Editorial: Why We Hunt Speed

There are very few times throughout the course of a year when we get a moment to sit back and just soak in the experiences of the last 12 months. December is often a month of reflection on Speedhunters, but this year things are going to be different. Instead of looking back, we’re now looking forward.

The world of car culture never stops turning, and while things might be slowing for us in the Northern Hemisphere, they’re only starting to gather pace for our brothers and sisters in speed beneath the equatorial line.

As much as I enjoy a good retrospective, I feel that it’s pointless covering things that have already been covered. Those stories aren’t going anywhere, and will – hopefully – always be in the archives when they need to be called upon. Instead, we have enough stories already shot and coming up that we shouldn’t have to rely on old content to make up the numbers.


Truth be told, there’s so much content captured still to be published that it’s actually frightening. That jumping Metro 6R4 at the top? I spent a day shooting flying rally cars in a forest, but just never found the time to get around to writing about the experience. The Celica directly above this text? It’s an entire feature car that was forgotten about. Until now that is.


A flying Group B hero, a slammed Celica drift car and now a Liberty Walk-kitted Mustang. No, we’re not trying to troll you, but I can’t help but find it amusing either. Since taking charge of the editorial side of the site last month, I’ve found myself thinking more and more about what Speedhunters is, what it should be, and about why we do what we do.


For as long as I’ve been involved in the site – since 2009 – Speedhunters has always been about every aspect of car culture, and I don’t think I would ever want that to change. This does mean that we’ll post things that you love as often as things that you won’t. We’re not doing it to rise you or seek a reaction, but because it appeals to someone. We also share these things simply because they exist and they’re representative of what’s happening in our world.


I guess the only thing I can ask of you, dear Speedhunters readers, is for your patience.

There’s a lot more that we want to bring to the site in future, but these things take time to plan and make happen. Personally, I would love to read more stories on the site. Actual, proper stories about people and the relationships with their machines. Because there’s more to a car build than just its spec list.

2017 Speedhunters December Editorial Joey Seely Paddy McGrath-1

I want to read more about the men and women behind the speed; from the builders, to owners, to engineers and corner workers. The people that are the reason why there’s speed to hunt in the very first place.


We have a lot to work on, but it’s something that we are all relishing. As an example, #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER is something that has been overlooked in recent times, but that’s about to change too. It will become a far more important part of the Speedhunters puzzle, but in a different way than before.


It’s an exciting time for Speedhunters. We have a team of the best contributors bringing content to the table the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else on the web. There have been some recent additions to the team as well, so be sure to check out the masthead and familiarise yourself with those names. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of them.


While we have a long way to go, it’s a journey that we all can’t wait to begin.


Of course, the most important part of it all is you. Yes, you reading this right now. None of this exists without you, and we trust you to keep us honest and on the right course.

With that, the time for sitting back is over. The time for Speedhunting has recommenced.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos



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Can't wait to see what you have lined up for us! Speedhunters has always, and will always be one of the best sources of amazing automotive content, it's only match being JuiceBoxForYou. :-)


I hope you're following their video series on YouTube?


Absolutely. I've been watching each episode as soon as it comes out. I'm loving them so far.

It was really cool to meet Neil and see the car, in person, at Japfest. The last time I checked, it was my most liked post on Instagram.


That's amazing, Neil is such a great human. We've known each other for years and I'm so happy that he's finally getting the recognition he deserves. Also, that more people can appreciate his absolute lunacy.


He really is great. When I met him, he was so humble, down-to-earth, and enthusiastic. Every car scene needs people like him.


Speedhunters is already the best automotive website around, excited to see what's to come!

More Canadian content ;)
And new products in the store please :)


Both things that we're working on at the moment :)


Please bring back the Speedhunters camera straps!


Or the JDM Lanyard!


Hope a Canadian Speedhunter is eventually added! If not, I'll continue submitting to iamthespeedhunter when I come across something interesting! Just want Canadian car culture shared!


And when it comes to Dutch car culture I can also add a large amount of content......


We'll go into it more in the near future, but it's not just the content that we're going to be looking for from IATS, but quality content. The ultimate goal will be to continue to recruit new members to the team such as how Matthew and Trevor came aboard. Both IATS contributors who graduated to proper members of the Speedhunters team.


Eagerly waiting to see how transition is possible :)


The Celica photo looks like a toy


I thought the same, but it definitely isn't.


Just looking at how much variety is in December excites me. That's a crazy mix of cars.


Back to work you.


Someone left the door to my cell open…


Any more of the Celica?


Suddently realised there's another celiac in there..
If it's the group b one you're on about, that looks like one of Makela Auto Tunings restorations to me. They document every thing they do on an absolutely obsessive level. Including loads of other historic rally cars, and a Model A Ford with a BDA engine. (that one made its rounds on the web about 10 years ago now.)


You'll find plenty on Instagram. @huxleymotorsport
It's an absolute peach of a car, and I believe the only road legal car to win a round of the British Drift Championship in recent years.

It's a very well deserved feature, (although its been on here in its previous livery)

Hopefully this timely exposure will help him sell it, and fund his next build.


Loads, but you'll have to wait.


"we trust you to keep us honest and on the right course."



For the IATS program, does the content submitted of an event or car feature have to be in text and photos or just photos?
What exactly is speedhunters looking for IATS?


Text and photos, but I'll elaborate more in a future post.


Love it


Love it


Love it guys keep going

Bastien Bochmann

Paddy, your posts have always been some of the ones I enjoyed the most on here. And from your past postings, I'm hoping we'll be seeing some more garage built homebrew cars as you've shown a personal liking for those in the past. I'm personally hoping for more coverage of cars that are simple and fun. Cars that the average joe could own and build in his own backyard.

Ahmad Zaim Solehin

Always looking forward for next Speedhunters contents..


surely i always reading this all of the article since 2011. when it was featured on Need For Speed Shift 2, it gives me a lot of inspiration and keep me update of whats going in world car culture. every morning and every night i always check the site to know "okay what's going on in speedhunters.com today, i do that every single day and it never stop to amazed me. Thank you guys for the peoples in Speedhunters.com i hope you guys can be the best Automotive Content in 2018. peace out from Indonesia


Can't wait for more IATS as I've been missing that in recent months! Love the idea of more stories, car culture is a community and its awesome to be a part of it. Quite excited to see where things are going, keep up the good (hard) work!


I really love coming here, especially for the cars builds and what various people are ding. But unfortunately I find my interest in cars has dropped over the last few years, I bought a Toyota 86 with intent to supercharge it and build a car I want. 4 years later it is still stock and I now have no plans to change it as it is just a commuter. What has changed? Motorcycles, specifically Italian sports bikes. You just do not get the same feeling of of been connected to your machine and nature that you do in car. Hustling my car on the my favorite stretch of road just isn't as exciting or engaging as taking my bike Mv Agusta up it. The sound and feeling of freedom on the bike is unparalleled. In saying that I still have a strong desire to rebuild an old Porsche or muscle car one day when I have the money.


I think that's natural enough, and provided you're still getting your fix, albeit on two wheels, that's all that really matters.


As a reader since before 2010 somewhere, can't exactly remember honestly, I've seen many comments about the fact that Speedhunters has become Stancehunters lately. Not enough moving cars, but instead car features. I kind of have to agree, because I enjoy reading articles about people building cars, but truly find joy in reading articles about dynamic events. Think rallying, Le Mans or some grassroots event of any kind. Lately, they've been left out a bit to much in my point of view.
And my wish for 2018 is to see and read more about people and their motivation behind the builds like the KP61 (http://www.speedhunters.com/2017/11/style-sun-low-tech-kp61/) and '73 Datsun (http://www.speedhunters.com/2017/11/the-perfect-father-and-son-project/) or shop tours. But that doesn't mean Speedhunters is doing it wrong at the moment. I keep coming back to read the articles which peak my interest. Just like mentioned in the Lowfest article, keep this wide diversity. Not everyone likes the same articles, but with this kind of variety there is something for everybody.
Interested in how the IATS program will be implemented again!


I think the people who generally label Speedhunters as 'Stancehunters' have some sort of vendetta against the site, and it's the best way that they can take a pop at us. If you look at the front page of the site, there's such an incredible variety of content there at the moment and only one stance related article. There's 14 non-stance stories for the one piece of Lowfest coverage at the moment, FWIW.

Personally, I would love to bring proper motorsport back to Speedhunters but at the moment it's not feasible. It costs an absolute fortune for even one Speedhunter to attend a major event, and very few people will actually view the coverage. It's a shame, but it is what it is. It doesn't mean that we won't try and make it happen, however.

Appreciate your input, Jochem. Thank you :)


I think your audience is reflective of the industry: people who have no clue what goes into actually creating a fast car. You guys feature whatever makes $$$ which is understandable. The stance bullshit and time attack has taken the place of real motorsport. Thats a dying market which you won't see returns on. Lol.


I want to read more about the men and women behind the speed; from the builders, to owners, to engineers and corner workers.

Well, me too! I've been reading since 2014, and my favorite kind of articles are workshop tours, especially ones on obscure Japanese shops and the European motorsport garages. I like how you guys focus on the readers and I absolutely love the active comment sections! Also, while we're at it, what's that Porsche with the weirdly arousing duck-tail?


Blake will fill you in on that later this month :)


That 6R4 shot, though!


Jumping Group B cars are the best.


Can't wait what you have in store for us.
By reading the post, it sound like a step in the right direction


Very glad to hear #iamthespeedhunter is returning! :-)


It never really went away, but it's definitely going to be getting more love.


What ever happened to Mike Garrett? Because I really miss the southern California car culture stuff. A link possibly?


Mike is contributing to Driving Line now, but you can keep up to date with him on instagram: @japanifornia


Love Speedhunters and can't to see what comes next. Just do some more classic hot rod and diesel features and I'll be happy, personally. I've personally been a bit disappointed by the recent heavy focus on newer and JDM stuff. Not that isn't cool, y'know, but... obviously speedhunting is about more than new cars with high tech mods. Speedhunting with vehicles that are unlikely candidates for speedhunting is what I love to read about.


That's a fair comment, and hopefully we can bring more of the unusual stuff back.


I love everything you said, and I'm looking forward to all the material you've got stashed, and for all the chanes aswell.

The only thing I "kind of disliked" (yes, with " ", since I'm not hating or anything that resembles to it), is what you said about a forgotten feature car. I feel bad for the owner hehe... I bet he's eager to see the pictures and read the article on his car!

Keep it up Paddy. I love seeing Dino happy AF hunting speed again, and you bringing your down to earth views to SH, as you always did, but now from a more ¿influential? position.



There was some serious dust on that feature, but I'm happy to say that it's almost ready to be published.

Freeing Dino up to do Dino things is a huge win for us, and I now appreciate how much time it takes just to keep this site ticking over. How he shot so much content and ran everything is a mystery to me.


You have nothing to worry about, honestly. You're more than up to the task!

Stefan Daniël Kotzé

Keen to see all the changes! Speedhunters is already so awesome, so can only get better! Keen to contribute some more quality stuff from South Africa!


Well Paddy, have to agree with you on reading more about the people behind the builds. Looking forward to the future of Speedhunters.