R32 Low Style: The A-Bo-Moon Skyline

There were many amazing cars at SC Films’ recent video shoot event at the Gunsai touge in Gunma, but one that really stood out to me was Akinobu Satsukawa’s 4-door R32 Skyline.


Satsukawa-san is the leader of Nagoya-based drift team A-Bo-Moon; the name a play on his own and that of the famous Japanese manga Sailor Moon. Today, I want to give you a closer look at the car he has owned for 17 years. Yes, that long!


Over that period, Satsukawa has amassed quite the collection of tomodachi stickers from friends both in Japan and overseas – Speedhunters included.


The purposeful-looking R32 gets its form from a BN Sports kit and a set of Work VS-FK 17-inch rims; both upgrades favorites among the drift fraternity. Zip-ties are optional, but in this case they’re an absolute necessity given the amount of action the Skyline sees.


When it comes to suspension, the Nissan has seen its fair share of different components, but Satsukawa says the 326 Power setup currently fitted has provided the best ride feel while also taking care of the all-important low look that he loves. ‘Shakotan drifting’ is a term that has come into its own over the last three or four years in Japan, and you can now find events that only cater for cars with super-low ride heights. Hopefully we’ll get to cover one of those for you here on Speedhunters sometime soon.


Check out the drag-style wing as well; menacing doesn’t even come close…


With the ride height as it is, Satsukawa might not be winning D1GP events any time soon, though he does have quite the trophy haul. That’s been helped by the RB heart of car pushing out 350 horsepower.


Interior wise, anything deemed dead weight was stripped out, and only the necessary items retrofitted.


If you find yourself in Japan and happen to make it out to Aichi and Satsukawa’s Motorland Mikawa home track, be sure to say hello and check out this fantastic machine for yourself.

Thanks to Satsukawa-san and his team for their help; a great day was had by all.

Les Sims
Instagram: roughsmoke



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I love these kinds of builds. Such long term passion and obvious satisfaction with the chassis selected. Very nice touch including the Google Maps coordinates link in the track name link!

This should become a new "thing" that SpeedHunters always does! Shop visits, track days, show venues, races, photoshoot locales. I for one LOVE that kind of information!

A+ article Les!


eejjkk Thank you ^_^/ 

All made possible by good friend Satsukawa-Sama, and the team here at Speedhunters whom are pushing to evolve and bring you all the best experience possible!



YES! Thank you for spot lighting this car! I designed a similar themed 240SX on the game, Forza Horizon 2, that I think you would love! I'd love to send you a picture of my creation! ( I design custom/one of a kind liveries in Forza Horizon 2)


No more orange window tint?


Great article! Why can we not download the wallpapers?


sbradley237 Yes, there is still some running on the rear window ^-^/


The best thing is, that's an RB20, that everyone hates on ... and he's been rocking it since forever!


I don't suppose you know what exhaust manifold he uses? Maybe a Garage GO WELDING one off? 

Also if it's possible would love to see a feature on the Green Freee's onevia :)


Cars amazing, if I were him in d keep it for at least another 17 years, what a legend.


Kubaa999 True that sir! If it sin't broke - then don't try to fix it!


Kubaa999 People only hate on them because they don't know any better. Sure they aren't as responsive as 25/26 and they make less power but goddamn they're hard to kill. I've been daily'ing my RB20 with 240kw with 20psi of boost for a few years now, totally stock internals. Also they're the best sounding RB :)


Kubaa999 I've been living under a rock with a few other people that think it's awesome so fortunately we come across very little hate for it.  It is my goals base for a streetable drift car.  By which I mean a drift car I can also drive on the street.  Internet police will infer "streeto" from that.  It was not my intention.


Hi again Les, this is a car I designed in Forza Horizon 2, with more of a Burst theme, but still the same Kansai style as the Abo Moon car. (You can see the Abo Moon script on the rear quarter)


How can he drive with so many stickers in the windows ?


Go watch Alexi's video on YouTube of a ride along with this particular Abo Moon car, and you'll see that it's not hard at all for Satsukawa to do. There's more visibility than you think. Plus, it's kind of common to see cars from the Kansai area with a livery like this.


A report on one of these shakotan only drift events you speak of would be awesome.
Great feature, love this team..

Adzrin Ian Adnan

This guy is always amazing in style. Drives like a demon..


Because he spends the whole time going sideways?


skunkworkssr71 Thank you ^-^/

Yes, hopefully we will get a chance to bring everyone one of those events in the near future!


@Nick Kansai tends to be more flashy / in your face / but also will drive it till it burns - don't car what my car looks like attitude (to an extent), but A-Bo-Moon are from the Chubu region. Satsukawa just loves wearing his stickers he gets to share with from friends around the globe..

Kanto drifters seem to be a little more reserved and have much cleaner cars but there are pockets of 'Itasha' styled cars, and also race styled cars more recently. 

Wherever you are from though, putting your own style out there is what it is all about ^-^/


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thank you for the updates and good luck foe the new one


thank you for the updates and good luck foe the new one


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Awesome R32!


Excellent article! We will be linking to this great post on our site. Keep up the good writing.


Does anyone know if A Bo Satsukawa runs spacers in the front to clear the GTR brakes with his Volks vfks's? About to buy a set myself and struggling to find info on this! Author halllllp lol Thanks