Event>> Japanese Classic Car Show Pt.1

Despite a strange batch of late summer thunderstorms and pockets of rain that hit Southern California over the weekend, the 7th annual edition of the Japanese Classic Car Show went off without a hitch at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

I may have moved away from LA, but there was no way I was going to miss JCCS. If you've seen our past coverage of this show, then you know it's one of the best automotive events of the year. Each year it seems the cars get better, with people traveling farther and farther to be part of the festivities.

Of course now that I have an S30Z and an 86 in my possession I was even more excited to be at JCCS, with all the great cars to be inspired by. There's Inzane240's car, one that I've been following online regularly.

Naturally, the sightings began in the parking lot outside the show. Check out this oxidized and pinstriped Civic Wagon.

The steelies and Baby Moon combo matched perfectly with the rat rod theme.

Was it to everyone's taste? No. Was it extremely unique? Without a doubt.

Also spotted in the parking lot was this Infiniti M30 sporting a five lug conversion and some fat lipped wheels.

Want a project car? It'd be hard to do better than this bone stock Corolla Wagon.

As I mentioned, each year there more and more stunning imported JDM vehicles that pop up at JCCS. This Kenmeri Skyline was one of them.

It also happened to be one of three vehicles at JCCS powered by Nissan's legendary S20 engine. I can't recall ever seeing an S20 in the US before, so seeing three of them lined up was quite special.

New for this year was the inclusion of vintage Japanese bikes in the festivities. I was particularly fond of this Honda Gorilla minibike.

This flat black KP61 Starlet looked sinister with TRD flares and R-Type Watanabes.

This 1985 RX-7 was in beautiful original condition, save for the hood scoop – which hints at the S5 Turbo II swap under the hood.

The original maroon interior was equally as mint.

Love the simple look of this two-door 510. It was rotary-swapped if I remember correctly.

There are always lots of cool pickups at JCCS, and this '73 Toyota Hilux was one of the highlights. Dig that low stance and Mitsubishi Starion OEM wheels.

Under the hood was a 22REC swap from a newer Toyota truck. Simple and clean.

5Zigen USA is now importing brand new Hayashi Racing wheels to the United States. Support the originals!

One of several Honda N600s being shown in the Honda section. It's the Japanese Mini Cooper.

Hopefully this whet your appetite for the rest of the JCCS coverage that's coming this week.

Stay tuned for more legendary Japanese machines from Long Beach.

-Mike Garrett



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how about some shots of the 2000gt toyota brought out?!? :D


i hope this in like part 1 of 20. awesome post mike!


vintage japanese desktops please... the s20 would be nice. thanx


I am so happy that I finally got to see this show in person! Was well worth the trip from Kentucky.


Love these old rides... More please !!


I know you said that the oxidized Civic isn't to everyone's taste, but damn. It's a painful to think that people would do that to a car.


There were ZERO Subarus.

Since when is a 360 or even a Legacy not classic!

Too many Z's! WAY too many Z's.


An absolutely amazing event. I can agree with you Mike that the show just seems to get better and better every year. After seeing all the great cars at the show i was definitely itching to get back home afterwards and start wrenching some more on my own 240Z. Just got a new dash for it and ordering up a new koyorad radiator asap. We need an update on your Z and 86 soon.


that last celica is awesome


this is baws


Give us more please !


I desire a spotlight on every single one of these cars. Thank you <3


Are those Skylines with the S20's genuine GTR'S? If so so worth a pretty pennie or more.

An S20 is pricey enough in Japan!

More Pics!!!


Cool cars, are those TOM's on that last celica?


that celica is seeeeeeeexy


spotlight on the celica in the last pic.


Anymore 510 pics(:!


Moar Toyota! :D


This was one of the most amazing shows I've ever been to! As a recent transplant from the midwest I've never had the opportunity to see a lot of these 60s-70s imports IRL that I've drooled over for years on the internet, I was in absolute awe. My pics from the show are on flickr, should come up under a search for JCCS.


in ? with the corolla wagon


Glad to see motorcycles included. That show will be massive before long. Can't wait to see the rest!


Man that M30 is off the hook! Thats what I like, the large coupes Hela Flush!


That's my car! Well, it's 1/6 of my blue 240Z visible to the right of inzane240's car.


510 with the simmons looks dope


Ha Ha.... luisthebeast is complaining about too many Z's and not enough 360's. Ummm yea.


That rust civic wagovan was awesome! Not to my personal taste but that's not what matters. They even had fake grass carpet with a tiki shifter and ebrake. Originality triumphs!


what a spin out to see some aussie made simmons on the 2 door 510.

these are an icon of the aftermarket scene down under!


JCCS, my favorite coverage of the year


Most under rated cars of the event were the two super rare Mitsu's. There was a super clean Debonair and an 1800 GSR Lancer. I'm sure Mike spotted them...a lot of people just walked passed these two cars like they were nothing. I was hoping the guys with the Subaru Sambars would be back but they didn't show up and the vintage motorcycles were a great addition! I must have spent at least two hours just walking around and checking out the bikes. There were some really nicely built cafe racers there too.


Love that that Kenmeri Hako with S20 engine. If indeed genuine, that car runs about > $100K at current exchange rates for a good example. Baller.


I wonder if people felt the same about Japanese cars in the 60's as we feel now about those ridiculous Chinese replica cars. Honda N600 I'm looking at you.


Have you ever seen the classical cars in Viet Nam, http://infocars365.com


What are the wheels in the last picture on the celica?


lovely cars and great pics


240Z!!! Very cool cars there


Sinister Starlet! Gotta love the KP61!

Thanks for hosting another great event JCCS!


Sinister Starlet! Gotta love the KP61!

Thanks for hosting another great event JCCS!


Great Coverage! Support the Originals!