Can An Edsel Be Cool? Damn Right It Can

Edsel. When you hear the name, chances are you think of failure. And in terms of sales, Ford’s short-lived Edsel brand was indeed a non-success. But even though the Edsel name only existed for a couple years, it’s well documented demise has given the cars produced under its badge a cult-like appeal.

It’s not like there’s anything wrong with the looks or mechanicals of the Ford-underpinned Edsel models of the late ’50s and early ’60s either. It also turns out that an Edsel can be downright cool when it’s customized.

Autorama-40 copy

Case in point, this 1959 Ranger two-door hardtop from Northern California’s Relentless Car Club, as found at the recent Sacramento Autorama.

Autorama-39 copy

Some might say that a ’59 Edsel Ranger almost looks like a custom car right off the showroom floor, and with just some subtle body modifications it becomes an extremely sleek machine. Of course, it also helps that this example is slammed to the deck on airbags and equipped with a set of Astro Supreme wheels to complete the lowrider/custom hybrid look.

Autorama-32 copy

But the centerpeice of the car isn’t so much the bodywork; it’s the black and silver flaked paint job by Rebel Design – the same Northern California auto artist who did the ’62 Chevy that we saw at the Gambino Sit Down last summer.

Autorama-38 copy

The paintwork on the Edsel is every bit as impressive as that on the Chevy, with intricate patterns and graphics that just get better the closer you look.

Autorama-34 copy

The trick paintwork even continues to the engine bay with the matching color scheme on the air cleaner.

Autorama-37 copy

The Edsel’s dashboard has also been painted to match, perfectly complementing the black and white upholstery on the bench seat and door panels.

Autorama-31 copy

Historical failure or not, how can you care when an Edsel looks this good? The idea for this build was to show just how cool a car from Ford’s forgotten brand could be, and all we can say is mission accomplished.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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So the saying is wrong; They can be polished after all!


Dat air filter tho...


I didn't know Edsels could be uncool! I want to know how many hours of work went into the paintjob


That paintjob is ridiculous and friggin rad.


Speedhunters is it a toy or a real car? legit cant tell...




I don't know what an Edsel is, but that thing is damn cool!


Spaghetti Look it up. It's a very interesting story actually!


nut_up_racing Agreed.


edsels can be killer bellflower styled cars..this proves it yet again


Speedhunters our gta lowriders be like parkerstewart63


Somehow even though humans have been to the moon and back, that seems nothing compared to builds like this.


No speedhunters update in 9 days. SH out of business?


A piece of art. Absolutely beautiful...


sorry. Turns out I have a problem with my browser.


good car for the race and I'm sure very fast


the car was very good 
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