Castro vs. Deane: The Onboard View

If there’s one thing the second round of the 2017 Formula Drift Pro championship will be remembered for, it’s the Top 16 face-off between Ireland’s James Deane and the Dominican Republic’s Jhonnattan Castro.

In Paddy’s wrap up of the Worthouse Drift Team’s FD Orlando event, he defined Castro’s efforts in the OMT battle as “one of the all-time great chases.” It was a totally warranted call too; it was an amazing show of talent from both drivers, and you can watch the deciding run here.

Thanks to AEM Electronics, we can now relive the moment from within Castro’s Papadakis Racing-built Toyota 86, complete with AEMdata video overlay of RPM, boost pressure, turbo speed, throttle percentage and nitrous activation.

From its original D1 Grand Prix Japan roots, professional drifting has produced some magic moments – Masato Kawabata’s reverse entry at the Okayama round of the 2009 D1GP series and Daigo Saito’s jump drift at the Ebisu round of the 2010 D1GP series are a couple that come to mind – and we’re sure Jhonnattan Castro vs. James Deane will go down in the history books too.

But which others should be added to pro drifting’s hall of fame? Link your favorite clips in the comments section below!

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Makes it look like a Sunday drive. Too easy!


Waiting for the next stages to see more and more of Castro, i think we will see him in the final rounds soon.
Speaking of that entry made by Kwabata, it was the spark that ignited my love of drifting (also the video was used to convince anyone asking me why i use toyo tires :P).
Even with his Guinness record, this entry will remain his masterpiece.


Following a very consistent and smooth driver gives you a ton of confidence to do something like this. I'll believe in Castro's ability when he follows Jeff Jones like this. That's the difference between the two, Castro can do this behind a driver who runs straight up while James does this behind oh, everyone.

Paddy McGrath

After Orlando and before Atlanta, I was worried that might be James' downfall this season. Obviously, I was wrong.


I don't know him personally but my guess is that James has been driving so good for so long that the only way he feels good about himself is letting the other driver do their best behind him and then trying to better it when he chases no matter the circumstance. Hair-brained theory but it could explain why so many people respect his driving the way they do.


2015 FD Atlanta Chris Forsberg vs Ken Gushi.

First battle was tight and had to go OMT. OMT was tight and had to go Doublt OMT. In the Double OMT, Ken ran what is probably the closest chase run in Atlanta. Video is on Youtube as well.

the Gush made 0 mistakes. Flawless.


Atlanta is such a cool course. Love that loop. Also the sound is awesome cause it's a natural amphitheater.


You should definitely search for Gocha Chivchyan from Russian Drift Series and D1GP. He is really crazy drifter and he can change the direction impossibly close to his opponent while chasing. Oh he actually drive in FD2017, didn't knew.
The documentary about his first D1GP trip:


I was actually hoping that he would make it out to more of the US rounds. He had a rough start in Long Beach but there were a few moments during practice where I saw what he was fully capable of. It would be nice to see him at another round later this season.


Yeah I too hope that he'll show what he really capable of even if his car might be underpowered by FD standards. But like one bold cool movie actor said in 2017 movie of big franchise, it's not how much power the car has, it's who's behind the wheel xD


Also some Gocha action here


Taka Aono vs. Samuel Hubinette Drift Atlanta year 1 or 2.
Allmotor 86 vs. Competition spec viper.
300hp vs 700hp.
Down hill and up hill at night!!!
If you weren't there you just don't know what you missed.
If you were, then you know who won and why? No hints

Christian Clark

Aasbo vs Daigo, 2 OMT's.

Ueo's Magic Drift -

Nob on Touge -