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I'm really missing Japan right now. I plugged in my external hard drive a bit ago to hunt for some lowdown car pictures and the memories came flooding back. Memories of Watanabes, SSR's, Solex carbs, and musical horns. We thought you guys might be getting a little tired of the late model flushed out cars we've been showing this month, and figured another gallery of retro JDM coolness can never be bad thing.

I didn't have any particular guidelines when choosing the photos. I looked for everything from slammed outlaw style street cars like this GX71…

…to circuit cars like this Hakosuka Skyline. It seems to be getting around the track just fine, stretched tires and all.

And then you have race-inspired street cars like this flared Hakosuka sedan and S30 Fairlady.

This Soarer looks like it may have been untouched since the mid '80s, the heyday of this sort of style on the roads of Japan.

This Nissan Sunny wagon is a bit more understated with a stock body, conservative lowering job, and a choice set of SSR Mark III wheels fitted under the stock fenders.

I couldn't put together a gallery like this without including Rocky Auto's works style Hakosuka. I'm guessing the more conservative camber on this car will make it more popular than the KGC10 I posted yesterday?

For some reason this one my favorite pictures I've ever taken – a slammed Sunny Truck and Corolla Sedan with Tokyo's Fuji TV building in the background. I miss Japan's super clear winter and fall time skies!

Another Soarer, winged and vented all over.

You might remember this mini-truck style 510 wagon from my coverage of the Yokohama Hot Rod and Custom Car Show last year.

This beautifully restored Kenmeri Skyline had been built for both street and track use. It's hard to do better than this.

Meanwhile this Kenmeri is more of a hard-edged street machine that'd be more at home roaring through a highway tunnel than navigating corners on a race track.

I spotted this Mark II at a classic car gathering in Tokyo back in the spring of 2006.

As well as this Kenmeri Skyline. These are the cars that got me hooked…

Fitting with it's name, this "Sunny California" is dropped low on American style slotted mags. Enkei Dish maybe?

You can never do wrong with just a nice set of wheels and a bit of low down. This Mark II is a prime example.

Or maybe you prefer the flake and flare of this Skyline sedan. I find it interesting how a lot of classic street cars like this are running really aggressive race rubber.

The infamous Corona Wagon fire car with a 3SGE swap is still one of the coolest automobiles I've ever laid eyes on.

But is at cool as the drifting Hakosuka from last year's JCCA summer meet at Tsukuba Circuit?

I'm not quite sure about that.

OK, time to stop dreaming about Japan and get back to work!

-Mike Garrett



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I do miss your posts afrom japan,not that your stateside stuff is rubbish, even though to be honest i learned of this site by auto otaku. I like the hakosouka pics. Will dino be going to i heart honda 2010? i hope so.


RockyAuto's silver colour is brillant!! Wouldn't mind an R32 GTR in same colour scheme w/ Black multispoke wheels. Wonder if Wantanabe's would match the R32. Anyone have pics??


This is our favorite month. Keep it up SH.



This is my new favorite site!


I love that Kenmeri "Datsun" rearend! Nice post! Classic Japanese cars are so....

I tried, no words!


Now you made me miss Japan ever more.


My god, that is some serious old skool.


so raw, so raw


man thank god, i about had it seeing every lexus big body slammed on dubs in the world. I feel at home now :)


desktop last picture pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!


THANK YOU MIKE! You've just restored my faith in not-so-over-the-top cars. I too miss your posts from Japan. Maybe you've got some cool S30Z pics in your archive? :-) Pity that my Zed doesn't look half as good as most of those posted above...


Yes, favorite month.

As "interesting" as that powder blue soarer is, how many US body-molding jobs have held up for almost 2 decades? Japanese craftsmanship anyone?


White GX71s with wide JDM wheels make my day.


desktop last picture! totaly agree! please, Mike!


I may be showing my ignorance here, but did someone weld up the rear doors on the green Skyline? Also, did the white Kenmeri come with those headlights?


Love the slamed japanese nostalgic's! Whats up with some of the guys rear licence plates all bent up?


<3 all the Hakosukas and the S30 Fairlady... I am so glad that I'll have a decent camera by the time I get to Japan. I think I'll go insane....


Mike garrett RULES


i'm with BH, you are the man, man. 8) your coverage of the Japanese scene really opened up my eyes to the goodness of proper japanese awesomeness (the countless C10's, C110's, JZX81s 90s 100s, etc). Dino's coverage is great, but for some reason lacks... whatever it is you bring to the table, i can't quite put my finger on it, but it's good. lol. keep it up mang, as always you're the reason i ever even started reading Speedhunters (no more AO :((


Just like what efcivicman said, I too did found out about Speedhunters though your Auto Otaku site Mike. Kinda missed the photos you take at Tsukuba though....


Whats up with the license plates on the Soarer and the Mark II? Theyre bent at the corners. Is that some sort of oldschool method to avoid having your license captured by speed cameras?


Just what I was looking for. I thought slammed month would be a big FAIL. Mike Garrett, you are still the king of all automotive bloggers. I miss you being in Japan though. I remember the feeling of excitement when I turn on the computer every morning just to check Auto-Otaku.


What would give to go to Japan:-(


What would give to go to Japan:-(


this is awesome,but i would like to see more laurels


old skylines are sooooo nice! I love them! :-)


best post this month!


Mean selection of shots. The fire wagon is a Carina not a Corona


Thanks Mike! :)

The Carina is indeed one of the most amazing cars ever! Especially knowing this car should have a solid axle makes me puzzle over the amount of camber on it! Either they bent the axle a "bit" or they converted it to IRS. Both would involve a lot of work with the hacksaw and the welder. :P


yes, i too, came to speedhunters thru AutoOtaku.


This is the shit right here.


Mike, how about a slammed down crown jzs130 wagon feature on your Inaka street edition... how come you missed that...


Haha, thanks guys. I think you're giving me more far more credit than I deserve though!


Wicked all those 60's- 70's JDM cars... slammed or whatever.


All credit given herein is deserved, Mike! I also found through auto-otaku, and the last pic SHOULD be a desktop...Side-exit exhaust! :O:O


Ugh, make's me miss those 150 pic Flickr posts from JCCA and Tsukuba!


Kenmeri Skyline is GOD!



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