A Sinister Old Ford

While many people visit Cars & Coffee events to get up close and personal with supercars and other rare and exotic machines, I always get the most enjoyment from seeing the homebuilt cars that come out. And during my visit to Cars & Coffee in Aliso Viejo last weekend, one of the most interesting cars I came across was a 1963 Ford Galaxie.

OC-Cars-Coffee-22 copy

It’s widely accepted that the muscle car era officially launched in 1964 when Pontiac introduced the GTO, but by that point Detroit automakers had already been building what were essentially street-going race cars for a few years. Chevy had its 409s, Pontiac had its Super Duty 421s and Mopar had its Wedge cars.

OC-Cars-Coffee-15 copy

Ford also got in on the act, fitting its large-displacement FE engines into cars like the Galaxie. While this particular example is a clone rather than a factory ’63 406 car, it absolutely looks the part.

OC-Cars-Coffee-14 copy

And all concern over matching numbers is forgotten when you pop the hood and see that wonderful Tri-Power-equipped engine looking back at you. With the optional triple carb setup, a 406 was good for 405 horsepower – incredible numbers for the early 1960s.

OC-Cars-Coffee-16 copy

The transmission is a 4-speed manual of course, and the interior is quite spartan and original with a bench seat; a small tachometer being the only aftermarket add-on.

OC-Cars-Coffee-17 copy

From a distance the Galaxie looks like it’s running on the factory wheels, but get up close and you see they are actually custom-built 15-inch steelies that are both taller and wider than the original specification.

OC-Cars-Coffee-20 copy

Combine that with a low, aggressive stance and the black-on-black paint scheme and you’ve got a very mean looking car.

OC-Cars-Coffee-21 copy

It’s got power, presence and many unique qualities – or maybe I’m just a sucker for early-’60s full-size cars?  Either way, that’s why this awesome Ford took home my pick at a very impressive Cars & Coffee gathering.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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This car is the vehicular equivalent of this guy.


Homer Simpson drool noises......
I wanna drop a 427 cammer in one someday.


everything about this screams radical.


Black painted steelies with chrome caps always make classic cars seem 5X more menacing


This is really a BIG car.
BIG body, BIG displacement, BIG horsepower, and brings a BIG smile to my face. 
Nice hunt Mike!


That is what i consider a gangster car! Holy Crap that looks mean. Just imagine you chill on a stop sign and this pulls up next to you, low, loud and mean it plays that glorious v8 soundtrack like a boss, and the driver, a mean looking son of a gun with arms that could kill a bear, and a woodchoppers beard. and eyes like the dead itself! 
Well i want a car like that one day when im not poor, and can afford the gas! :)


Fuck this is tuff


Loving the wheels!


1963 was the best year for Ford full-size styling: the simple, concave grille, the excellent semi-fastback roofline, minimal side trim and of course, those big afterburner-style taillamps.


Please do a full photo shoot with this car!


So cool, love the Galaxie, one of my favorite american cars along with the Pontiac GTO.


Anthony959rs  and a BIG disappointment that I haven't got one in my driveway.


This car is absolutely awesome. There's just something about a gangly 4-speed shifter and a bench seat. And a non-traditional displacement big-block.


Had a brand new 63-1/2 Ford like the one you see.  But was a factory 352 cu. in. 2bbl carb with 3 on the tree. Was black with aqua green upholstery.  It was no slow poke either, it would move very quick off the line but didn't have the top end rpm.


Now that is a thing of beauty! 
Big body and all metal, great post!


those iconic tail lights never get old


Darth Vader's car..


63 was one of my favorite years for galaxies...all you really have to do is lower them to make them "right"


I spotted this guy in the morning on the 57N in Placentia, looked so good moving. I always liked Galaxies.



@chris chabre Agreed, easily the best year for that nameplate in my opinion.


Best thing posted on here in ages Mike. So cool that they used to race these in the British Touring Cars (BTCC) back in the day - Jack Sears in particular. Also, if you get chance to see the Tom Hardy movie "Legend" about the Kray Twins, Reggie Kray has one of these much like this (black on black) at the beginning of the film. Gorgeous.


Wow, what a beautiful car. I'd love to have a '61 or '62 Impala coupe (or a '63, or a '64...) in black with a red interior and a 409 under the hood. These early 60s sleds have so much presence.


I like to think the 55 Chrysler 300 was the first muscle car. The 1957 392 Hemi boasted 375HP.


i know someone with one of these in purple its a real cool car


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