Meeting Your Hero: The OCD 964
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I guarantee that every single one of you reading this has a dream car. The one specific model that, were the constraints of time, life, practicality and, often most crucially, money was not an issue, you’d own in a heartbeat.

Your mind might dart to the most exotic and lavish supercar; a McLaren P1, Porsche 918 or LaFerrari. Or you might find yourself with more humble yet equally drool-worthy aspirations; a bone stock but immaculately restored Mk1 Golf GTi, Peugeot 205 T16, or Hakosuka, for example. You’ve probably got a top five, right? A list of the models you’d snap up straight away with a big lottery win or windfall. I’d love to hear your personal list in the comments below.


For me, it all boils down to the Porsche 911 964. I know the spec I’d want precisely: manual gearbox, no sunroof, full interior, stock body, Guards Red. Probably a C2, but I’d be delighted with a C4.

The car in front of me.


There’s just something about the 964 that appeals immensely to me, both on an aesthetic and emotional level. It’s the pinnacle of the 911’s design in my opinion. It was the point at which Porsche seemed to overcome the clunky design awkwardness of the Carrera 3.2 and managed to create something that acknowledged the more subtle design cues of its predecessors – the early 911/912 and earlier Porsche 356.


To this day, very few other cars make me exclaim with excitement when I see one on the road. Ask my wife, she finds it quite strange.


Porsche also created something that has stood the test of time like very few other models. Quite often when a model enjoys as lengthy a heritage as the 911, the arrival of each successive generation instantly condemns the previous generation to pasture. Take for example the 996 and possibly even the 997 models – time has not served them nearly as well as it has the 964.


I can’t put my finger on the point at which the 964 became the one for me. It wasn’t the poster car on my childhood bedroom wall (Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa, in case you were wondering), nor do I remember an epiphanic moment growing up.


I was a 13-year-old boy when Bad Boys came out, and I do recall a fondness for the 964 forming at this point. I had however around that period been adjusting to Tiffani Amber Thiessen’s transition from Saved By The Bell to Beverly Hills 90210, so my memory is somewhat hazy.


My appreciation for the 964 seemed to gently manifest itself over the next 10 to 15 years, until I was in a position to eventually buy one – they’d come down in price, I’d saved up my pennies, it was meant to be.

But I didn’t. For some stupid reason. And I still kick myself to this day.

Living The Dream

At around a similar time, Greg Howell – the man behind the 911 you see here – had already owned two, and knew what all the fuss was about. He had also developed a method for creating his ideal 911, so when this car came into Greg’s possession he knew exactly what he was going to do to it.


“I was looking to get rid of my second 964, a black one, when a friend of mine bought this red one and tore it down ready for a full engine rebuild,” Greg explains. “It was a good car, but in getting the engine to how he wanted it, the rebuild costs quickly spiralled out of control, so I told him I’d buy it off him. I sold the black one, we did a deal and I left the engine with the engine builder while the shell came back with me so I could start work on it.”


I’ll interject at this point to bring you up to speed. Greg is the man behind Southam Bodies, and one of the UK’s top body and paint specialists. He’s painted several of our SH Garage cars, in part or whole, over the years, as well as being behind the paint and bodywork of some of the UK’s top show cars.


Greg’s approach to bodywork – and I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this – has been called OCD-like on many occasions. In fact, I actively avoid letting him see my cars now because he possesses the frustrating ability to pick up on the smallest defect or blemish from a hundred yards away.


Therefore, as you’d expect, with Greg’s own cars being a rolling advertisement for his skillset, when he builds something attention to detail is done to the nth degree. “I wanted to do some work on the body, including getting rid of the sunroof; I didn’t want to put a roof skin on it so we stripped it the trim and mechanism out, made a plate for the hole and TIG-welded it before finishing it,” he tells me. There’s around seven days’ work in the sunroof delete alone, and you could never tell it didn’t come from the factory like that.


At this point, the project hit a pothole; the engine builder had gone cold on the project and decided that he didn’t want to continue with the build. Greg found himself the recipient of a literal box full of bits. The engine had been stripped back beyond all recognition, had been damaged in places, wasn’t in a great state and still needed a lot of work doing.


Greg picks up: “I went to my friend Richard Payne, who works for Porsche GB and runs Milestone71. He came and collected the engine and agreed to rebuild it for me. He wanted to start from scratch with it, rather than finish a half-done rebuild and put his name on it. In the end, he managed to work it so that the head work was all done through the motorsport department at Porsche.”


While Greg and his work mate Iain worked away on the shell at Southam, Richard (whose own 964 we’ve featured previously) worked his magic on the engine. The result is a coming together of two extreme specialists in their fields. This is a 964 done right.


While Greg and Richard didn’t deviate far from Porsche’s original plans for the 964, the engine has been bolstered by helicoiling the casings, APR fixings and balancing throughout. With mild head work and tweaked timing, Greg estimates the power at around 280hp. More importantly, the engine was meticulously built to be strong and reliable and a solid performer in a weekend road car.

The Finishing Touches

The approach of taking what Porsche created, making slight tweaks and improvements and finishing the build with incredible quality and finish carries throughout. This definitely isn’t the most reworked or heavily modified build you’ll find here on Speedhunters, but it is probably one of the most immaculate I’ve seen in person. That 13-year-old boy would never have believed that one day it’d be his job to photograph cars like this.


The Guards Red paintwork is pristine, a testament to Greg’s work. Those who know their Porsches might be able to spot a few amendments to the bodywork too.

Greg shortened the front and rear number plate recesses to match his private plate, moving away from the standard UK long recess towards a more US-specification size. It’s a small change but one that alters the look of the car noticeably.


He also didn’t take a liking to the stock side repeaters, opting the shave these from the bodywork.


Open the driver’s door and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was a brand new model, fresh from the showroom, but with a few changes.

Greg searched high and low before he chanced upon the Recaro fabric. This was then lovingly crafted onto a pair of Sport 964 front seats, OEM rear bench and door cards along with some fresh black leather.


A Momo wheel takes centre stage from the driver’s seat while the rest of the interior remains largely unchanged, albeit completely restored and as good as the day it left the factory.


One area that Greg did deviate from stock is in the wheel and suspension department. Seeking out an old school motorsport wheel, he chanced upon a set of three BBS E88 centres, and eventually a fourth, which were all promptly rebuilt to match the car’s finish.


Greg had new lips and barrels made up in 18-inch size, but after mocking them up on the car decided that it didn’t sit right. The wheels were then stripped down again and rebuilt with another set of lips and barrels to 19-inches.


Despite the hefty tuck front and rear, the Porsche sits on static coilovers. Well, almost static.


Rocking a set of KW Suspensions Clubsport V3s with KW’s clever Hydraulic Lift System (HLS) front and rear, the car can be raised around an inch or so all around, at the press of a button, allowing access over sloped driveways and speed bumps.


Even at driving height, the 911 remains perfectly usable, and the V3s give Greg the confidence to push the Porsche through the corners in a way that the aging stock suspension couldn’t.


I say usable, but herein lies a caveat. The biggest negative for Greg and any Porsche fan is the cars’ appreciating values. The ever-inflating Porsche bubble has well not only put cars like the 964 out of most people’s reach by now, it’s also had an effect on those who were fortunate or wise enough to buy at the right time.


You see, where you might be happy to put wear and tear on a £15k, £25k or even £40k car on a regular basis, cars like this are reaching such astronomical levels of value that it affects the amount of enjoyment that true enthusiasts can get out of their Porsches.


Gregs tells me that where he bought his first 964 for £12k, and the red one before you (in the sorry state that it was in) for £17k. After a long two years of poring over every detail in the build, and with essentially a new Porsche Motorsport-built engine inside, it’s now valued and insured at over £70k. That’s insane.


Greg still uses the car and takes it to shows on a fairly regular basis, but he tells me that its value does make him think twice about taking it out. For all the positives of the classic Porsche scene, and the boom that it’s experiencing, how long before cars like this are £100k+ collector’s items, destined for the insides of well-kept showrooms and locked away from the real enthusiasts?

There’s not much anyone can do to stop that happening, and the bubble seems to keep on growing long after it was expected to pop. Get out there and experience a classic Porsche while you can, because I don’t think that’s a far-fetched proposition.

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters

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My five are: RWB 964, Autozam AZ-1, Renault Clio V6, Iso Revolta Daytona, Ferrari 250 SWB


Clio V6 - good shout!


Oh will there ever be an aircooled 911 article that doesn't refer to the bubble...

Anyway my top 5 are a british racing green Shelby Cobra (aluminum body), a red 964 (go figure) or really any old 911, a Superformance GT40, a GT350, and the new GT3 with a stick.


“Is that… an elephant? What’s it doing in here?!”


Top 5
1980/81 Mustang Turbo Cobra
1990 Honda Prelude
1980 Trans Am Turbo
2005 DC5 Integra Type R
1963 Chevy Impala


I own my highschool dream car, a 1996 Integra Type R. My true dream cars in recent years are a 964 Porsche 911 and an NA1 NSX.


Fine taste sir!


Has to be the following:

Japan - AE86 Levin Hatch with cool rare wheels, built 20V on ITB's, semi-stripped interior, LSD, tremec 6 speed, cage, painted black with gold pinstriping

America - '32 Ford pickup, cream off white, chopped, channeled and sectioned, z'd frame, suicide mount front axle, Astros or Artillery wheels with era-appropriate tires, baseball stitched interior, Ardun '51 merc flatty with zoomies, GMC blower, S10 5 speed and EFI disguised as a set of 6x2 strombergs with velocity stacks.

Europe - P1800ES (to match my C30) painted burnt orange metallic, SR20 NA swap, Silvia suspension swap, Work Meister S1's with meaty ass tires, subtle carbon kevlar flares, interior updated with S90 dash seats and door cards.


My five would be: Ferrari F50, RWB 964, Lexus SC300, Lamborghini Miura, Ford Model A Hot Rod


Nicely done!


If I were to have a spare fortune to spec a Porsche, it would be a: 991.2 Targa 4S (PDK) in Saphire blue, silver targa bar, silver carrera sport wheels, sport design package and silver sport exhaust. For the interior: Espresso/Cognac with the mahogany wood trim package and mahogany steering wheel. All in all, my dream spec would total to $189,000..
Probably an odd configuration, but it's the perfect classic twist on a modern day Porsche.


I too have spent far too long on the Porsche Car Configurator.


I recently acquired the attainable dream, but the list is as such...

It changes regularly but right now;
1 - '73 Porsche Carrera RS 3.0l
2 - BMW M635CSi
3 - KHC130 "Butaketsu" Nissan Laurel
4 - 105 Series Alfa Guilia Super Ti
5 - NA2 Honda NSX-R

Interestingly we're seeing the aircooled 911 market slowing up down here, cars that otherwise would have been snapped up quickly are languishing on sales sites for extended periods!


De Tomaso Mangusta as an honourable mention.


porsche 912

honda ek9 type r

nissan r32 rwd

subaru sti hothatch

miata n/a

very simple list plus i really see my self having fun with them
spririted driving everywhere. but if I can only have one being in the
philippines and to fully enjoy its perks, non stop i'll have the ek9 with b18c
carbon fiber parts n/a motor, ful clean interior strut bars reclianble sparcos
sparco ns2 wheels achilles tires.


55' Chevy, gasser drag suspension, RB20DET, patina body with cream and baby blue pinstriping on the trunk lid below the back glass and above both head and tail lights, legit RS Watanabe wheels, vintage pie crust slicks in the back, Hurst 4 speed. Best of both automotive worlds that I've been exposed to.


It doesn't get any better than this. Excellent photography.


Thanks David!


Somewhat attainable:

airbagged E39 M5
Lexus LS400 bagged
IS300 widebody with a giant wing
2002 supercharged off road ready lifted Toyota 4Runner

Project dream cars:
S62 swapped 240z
13b swapped S13 rocket bunny hatch
2UR swapped R32 sedan

Unreasonable/unobtainable cars
Manual swapped pandem kit Huracan
Manual swapped wide body 458
Airbagged and chromed black Kenworth semi cab

And speaking of 4runners, how come offroaders don't see as many features on here? Like I see Larry's FJ Cruiser and Keith's Land Cruiser once in a while, but proper offroaders like 4runners and land rovers and the like are rare on this website. Would like to see more of them. :D


Yes! I agree I own a 1998 Toyota 4Runner and I would like to see more off roading content on here. But here are my top five:
DC5 Acura RSX Type S
DC2 Acura Integra Type R
NA1 Honda NSX
R31 Nissan Skyline GTSR (fiddled with by R31 House)
Nismo Grand Touring Car BCNR33 GT-R
Unobtainable Dream Cars:
Pandem Huracan
Pagani Zonda R
Liberty Walk Avenatdor
Dodge Demon
Mclaren P1


Gorgeous set! First car, forever dream car. Eunos Roadster (RIP)


Lovely car!

Top 5... if I have to narrow it down.

1. Dodge Viper gen 2 GTS-R (white w/blue stripes) or if unavailable GTS (blue w/white stripes)

Dreamt about them since I was a kid, had loads of models and a duke video that showed them building it)

2. Lotus Elise 111r in Magnetic blue with hard top and the wheels they had in 2004

3. An ex-military Land Rover Defender (preferably with a v8 and bullet holes)

After this it gets very difficult and alternates hourly between a 73 911 2.7RS, Alfa GTV2000 (or similar), Alpine A110, Maserati Sebring, Facel Vega HK500, JZA80 Supra, Noble M12 GTO-3R, Hillman Imp Californian/Singer Chamois Coupe/Sunbeam Stiletto, BMW 2002tii, Impreza Type R, Lexus LC500)

And of course I'd upgrade our mini to a supercharged 1293...


Fun! Ill play along.

1. 1967 Mustang Trans-Am race car
2. Lancia Delta Integrale Evo
3.Lancia Stratos HF Group 4
4. 911 930 Turbo
5. 1932 Ford Roadster

The list obviously goes on, but this would be the first 5 I'd get haha.


a BMW 2002 , silver , chrome grills , round taillights , euro bumpers , BBS RS001 , Alpina Seats , Nardi steering wheel :) just thinking about that brings a smile to my face


1. Koenigsegg CCXR Edition (the never affordable dream)
2. McLaren F1 (the 3 seater makes me drool)
3. Datsun 240z
4. Nissan R33 GTR Nismo
5. Mazda FD RX7


"There’s not much anyone can do to stop that happening, and the bubble seems to keep on growing long after it was expected to pop."

Yes there is. The people that own them could go out and use them, drive them for 100000km/mi, lower their value so someone else can then enjoy the car when they sell.

I hate the mentality of "You can't drive that, think of it's value." What's the point in owning a car just to leave it parked in an environmentally controlled garage just so you can sell it for profit?

In my opinion, you're not a proper car enthusiast if you're more interested in resale value than you are driving your car.

But anyway, my top 5 (in no particular order):

1 - 32 GT-R (I've wanted one ever since GranTurismo 1)
2 - Shelby Daytona Coupe (As above)
3 - AE86 (Because Initial D)
4 - Lancer Evo 3 (Because favourite car ever)
4 - Lancer Evo 4 (Because also favourite car ever)


I have little sympathy for car collectors who buy cars just as museum pieces, but for your average person who one day bought a £15k car that quickly became a £70k car you can surely see the quandary? They’ve been put in a tricky position, through no choice of their own. Selling that car gives you a pretty nice windfall. Keeping hold of it and keeping it nice is a pension.


Unfortunately with the state of everything at the moment, the only viable investments are in tangible things such as cars, art, vintage wine and so on. I used to work for a hedge fund and now work for a specialist insurance underwriters. Over the past 5 to 10 years we've seen a massive increase in people wanting to insure expensive wine/art/car collections because frankly you'll get a much better return on investing in something real as oppose to a currency that can be undermined by some nut job president or voting to leave from a trading body such as the EU. With banks how they are and economies in a mess, people also are wary of putting money into property as it's so unstable.

To put it in perspective, a good friend of mine bought a Diablo about 7 years ago for £70k. That car is now valued at over £200k. Going a different route, if you have a fixed rate of 2.45%pa (which at the moment is pretty good) on your savings, it would take you 45 years to reach the same value as that Diablo after 7 years. So more non-petrol heads get into buying cars which bumps the price up for those with less funds but more of an interest in them. You can now (as an investor) buy a tracker portfolio that invests only in wine collections - you'd have been put in a straight jacket for trying to sell one of those 10 years ago.

It's not just high end stuff either. 10 years ago you couldn't give some cars away - we had an early 90's Sierra Sapphire 2000e. Not Fords best effort but we (my mates and I) have always liked Sierras so we had a few. Recently we stuck the car on ebay where it made £7k! Mental money for something that was pretty terrible when it came out let alone 27 years later.

The trick now is finding the cars that are currently cheap and holding on to them for a few years. My M6 has increased in value by about 20% in the two years I've had it and I can't see it going the other way.

Maybe now is the time to start stock piling Kia's...

Rory Downshiftaus

As with any enthusiast, my list changes on a pretty regular occurence, but right now:

- '70 Mustang Boss 429 (Grabber Orange)
- '95 993 911 GT2 (Speed Yellow or Riviera Blue)
- '02 R34 GTR (Silica Breath or MNP3)
- '16 F12 TDF (Giallo Modena)
- '88 VL Turbo w/ 1000kw (Candy Apple Red) - You got to have a fun car right hahahaha!


I think my own top 5 would be pretty close to this:

Nissan R32 GTR
Toyota 2000GT
Toyota FJ62 Land Rover
Lexus IS F
Renault 5 Turbo 2


McLaren F1 LM
1967 Corvette Stingray L88
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebooty
993 911 GT2
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta


You got the F355 right


If I ever get rich the first 4 are easy.
78 Countach 400s - Red. (Cannonball movies are a bad influence)
77 Trans Am SE - Black, Big Block, manual. (Bandit+ spec.)
93 MK4 Supra - White Turbo, Manual. (used to daily a n/a 94 - miss that every single day)
87 AE86 Corolla GT-s - Euro spec, Silver, Full interior, Ac.

Number 5 would be a difficult choice between a Ford RS200 or Sierra RS500, a Ferrari F50, or most likely a Dauer 962 Le Mans.
That list has been pretty much consistent for years.

Those are the top 5 road cars. For race cars, I'd probably search all of Europe for classic rallycross cars, like the John Welsh Astra, Matti Alamaki's 935 4x4 biturbo (the grandfather of the 959) Schanche's mk2 Escort and final rs200 +++ Those cars just don't get the recognition they deserve.

Good thing I'm not rich. I'd end up like the rainbow sheik, with too many cool cars to tend to them all.


Hm. My picks are potentially a little eclectic. The first is predictable- a Skyline R34 GT-R. Just really Do Want. It's an all-round very very good car and for me it would be very nearly the perfect daily. After that... I can see the appeal of hypercars but they're not really for me. I'm not a good enough driver to get the most out of them, and they're too valuable to really risk a prang, so I honestly don't think I'd have that much fun with them. I think what I'd probably do is split my selection into categories, just to make sure I've got all of my bases covered. I'd want a performance daily, a trackday car, a practical car, definitely something capable off-road (love the green lanes!) and finally a proper project car to tinker with at weekends.

Performance daily would be the aforementioned Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. Honourable mentions in this slot go to the Honda DC2 Integra Type-R and the Renault Clio 172 Cup. As for why I'd pick the Cup over the V6, personal preference is a part of it- it's about the same amount of actual fun while being more practical, cheaper, cheaper to run and much easier for me to fix myself as and when something goes wrong- which isn't really an economy thing, it's just that I really do enjoy tinkering with my own cars and would rather have one on which I can fix most problems inside a day. I know that's not going to be a thing with the Skyline, but... I mean, just look at it.

For a trackday go-kart I'd have to pick a Caterham. There's basically just no comparison with anything else in terms of fun to drive. You can keep your F40.

For a practical car when I need a car to be practical, a Volvo 850 T5-R estate. I remember when these first happened, my Dad had a 750 estate with the big straight-6 engine and contrary to the traditional Volvo image it went like the clappers. When the 850 T5 came out I was immediately smitten. That combination of those brutally square bodylines and that brutally powerful engine... Just yes. Yes please. Not saying the engine won't get breathed upon a little, though...

For an off-roader... It's tempting to pick a Land Rover Defender, particularly an ex-military WIMIK or a Pink Panther special with the rear-mounted .50-cal, but Land Rovers are heavy beasts and not the narrowest. My friend has a 1975 Pinzgauer 710 though, and that's an altogether different creature. Narrower, with a wheelbase somewhere between the 90 and the 110, portal axles, a unique look and all kinds of cool features that make it very capable offroad while still having a thin enough profile to fit through even the narrower lanes. Money no object I'd pick a hardtop 712 six-wheeler (even with the much higher maintenance costs) for sheer uniqueness and raw offroad capability. Strip it down, clean it up, repair all the rust holes and rebuild it with a black and orange powdercoat and hench rollcage. Honourable mention goes to the Suzuki Jimny, whose surprisingly impressive offroad ability I have first-hand experience with. Bulky wheels, jacked up suspension, winch and snorkel are this year's (and every year's) must-have accessories for the little Suzuki.

And finally my project car. Well, since I already have a project car and I love it, it's going to be hard for me to be unfaithful; it's my Mk3 Honda Civic MT (that's the DVLA designation of the AH hatchback, as far as I can tell). Right now it's got a 1.2l 75hp engine and an amazingly clean interior with a pretty good paint finish for a 1986 car. It's got a little bit of rust, but nothing I can't get fixed; the biggest problem with it at the moment is the brakes, which are ruined. There are a total of 12 of these cars left in the UK (8 MOT'd, 4 SORN) according to websites that track such things, but I'm not sure this particular model will ever be a classic in its own right. By the time I'm finished though, it's basically going to be a DC2 Integra Type-R with a Mk3 Civic shell; B18C6 engine, LSD, fully independent suspension, the works. I'll have to widen the arches a little to fit the Integra's broader track in and it might mean rebuilding the shock pillars, but I'm ready for that if it comes to it- the only real question is, do I put the engine in the front and make the car a full sleeper, or do I make a shedload more work for myself by choosing to build a mid-engined rear-wheel drive monstrosity and dispense with the back half of the interior entirely? I'm leaning towards the former at the moment, if only because the interior is so good-looking already. Though that comes with its own set of issues, like how to stiffen the car without installing a visible rollcage... Decisions, decisions.


Awesome reply - thank you!


I´m impresed about this magazine, I saw this page all days, but, I want to write my really top five cars, and... all i see here in speed hunters:

1 - Corolla Wagon 82' 1uz swap
2 - Corolla ae86
3 - Mark II jxz100 1jz
4 - Starlet 4kc
5 - Cefiro a31 sr20 swap


Far better than any of the RWB cars.


Any BMW 8-series. I'd also love to start fresh with a restored mk2 VW Jetta Coupe. Lately the Toyota mr2/mrs have been catching my eye; they're so weird.


The dream is the Ford rs200. That's gotta be one of the coolest cars imho.


1) Mclaren F1 LM GTR
2) 1955 Mercedes 300SLR
3) Used Formula 1 car
4) Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2
5) Pagani Zonda Cinque


That's a pretty eclectic line up!


Thanks man!


You got the Cinque right


Yeah, I've all but given up on Porsches. The closest i may ever get is slapping a corvair body over Stuttgart running gear. This one is immaculate though. Killer stance, all the right touches inside and out. Dude has an excellent sense of style and taste.


I dunno man...they're kind of over rated. Great cars don't get me wrong, but 6 figures for 70s RS models that modern cars run circles around? It's a bit ridiculous. I've driven almost every model since the 356 and there are better drivers cars made in the early 90s from Japan. It's an interesting thing.


And as for my personal list, Mr. Butters, it's pretty eclectic, and changes frequently, but if i had to pick five, it'd have to be
1. My current daily, a '95 chevy 1500, single cab short box. But HEAVILY modified.
2. '58 pontiac Star Chief Safari. Best looking GM from the 50s.
3. '38 dodge coupe hot rod. Jet black with white interior, no fenders, fat rear tires and engine chromed to the moon.
4. Gen ii corvair, RWB style. Overfenders, porsche running gear, air-cooled turbo engine.
5. 67-69 camaro, full on kyusha style. 6-cyl car, 14 inch star road glow stars and a hopped-up L-series swap.
I have laid my soul bare for thee, O speedhunter.


Ferrari F40 LM
RWB bodied Porsche 964 RS America
Aston Martin V12 Vantage 7-speed Manual
Nissan GT-R R34 V-Spec II Nur
McLaren 675LT Spider


1. Pagani Zonda Cinque
2. Ferrari F40
3. Lamborghini Diablo
4. Ferrari 250 GTO
5. Nissan Skyline R33 NISMO R400


You got the F40 right.


Ive said it before and will say it again: whoever manufactures aircooled repop bodies of various generations will have a money printing machine.

(No affiliation). Entire repo chassis have made appearances at trade shows in recent years.


They do it with the 356 - it’s only a matter of time!


My 5:
S15 Silvia
S15 Silvia
S15 Silvia
Spare S15 Silvia for when the other three are broken or crashed
Toyota Alphard Royal Lounge SP for carrying tires


I found the drifter.


I also found Tiffani Amber Thiessen very dickstracting on 90210, especially when she was in her NSX...

Younger me would have slipped in the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 too... but I wouldn't want to crash it, so older me likes Silvias


-1975 911 hotrod bastard w/ various gen parts
-Bizzarrini 3500 gt stradale alloy w/ LSx swap/roadster shop suspension
-Pagani Zonda Cinque
-r34 gtr dropped off at Omori Factory
-r8 v10+ (gotta have a dd)

Shit, I have expensive taste


Beautiful car, almost my dream car.
My 5
1. BMW e28 with complete Audi quattro drivetrain and built 5 cylinder turbo swap.
2. BMW 2002 tii with an s2000 engine swap
3. Gemballa BMW 635csi
4. Nissan skyline R34 GT-R jade green Nur spec
5. Toyota Athlete JZS181 bee dragon build built jz


epic write up Jordan.

My list is as follows:
1:porsche 365c
2:Supra JZA80
3:Honda Integra Type R
4:AE86 Trueno
5:and just a neat tidy 1100 mk1 4door golf


My goal:
EVO IX ultimate street car
CT9A WTAC open class winning spec
Supra RZ 1000WHP responsive build
F355 GTB 6MT


You have very good taste


Ferrari F40
Macralern F1
Plymouth Baracuda
Datsun 240z 432r
Audi RS6 wagon

The top of a long, lustful list.

Александр Трофименков

I don’t have a top 5, but if I had the money I would have certainly get these 3: 1)1969 Dodge Charger 2)Nissan/Datsun s30 chassis 3)Porsche 356


In no particular order,
BMW E30M3 sport evolution or E30 Alpina C2 2.7
Austin Mk1 Mini with Vetech Hayabusa supercharged conversion (alongside other mods but set up as a sleeper on 10"s)
Mclaren P1
Ferrari F40LM
The trouble is it's too easy to just keep going!


top 5

1970 challenger on bean slots, lifted rear, tunnel ram etc with a snazzy paintjob
Blister-kitted FD3s on garson ryugi
s30, but getting the bodywork as close as possible to the Muto Z
white celica xx with inverted hatch, blacked out lights and ssr mk2/3 combo
shakotan x40 coupe


Ferrari 355 Testarossa? u think 355 or Testarossa?


I think typo.


Since everyone else is getting involved:

1. Audi RS6 C7.5
2. Porsche 991 GT3 RS
3. Ferrari F40
4. McLaren P1
5. Retromod '65/'66 Mustang Coupe with a Voodoo V8

I'm basic, aren't I?


Not what I expected Paddy.


Really? I think I've covered most things there. RS6 for a daily, GT3 RS for the weekends and trackdays, F40 as my outright dream car, P1 for the insane hypercar and the Mustang as an American muscle classic.

The first two are my Irish lotto cars, all 5 are my Euromillions cars.


My dream car list is like 30 cars long but the top 5 would be:
1 Nissan skyline R34 nismo Ztune
2 Porsche 911 GT2 993 Era
3 McLaren F1 LM
5 Subaru Impreza 22B


This is a strong garage.


Thanks this was a hard choice considering how many great cars there are that have been built over the past couple of decades


Ae86 trueno hatch red on black
Ae111r sedan white
Ferrari F40 silver
R34GTR nur silver
RS6 estate blue


Amazing photographs and beautiful car! Here's my five:

1: RE Amemiya FD RX-7 (The blue one)
2: Mine's R34 GT-R
3: NISMO 380RS-C
4: Impreza 22B
5: J'S Racing S2000


Mines r34
spoon nsx type r
RE amemiya 20b rx7
Lancia 037
Alfaholics GTA-R

and a cheeky 6th would be my MK3 mr2 with silly oney thrown at it :)


My favorite has always been the Viper GTS ACR


Okay, laugh at my top 5 since almost all are cars I fell in love with in different ways. Sure, they're kinda silly, but that's what it's all about right?

1. 1964 Austin Mini Cooper S (Because GT Legends got me hooked, I also want one so bad! This WILL be my first car!)
2. 1976 Renault Alpine (Alpine Renault for the die-hard fans because yeah!)
3. 1964 Alfa Romeo TZ2 (Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano is to blame but I mean it's just SOOOO SEXY!!!!! Because it is Italian after all! XD!)
4. 2004 Hyundai Elantra GT Sedan (This was the car I learned how to drive stick in... I was 7 at the time!)
5. 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo (Yeah, I know... Another Hyundai, but it is the closest car to one in the Hot-Wheels Acceleracers Movie {#2 The Speed Of Silence} that Nolo drove, which was High-Voltage)


Renault Alpine *doffs cap*


This article/feature is gonna come up in because of the top 5 lists in the comments. "Jordan Butters melts the servers at SH." Haha


Yeah maybe this should've been a completely separate story. LOOK AT THE PORSCHE PLEASE PEOPLE. :D


1)1986 Yugo
2) gen 3 4cyl camaro iron duke
3) nash metropolitan
4) amish horse buggy
5) maserati biturbo


Yugo! Interesting choice, follow your dreams…


OK yeah, this is an awful list.


I've been fortunate enough to have 2 of my dream cars in my garage already so the other 3 would include:

1. 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S- 2018 will mark 20 years of ownership!
2. 1988 BMW M5 (E28)- My wife and I got married in it.
3. Nissan Skyline GT-R LM V Spec (R33) In Champion Blue- JDM supercar. Need I say more?
4. Audi RS6 Avant (C6)- Will never be late getting my sons to school ever again.
5. Porsche GT3 RS 4.0- The pinnacle of the Mezger engine. I would drive it everywhere without a care for resale values.


Great article and photos. Always find the best on SH.

My top 5 includes:
1) Singer/Williams 964
2) McLaren F1
3) Jaguar XKE 4.2 Series II
4) Ferrari 250 GT Lusso
5) Dauer 962


I had to Google Dauer 962 but my God YES.


1) 1995 Mazda RX-7 R2
2) 1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R
3) I dont know past those. The only car I really dream about is the RX-7, but I really like the R33 too lol


My Top 5, in order:
- BMW E30 M3
- Datsun S30 240Z
- Honda S2000 AP1
- Classic Mini Cooper
- 1973 Porsche 911 RS


Beautiful car! I've always loved the 964s, so simple/clean.


Top 5:

Nissan Cima (Y32, VH41)
Ferrari 458
Brabus 7.3S
1981 Chevrolet Impala Coupe
1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Convertable

All over the place.


Now this, gentlemen, is an acquired taste.


What year is this one from? And is it a C2 or a C4?


It's a Carrera 4 model from 1992. Top tip – if you ever want to know more info on a UK car you can type the reg in at and it'll tell you the basic info.


This is a fantastic car but I feel sadness that the value stops it being used. I have looked at a few 964s - buying - but they were either money pits or "too pretty". I admire the guys who track or race theirs and use as daily drivers. Meanwhile I'll stick with my "unloved" 996 and just drive it...


That unloved 996 is actually a great place to start from. I think the unloved part mostly stems from the fugly headlights, which is easily remedied by doing a reversible quality 997 front end conversion... Prices on 996 cars are reasonable by today’s market trends, and if you use and adapt oem parts, the quality is assured.. A 996 turbo is also one of the best bargains on today’s used sports car market.. Crap, I may have to revise my list again...


100% agree with Jurgen – right now the 996 is the Porsche to buy. Partly because it's one of the few that's left in the affordable bracket for many people, but also because they're damn good cars still, if you can get over the headlamps.

I was lucky enough to drive a left-hand drive 996 GT3 for an hour or two earlier this year and MY GOD it was amazing. One of the most visceral and pure cars I've ever driven. Obviously not all 996s are like the GT3, but it's something to aspire a build towards.


The list has changed quite a bit over the years and it is by no means definitive, but here goes:

1. 2005 supercharged Honda NSX with Mugen NSX RR body, Kaiser Grau with Red logo BBS Le Mans in 18/19 inch fitment, dry carbon accents for a weekend road warrior

2.Turbocharged RWB 964 with full Moton suspension for those nighttime blasts and occasional track duties

3.1994 Audi 80 Competition “Kiusmanen” replica with modern day Audi TT Rs Clubsport running gear, to terrorize track days with

4.Dauer 962, because Le Mans style for the streets

5.Ford F150 Operator Édition, for daily and towing duties

Some off-road stuff like bike powered dune buggies and motocross bikes would be in the cave as well...


My top 5 list:
Nissan GTR 2017
FD2 Honda Civic Type R
991 Porsche 911 Turbo S
Ferrari 458 Speciale
R31 Nissan Skyline gts-r


1. R32 GT-R in Gun Grey with R34 turbos. Stock otherwise.
2. 1997 F-250 4-door, short bed, power stroke, 5-speed, 4x4 Off Road in Oxford White and stay stock apart from a mild turbo upgrade.
3. Rotisserie restoration of my 2001 Mustang Bullitt. 4.75L, ITB's, Tremec 3160, KW V3's with HLS, S197 brakes, 18"x10" Fifteen52 Formula GT's with 295's all around.
4. Give my LX470 to ICON for a Coyote swap and 6R80, OME 2" lift, Method NV's, ARB front and rear lockers, fabricated bumpers, tire carrier, and roof rack.
5. Frame-off, nut and bolt restoration of my 340,000 mile 1997 Ranger. Ford Performance 363 crate motor, F-150 M5R2 5-speed swap, Fox 2.5 triple bypass, long travel suspension.

Stuart Jamie Burns

F40 Competizione
RWB 993
MkIV Supra (6 Speed w. single turbo)
Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 (chopped replica)
Mk1 Golf on twin 40s


22b still
GT86 W/2JZ and a V2 rocket bunny kit
C2 corvette slammed with a LS2
Chevy Silverado 3500
Rocket bunny R32 GTR


Top 5:
1. Opel Kadett Superboss 2.0 16V S (I'm South African)
2. R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R
3. Factory standard Porsche 930 911 Turbo
4. E34 Bmw M5 3.8
5. 1988 Opel Rekord E2 2.0 8V, with my own touches (my father had owned one, i taught myself to drive with it). All other cars besides the Rekord I would want in their original factory conditions, no tasteful mods, no improvements.

Georg Grünewald

I know you alles for a top 5 but I only got my top 3:

Mercedes CLK GTR
Ferrari F40
Porsche 991 GT3 RS


Greg and Payne reminds me of Takagi and Kitami.......

Oh and here's an all-time favourite. Might consider putting another wheels and later 2.5-16 in though.


Black wheels on a red car - that's proper that is Jordan!!


I now want a classic Porsche more than ever.
My 5-
Hakosuka GT-R
R35 with liberty walk kit wrapped in matte lime green or something similar to make it stick out like a sore thumb
VW cc that would fit in at Players
RWB Porsche, 964 or older
And I’ll leave number 5 blank because it changes about every week, my dream garage is akin to a warehouse (aren’t they all)


That’s an incredible write up on an equally incredible car!

I currently own one of my dreams cars, a 1984 Nissan Skyline (R30) Sedan, stock motor (L24) and just shy of a $2,700 suspension setup.
Next up would be a 2nd gen Camaro rocking a 455.
A hakosuka or kenmari would be on the list, and last up I’d have to go with a Honda NSX.


Is that Burton Dasset Hills in Warwickshire?
if it is I grew up there and the irony of you doing a car shoot isn't lost on me as I've lost a couple of cars to people stealing them and burning them out up there.
It became notorious, so much so that you can't go up there after dark without the Police suddenly showing up and questioning what you're up to.
I took my Cayman up a while ago to get some night shots and straight away was told I should probably leave.


Top 5 (so difficult to chose only 5) :

- Garage Saurus carbon R32 GT-R, white, TE37 SLs and a reliable single turbo RB28
- Supra MK IV, red, Ridox kit, black CE28s and a reliable 3.2L single turbo 2JZ
- MTM B5 RS4, silver, BBS LMs and the 480PS kit (God I miss this car ...)
- Pro Touring Shelby GT500, grey
- Aventador SV, yellow

Man, if I ever win the lottery, I'd live in a giant hangar with my cars.


1. Dodge Viper GTS
2. E60 BMW M5
3. Lamborghini Murcielago
4. Bugatti Veyron Supersport
5. Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR


Top 5 huh?
Alright, let's do this.
1. Nissan Silvia Coupe
2. FC Mazda RX-7
3. Porsche 911 (any year before 2k)
4. Ford Raptor (offroad purpose only, maybe towing)
5. FD Mazda RX-7 (I know its blasphamy that the FD is in last place for you purest people, but get over it, we have our own personal wants and needs)