed was, adding to what is already a masterpiece of an engine. Driveline upgrades include an RB 5-speed transmission and an R200 LSD.

The restoration was one of the most time consuming aspects of the project, taking months upon months to fully eliminate rust spots, spot weld and stiffen critical areas of the ageing chassis and of course spraying both the interior and exterior in a deep, glossy blue. The whole underside of the car was coated in a black sealant to keep the car protected for decades to come. Star Road doesn't shy away from modern components, believing that older cars like this S30 can only benefit from modern and reengineered parts that not only add functionality but also style to the car. So you will find HID projectors in the headlights, a carbon fiber front chin spoiler and carbon bolt-on overfenders.

Sitting snuggly inside the wheels wells are Work Equip 03s, sporting the new optional bronze anodized lip, adding a great contrast to the blue body. The 15-inch 03s measure 8.5J up front and 9.5J at the rear and are shod with very sticky and adequately stretched Bridgestone Potenza RE-11, 195/55 fore, 225/50 aft. Star Road Type M front calipers take care of the braking.

The car was lowered right down to the lowest possible setting on the adjustable Star Road suspension, giving it a near-perfect stance. The suspension has also been spiced up with Star Road rose-jointed arms and links to tighten up the handling and steering feel. The rear end is finished off with a carbon fiber hatch spoiler, a great little final touch.

The interior has been transformed with modern additions like the adjustable sports seats and Momo steering wheel. 

Check out the new-gen speedometer which joins the rest of the Defi gauges, integrated into the stock binnacles.

Upgrades like this might make purists cringe but the idea here was to add functionality and comfort, not to mention inject some modern day technology to help improve the driving experience.

It took over two years to complete the restoration and the finished car is impressive in every way. Would any of you have done things differently? As I think this is pretty close to what a perfect S30 should be!

Star Road

Hellaflush coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Looks amazing, not a fan of the seats though!


Simply beautiful. Almost perfect in my opinion. I would have painted the carbon front lip blue as well. I don't think just because its carbon it needs to be seen. It would also be kinda cool as well for just the owner to know what lies beneath


what happen to the driver side door trimming???

while trim on the other side looks perfect..

other than that,nice car..a really-really nice car..



The "N24" L28 block and head are actually 'N42' castings. Slight typo there....


Wangan Midnight! Akuma Z!


looks absolutely stunning, hopefully i can do my own 240 or 280 restoration one day. personally i would put a color matched blue roll cage, thats all


????? ?????!!!


Whats going on in the passenger side under the dash? Looks almost like AC.


@Kaws that is an a/c.I had something similar in my 67' Mustang.


Someone on the other side of the world read my mind... this is the way I my dream 240-z should be!


I might have gone with a more retro looking gauge setup but the whole car is an amazing creation, wow.


Please can we have wallpapers of some of these


SDRAAA !!! Spettacolare !!! Awesome !!! Nice pics Dino!


Piece of art! need wallpapers!! And definitly motivates me to see my S30Z Body at the bodyshop soon :)


A bit too 'tuning' for my taste especially the inside and I'd have liked to have seen the exhaust silencer tucked up out of site - well possible.

Agreed as above re the front spoiler - looks unfinishedand although the engine bay is CLEAN, it is over-fussy and as you're quoting 'perfect', why not remove some of those untidy-looking wires, fit an airbox and for modern day comfort, there are neater airco kits available and where is the power-steering ?

9/10 for the work gone into it - bit of trim missinghere and there but perhaps the photo-shoot was urgent and we all know how impatient journalists are :-) !


Would change the steering wheel. Not a fan of it. A nardi piece would be perfect otherwise.


Need to hear this at full song!


What a rebuild should be, love it from bumper to bumper.


Pure Beauty!


Pretty damn close to perfect - I'd probably do the interior a little differently but other than that who should I make the cheque out to!!! Great coverage as always Dino


Watch out, it's the Devil Z! xD


I've recently developed a love for these old Nissans (most likely from my boyfriend who adores any Japanese car pre-1990) and this one is no exception, it's positively gorgeous in every way. That fact it's in my favorite color doesn't hurt either! :)


Looks really great, good job!


I would do it differently and I did :) This Star Road car made me get into my S30 but I can't get over the interior. I just don't like the seats, shift knob and steering wheel combo plus the CF bits don't go with the era correctness. It's built to perfection though I admit.


After having my koyorad radiator come in yesterday and seeing this feature it really make me want to get wrenching on my 240z. Having the flu sucks -_-


i wouldve put something like a RB in there or to save some money, a sr20.


Carbon fibre goodness!!


wallpaper PLEASE


Love this car, Love your pics, perfect!


@raulisfadzil +1 all it would need is a coupla turbos and it would be spot on!


looks very well presented.. these Defi gauges do look well... and where might i ask are those seats from? i like that the fact that he hasn't tried to create a retro throwback but has brought it up to date.. a little bit, with some personal choice creature comforts.. the purists will have your head on the block for this one. but its 10 out 10 from me.. nice rim choice too.


It looks like a dealer installed AC unit.

Also, 260/280z dashboard with 240z lights, interesting.


amazing car ... ;-)

some wallpapers of this photo ? pleaseee ... :-P

bye ... :-)


its the DEVIL Z! stunningly beautiful :))


Car looks amazing and from the sound of it highly functional. Would have stayed a little more period correct on the interior. Not a fan of the shift knob or steering wheel. As always love the fender mirrors and wheels. Be great to see her in action.


that S30 is perfect in every way!!! by far one of the best car features in a while on Speedhunters


Beautiful in fact the most beautiful to grace the website.


Desktop please!!!!


oh god, mi love it, everything about it. the mix of modern and new stuff works well. dunno if I would have done anything different along the way if I was restoring it but I love the outcome


@kaws it is AC

Beautiful car


wallpapers of this lovely car please!


WOW that is amzing :D


Oh how I love a straight 6...


I think this is one of the best S30s I have ever seen. It's almost perfect!

The S30 Fairlady Z looks so good in blue, and all the restoration on this one looks immaculate. The modified L28 was the icing on the cake! (and thanks for the technical details!)

Just beautiful.


Nothing is overlooked. I agree Dino, it looks perfect.


"I'm sexy and I know it....duh duh dundun dun dun dundun........." says the Z.


Anyone know where i can get my hands on some gauges like that? i would love to throw them into my Datsun.


I thought my z was cool... i guess its back to the drawing board. that interior looks orgasmic, I want to know where you can find an AC system like that. Im currently suffering from heat and engine fumes instead of a nice AC. Also those carbs are fantastic in chrome, actually the whole engine is fantastic, though Im suprised to see they havent thrown a turbo in there. boring the 2.8l to 3l is nice but youll really find a modern comfort with the whining of a turbo. give me some ideas if any of you can



Would be better with the aftermarket aircon hidden and without the fake speed-flow fittings (hose clamps) on the fuel hoses, and yeah paint the front spoiler. To the person suggesting power steering, man the fuck up hahaha. Anyway, still a thing of true beauty and much inspiration


I would have only changed the power plant.

but. you can never have too much carbon fiber...


probably the most expensive ol skol car other than the 86 in japan


I would have the windshield wipers down when at rest. That's about it. I'm not a fan of so much engine chrome, but I wouldn't change the car if it somehow found its way to my garage. Really like the bronze outers on the Work Equips. And that shade of blue.




Devil Zeto!!!!!!!!! :O


Can we get this as a desktop?


Desktops of first and a few other photos please (in 2560x1600)!


Desktops please!!


Moment I saw this all I could think was DEVIL Z!


besides the small details on which i may have differed slightly, this car is truly nothing short of perfection.


The most perfect car.ever.


@Censport, I think having the wipers up is just a Japanese 'thing' haha


You finally featured it! Such a sweet car.


there is an s30 a few blocks down from where i live and yes im going to buy that money pit and start working on as soon is i can


Such a beautiful car! That's fantastic ... and that's a truly beautiful engine bay. Love it!


Its funny how i used to think that these cars were hellaugly, as today this is one of my dream machines, in terms of tarmac shredders, as i have many dream machines, at least one for every genere....

I'd give a nut for one of these..... all black in and out w/ as much chrome as possible on the engine and completley chromed wheels.....mmmmh...EEEEVIL.


Enough with the Devil Z crap. This is not the Devil Z, nor is it even remotely like it. The Devil Z had a stroked L28 to 3.1 liters, black Watanabe's, and body color front and rear spoilers. It is strippe of most of the dash, an the rear of the cabin has been gutted and caged. Twin Turbo'ed, pumping out on excess of 650HP. Not to mention, the Devil Z was never a real car famous on Wangan. It's loosely based on the Air Breathing Research Hosoki S130Z. There is a real Blackbird though... There are far too many Macimum Tune fanboys out there who know nothing about the origins of the original manga and story. Caps Locking 'Devil Z' is like yelling 'Ferrari!!' when you see a Fiero.


absolutely stunning s30. couldnt be any closer to my ideal datsun


The Nostalgic 2 Days turned out to be quite the surprise for me, a refreshing change from the regular


I love how this car doesn't have the camber liky sunnys 240z or yutas zombie (or heartbreaker) but i love how those cars have very little body work and little to no paint. The high gloss of this car turns me off but the stance is all right.


I love how this car doesn't have the camber liky sunnys 240z or yutas zombie (or heartbreaker) but i love how those cars have very little body work and little to no paint. The high gloss of this car turns me off but the stance is all right.


Currently looking for Work Equips for my 260z, would love to know the offset of these wheels, looks perfect.



Yeah nice looking well done paint jobs and cars are gay... nice bodys on cars are gay too... everything should be spray paint, zip ties, and rotas FTW!

what a joke...


Devil Z! :P


Thats a really nice speedo. who makes it?


SergioMarquez looks like the original hast ben refurbished

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