Laying Out A Late-Model Benz

Aside from giving you an overall look at GoodRides’ recent Speed Matsuri in Indonesia, while at the event I was constantly on the look for cars to spotlight. Earlier in the week we took a look at a very tough little K-swapped Honda Brio built with absolute function in mind, but this time around it’s all about form and low-down style.

While making my way through the sea of cars being shown at the Offset Kings side of event, this custom wide-body Mercedes-Benz W212 stopped me in my tracks.

Image 1

The metal work and attention to detail was on another level. I just had to find the owner and learn more about the build.

Image 2

With amazing support from the guys at GoodRides, I was able to link up with Ihsan Ali Talib, the owner of Platinum Motorsports, who was more than thrilled to talk me through his beautiful creation

Image 3

The thought behind the custom fender work was to try and keep the overall image looking as natural as possible. And to the untrained eye, the W212’s bodywork could indeed pass as factory.

Image 4

To achieve the desired result, Ihsan cut each fender into three large parts, essentially creating large triangle-like sections. Then he was able to pull the fender out a total of five inches and weld in extra steel where required.

Rear 1

The same process was repeated at the rear, however at this end of the car Ihsan also had to make similar triangle cuts in the door to ensure the lines of the freshly widened fenders matched in perfectly.

Image 5

In between other work, the entire process took around three months to complete. The end result perfectly embodies the vision that Ihsan had in mind when he started cutting up the car.

Image 7

20-inch OZ Racing Futura wheels fitted with Radinox lips are a perfect match for the big-body Benz, and also do a great job of showing off the bright yellow 6-pot Brembo calipers and 380mm drilled 2-piece rotors.

Image 8

The interior remains mostly stock besides the driver and passenger seats which were swapped over from a C207.

Image 9

Aired out, this W212 is testament to the creativity, skill, innovative thinking and custom quality coming out of Indonesia. I love it, but what do you think?

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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Absolutely love it. One question though: Is this a base E-Class or a debadged E63 AMG?


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nightrift97 probably an E-Class, an AMG will cost an arm and leg in this country


I loved this eclass. The sharp lines still turn my head. I actually prefer this over their current, organic lines. The wheels and paint alone make this car a looker.


and now i need a mercedes


Hope it's just an E class with wheels and brakes. Otherwise if that was done to an E63 AMG then it would be such a shame to the car.


Love the wheels on this car! They take me back to those Veilside 5 spokes, and look great on this car.


It is 'just an E class' ^^




Your correct. E class


Impressive work.  To think about it.... getting almost new E class into garage and  starting to cut it :D 
I dunno why they changed desing so fast tho. I liked this generation of E -class.  retro almost.


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What I wanna know is; why do people feel the need to say "Oh, you modified your car the 'wrong way'." They bought it, it's their property, and there's nothing wrong with doing what you want to do to your vehicle. It's the same case with the liberty walk Ferrari. So many people hate that kit because "oh its a Ferrari you shouldn't mess with it". So? They bought it, they want to please THEMSELVES and nobody else. Why can't people realize this and get over the fact that it may not be their favorite, but that hard work and money was put into it, and that by criticizing it, you do nothing but discredit the builder. Just a little rant.


Such a shame. SH = Stance Hunters now


Mook Genius so what? there are people who like performance cars as well as stanced cars, like me. i like an eclectic mix of cars, import and domestic, full blown racecar to daily cruisers, and this site delivers everything i like. i don't think this is a shame at all. if anything, it shows how diverse speedhunters is.


TPLC2 I see your point and it is a valid one.  I do agree that people have a choice as to what they like with their property.  How ever my criticism of this particular build and even some of the Ferrari ones are that I admire these types of cars may they be AMG, M, Ferrari etc for the countless hours of Research and Development that had been built into them, and it's a shame to ruin their hard work by not modifying it to extend or enhanced the characteristic of such high performance cars.

There will always be different of opinions, and people will always have different views on how to modify and change the automotive scene may it be for the good or bad.  My view will always be that if you have a performance car you should take into consideration of enhancing the cars' performance rather than making less effective from when it rolled of the assembly line.

A little bit of criticism is always healthy.


zapsnyder yah i drive my cousins e class all the time and I always ask myself why I haven't bought one already. Seeing modded ones like this make me want one more!


Mook Genius do you even know what stance means?


Mook Genius How in the world do you think it's only "stance" stuff here?

Just look at the other recent stories on the first page.  A pretty even mix of racers, cruisers, and cool cars.




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Beautiful car, wish you took more photos of it from a distance. But thanks for the coverage nonetheless.


Mook Genius this joke would have been funny a couple of years ago and speed hunters has been posting less "stanced " then they used to


StanceHunters for the win. Take this car for example. Can you imagine how BAD the Indonesian roads are? This car most definitely has to weave at 50 KPH to protect its rims from potholes. But hey, at least its a hard parker.


TPLC2 if the owner doesn't care about others opinions, why does he drive the car to car fests, and why do i see it on the internet? MY car doesnt go to shows and you will never see it, because I really couldnt give 2 fucks about anyone else's opinion on it. (i hope you get my point)


abezzegh87 Definitely this guy prioritizes look over function. Style over substance. I wouldn't do that to my mustang here in Iowa let alone slamming the car which is driven in third world condition.


Definitely this guy prioritizes look over function. Style over substance. I wouldn't do that to my mustang here in Iowa let alone slamming the car which is driven in third world condition.


True the roads are pretty bad but it's on air so raises all the way up and everything is ok :)


Thanks and yeaaa, that would have been cool but since it was a show, any further and all you would see are the other cars closely parked next to it :(


*Takes deep breath*
*Exhales in an exceedingly satisfied manner*
I come for the variety, but I stay for the butt hurt!
Personally I can see the owner's love for this car in its execution. Sure it's not quite to my tastes, but it's not my car, so I'll just appreciate the work that's gone into it and congratulate Ihsan on a job well done, then go back to dreaming of fitting a 16/71 blown LS3 into a mint, low km Hakosuka, bagging it on dubs and then daily driving it to work, laying frame the whole way, with 400lb of audio blasting talkback radio at ear-splitting volumes.
Towing a caravan.


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Hey, I'm here to bitch about something I choose to read of my own accord while not paying anything for it.


Ron Celestine May i ask how does a raised suspension fix the ultralow sidewalls of a 20 wheel?


TPLC2 Criticism is what fuels better products. If people didn't keep criticizing Chevrolet for putting crap seats in their Corvettes, we'd still see craptastic seats in their flagship cars.
Also, why do people get butthurt because we mention something we don't like?  They built the car for themselves? So? They go out to car meets and show the car off so, realistically, they will encounter someone that doesn't like some aspect of it so, they should be prepared to accept that their build isn't to everyone's taste. Just like if someone did only performance modifications, they too would be criticized by the "stanced, tire-stretched and bagged" crowd that hates enhanced performance modifications.


@ron celestine Great post buddy. I love the wide variety of cars you guys feature on speed hunters it's a shame that the comment section seems to be used for people who are just whiners and cant appreciate all facets of the car scene. That's what it's all about isn't it, seeing how people choose to modify their cars in different ways. It would be pretty boring if everyone did the same thing to the same car wouldn't it. I love hearing people chirping my 95 impala ss at the car show saying wow slammed on 20 inch wheels and low profile tires that's not functional. And then the next day someone chirping my STI for being stock when It has a fully built motor and is just stock ride height. Stop hating if you don't totally like the look of a car still appreciate what goes into it that's what the Car scene is supposed to be different taste for different people. So stop being so vanilla and take in the wide variety of different things that are put on these pages, an if you can't do that maybe just don't say anything. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all, isn't that what your mother used to say lol


CJC_Matty LS3? SACRILEGE!!! lmao


Mook Genius  "Speedhunters is an international collective of photographers, writers & drivers with a shared passion for digging up the most exciting stories surrounding Car Culture happening anywhere in the world."

^^ Quoted from the bottom of this very page. Nowhere does it say that they report solely on fast cars or racing machines. Like it or not, this car does represent a part of Car Culture. 

People need to stop complaining about what the Speed Hunters staff decide they want to share with us. If you don't like it, start your own blog, or get out there and check thing out for yourself.


OscarPais lol


CJC_Matty lol  ya perfect!  im in!


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Very  nice  beatiful  car.....


OZ Futura's are forever


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MPistol From the early 90's and still looking sick!


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Ron Celestine Thanks for the responds Ron. I also wish sometime when shooting stance cars in general make some shots of the car in a less-than-fully-slammed position. That would be nice.


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