Time Machine: The VeilSide Supra

The trip in our time machine continues, and up next I want to share a bit of Supra love with you guys. More specifically, VeilSide’s JZA80 drag monster.

Just like the company’s BNR32 R-1 and famous BNR34 high-speed car, this Supra is one of the demo machines helped put VeilSide on the map, years before the Fast & Furious franchise boosted its fame.


Back in the late ’90s, this was VeilSide’s way to promote its products; company president Hironao Yokomaku designed and sculpted his aero kits, and then fitted them to cars which competed in various Video Option events.


And that’s how this car came to be. It was built for the quarter mile and wore what would go on to become one of the most recognisable aftermarket exterior treatments. Unlike the R32 GT-R parked next to it, which stood out for its far cleaner lines, Yokomaku went a little crazy with air intakes, scoops and outlets for the Supra project. It was this exaggerated style that made so many people fall for VeilSide’s aero products during the ’90s.


Back then, you knew that anything that came out of VeilSide’s Tsukuba shop was not only going to look pretty crazy, it was going to be packing a ton of performance to boot. Functionality was always part of the equation.

The 2JZ engine pumped out well over 1200hp thanks to a rather large pair of top-mounted turbos, but because I never actually got to feature the car, even for a magazine, I never found out the exact spec of the engine. Aside from the big boost injection however, it also ran a large-core intercooler making full use of the bumper’s gaping mouth. To free up space, Yokomaku also relocated the radiator to the rear, hence the massive snorkel scoop plumbed into the redesigned hatch.

There is very little info on the car out there, and this is the only video I was able to find – a successful 9-second pass at Sendai Hi-Land.


With all of this looking back at the old days, I’ve decided that on my next trip up to Tsukuba I will definitely drop by VeilSide and see what the guys are up to. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Yokomaku has kept some of his old legendary machines, and if that’s the case, maybe I’ll have the chance to shoot some of them properly…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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DAT HOOD FLEX!Seriously, for a moment i kept expecting it to pop off during the run.


Check out those HUGE agricultural looking wastegates!! Compare that to a new Turbosmart wastegate, it is amazing how much boost technology has changed.


Awesome ! The Sendai drag strip doesn't exist anymore does it? I remember watching awesome drag races there on old HPI dvds. Pretty sure it was Garage Saurus had a crazy JZX90 that did 9s there


Late reply but your right, Garage Saurus did have a JZX90 with a 900hp Rb26.


Ezui Yeah they are old HKS ones


Bro5 It's still there, but the whole compound has been shut. Mind you they still open up the drag strip every once in a while for meets...


The guys who made the HPI DVDs (at least I think its them; I'm not sure) have some footage of this very car on their YouTube channel, along with the Veilside R32. Its a short clip for each car and foggy as hell, so there isn't much visible, but the launches are pretty nuts and they both sound amazing.


YES !!! omg!! HELL YES !!!!


This just reminds me of how much I miss ExViTermini...

That hatch scoop reminds me of the Smurfs bastard cousins, the Snorks.


speedhunters_dino these time machine posts are glorious I can't wait to see the next, and I hope veilside is still making some of these wild awesome machines. Keep up the great work man.


veilside hunting and more mid-engine c8 'vette hype. Today has been pretty great in the way of car news. I love hearing more about these almost mystical japanese legends, and it's always a pleasant surprise to see them pop up here. Best of luck with learning more about the veilside cars.


Ah, I've always have a soft spot for Veilside cars, because their cool designs did brought a big influence in my childhood memories!

At that time, I've always considered a tuner car should look like one of these, having both performance and cool styling.

Thanks Dino for bringing back this great brand to let more people know who's making the awesomeness back in the good 'ol '90s!

(Requesting a feature of their NSX Fortune model? That's my favorite example from Veilside!)
Love it!


FrankensteinConnelly speedhunters_dino Will do:) Thank you!


How about the Longnose Street Drag R34? My Opinion Best Body Kit For The BNR34


Shakotan Jack


My Aunty Peyton just got  a nice 12 month old Volvo only from workin g part-time off a macbook. have a peek at this website...
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can we find out what's up with Top Secret also??


Jobby Shakotan Jack Agreed. That is absolutely horrendous


MPistol Sure, but they are still there and very much in business


Shakotan Jack Clink second link in the story :)


I remembered back in the early 2000's when lots of car enthusiasts copied that front bumper haha good times


Pretty Sure HPI did a feature on this and some of the others. If I remember correctly the turbo's on both JAZ80 and 32 were HKS 3540's, which played a large roll in the power bump.

Gianluca FairladyZ

we need some diversity like back in the days.. with all that diversity we can see builds like these. i hope one day the japanese will make cars again like in the 90' and early 00'


speedhunters_dino Shakotan Jack Oh is that the same one? The bumper and graphics are different. Still an amazing car


Jobby Shakotan Jack My sense of style is a curse. Woo is me!


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There's a time when VeilSide creates drag cars instead of mere aeros... :(


DonnaRWalters s h o c k e d


Dino can you write an article about EXVITERMINI?

Im sure many people can remember the term but even more doesnt even heard of it yet.


The bodykit still kept the Supra fine lines. And same goes to the Veilside Fortune kit, until they came out with the 4509 GTR...


The nostalgia! Please do one on C-West, Yashio Factory, and Vertex. I miss them :(


also forgot Blitz and Apexi


@Amintore WOW....talk about nostalgia. I haven't heard that word in well over a decade :D


YES YES YES!!! This car for 90s kids who were into imports is so important. It took me a long time to learn anything about it due to the internet not being what it is today. I didnt even know it was a Supra I dont think.
90s Japanese sports cars and tuners and the JGTC is where my hearts at for cars.


Have someone know what is the big plastic box infront of the engine.


deepjeep because the radiator is now mounted in the boot, that box is a duct that diverts the air that has passed through the intercooler up and out of the engine bay via the vents in the bonnet.


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