Ze Germans Are Coming: Bimmer Invasion Orlando 2024

Whatever the model, BMW enthusiasts are a die-hard bunch. There’s certainly a lot of pride attached to having a blue and white roundel on your steering wheel (or handlebars), and it’s led to modified BMWs having a whole car sub-culture of their own.

In fact, BMW is one of the few brands I can think of where ‘one make’ car shows are thriving now as much as they were back in the days of forums and VHS tapes. Bimmer Invasion, held annually in Orlando, Florida is an an event that’s showing no signs of slowing down. Arguably, it’s now more popular than ever.


A theme that will never die to BMW enthusiasts? The importance of factory spec and colour. This is a huge deal in BMW circles, with maximum kudos going to cars painted in ‘BMW Individual’ colours – special order paint that comes with a big price tag and an even bigger lead time. The same applies to Individual interior trims and finishes.


Take Dennis’s F13 BMW M6 Coupé. This is one of three M6s in the world that left the factory in BMW’s legacy Laguna Seca Blue paint, one of the launch colours for the E46 M3. But unlike the retro paint finish, there’s nothing retro about the modifications made to the car.


The 4.4-litre S63B44 aluminium engine block has been re-sleeved to handle the 1,100 horsepower this M6 is now making at its wheels, thanks to an AP tune, CSF charge cooler system, Meisterschaft exhaust and more.


Not only that, but it’s dropped on a set of KW coilovers, runs MV Forged SL515 wheels and is fitted with carbon fibre Vorsteiner aero.

Plus, the F13 M6 just so happens to be the best-looking BMW since the E46 M3, in my eyes.


My second prettiest BMW of recent times? Well, it has to be the E89 Z4.

Steve Samuel’s Z4 is one of the most extremely modified examples of the breed, built to not only be a ‘SEMA car’ but also to be used on track. We featured it back in 2018, just before its SEMA Show debut.


Since being built, it’s evolved from a half-mile drag car to a time attack machine that competes in the Bimmer Challenge series.

The N54 engine has been built from the block up with highlights that include a CES Motorsport 1000HP (Garrett GT35-1050) turbocharger upgrade, GT Haus exhaust system, and a full suite of CSF cooling products. The latter incorporates a drop-in CSF radiator, CSF DCT oil cooler, CSF dual-pass engine oil cooler and a custom Studio RSR intercooler featuring a CSF core.


Of course we can’t overlook the GT3 body kit, combined with an APR GT-250 wing and 18-inch forged Litespeed Racing wheels.


The heavens opened soon after Bimmer Invasion 2024’s set up, but considering the ‘VIP’ portion of the show was indoors at the Dezerland Park venue, this was hardly an issue.


The hall was a mix of some top-tier builds in for show and shine, as well as some of the biggest players in BMW modification.

Renner Projekts had two demonstrator cars on display – the Renner Projekt 3 and 8. It’s hard to go wrong with timeless design and legendary engines, and this pair are no exception.


The E30 is home to an S85 V10, about as outrageous a BMW engine swap can be using OEM parts. The E31 meanwhile – my choice between the pair – has had its M73 V12 replaced with an S62 V8 from an E39 M5. Add to that a 6-speed manual transmission and HRE mesh split rims and it ticks a lot of boxes.


Vorsteiner used the show as an opportunity to unveil their new aero kit program for the G87 M2 – the Vorsteiner M2 VRS.


Being protected from the rain allowed show and shine owners to display their engine bays all day, and it was easy to see patterns emerging in the BMW scene with all the hoods up.


Colour coding, carbon fibre and CSF charge coolers – a tried and tested recipe at this point for both reliable power and engine bay dress ups.

You’ll almost certainly find a Mosselman billet oil thermostat attached to the higher power S55 engines too.


The S58 in the G-chassis M cars is proving itself to be a fantastic tuning platform already.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a ‘regular’ M3 in a fantastic Individual colour…


…or a very rare GTS special edition – it seems as though no enthusiast-owned F8X is complete without some CSF, Eventuri or Mosselman in the engine bay.


Back outside, there were a couple of builds that really stood out. This 135i has been converted into a 1M Coupé ‘clone’, and it’s a fantastic looking little car. Inside you’ll find swathes of Alcantara including on the split-trimmed (with leather) Recaro Pole Position buckets seats, as well as enhanced audio and choice OEM retrofit upgrades.


But it’s the heavily upgraded N54 engine that really sets it apart thanks to extensive modifications. There’s a single Precision Turbo 6266 turbocharger – machined to emulate the classic ‘whoosh’ of an HKS T51R – a Doc Race intake manifold and CSF cooling. The 135i rides on a set of Öhlins Road & Track coilovers with an F8X chassis brake upgrade all round.


Before closing, I’d like to leave you with a pair of Toyota Supras, to raise a little point. There was a lot of fuss about the launch of the A90 Supra from both Toyota and BMW enthusiasts complaining about how they believed the car would dilute the legacy of both brands.


Since then I’ve seen nothing but a fantastic crossover in the tuning industry as aftermarket manufacturers from both sides of the world have provided parts, knowledge and influence into both tuning cultures.

In fact, it seems as though having more competition in the industry has led to some outrageous A90 Supras being built, such as Jordane ‘Peppa’ Jacobs’ yellow car here. I’ll be giving it it’s own spotlight soon, but just think of it as ’90s JDM tuning spirit mixed with the cutting-edge precision of 2023 BMW modification.


Despite the rain, over 5,000 spectators attended Bimmer Invasion 2024 to check out over 1,500 cars on display.

Good vibes, good aftermarket support and some stand-out builds. If that’s not the sign of a healthy industry then I don’t know what is.

Mario Christou
Instagram: mcwpn

Photography by Darrien Craven
Instagram: _crvn_

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That red M2 by Vorsteiner looks so damn good shows how much potential the M2 has



Too bad it rained. Some very nice Bimmers at this show. I went to ImPact East in August. You talking about cars?!!- My neighbor has a 2021 M8 Competition. My other neighbor has a 2009 70K mile E46 in black over read leather. And my other neighbor is a BMW-certified mechanic. I'm not driving a BMW but my 1995 MKIII Jetta has an NGP Racing-built engine. Full suspension. $8000 body work. Techtonics cam, chip, down pipe, etc. And it's a 5speed in dusty mauve. I'd like a 2012 V8 M3. Bimmers are no joke.


Y'all just ignoring that glorious BMW truck?
That is one sick car worthy of an article of its own with a hundred pictures!


Excellent photo coverage!! Other Speedhunters should take note....