A 1,000+hp Supra Built For Gatebil Madness

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there’s nothing else like Gatebil. The big summer Gatebil events held at Mantorp Park in Sweden and Rudskogen Motorsenter in Norway are the highlight of the year for many Scandinavian car enthusiasts – especially those that like to party hard.

But while the lesser-known and much smaller Gatebil events held in spring and autumn might have a calmer atmosphere, the same can’t be said about the builds that turn up. You’re always guaranteed to see something crazy you’ve never seen before, and for me at Mantorp in September, it was the Fast Habits Racing Toyota Supra.

Walking around the paddock after a chaotic day is a good way of winding down, meeting new people, and checking out the cars. But I must have walked past the ’96 Supra at least a dozen times and, for whatever reason, didn’t go in for a closer look. Luckily, one of my friends told me I definitely should.


Once I did, it only took a split second for me to know I needed to track down the owner and complete a quick shoot, and Stian Andresen was more than keen to roll his Supra onto Mantorp Park’s front straight in the evening so we could get it done.


The 39-year-old Norwegian artist has been around cars all his life. Having grown up with a father who was both a mechanic and a rally driver, Stian learned a thing or two and was set on a car-loving path early on. In the decades since, he’s owned everything from a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth to a Ferrari, but nothing has been quite as crazy as his Supra, which was built up for general Gatebil madness, including drift.


Stian had a clear vision for his Supra with the main inspiration coming from the JDM motherland. To see that vision through, the Toyota’s exterior has been thoroughly reworked, with many authentic Japanese aftermarket parts in the mix.


From the Ridox front bumper, side skirts and rear overfenders, to the adapted-to-fit Rocket Bunny Pandem 350Z front overfenders and TRD wing, it’s all genuine stuff. Adding to this is are HGK carbon fiber doors and a custom carbon boot lid from Thomas Karlsen at TK Motorsport in Norway.


It’s refreshing seeing some genuine JDM wheels being used to tear up the track. The Advan Racing RG-D2s measure 18×9.5-inch in the front and 18×11-inch out back, all wrapped in Sailun 265 and 285-section rubber.

With the exterior cranked all the way up to 10, the rest of the car must surely match, right?


Absolutely. Inside the cabin, the first thing you notice is more carbon. The dashboard is a carbon fiber replica of the factory Supra item, while the shifter is a carbon HGK piece that controls a Samsonas RS90 5-speed sequential gearbox.

Along with an extensive Linnerud FIA-spec roll cage, the interior also features Sparco seats, harnesses and steering wheel, an Ecumaster digital display and PDM, Woodward steering column, and a hydraulic e-brake from RAD Industries. Candy red-painted details add a little pop of color.


The rear houses an FIA-approved 38-litre Radium fuel cell with twin Walbro pumps in a Radium cradle mount. A Mishimoto radiator with a Radium coolant expansion tank keeps the engine up front cool.


This all of course leads to the main attraction: the Supra’s hard-tuned 2JZ-GTE VVTi powerplant.


With a four-figure horsepower goal in mind, Stian didn’t cut any corners with the motor build. Machined and expertly pieced together by RSF Performance in Norway to Stian’s specifications, the inline-six features CP forged pistons, forged Manley H-Tuff connecting rods, custom RSF-spec camshafts, big Ferrea valves and more. The 2JZ’s factory twin turbos have been replaced by a single Precision PTE Gen2 PT6870 with TiAL wastegate perched high on a custom Spjelkavik exhaust manifold. The huge front-mount intercooler and giant exhaust are both hard to miss.


Tuned through an Ecumaster engine management system, the setup is producing a solid 1,058hp and 982Nm of torque.


As for suspension, steering and brakes, the Supra sits neatly on Feal coilovers with a full Wisefab kit also in use. AP Racing 355mm discs and 6-pot calipers feature up front, with a twin caliper setup using OEM JZA80 Euro-spec Supra calipers out back.


While the car is currently hibernating over the Scandinavian winter, Stian is itching to get it back out on track and destroy some rear tires as soon as this part of the world thaws out.


I don’t think Stian is completely finished with the Supra just yet – not that I can see anything he still needs to do to it – but there’s already another project on the horizon, this time centered around time attack. If that build is anything like this one, you know it will be something mad.

Alen Haseta
Instagram: hazetaa