Event>> The Texas Mile Part 2

Mile events are fast becoming the go-to event for anyone that is willing to stretch the wings on their weekend cars. These events attract people from those with deep pocket, and to the humble weekend enthusiast. So as we gear up for the weekend of sideways action, here's one last look at the Texas Mile. 

The starting grid is the best place to meet all the drivers and learn about all the different cars that are out there. 

Underground Racing had its two twin turbo Gallardo's out. Their orange #13 car hit an insane speed of 250.1 MPH!

The Underground Racing boys sure knew how to show off, that's for sure. Their pit area was the envy of the whole paddock. They even employed a man who's only job was to wipe off the drool that landed on the cars from the spectators (I kid, I kid….)!

I've said in my previous post that there are all sorts of cars out at the mile, from the exotics to the everyday man's car. Take this FC RX-7 for example. It was fantastic to see this bit of import lovin' out on the starting line.  

There was quite a selection of Dodge Vipers out there, but not as much of a selection as the Ford GTs and Corvettes though. 

A little bit of painters tape goes a long way at the Texas Mile. The drivers are looking to squeeze every bit of mile per hour out of their cars, so taping up any high pressure zones to smooth out the car's aerodynamics help. The front of the car is especially important to make as aerodynamically smooth as possible.

Blue painters tape and baller carbon fiber wheels: only at the Texas Mile!

Even some drag cars made it out. How much reconditioning does it take to get one of these 1/4 mile cars to last three times the distance? 

Aside from Tanner Foust, CART driver, Paul Tracy was also on hand shooting along side Foust in the SpeedTV special. 

Being a TV presenter has its privileges, like Tanner driving the opposite way on the track. 

HPA Motorsports brought out their all wheel drive 565 horsepower VW Scirocco but both of those factors are completely eclipsed by just how sexy this car looks.

I'm sure if these cars got released in the states, it would completely canibalize the GTI's sales. You just can't beat a car that has an exerior that looks that good but with a GTI underneath those good looks.

Like I said before, the 
ballerness of a driver's RV is relative to the ballerness of their car. 

This clown shoe was a very fast clown shoe.

This Pontiac Firebird sported quite an impressive hood cowl and home brew splitter.

A sweet 4th generation Mustang making a pass….

I swear there were as many Ford GTs as there were RVs out at the Mile.

There were many motorbikes that also participated in this event. A Hayabusa Turbo managed to clock a speed of 261.5 MPH! These guys on the other hand did not participate in being a speed demon….

Strewn throughout all the high dollar builds and exotics was this piece of affordable 80s Japaneseness. Not the most perfect or fanstic example of a Cressida wagons, especially with the XXR 513 wheels, but it was nice seeing such a clean example of one in a field of cars like at the Texas Mile.


The AMS Evo's livery was inspired by World War 2 fighter planes. The fake rivets and pin up girl add some fantastic flare and atmosphere to the car. 

Speaking of AMS, the guys from Chi-town had this fantastic yellow 996 out. I did not have a chance to see it out on the mile though…

This Ford GT only has nice things to say about prancing horses.

Track days are always centered around technology, but at its essence, those days are always about the human spirit. The drama of people overcoming technology draws us in. And at the end of the day, as our cars tick away while cooling down, we gather around a table with a single light and discuss about how the human spirit prevailed that day at Goliad, Texas…


Speedhunters Texas Mile 2010 coverage



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look at the white ford gt

the number plate is F ENZO

anyone else find it wierd


nice event some top cars love the supra and the AMS evo!!




Yet another brilliant coverage from Linhbergh,

I'd love to see the drag car's over a full mile!


Deanc: probably F**K ENZO, dont u think?


why is it strange that a Ford Gt doesnt like Enzo?


That Scirocco is all kinds of awesome.


hella unflush! ahahah win


F ENZO... It's a fake plate folks... A crack at Enzo is all. Hella UN Flush was a welcoming sight! LOL


@Neurite & Kolbotn

i thougth it standed 4 ferrari enzo


OMG, facepalm for those who don't know the Ford GT-->GT40-->LeMans-->Ford vs. Ferrari story

Look it up, it's an amazing story of internatioal intrigue, ego, and automotive awesomeness.


These Guys Kill It!!


OMG, facepalm i totally have never owned a fast car or ever will because instead of working i surf the internet all day


How many cars did Tracy wreck?


Just a friendly heads-up, Linhberg: A mile is 4 times the distance of a 1/4 mile....not 3.


The turbo is the supra is bigger then the mans head! Brilliant!



LOL, I have a job and I have TWO fast cars (four cars total). Turbo Miata and an Ariel Atom...so suck it.


Actually F ENZO are his vanity plates. Nothing fake about them.


That Ford GT sucks cocks for wooden nickels


Actually F ENZO is Sanjeet's car. I sat in it while he fed me his dirty curry.


F Enzo runs a electric supercharger off ebay, 1000hp

ford ftw


taking my Mini next year


The only reason you'd buy a Ford GT in the first place is because you're too poor to afford an Enzo... can you really blame him for wanting to make up for his inadequacies with a custom plate?


Gezuz you American's are serious about your drag racing!

Some serious HP going on here.

There is a market for Drag in AUS but I find that Circuit and Drift is more in favor.

Haha! @ Hella-UN-flush.

Must be a off roader / rally car...


If I'm not mistaken that red mustang is a diesel. Read about it on another blog.


cool write write loved part 1.. honourable mentions :- the sweet Cressida, the powered-up Scirocco and Ferrari's "new best friend"... the Ford GT...


Wouldn't a 1/4 mile car need to last 4 times the distance (instead of 3) at the Texas Mile? :)


errr... three times 1/4 equals 3/4, not 1. lol.


anyway, looks like it was an amazing event, having been along for a few sub-13-second quarter-mile passes, i can only imagine how much fun a whole mile of that would be!


@ Mark - that's not a state issued Texas plate.


@Henry. That red mustang is in fact powered by a Duramax diesel. I believe you can see some diesel logo stickers on the previous blog about this on it. And because its a diesel, I have no doubts it would be able to drive a full mile just fine. Hell, probably 10 miles, Hell, probably 50.


Awwww. some ferrari fanboys made it to speedhunters. were there any prancy horses at the texas mile? or were they busy sitting in their garages that weekend?


Internet cock fights, woot!

I like all the cars in this post. It's just awesome to see that much power in one spot.


Dumah sick! These vatos are just crazy. Crazy I tell you. Just got too much money to throw away. Lolz. Ain't hating. If I had a focken MPH car, I'd bring it out there too.


dis nigga high yall



thanks for the pic........sorry about the non jdm wheels on my wagon........im spending my money on the motor swap first