There were a lot of extremely fast cars at the Texas Mile. But nothing out that weekend quite touched the orange mid-engined Underground Racing beast. A Lamborghini, air conditioning blasting, radio blaring, 250.1 miles per hour and breaking records. That’s got to be one of the best ways to spend your weekend.


Speedhunters Texas Mile 2010 coverage



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Wow! That's haulin the mail. Why didn't he use the chute? Anyway, wow!


apparently his fat ass threw off the weight distribution of the car and he kept spinning.

or he just doesn't know how to drive straight/push a parachute button


Is every damn car spinning out at the end of there run at the event or is something just odd going on here? Bugged the crap out of me when I watched it yesterday...



I'm assuming the end of the runaway it's not very long and it would take a lot of abuse on the brakes.

Brake pads on the Gallardo aren't exactly cheap......that's my .02


Yeah I'm like... You just did 250 in the standing mile and lost control on the decel...? What the F is the deal.


wow he is the worst driver i have seen.i wudnt giv him a wheelbarrow.more money than sense!!!!


I gotta agree with SoloTwo. WTF is up with all the cars rotating after their run? If they are that unstable at speed, that is pretty damn dangerous. I realize they have to lack downforce to go that fast, but shit that is unsafe.


Bad driving, poor brake bias? A bit of both? Not very impressive IMO. Gobs of power and a heavy right foot is all that guy has..


Exactly Carl, every other video I've seen from the Texas Mile event doesn't show the cars spinning out of control after every run...if you watch the video closely enough it just becomes even more confusing. The inputs from the driver, or lack there of, make zero sense. If the car is going to spin out of control after every run use that stupid parachute you put on the damn car...


Also, in ever blog post I see this video in, everyone says something about the Aircon running and the radio blasting, neither of which are on in any of the videos...


I think the chute is for show. I'm sure if he pulls it at 250mph in a lambo it is just going to rip the backend of the car off.

But still a lot safer than spinning at the end of the run and risking fliping.


with air conditioning and a radio?


im no senna but damn this guy sux


Prob woulda been quite a bit easier to break 250 if they didn't let lardo drive his own car