What If Tesla Built A Supercar…

Will it ever happen? Could a fully electric car ever be considered a true supercar?

There are many questions that make us contemplate the eventuality of the electric car’s evolution, and once I set eyes on Khyzyl Saleem‘s latest render, it prompted me to share my thoughts on the subject with you. I guess I can break it all down into three main points:

Design:  A performance oriented offering from Tesla could take full advantage of the sheer simplicity of fully electric drivetrains. Aerodynamicists could sculpt a very slippery silhouette seeing that minimal air ducting and venting would be needed, and that could even be used to generate great levels of downforce without creating too much drag – an inherent problem of regular cars where the air needs to flow over, through, up and under things like engines and various mechanical ancillaries and components. As you can see from the roofline and flowing shoulder line, Khyzyl used a Saleen S7 as a base for his render, before slapping on the recognisable Tesla face with a large center grille and Model S-esque headlights. The aggressive stance, the massive brakes peeking behind the thin spokes of the wheels, and that flowing, spoiler-less profile really gets the juices flowing.

Performance: In-hub motors could create the best all-wheel drive layout available, torque vectoring and all. Tweaking throttle response and feel would be one of the many challenges in engineering something that would feel ‘right,’ not to mention having to deal with stuff like regenerative braking. Maybe a gearbox would be needed to take advantage of the high-torque, off-idle characteristics of electric motors, helping the car reach the sort of top speeds now expected from the most sought after supercars and hypercars. Composites will have to be a massive part of the car, something that BMW is well on its way to proving can be done at a mass-production level. Shedding weight will continue to be the ultimate goal, which brings me to my final point.

Batteries: These could be positioned to create a perfect weight distribution, and as Tesla has already shown in the Model S and X, keeping the mass as low as possible within a chassis makes for decent handling. As batteries become lighter and more efficient, the potential performance benefits are unlimited.

If Tesla manages to make the Model 3 a success it could indeed generate the funds needed to develop and bring a supercar to market. Considering what they were able to achieve with the Roadster 10 years ago, if Tesla’s engineers put their minds to it, I’m sure they’d be able to come up with something rather interesting.

Thanks to Khyzyl Saleem for the render  

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I can see a Saleen S7 through the rendering.


MichaelGrayen that's what the article says... wanna cookie?


Looks sooooo akward, proportions of the front fenders are pretty wrong. and i guess tesla would use different wheels.


earmenau MichaelGrayen lol


The dual motor cars are pretty super already, 0-60 in under 3 seconds is around the right mark.
If you mean in terms of top speed, current super/hypercar speeds (220+) aren't really achievable with direct drive motors.


Shaunock The tesla model S had two gears, they are not direct drive, only whould have to ad one more gear.


Motor should not be in wheel becase it would botch non suspended mass. Wheel should have better fairing than spokes for aero purposes. Electric motors and batteries need cooling. In fact most of tesla specific technology is about battery cooling. Thanks to greater torque and downforce control a narrower chassis should be used to reduce frontal area. Remember continuous power and top speed would still be a problem with actual technology whithout big compromises that would make it a race car and not a supercar.


My favourite part of this potatochop job is the wonky, asymmetrical face, as well as the piss poor clone tooling on the rear 3/4 where he's cloned out the vents.  It's just bad not to pay attention to details like that.  Dino is this really a SH article?  Really?

Musk hates people anyway, and is on record as saying he doesn't think anyone should be allowed to drive a car of any sort.  Tesla's work will move towards complete automation, or as close as they can legally get in the near future.  He only made the Roadster and the Model S too prove a point about mass producing EVs.  Just gimmicks.  His true aim is the total death of driving.


Slappy_Pistons Thank you so much for the critique! It's a Speedy concept for a reason though, not supposed to be a polished piece, i'd build it in 3D if I wanted it to be perfect.


earmenau MichaelGrayen Can I get a cookie? :P


KhyzylSaleem Slappy_Pistons You will have brave the other 'experts' out in the interwebs and Speedhunters now Khyzyl. As always, good work. As for the 'experts' maybe be constructive and provide a better render so others can learn from your masterful skills. But you need to do it in a short time period of our choosing. K go.


Toroidion has a similar concept, 1 MW of power, 4 electrical engines, 0-400 kph in 11 secons, production to start in 2018 with a projected price under 1 M€. Very economical! :D


I'm just glad the render has the old Tesla front and not the new "mouthless" front. A render combining two of my favorite cars certainly isn't a bad idea;)


Shaunock I mainly meant in terms of looks haha.


But the more important question is: Will we be able to drive it?  If the predictions of Elon Musk are real we are going to need a lot of racetracks pretty soon. Time will tell I guess, but it looks like this is the direction manufacturer are taking.


Yeah yeah, and people forget Tesla did participates Vision Gran Turismo with this teaser:


MichaelGrayen since Saleen already make a tesla... this isn't as far fetched as you'd think.


Colouryum MichaelGrayen


I prefer this one:

Gavrilo Princip

It would be beaten in a cross-country, gumball type race by a Model T


What if Tesla built a supercar? It would be ridiculously fast in a straight line and struggle in corners because of the battery's weight, it would be boring due to the lack of engine sound and last but not least it would have about 240.000 design and engineering flaws that would only be fixed after owners took delivery of them...


Looks heavy. So much Don't Want !


earmenau MichaelGrayen  He deserves a cookie if he realized that without reading the article. No oakmeal-raisin bull$hit either.


Shaunock I'll find out, I pick one up in a couple of days...


Slappy_Pistons You may have missed the point of this post :)


Oyvind Sabo Yeah the new design is a bit weird


importfan Well if it was to be made as a thrilling driving machine, you should be able to drive it or else it defeats the purpose of it all. There's a place for that sort of tech too, I for one wouldn't mind hitting the "take me home" button after a day at the track, seeing that most of these commutes involve lots of traffic getting back into Tokyo


DPer4mance Sounds like you own one?


DanielDieguezViana Shaunock It only has two gears if you count reverse.


It wouldn't be able to look like that because the drag coefficient would be too high. It would have to be a lot sleeker, which might have a side effect of looking less aggressive. A great concept nonetheless!


KhyzylSaleem Slappy_Pistons Well it's worth taking on board - most of what you put up there is just bits of other people's photographs so a few extra minutes attending to the details is key because everyone and their doggo knows photoshop these days, and they will pick up on sloppiness like that.  It's no good saying it was just a speedy concept because it takes little extra time to just walk away, look again and do the finishing touches.  Now if you can render things out in 3D I understand how a photoshop job probably isn't top priority any more, so I'd like to see more of what you can do there.  It's a big part of what's on your page and what people see when they click through to it.


I would love to see what they could come up with!


speedhunters_dino ; I am way to addicted to everything an IC-engine does to go for an EV. However my uncle owns a Model S (mainly because you can get them almost for free in the Netherlands if you have an own company). I must admit that the straight line speed is deeply impressing. The build quality however isn't...


Mad Panda Garage KhyzylSaleem Slappy_Pistons brown noser white knighter.  Khyzyl can speak for himself.


It would be like one of those perfectly made $ 20k Japanese sex dolls.. You can talk to me all day about how perfect and useful it may be compared to a real woman, but I'm just not interested.


Oh yes, if they could build a supercar that looks anything like the picture, it will sell.


Ford Ka supercar is where its at


Slappy_Pistons Haha well I don't know about brown nosing, supporting maybe. But okay mate, feel better?


mandeepchase You forget that he bought a Mclaren F1 ( and wrecked it )


Serge914 mandeepchase Point proven :(


kinda looks like a mclaren f1

Nakae Shinsuke

BYD also will build an electrical supercar called the ROC and the next generation will be called the PRC

Nakae Shinsuke

Bugatti Veyron Ka


Rimac has shown that with electric motors you can beat the best of the best supercars. electric is the future and the future looks damn good!


ErnestJohansmeier  Go bak 2 texas u fking niger


DPer4mance speedhunters_dino It doesn't necessarily have to struggle in corners... One major problem with Tesla's cornering now is under steer but that could be due to the all-wheel drive rather than the immense weight. My dad owns an 09 R8 that I've been able to drive... It barely under steers at all even though it's all wheel drive but that's probably due to lack of weight. If tesla made a RWD super car which i would assume Elon Musk would base off of a McLaren F1, it could be heavy but not suffer from immense (but present) under steer. This could be corrected with the massive amounts of instant torque to regulate how the weight on the wheels is distributed.


Yolen_onion_boii so sorry your pussy hurts! 
you spell like a face-fucked retard.


Tesla = toy and false ecology.
Is not a car.
I like hybrids... that burs petrol & rubber!!!


Doesn't go bang, 0/10, would not bang.

On topic, it is a beautiful render though.


I have no doubt that we will see the day when Tesla delivers supercar performance and actually all evidence point that they are heading that way... The thing is, will we recognize it as such?
P85D already gives the Italian stallions a good run, the 7-seater! model X can beat an Alfa 4C... while hauling another 4C! Tesla has been (and will still be for a while) where the Ford T model was achieving for all cars, but once the economy of scale allows stable competing electric cars in the market, someone is bound to slam a 2-seater / cockroach body line on the tech.
The thing is the model S looks this luxurious in order to justify the high manufacturing cost of such technology (not the other way around), the E model is basically tell-telling that economies of scales are being archived. So if Tesla wanted they could totally produce a supercar and in order to justify the R&D and manufacturing cost it would have to exude Pagani-like aesthetics in order to justify its pricetag... that technology will eventually trickle down to more mass produced cars, but then again they don't need that risk, their road cars are really fast.
There's is just no urgent need at the moment for an electric supercar. Maybe a weekend track weapon?


Come to think of it, I am surprise that no one has partnered with Tesla to produce a supercar with Tesla internals... a Pagani-AMG sort of relationship. I would kill to be part of that!
Tesla' tech should be the new LS swap!


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Blake Webster Funny you would say that. Musk actually owned one of those just after his Zip2 and PayPal business put him on the map, just as he was starting up SpaceX. He crashed it, actually. It wasn't even insured. Lol


God, that would be a sexy car... Too bad Elon's busy revolutionizing the entire mass transportation industry. It will be quite some time before he has time enough to take a break and make something like this. It would be a pet project, for fun, really. But even then, Elon doesn't make cars just for fun...


Why hasn't anyone done hub motors? They put weight where it should be, remove the need for transmission components, allow perfect traction control and imagine what you could do with the rest of the car in terms of design and placement! Obviously even Tesla isn't prepared to challenge the status quo. Forget Hyperloop and develop hub motors Elon!


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Robert Sothmann

Luke Holmes Reasons I can think of from dealing with hubmotor scooters.
1)Unsprung weight
2) Rotating mass (especially on the front) makes for ill handling.
3) Vibration of the motor due to road surface= excessive maintenance