The Perfect Shoot With A BMW M2

This would be my year, I was sure of it. MPACT 2018 felt like one big wet t-shirt contest; to say the weather did not cooperate would be an understatement, and I felt Mother Nature owed me one.

Well, for this year’s MPACT Motorsports Festival, held again at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania, she delivered in a big way.

2019 BMW M2 Michael D'Ambrosio Speedhunters-02

Each year, thousands of BMWs descend upon Pocono for MPACT, an event that includes a car show, drag racing, burnout contests, and vendor displays. Show festivities are traditionally held on a Saturday, but I was invited by MPACT’s organizers to hold a special shoot for one lucky BMW owner the evening prior.

2019 BMW M2 Michael D'Ambrosio Speedhunters-10

A closed racetrack during sunset sounded like photoshoot heaven, but I’d need a car that was just as epic as the scenery.

2019 BMW M2 Michael D'Ambrosio Speedhunters-05

Enter Sue (aka M2HAWT) and her BMW M2. A genuine car girl with a history of sport compacts, she’s become a long-time BMW fan, and the M2 is her first experience with the M sub-brand.

Decked out in Xpel Stealth paint protection film, custom BBS FI-R wheels, Carbon Fiber Co. custom exhaust, and various carbon fiber bits and pieces, the car looks like it belongs at the finish line and reflects the hours of sweat needed to bring such a beast to life.

One other important note: Sue only drives manual-equipped cars.

2019 BMW M2 Michael D'Ambrosio Speedhunters-09

I was pretty nervous as I pulled up to the iconic cave entrance at the track, and the butterflies only increased as I drove past some race garages with parked-up NASCAR cars inside. I knew I’d only have about a half hour of usable sunset light, and there were no second chances.

Plus, Mother Nature had delivered; I could already tell the sunset would be a memorable one. No excuses now.

2019 BMW M2 Michael D'Ambrosio Speedhunters-16
2019 BMW M2 Michael D'Ambrosio Speedhunters-21

After some shots in an empty garage and pit lane (a true rarity at Pocono), I went ahead and had Sue pull onto the track over the finish line. Walking up to that line, I could see each white block full of signatures from the long history of racers that had been there.

With the ambiance of sunset on the empty track, it was enough to give me chills.

2019 BMW M2 Michael D'Ambrosio Speedhunters-06

The best shoots always happen when you can clearly see the results right in your lens, and this was no exception. I started snapping away as the summer sun set, and I couldn’t help but smile. The view was breathtaking.

2019 BMW M2 Michael D'Ambrosio Speedhunters-20

The good weather continued on through Saturday’s festivities, and MPACT 2019 was a huge success. I’m not quite sure yet how I’ll top it with MPACT 2020, but planning is already underway.

Special thanks to Jay at MPACT and Sue for helping set this up. For a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot, click here.

Michael D’Ambrosio
Instagram: machineswithsouls


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