Event>>the Sonoma Historics Pt.2

Rain and cold be damned, here's the second part of my look at the 2011 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival.

This '74 Porsche RSR climbing the hill at Turn 2 should be a fine way to get things started.

Is the Boss 302 the greatest Mustang ever? A visit to a vintage Trans Am race might just have you thinking that way.

McLaren Can Am car during practice on Friday afternoon. One of over 30 vintage Can Am racers that were entered in this year's event.

This '73 240Z saw action in the IMSA GTU class in the mid to 70's. It's since been restored to its original 1978 spec, complete with classy Natural Light Beer livery.

Later in the day, the Z can be seen tailing a Porsche 934.5 over the scenic crest at Turn 2.

BMW CSL at speed. Oh what a sight….

As I walked around the paddock I noticed some very professional looking transporters and pit areas. Vintage racing isn't something to be taken lightly…

One of the Javelins running in the Trans Am class, coated in AMC's famous patriotic livery.

Long live the roadster! This MGB must be a kick to take around the track. Perhaps not in the pouring rain though…

Ginetta, another one of the great British sports cars. What do you think of the super moody black and white shot?

It turns out that a chopped up kei truck makes for a very good pit vehicle.

It even has custom wheels, racing stripes, and a tiny Momo steering wheel. Awesome!

Another great '69 Z/28 from the Tran Am class. Listening to the group of V8's tear around the track reminded me that NASCAR will be making its annual stop at Infineon in just a few weeks. Always a great race to watch.

The Gozzy Kremer 935 takes a little sip before hitting the track.

The brilliant face of an Alfa Giulia Sprint GT pops over the hill at Turn 3.

The Jagermeister RSR comes through a corner, just on the brink of a nice tail slide.

Want to see the inspiration for the exterior of the first generation Mazda MX-5? Look no further than the Lotus Elan.

The Sam Posey Challenger is quite simply one of my favorite race cars of all time. Stay tuned for a spotlight on this piece of Trans Am history.

934.5 with the afterburner on. I'm thinking this one might make for a good desktop, no?

I'll wrap up part two here, but I'll be back with plenty more from the Sonoma Historics tomorrow.

-Mike Garrett



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simply gorgeous cars, i love it!


i use to have dreams about the Gozzy Kremer 935, she 's always on my desktop now.


934.5 afterburners Desktop a must! Awesome stuff!


Desktop of the Porsche spitting flames!


love the black & white shot of the Ginetta - some real favourites here like the classic American Muscle car, the Mustang in Boss 302 guise. the Alfa looks purposeful too. proper cars.. Thanks


Giulia Sprints are beautiful machines, that picture needs to be on my dekstop.


Nice write up and pics - i was driving the blue mini #120 - did you get any rain shots of us loonartics trying to qualify?

or even line astern like M n M's :-)


I know the guy who owns the McLaren. And yes, the car is out and out awesome!



Check out the Mustang from last year's RMMR...




The CSL is just... awesome!! A Desktop of it is a must-have. Pleeeaaase? :D


if i could drive ANY of those cars ONCE, i'd talk about it for years and die a happy man.


1. What's that Kei truck doing in Sonoma?

2. Since when have LHD Kei trucks existed?


Damn. That Red Behemoth behind the Gozzy Kremer 935 looks to be enormous!!!! Any glamor shots?


So much deliciousness!!!!


and lol the kei-truck is badass 8)


Do you have any pictures of a Burgundy 911, with the numbers 777 or 888 (I don't remember). It's a friend of mine and I would love to see some pictures of his car.


Features like this one are what keeps me coming back to Speedhunters. I can't stop looking over these classics. I love this web site!! Lol


The KEI Truck looks like a GOLF CADDY and all of these cars are FANTASTIC


Great article Mike! It would be great if there could be dextops for the M3 CSL, 934.5/935, Jagermeister RSR, the Jaguars, and the Alfas...


Quick note on the Elan, these little things as fast! We got one for sale at work, has 180 bhp and only weighs in a 544kg...

We took it to MAgny-Cours for the Classic Days just over a month ago, and it was one of the fastest cars in the Older series.


Speedhunters need more Porsches


Alfa on the Desktop Section ASAP please!!!


that alfa. desktop?


Rad. I still have a slot car of that McLaren from when I was a child! I use to do enduro races in my parents living room while daydreaming that I was Bruce McLaren! Ha! Haven't thought about those days for a while...


934.5 spotlight please


Jagermeister RSR desktop por favor


That's an MG Midget, not an MG B.


I love that little Alfa


dan, you are WRONG. blatantly so. laughably so.


Any photos of the 6B imsa-TA group?

Specifically the ICI Beretta?

Thanks, Gerry


some desktops for THE BOSS n the challenger PLEAZZZE!!! =D