A New Widened GT-R Hits The Block

I always assumed that the R35 GT-R would be the last car that anyone would want to widen.

On all the press drives I’ve attended for the various updates of the car since 2007, Mizuno-san, the man behind the san-go project, always focussed on the maniacal research, development and testing that went in to what was to him, the best supercar that Nissan could possibly create. Modifying the car after the fact – either mechanically or visually – has been looked down upon from the very beginning.


But assuming that it could persuade owners who’d forked out around US$80,000 not to do what they pleased with their cars, was wishful thinking on Nissan’s behalf. And in the eight years since the car’s production began, the R35 has become just as tuneable as the GT-R generations that have come before it. That trend shows no signs of slowing down either.


There are companies still working hard and competing against one another to see who can get more horses out of the GT-R’s big twin-turbo V6 and go bigger in the looks department. New to the GT-R game is Aimgain, and at the recent Tokyo round of StanceNation Japan it brought out its new R35 demo car.


This takes me back to the point I opened the post with: if you had an R35 GT-R, would you widen it? Isn’t it wide enough already? Surely Mizuno and his team thought long and hard about the balance between front and rear track, tyre widths, ride height and center of gravity. In the world of stance, however, these things are of little importance – it’s all about how your car looks, not performs. And if you’re going to build a car that ticks these kinds of boxes, you really can’t go wrong with an in-your-face over-fender kit. Liberty Walk seems to be taking over the world by applying this thinking to prohibitively expensive supercars, so why the hell not have a go with Nissan’s halo car?


In its most basic form, the Aimgain kit is essentially the same as what LBW, Rocket Bunny and BenSopra offer, but the execution is different. It seems a tad more complex; there are more finely-sculpted edges, more details added, distinct shapes and a slightly different wheel flare radius.


The result oozes presence; there’s a lot happening and the attention to detail is very impressive. The aggressive rear end features a heavily designed rear diffuser sporting an integrated LED fog light.


Then there’s this thing – possibly the biggest lip spoiler ever created!


The obligatory massive quad tail pipes are another detail that Aimgain preferred to make itself rather than using an existing product on the market. I’d love to know what it sounds like.


To get the GT-R looking just right, Aimgain fitted its own air suspension kit too. For StanceNation, the Nissan was dumped all the way down to the smooth asphalt of the show’s venue.

Is it sacrilegious to do this sort of thing to a car that from the outset was created for pure performance? That’s not something I want to answer – each to their own I always say. What this kit does do however, is take a popular idea and execute it in a unique and high quality way, and for that Aimgain gets my nod of approval.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Each to their own but what the heel is this?


Well, that just upped the game.
That lip spoiler looks a lot more.... OEM? Err... A better fitment(?) then the RB/LBW motorsports inspired ones.
I like both styles as much as the other in reflection. While sharing roots AIMGAIN present themselves slightly differently (as you mention MrD.D.C.)
if RB and LBW (looks wise) are paying homage style wise to GT3/SGT/JTCC/kinda Kaido-esque, then in style, this AIMGAIN's kits style is almost a homage to the homogenised version of those race cars that would have to built under some rules (like group B etc) for the RB/LBW style ones to enter the series.
If that makes sense.
It might not.
I'm going to bed.


@Paco badassery incarnate.


I'm diggin' that rear diffuser!


if someone was to install a wide kit and smooth out all the joint, I would be so happy.
please STOP with the rivets!


Um....what lol


I really like the rear flare, especially the way it's continuous, instead of the usual "modern" gap in the back. The front flare is too busy, too cluttered.


6A13TTFelipe They aren't rivets


their fender flare game is weak. Honda already nailed it....


It looks fast but could it actually out handle out pace a standard GT R around a circuit ?


Too much stance bullshit, too little proper speedhunting.


its basically a modern day kaido racer with out the external oil cooler and extremely long and eccentric exhaust pipes.


@Akaido kaido agreed.


how do you find out when and where these events are???? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!


SoccerConner Hey Connor, there isn't really a straight up answer to this! You just have to research the kind of events you're interested in going to and learn from there. Following Facebook pages or groups that host events is a good place to start - this event was hosted by StanceNation, so they've promoted it beforehand on their website and social channels. :)


Taryn Croucher SoccerConner You hunt for them...


Why doesn't speedhunters launch an up and coming events calendar?


And slow down the flow of articles? Nah. Do a little research instead.


@Akaido kaido Agreed.


@DriveCircles Agreed.


fueleconomykilledthecarswelove!! lol


Probably not. The gtr has very sophisticated suspension from the get go, that becomes more or less useless with these modifications. Plus it will have higher unsprung mass, and the "bodykit" makes the stock aero useless and creates lots of drag.


Cher on car form


It's all getting a bit tiring now. Yep, these car's aren't exactly what I'm into but every "Stanced" feature has to have a defense argument built in, just to limit the "hate". Always "each to their own" / "the owner doesn't care" etc. Maybe we could have one default article on the defense of such creations and simply put a link to it on each such feature. It would save time and leave more room for story/specs...
Always enjoyable pics though :)


Speedhunters jessiccaaharris


John Evans Very!


6A13TTFelipe Yeah the are screws


@Akaido kaido I did cover an event called Stance Nation. What did you expect ;)


TarmacTerrorist I do get your point, and I agree.


Chri5 Duncan i see what youre saying but i feel it would look better on different cars, it looks a little off, it looks beautiful anyway tho.


Acc its like if hundreds of people were given an original copy of the Mona Lisa and somebody out there decided to paint over the original and give her implants and a Mohawk.
you had a beautiful work of art and made the choice to cut it up and add a bunch of stuff that hinders its original beauty and functions.
this isn't a bad set up (minus the front bumper) but I do find it hard to think about how someone had the guts to cut up the rear fenders and drop it so low. but its not my car so rock on I guess.


Why does every dip shit have to say something akin to "isnt this SPEEDhunters and not STANCEhunters durr hur hur?" Why don't you just shut up and wait for tomorrows article. This site has some of the best mixed car genres then most anything out there. He went to fucking StanceNation Japan for shit sake. Get over what other people do to their cars. I bet over half of the people complaining do not even own a car or are probably of legal age to drive.


I like the bodykit but the im not much of a fan of how the LBW or Aimgain kit tucks the wheels inside the fenders, of the rim size make it look like that.Just my two cents.


The Arizona FFA plate is a nice touch...


I'm more Skyline GTR fanatic and never really had the same feelings towards the R35 but this is a piece of art i love. It would demand respect when seen on the road


Not a big fan of over fenders on modern cars, but this is a lot better than the LBW kit. The quality and attention to detail is on par with the application.


You know what gets really old? The same old idiots that WILLINGLY click on an article that OBVIOUSLY showcases a "stanced" car. Then those idiots proceed to spend their time typing out some complaint that has been rehashed a million times before them. I just don't see what these people are attempting to accomplish. If you don't like it, move along. It's as simple as that. By typing out these angry replies you're only bringing hostility to a community that is seriously lacking unity.
For the record, I'm not saying you're one of these people. I just decided to bounce off of your reply.


Stance just needs to die already. Another wonderful car ruined by poor taste and parts that destroy the car not accentuate.


Warning: opinion!

Not a fan of the circuit-inspired look with an airbagged stance. Somehow, it looks incongruous.


itd be interesting to have a stockish GTR comparison with say this one on a track..I think may of these air bag naysayers would be eating crow...These arent the days of airshocks and a small compressor anymore guys...BTW, Im not into any of these super/sports type cars but I like this one...


VintageDrGonzo It's funny how there was no "It's SPEEDhunters, not X-hunters" posts when Mike visited the wreckers or when anyone does a post on collectibles, but the second that a stanced car is posted, somebody has to take the name literally and whine about it.


well.....it is cute, i guess.


Big Pooky for the kids hanging out here...(and there are a LOT),in·con·gru·ous[ˌinˈkäNGɡro͞oəs]ADJECTIVEnot in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something:"the duffel coat looked incongruous with the black dress she wore underneath"synonyms: http://www.bing.com/search?q=define+out+of+place · out of keeping · http://www.bing.com/search?q=define+inappropriate · http://www.bing.com/search?q=define+unsuitable · Powered by http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/ · © Oxford University Press


VintageDrGonzo well, because the stance stuff is just a posture thing. Not in any way does this help performance (improvement). And I would bet those complaining are of the age to have the experience to realize how silly this mod is. Your attempt at insulting them is weak.


Dino I've been wanting to ask this question since I first saw the pictureso on the internet few weeks ago. So here it is. Is this another Miura designed bodykit?


Mook Genius No need to say things like poor taste... Just say you disagree rather than insulting people for what they like.


was all over this till i read "air suspension" 
ruined it!!


I generally love Aimgain, but this kit is HORRENDOUS.


Ruined a perfectly good sports car with that silly air-ride bit...again. 
I'm ok with the fenders and all but stop tucking the wheels and stupid camber!!!


Exactly. Look at a track focused build. Any motor sport build. Look at a Gatebil car. Look at a fast road car. Notice a theme? Any self respecting car guy or engineer would approve. Mods that are added are to accentuate the performance of the car. Stance is a waste of everything. It's a bunch or parking lot punters chin wagging. Nothing that is done to the car to make it "hella flushed" or "poked out" adds anything to the car besides being clowned on. I've lived through a lot of scenes and would rather take the early 2000s Honda fart can scene over stance anything anyway. End rant.


I understand that there mah be some illusion due to lighting...but I cannot find a single picture where I can convince myself that the fender paint matches.


kphillips9936 And i'll leave this here for you as well


cutterjones13 VintageDrGonzo It's their money, they can build what they want with it. Speedhunters can post what they want. If you dont like it then move on, there are other cars/events/garages that have been featured. If there is nothing new and you have nothing going on then used the search bar at the top of the website to search through their archives. I guarantee that you havent read every article posted.


It is very interesting, but the front is a similar  part of nismo r35, it looks is great, also lacks some carbon fiber in the air inlet, excellent your works :D


I think if it had that air lift suspension system to adjust the alignment and overall height of the car you could go from performance to show ready in seconds! then again its expensive but if you have enough dough for the car and the kit, why not go all out?


Nobody else spotted a McLaren P1-inspired vent near front wheels? :D


Absolutely love the trunk lip spoiler!!


apieceobacon cutterjones13 VintageDrGonzo yep, they can build whatever....and I can like whatever, and your very right about the archives, i've found many cool features there. But are the new generation really that bothered by a difference of opinion? I guarantee that they will have a change of taste as age/experience increases. I'n the eighties I built a few pro-streeters that make me cringe when I look at the old pics. They seemed so cool then....we actually thought neon paint schemes were good. And of course they were not exactly streetable or comfortable. We just cruised them with a lot of parking lot cooldowns. I'm sure we heard many of the complaints that the stance guys hear about no really being a correct way to build. But we thought is was cool (chicks dug it, too).
I'm not meaning to sound hard on these guys here, just talking about my (limited) experience and feeling empathy for the future people they will become.


@lambo butthurt?


AirLift_Lucas kphillips9936 Seen this a number of times and I get it! At least these are lowered to DRIVE-ABLE heights, not this tucked and cambered nonsense.


Dino your work is superb. A performance super power now has the looks that could deliver and equal kill to that twin turbo V6. Those headlights are so hawt. 

Cue silly Chris Pratt grin.


Would love to see it without those rivits. Personally I wish people would try to fabricate wide body kits to make it seem like it was part of the body. Its a personal taste for some car enthusiasts, but find it to be a bit lazy. Just my op fyi.


kphillips9936 AirLift_Lucas You do realize the car in this article could raise up to the drive able heights you are talking about whenever it wants


LS, 2jz swap fender flare everything. Such a creative world we live in


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