Introducing Project NSX

Well, I guess I’ve drawn this out long enough since the teaser post a few weeks back. For those of you that have been playing along at home, here it is: Project NSX has joined the SH Garage!

To tell the truth, it wasn’t an attempt at building suspense that kept me so long, rather the mountain of paperwork and process that I needed to complete before I could claim the keys and take the car home. You can read all about that in the next story to come which charts the convoluted purchase process in Japan. I’ve a few more grey hairs now.


So what are you looking at, exactly? It’s a 1992 NA1 with just over 70,000km, Brooklands Green Pearl with black interior and an automatic transmission (obviously the latter is temporary). Eagle-eyed readers might spot that the brakes and wheels are no longer the original components, but otherwise the car is completely stock.


At a first look it seems to have led a fairly easy life since being assembled at the Takanezawa plant while Whitney Houston hit otherworldly highs in I Will Always Love You and Japan’s economy was hitting lows never seen before as a result of the collapse of the asset price bubble. That is, before coming up at auction last month and – after some nervous evaluation over the phone – falling into my hands.


The NSX has been a top-tier dream car for me for years now, and to finally have one in my garage is extremely satisfying. However, as all enthusiasts know, purchasing a car is only the first step and my list of things to fix and improve is, to be frank, intimidatingly long.

Time to get cracking.

Blake Jones
Instagram: blaketjones



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Put a 3 rotor in it!


Why stop at three? 26B or nothing.


NSX is a dream car of mine as well, and honestly I'd probably swap it. I'd go J-series, though. Still a V6, and plenty of aftermarket support. Interestingly, Marvelous Tune is K-swapping one:


This should be called Project WinningAtLife.


Next instalment: Project spent all my money on a twenty-four year-old Honda.




I'm in love with the colour too - quite rare to find and just screams 90's! Thanks!


put a lift kit on it


LS swap, negative camber and keep it automatic. That'll do nicely.


You read my mind...


don't forget the lb over fenders, air lift kit and rays wheels....


You mean RAYS Volk Racing TE37v's? And tires with an even more specific model name shoehorned into a sentence? lol

I'm totally kidding, there was a time here when the sponsor plugs were an issue but SH is pretty good about it nowadays.

Christian Clark

Time for upgrades! Te37v, Air Lift kit, Takata Harnesses, CSF radiator, and KW V3's!

J/K, Speedhunters has gotten a lot better. For a minute there it was the default SH Project Car go-to :)


but pretty badass too! such mixed feelings


Awesome. Just pure awesome. This an Suzies Evo 6 are the best project cars to have been on SH


I still think project Yankee is my favorite project car they've had here. :0) But that's just me.


I'll do my best to change your mind!

Matthew Everingham

Kicking goals!


Thanks Matt ;)


Awesome choice, congrats!
I would love to have one but the price for what you get...too steep for me to get it where I'd want, and where my Z32 is FAR less expensively.
Still, can't wait to see where this goes!


Thanks! The price is only going up on the NSX, part of the reason why I felt I had to jump now is that it will probably be permanently out of my price range in a few years time. Z32 prices will follow before long, I'm sure.


SH is getting very interesting as of late


Holy. Fucking. Shit.


Please, for gods sake, leave it 100% stock!

They are getting extremely rare, a good condition factory NSX worth its weight in gold already!


No car worth of caring about her future value. This is just ignorant bs. It's his car and he can go as far as he want, even cut it in the half and burn. Lol. But the thing is leaving your girl virgin for some next guy would be quite stupid, wouldn't it, huh?


But this one is an autotragic model, so it has less value.


Sorry to disappoint, but... it's not staying stock for long!


It's just a car.

*hides behind a wall*


Yeah but this aint Stockhunters or Worthhunters so.... :D


Okay, After Mikes departure with project Yankee, this will be my new favourite SH car.


This will keep me getting back to Speedhunters! Finally an NSX, probably a dream car for like what? 50%? 60% of the readers? It has so much potential and the looks are simply stunning. Very, very curious which path you'll take. Going wild, going a notch over stock or tasteful modifications. Just, please don't screw it up Mr. Jones.


The pressure's on! I'll run through what I'm planning in the next story, but there's still plenty up in the air.


Very cool and well done on the purchase! +1 for the convoluted process buying a car in Japan can be. Please for the love of all things Speedhunters try to put something other than RAYS wheels on it (and I like RAYS wheels)


Work Meister SP1?

Matthew Dockery

I am a little disheartened at the number of people calling for a swap. That motor has a lot of potential and there really hasn't been a lot done to them over the years from a tuner perspective (at least not compared with other motors of the time period *cough* SR20 *cough*), so anything that gets done to it will have monstrous uniqueness attached inherently.

There are lots of ways to go fast that don't involve LS motors and failure triangles.


how will you outdo king of the 90s tho?


It sure did set the bar pretty high.


Whatever you do, just make it cooler than the frumpy new NSX. That's basically already been achieved here lol.
If you're going for a manual swap, then are you going to engine swap as well?


92 NSX with 70k Kms? Holy sheep... What a project car tho. One more reason to come back here more often!

Brooklands nsx

They didn't make brooklands / Charlotte green in 92? It was only offered in 94 95 and 96...

I used to have one here in Au myself.


P.S. yours looks great!


I've seen the same info elsewhere (mainly on US English sites), but it's not correct. I'm not sure about ROW, but Japan has had Brooklands / Charlotte green since 1990 as far as I can tell. I've witnessed a handful for sale here over the past 12 months.


so beautiful


Like if you want to see gold wheels on this Brooklands Green Pearl! (even a test fit would be satisfying)


Sick!!! Good to hear you finally got it!! Congrats bro

Anthony Chang

As for the exterior, lowered suspension(not "slammed"), LED tail lights, a set of Work VS XXs and THAT'S IT.
(Please keep the original body lines... because it's already beautiful and timeless.)
BTW, first pic, hmm... "MakuDonaludo Hanbaga" XD

Cam Gullickson

I just stated saving for an Evo X, but the NSX is a dream of mine as well! I would love to go with the Advance kit on my future one! Excited to see the route you go Blake.


This will be given away free in a raffle/online contest when done right?