Imagining A Hybrid Supra With BMW DNA…

The fourth generation Toyota Supra is a model that sits near the top of many people’s dream car list – even those who weren’t around when the car was first introduced in the early 1990s. The MkIV Supra never really went out of style, and if used car values are to be believed, they are more sought after today than they’ve ever been.

In looking towards the future however, Toyota has not-so-secretly been working on a car said to be the successor to the famed Supra. Regardless of what it ends up being called, it has some some big shoes to fill.

While we won’t see the finished product for a while yet, it’s already clear that this new Supra will not be the same one we grew up with.

First off, there’s the fact that it’s being co-developed with BMW, who will also build its own coupe using the same platform. Then there’s word that the car will employ some of Toyota’s hybrid technology, something you may be able to hear in this new video showing a prototype at the Nürburgring.

On one hand, the fact that Toyota is doing this at all is pretty cool. On the other, it’s looking like the car will be a big departure from the old Supra that so many people still dream about. Obviously, final judgement will have to wait until the production version appears and its final specs are revealed, but I can already tell this one’s going to generate lots of differing opinions, much like Honda’s new NSX.

So why don’t we have some fun and start the conversation now? Assuming you had the money, would you rather embrace the modern tech that the new Supra will surely have, or would you plop down the coin for the nicest example of the original that you could find?

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I have a feeling it'll be in the £50-60k price bracket, which at that I think most who would want a Japanese high performance car would prefer to pick up a year old R35 GT-R instead.


I understand why, I get the positives.... but damn, if I wanted to buy a beemer I'd buy a beemer.
But in this hypothetical scenario (hypothetical because my other half would string me up for buying yet another car) I would be buying a Toyota Supra, and damn, that's what I want. Toyota power plant, Toyota chasis...
I don't mind an engine swap but this is something more, it's selling you B while swearing it's A...


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RIP Toyota Supra as we know it. New one only have the name, really. I know the benefits that working with BMW can bring, but it's not a Toyota. It's like these Renault Traffic with an Opel badge, but much worse. We'll see later for the perfs, but I hope it's as good as an R35 and is cheaper... But I guess I'm dreaming, looking at much an i8 costs for what it is. As for looks, it's a total mess in my eyes, looks like some Civic Si had a kid with an F12 Berlinetta. I hope it's just the paint (or whatever it's called) that's hiding a part of these front lights.


If money wasn't in the balance, I would probably chose both :p.
If I can only pick one, that would be the old one. An hybrid would be a lot less difficult to tune at my taste. Even if I'm far from being mechanist, I prefer something that let me some illusion about modifying some parts by myself :)


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Like others have already said, I would selfishly prefer this to be an all-Toyota effort, but I guess their performance engineering prowess has taken a nose dive in the age of the Camry, Sienna and Prius.
I imagine it would not have taken much (comparably speaking) for Toyota to update and modernize the 2JZ. We all know it's a proven warhorse of an engine. Direct injection, revised ignition, new turbo tech.
As we have seen with the FR-S/GT86, however, seems Toyo likes to leave 'fun' powertrain development to others. FA20 is cool, but it's a Subaru boxer masquerading under a Toyota moniker. =/


I am all for developing new technology and implementing it in sports cars. If I had the money, I'd purchase one as a daily, and then purchase another specifically for dropping a 1JZ or 2JZ engine. I wish it was all Toyota, but I like both brands. Toyota and Bmw have both created some of the best inline six turbo engines in history.


I feel like a true spiritual successor to the supra already is coming out in 2017 the Lexus LC500 sure its 100k luxury car but so is a GTR


I seem to be in the minority here, for me both BMW and Toyota have heritage with the straight 6 engine and they both know how to build a well handling RWD chassis, the match seems pretty good imo. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do with the hybrid system too, especially if it is derived from the WEC powertrain rather than the pious...

Having said that I would love another mkiv, it was a bloody lovely car


Car will be a flop. If I wanted a BMW I'd buy a BMW. And a hybrid, really?


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Attila_UK Right except this platform was in talks of either being a 4 cyl turbo or a v6 platform


I love the Toyota brand... but i just wish these guys had the slight "craziness" that the Nissan guys have by just releasing the awesome sports cars they release not thinking about the environment so much! AKA R35! If the MKIV was neck to neck with Godzilla with their pure petrol engines, in my opinion its silly to think that Toyota's (really late) answer to the R35 is a... hybrid!?! We'll see!


Electric cars and hybrids may sell well as a first car - a status symbol - but the aftermarket won't be as kind as it was for older cars. The older skylines and supras were actually FUN to drive. Driving an r34 skyline feels like a combination of video games and real life. The mk1V supra had that crazy buildup when boost kicked in. The new tesla is fast, and can act as a penis extender for wealthy little men. But having driven a Datsun 510 back to back with a P85s, I realized - the tesla isn't a car... These new hybrid appliances will never be cars. It's time to buy an older Japanese sports car, and hang onto it.


Japanese manufacturers have shared parts and knowledge with European and American companies since their very first export (a Daihatsu). The very first Japanese prototypes were even built using British tools. Today, parts for cars come from all over the globe. Any idea of a "purely Japanese car" is just a silly notion.


A GTR in a fat suit maybe


This is going to be a disaster. I can easily see it costing way too much, and the hybrid thing is neat but not a good way to get enthusiast to get excited about your upcoming project. Toyo and nissan have pretty much abandoned enthusiast completely. Don't say gtr either because they've been riding this model with practically no updates for much too long, same for the 370z and there isn't even a new one in the works. Toyota is worse, offering nothing but a subaru. Sure they have Lexus but the price, weight, and styling are certainly not for most. I feel like nissan is at their zenith and toyotas as a performance brand is dead already


Therealstig Costing way too much? A 1998 Toyota Supra was $40,000 brand new in 1998. This translates to $59,855.66 in 2016 dollars. In comparison, the Lexus RCF goes for $63,000. It's not like the mk4 supra was affordable. 

And I wouldn't expect a new Toyota Supra to be a very affordable car. It's Toyota's halo car and therefore, there will be a premium on the price. It makes sense for what you are getting.


Everyone who are commenting seem to whining about the good old days of Toyota performance of yore. As much as I have liked driving MKiv Supras, boosted MR2s, and the like; we will never see those days again. Period. There in lies the rub. I too miss the days of extremely elastic tuning abilities of cars that were considered halo cars back when. I really do think it was a golden age. And even now, the potential to tune those cars to new extremes never before imagined is still quickening at an alarming pace. Great example being when 800whp Supras seem underwhelming. 

Fast forward to what an OEM has to do today to make a performance car is staggeringly different. Emission controls are even more stringent and companies have to consider their fleet fuel economy more so than ever before. For a company like Toyota that makes their most revenue on the Prius and Camrys, its not surprising that they are using a hybrid option to augment performance. No one looks at a P1, La Ferrari, 918 Spyder, NSX, etc and says, "eww, thats a hybrid!" 

Point being is that this is the new reality that performance cars will have to live in. You can either whine about it and pine for the days of 15-20 years ago or you can learn, educate yourself, as see that this new generation of speed is just getting started. 

I'll close with this. Zero lag because the electric motor gives torque fill to compensate. Thats having your cake at eating it too.


The real car guys will know and remember that the 2JZ head was a product of German engineering so for Toyota to hook up with BMW this could be great. I just hope they don't do what they did with the GT86 and have these amazing prototypes and concepts but when it  came to the market the exterior design just didn't look as nice. Regardless I'm glad Toyota is continuing with sports car development.


I personally think that they are using Supra's name as a marketing strategy.
The new Supra is not a succesor, not even a tribute to the old one. Instead of following concepts like the 2014 Viper, Merc SLS or the "modern muscle cars" they make a new sport car and name it like the old one. We are interested in the new one because of it's name and for what that name stands for (nobody talks about the Z5, the BMW's version). If you make a new model you have to make it known to the people, but if that car's name is already familiar not just with the all car community but with almost everybody is just free advertising. GT86's exact same story.


Manuel Carmona Exactly what Ford did with the new "GT"


SVS99 Manuel Carmona Well are you talking the second generation Ford GT or the first one? I think the first one was quite worthy.


That's not what I'm saying, sharing tools and tech is one thing, sharing a platform is another. it's getting what I pay for. It's got nothing to do with where the car is from.


The power train Toyota dropped at the start of the season and have sucked without or the current one which they are sucking with? :(


Manuel Carmona  Im talking about the second gen TT V6 GT, at least the first GT paid homage to the GT40 IMO.


Afonsoae82gt R35 is literally the only interesting thing Nissan has done in the past 15 years.  The 350Z went on sale in 2002, and the "facelift" 370Z is still on sale today.  But my god, that R35 is truly a triumph that will be bowed down to for the rest of my life.


@Jose that's a Wikirumor as far as I know. Couple of German owners on Supraforums asked the supposed company directly. Check out the thread:
Yamaha of course did have involvement in developing the cylinder head of the 3S, 1J and 2J, but that's another story. Check out this cool video:


Manuel Carmona "I personally think that they are using Supra's name as a marketing strategy."
I agree, Just like Honda did with the NSX.
Brands have to stop using old glories names...


Just like the GTR and NSX the Supra has a almost impossible high expectation. When the GTR came out almost 10 years ago now I imagined it was gonna be a disappointment as well. But it wasn't, it still was what we loved about the Skyline GTR. A great tuneable platform that beats everything that cost twice as much. 

I'm not to sure about the new NSX however...In no way I'm saying its bad, but I doubt it's going to reach the history books as the "even greater follow up from the first NSX". The GTR is also already getting pretty old, and I'm once again not so sure if the next gen will be as great as the current gen.

The Supra always has been the tech showmodel of Toyota. But that's not why people love them. It's also not because they were in the fast&furious like I sometimes hear. It's also not the looks. It's simply because the 4th generation Supra turned out to be one of the best tuner platforms in the world. With just a few mods you can get serious power out of them, spend a bit more and you can get crazy reliable power out of them. And it's not just the engine, the gearbox, drivetrain and chassis, rear axle, litteraly anything on the car is overbuild. 
I expect the new Supra to once again be the tech showmodel of Toyota. Which most likely means hybrid technology and other stuff people who are looking for a sport-coupe/GT don't care about. Unless it will be a good tuner platform, it will be a disappointment.


Turbology  Damn rumor mill strikes again lol. Well I guess we all need to email Toyota and get the record straight.


Jack Gordon Manuel Carmona The all new Toyota 5upra!


Manuel Carmona same with 86
flat 4 = i leave
(i do not hate FRS user but  i am old style)


When the Lexus LFA came out I just assumed that Toyota would make a less exotic, steel-bodied version of that... Drop in a twin turbo 6 or 8 cylinder engine and sell it to the hungry masses. The recipe was right there. In fact, I'm still really confused why that hasn't happened. We could have been driving sutras for the last five years!


The modern GTR is the only car that is actually a build on the previous generation. The NSX is not light, electric and turbocharged. This new "Supra" is not going to be built as a follow up to the MK4. So it's clear only Nissan is building on the heritage, Toyota and Honda are building a new car(perhaps a nice car) but, not a contemporary version of the previous generation. I suspect that's not their aim to begin with. They aren't concerned with the people that bought the original cars, this is a new buyer they are looking at.



im assuming this could be the japanese auto manufacturers' twilight.... both honda and toyota are shifting their brand to a hybrid/electric/turbo engines (which is not bad).... however, the nostalgic car fan in me "sighs" with the thought of them doing so.. i mean, they could have made a totally new model to cater to those "environment-friendly 'race' cars" 
why mess with NSX and Supra? why change it when its already been so good? why not use it as a catapult to compete against ferari and lamborghini? why make a perfectly legendary car (with lots of fans) and turn it into something totally out of character?
90's NSX was known to be the japanese supercar in the making... its a V6 car when it should have been V8... but then again, it was enough.. fans loved made people think that the next time they will make an NSX, it would be a much stronger version of the first one.. instead, Honda revealed a car that looked less agressive in terms of body lines, and an engine that was not race-fan worthy
now the Supra.. instead of making it scary, you make it environment-friendly.
what a waste of opportunity for these car makers... they are supposedly making more powerful versions of the NSX and the Supra, BECAUSE THEY ARE RACE CARS...THEY ARE can try  that new eco-friendly concept on new cars... maybe leonardo dicaprio will buy and promote it, and people will still buy it... but not supra nor NSX, because they already have a market on their own, they have a following and a heritage of fans that have made these cars a part of their lives. 

these cars inspired people when they were first brought to the market.. but now we are here disappointed to the company's decision..
one lesson toyota and honda must remember was the FOX BODY MUSTANG... yes, it was fast, and yes it ruled the drag strip because it was light and agile.. it was swift enough to beat old mustangs in the circuit... but the question remains, SHOULD WE REALLY CALL IT A MUSTANG?


Your definition of sucked must be different to mine, one of the Toyota TS040s is currently 3rd in the championship...


Would a V6 really be a bad thing? Switching to a V6 didn't do the GTR any harm...


joint efforts keep the cost down , winner there , bmw
can make an awesome car , another winner there , joint efforts mean you have
bmw and toyota's research and development going into the project , which personally
i think toyota need as other than TRD theres not been much sporty cars from
toyota recently.... , vs bmw which have a host of new age weapons. ,Iv always
said the 335i was the new age supra , and this confirms that others thought the
same :)


@PAULO CUENTO I don't think Toyota and Honda are really concerned with the wants of the original enthusiasts of the original cars. Nissan stayed true at least 90% with the GTR. The only gripe original owners had was with the transmission. But the NSX is a HUGE departure from the original car and the "Supra" looks to be doing the same thing. Sad but, Honda and Toyota have to sell cars and I would think they built these cars based on what they think will sell as opposed to what a very small majority of the driving population wants.


I read the title and kinda wanted to puke


The Supra is dead.  Long live the Supra.


eh, fair enough. I've not caught WEC for quite a while due to real life. Good to hear they sorted the teething problems out.


"Iv always said the 335i was the new age supra"
Inline 6, Turbo, RWD, 2+2 GT Coupe, Luxurious, Complex, damn they are similar.
The only difference is that the MKIV Supra was a pretty good bargain new, whereas the 335i get's the "German Engineering" tax.


The RCA is basically what you're talking about, and if it was turbo'd would be an absolute Supra Successor.



What is this bargain you speak of? A quick glance at autotrader tells me that a 97 Turbo supra was just a hair under $40k MSRP while a 2010 335i coupe was $42650. 

The inflation calculator tells me that $39900 in 1997 is equal to over $54000 in 2010. German engineering tax my ass...


you sure thats not the new z4. looks to small, and absolutely zero grunt from the exhaust


The Supra has been back since 2008, its called the BMW 335i. 3.0l twin turbo, six speed, two door, rear wheel drive, leather, 3500lb curb weight, and a $39000 price tag. Even better, the 135i was 200lbs lighter and more agile.


Too many fanboys be yelling "this ain't no Supra no more", "the only true Supra is the JZA80/Mk. IV", etc.
People need to realize that the world is changing. Emission rules around the world are killing the venerable JZ engine as everyone knows. Going hybrid is a good way to achieve good power while maintaining low emission and fuel consumption. I guess people forgot just how well the Holy Trinity of Porsche 918, McLaren P1 and LaFerrari are performing as hybrids?
When Nissan announced that they are reviving the "GT-R" nameplate a decade ago, everyone was saying "it just won't be the same as the old cars". Well, look at just how crazy that car is until now! Almost 10 years old and still beating its rivals.
People need to stop judging before the production car is out.




@ihateyoutoo The butthurt is strong with this one.


the "name" Supra and NSX should be buried and never be use again...all of this hybrids should make their own name..dont use those legendary name (supra's,NSX's,GTR's) so you can sell your cars to the's a terrible marketing


@ihateyoutoo Give me a reason to.


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GwynnBallantyne Afonsoae82gt I know what you mean, but if you think that Nissan has The GTR, the 350 / 370Z (and the Z heritage), the Silvia (also considering the heritage) and ok.. you can include the little Pulsar GTI-R (pocket rocket) not to mention the mental of idea of the Stagea Autech 260R or the Juke R.

Then compare it with the Toyota lineup. You have the supra (awesome heritage), with the 6 cylinder configuration then from that, the celica, Mr2, Corollas (gti and gt twim cams) are all 4 cylinder and most of them NA!. Please have in mind that I'm not mentioning Lexus because the price range is out or reach for most of the common mortals! :) Its like i said.. wouldn't mind that that "craziness" found in  the Nissan lineup could be applied on the Toyota lineup! Oh and one more thing.. its common (!) knowledge that several Lotus models use Toyota engines (from a Camry for example) but with an extra hunfe in it. Why not pick up that package and make an "R" version with some craziness in the mix for a few sport (and maybe not so sporty looking ones) models from the lineup! I mean, is that so crazy to consider?!


3500 lbs or more probably, the old supra was pushing that and BMW hasn't made a light car since the e30 m3.  However, the plus side is technology could mask that weight and you get high speed stability.


We need more Yamaha, Lotus or Cosworth (co-)engineering in current (mass produced) motors. But due to emission regulations I doubt that will happen in the near future.


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@Jose haha that's the double-edged sword that is Wikipedia. Take the forum posts with the same grain of salt: just because someone said they talked to Johann A. Krause Maschinenfabrik GmbH (now ThyssenKrupp Krause GmbH), doesn't mean it's true.
Toyota are the only folks who can give us the real answer, and they may or may not want to admit such involvement from an outside engineering firm.


It's amazing how dated the Supra looks in completely stock form in the opening picture.  Definitely a product of the '90s, but I think that's mostly the horrible wheels.  Luckily it doesn't take much to change that look...


delpasado  be dying to allow you to expand this nonsensical thesis...

horrible marketing why?  The cars have changed - like every vehicle has vs it's initial iteration.


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mastaworm DakotaBlueDewolf Unlike the Toyota, the Bimmer needs mending straight out of the box (or you can enjoy your fucked crank hub and broken head somewhere down the road). Like the Porsche M96, the S55/N55 have troubling genetics; that while not happening for everyone, they certainly do warrant mentioning.


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This is a disgrace to both brands. A hallowed marque and a hallowed model diluted. The Supra died hero and at the top of its game. To bring it back as a Z4 with a Supra badge......sighs =(


Attila_UK I mean perhaps not, I'm not saying it would be a bad thing at all. But it would be nice to stay true to the heritage and original Toyota vision in an updated way. even if it was a straight 6 hybrid but it would be nice to see the heritage preserved.


Just give us the ft-1, that thing looks the part, the overall silhouette of this thing is a bit meh, only time will tell but so far my opinion isn't good!


But Toyota already built a fifth-generation Supra...


mayorquimby They'll essentially be one and the same.




People jumping to conclusions based on a video on a test mule. Love it.


SVS99 Manuel Carmona You're kidding right? The new GT is much more of a continuation of the spirit of the original GT40 than the first GT ever was. The GT40 was a legendary endurance car that swept the podium at Le Mans in 66, and now the new GT just got 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 9th in its class. 

The first GT was a great car, but it was more of a throwback than anything. The new GT is actually carrying the torch in racing.


delpasado thoroughly agree with you on the NSX name - why not ESX? Anything but NSX


what exactly is BMW going to help with? making it unreliable? LMAO


Increasing fuel consumption and the removal of all indicators......


Remember that there are 2 cars being developed from this partnership. Body wise, I think this is the BMW counterpart and explains why it looks different than the FT-1 concept.


I'd buy a 4th gen, hands down. You can work on that engine yourself, hybrids are buried under that plastic shroud and all work and "tuning" has to be done by factory mechanics. That, and the fact that I don't want all the "bells and whistles". I don't want paddle shifters, I want a stick. I don't want a "luxurious" leather interior with surround audio and an engine note that has to be pumped into the cabin artificially. I want a car. Not a computer.


@ihateyoutoo jay8393 Hate one me because I'm "dump"? Who are you to judge me when you don't even know me? Desperate much? LOL!


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There will be 3 versions, the Hybrid is the top spec but, there will be a Twin Turbo Straight 6. Lets hope Yamaha builds the engines, they make nothing but greatness.


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@ihateyoutoo jay8393 burst out very laughing at "DUMP"
thank you please


JPRedhead you'd be surprised how much those three are currently involved in creating exactly those emission conforming engines we have today. Its just not put on all the badges anymore


DakotaBlueDewolf JackStrathdee   MSRP for '93 Supra turbo was 39k and 2008 335i was 39k with a 15yr difference means that the BMW is way cheaper for the exact same specs, given inflation.




Justjulian Not really sure about Yamaha's greatness (I'm not saying they're bad either) but they better make that straight 6 as good as the 2JZ-GTE, maybe a 3 or 4JZ-GTE? :D


If this is what we are to expect for the new gen surpa, im very disappointed. Judging from the images, this seems more of a Z4 coupe with a hard top. I was hoping for something bit more sportier.


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Well, I just think that in the video we are looking at the new gen Mazda RX7 ! Look at the number plate! What Supra would drive with a RX7 number plate?


I heard tell that the new GT86 was going to be given a straight six Beamer power mill, and given those curves it looks like that's what they're working on right now. I would love to see some serious Supra work very near in the future, however.


I would go OG.  The way that things are going and hybrid it will not be affordable to the common consumer.


Weird, all my bmws have been a million times more reliable than my friends Toyota performance car, probably why Toyota outsources all of their sports cars. Lmao, but fanboys usually hide from the facts ;)


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