We seem to be doing quite a bit of actual speedhunting this month. We already looked at the newest standing mile event, the Mojave Mile. Later this month we will be be in attendance at the Texas Mile. But forget all that for now, the standing mile record for the fastest production car was broken this past weekend in Florida at the Top Gear Run event. The Performance Power Racing Ford GT passed the mile marker at a blistering 252.97 miles per hour! This twin turbo Ford GT did this feat with an estimated 1800 wheel horsepower and an estimated 1475 wheel torque. Mind. Blown.

Check out the video and witness the insane second gear pull and the car wheel spinning all the way to fifth.


Performance Power Racing



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HAHAHAH THIS IS MY BUDDY MATT'S, GF'S DAD. he owns a performance shop in west palm beach fl. Definately worth doing a feature on it. heheh, u can do my car in the process lol.




wonder how fast it would go...it was still gaining speed at the 1 mile mark


holy sheit


very fast and all, but i do have to love the tragic nature of most youtube vids and amateurs involved in some form of motor sport using the whole one hand on the wheel method. in these cases, proper control with 2 hands could save lives/cars if somethng goes south at 100-250mph


Very awesome. I have not saw or rode in this particular GT but I took a spin in a few with 1200 horsepower and they were amazing!


He sounds excited at the end. That run almost seemed to smooth, but probably because it's a great car!


I was fortunae to be there on the day... Awsome event, so many top end cars with lots of go fast gear!!! The 252mph run was the first nitrous run of the day. Previous best that day was 231mph.

I was invited to go by Trevor (wizard of nos)... who was testing some of his new products on the record breaking GT40. Johnny the owner of the car is a real character. I was lucky enough to hang out with the guys for the day.

The car is geared for 260mph just before the 8250rpm rev limmit. The car has so much more left in it, as they have only scratched the surface on set up.

The GT40 is a true street car as well... indash TV and all!!!


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jesus i wish i could have gone so bad but i had a baseball game to attend. last years event was great


There is another mile event on the 10th of april I believe- same place (mile marker 48 tamiami hwy).

Check mile-1.com for details


Yea, bet it would even be faster if he didn't miss 3rd. That is one sick GT


What an amazing feat... Hopefully they can replicate this performance during the Texas Mile. There's going to be a lot of heavy hitters running the mile. I wonder if the Boost Logic Supra (ex-record holder) has an answer to this FGT?