A Colorful Chevy

As I promised last week during my coverage of the Gambino Sit Down and Wekfest San Jose, I have plenty of car spotlights to share with you guys from these two great events. Let’s not waste any time here and jump right to one of my favorite cars from the Sit Down – a 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air from Northern California’s own Relentless Car Club.

Gambino-Sit-Down-15-72 copy

This Chevy is another one of those cars that skirts the boundaries between custom and lowrider, featuring traits from both genres but having an overall feel that could easily fit in among either crowd.

Gambino-Sit-Down-15-75 copy

In terms of bodywork, the Bel Air is pretty mild, but the car’s ride height is anything but. It’s running airbags of course, and when laid out the body is sitting just millimeters off the ground. Then there’s the wheel and tire combo of Cragars with spinner caps and thin double-stripe white-walls to complete the old school lowrider look.

Gambino-Sit-Down-15-73 copy

The most outstanding aspect of the slammed Chevy has to be the paint though. The body itself is coated in pearl white with intricate pin-striping covering nearly every surface of the vehicle.

Gambino-Sit-Down-15-74 copy

The roof meanwhile is an absolute rainbow of metal-flake designs with a bright mix of colors that seem to have been picked for the ability to shine beneath the bright Californian sun. It’s the handiwork of Rebel Design – a painter responsible for some of Northern California’s wildest car and bike paint jobs.

Gambino-Sit-Down-15-63 copy

The ’62 also has a lot of cool little touches, like the custom-painted wheel disc covers which are easily visible behind the spokes of the Cragars.

Gambino-Sit-Down-15-66 copy

Other details that help build on the retro lowrider feel are custom tail pipes out back, and of course the curb feelers protruding from the front fenders.

Gambino-Sit-Down-15-69 copy

The cabin of the Bel Air features a bench seat with trick blue upholstery and a tiny steering wheel which further brings to mind the lowrider cruisers of the ’60s and ’70s.

Gambino-Sit-Down-15-70 copy

Whether you want to call it a later-style custom build or an early lowrider, this Chevy is one of those cars that brings both factions together in a beautiful way.

Stay tuned for more spotlights from the Gambino Sit Down.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Very cool, own it in a jiffy buuuuut I'd trade it (very quickly) for that purple 53' Chev!!! I need more of that car!!!!


Mmmm... Bellflower tips. Lovely.


It's nice to see some post '57 Bel Airs getting some love, you don't see too many of 'em anymore.


Love seeing more of this on SH. I also love that people seem to appreciate it on SH as well.


I dont get too into lowriders or that whole "scene" but this is an AMAZING amount of time and work and I cannot ignore that!




that linework is intense


I wish they would paint cars like this from the factory!


I like it.  Keep more car features from this show coming.  There's so many that were there that are stand outs.....great coverage.


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner Agreed. The purple Chev is the closest I've ever seen to my dream custom.


DaveT I agree 10000000%. And I don't understand how people are so quick to hate on anything that doesn't have power or SPEED on here(mostly stanced stuff) and yet not many hate on something like this, which is probably just as slow if not slower than a lot of the stanced cars.


I tip my hat off to the painter. Amazing work!


That paintwork is amazing! I'd love to have the patience to learn and do paint like that.

One thing I do wonder is why when a car like this which has nothing to do with power, handling or SPEED get featured there's no hate, but when anything stance related or showy from a different scene gets posted its all aboard the hate train saying how there needs to be more SPEED and powaaahhhhh and less showy rubbish?!?!


Spaghetti Doing this to these old NON-performance cars has been going on much longer than most of us have been alive. Most people hating on the other stance scene cars are due to them being performance cars being neutered in the name of cool points.


D1RGE I definitely get what you're saying, but so many stanced cars aren't actually performance oriented either. Golf's, Civic's, big body BMW's/Merc's etc, regular Audi's etc....but of course doing it to M3's, RS4's and Evo's etc I don't agree with.


Spaghetti DaveT Ive actually had that same conversation with people, I often compare kustoms to 'stanced' cars and while often the amount of work in a custom is triple the low and slow, function over form mantra isn't all that different.
Different strokes at the end of the day.


Spaghetti D1RGE The first (recorded) car with hydraulics was actually a corvette haha.


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