The Self-Entitled Generation

I’ve probably spoken about this before, but there’s no harm repeating it. We are very much in a minority on this planet. As people who like to burn and consume finite natural resources in creative ways, the consumption of which is in itself simply appalling for the environment, it’s safe to say that we’re probably not going to win any friends soon. It’s hard to defend what we do, but for those who understand would likely agree, our cars and bikes are something we could never live without. As such, regardless of your tastes or preferences, we have a sort of unspoken bond between us; that knowing nod from a fellow petrolhead, or – to paraphrase Mike Finnegan from Roadkill – the ability to strike up a conversation with a fellow enthusiast at a gas station about your cars.

It’s with this in mind that I want to talk about a topic that has been irking me for quite a while: the growing portion of our small community who believe that the world exists solely for their own individual needs and are rotting our community from the inside.

2015 EdOp Self Entitled Generation-1

It’s happening across the world wide web and I’ve had the misfortune to experience it in person too. Generalisations are dangerous, but in my experiences these people tend to be very young and from an upbringing where they’ve been raised to believe that they are the centre of the universe. This sort of protected rearing doesn’t do anybody good. Not you, not me and not the person in question. I was raised on the simple principles of respecting others and that your reputation is worth more than all of the money in the world. A great woman once told me that ‘even if you don’t have a penny in your pocket, you can still have your name and hold your head high.’

When you’re raised to believe that only your opinion matters, you immediately remove any opportunity to learn from your life. Countless times I’ve read harsh one-word comments which thrash someone’s hard work with no justification or even the decency to qualify their stance. Or worse. Rather than appreciating an awesome final product, they immediately turn it around into what they would have done to make it ‘better’. This latter example exemplifies the increasing levels of narcissism displayed by a lot of Millennials, typically none of which have ever done anything to show that they are even remotely capable of creating something on their own in the first place. Instead, they believe that the rest of us mere mortals should be grateful that they’ve shared their virtuous judgement with us.

Politely, they can f**k off.

2015 EdOp Self Entitled Generation-2

It’s these people that have created a world of hostility within our community; a community which is built on enjoyment and freedom; a community which transcends gender, race, religion, language barriers and pretty much every other obstacle we as a species have imposed upon ourselves. I’m proud to be a car guy because I value what it means. The fact that you or I could go anywhere in the world and find a like-minded individual and start talking (or pointing and smiling if language is in the way) passionately about automobiles is an incredible feeling. In a world with increasing paranoia and different countries trying to blow each other to pieces, I feel that we’re a last bastion of sensibility. As such, I take any threat to our family seriously.

But surely everyone’s entitled to their opinion? No. Nobody is entitled to an opinion unless you can back it up with facts, experiences or legitimate and thoughtful debate. You also have to be willing to concede and change said opinion when your opinion has been undoubtedly proven wrong. People become so obsessed with being right, that they forget what they’re arguing about in the first place. Life becomes much easier when you’re open to having your opinions and thoughts challenged and changed on a regular basis.

2015 EdOp Self Entitled Generation-3

At the end of the day, I don’t want potential new members of our family to be scared off by the hostility of the self-important few. I want our family to continue to grow and I want others to be able to take away the absolute enjoyment that we do. I want to share my experiences that may help others and I want to learn from others’ experiences too. I don’t want this to become a world where people are afraid to do what they feel is right with their car, because they are afraid of being bullied or abused by others. If you can’t express yourself, then there’s no point in doing what we do.

What if you’re one of these from this self-entitled generation but you’ve become self-aware and want out? All you have to do is to reach out and we’ll be ready to make you one of the family. There’s always room for more.

Paddy McGrath
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I feel like there is probably an interesting story that spurred this editorial.  Care to share? :)


I blame the advent of social media for this mindset


To be fair, I see a lot of articles on a lot of websites with Baby Boomers complaining about Millenials. This type of generalization makes a lot of Boomers(you!) just as bad, if not worse than the same crap coming from the mouths and minds of the Millenials. The Boomers are our parents, and they told us we could have whatever we want in this world. We try hard to get what we want in this world in response, and it certainly makes me feel, sometimes, that what I want is what matters. One way to look at this is to call that attitude ambitious, perhaps. 

Us young people grew up learning not to discriminate, so we look at everyone the same. People who bitch and moan about "generation __" do just that, bitch, and often don't accomplish much. You lucked out because you can bitch in a popular blog, congrats. Do yourself a favor, and don't worry about labeling people so much. You'll end up finding somethinng to complain about anywhere anytime. God knows I don't take every chance I can to bitch about the poor spending, social, and political habits of the generations above me (although I could....). I guess I need an auto blog.

I come here every day, and these articles are the worst.


johnbezt you just blamed the other generation for your actions and at the same time justified your actions by calling it ambition. Sometimes it is better not to say anything at all.


@Nate johnbezt Nate I swear I was about to say the same thing when your comment popped up lmao!


@Nate I blame the less general section of social media... Keyboard warriors.


@Nate johnbezt I'm trying hard not to. I'm trying to just see the facts of what has happened over the generations (the good the bad), and move forward without trying to change it. 

I'm saying, "generation shmeneration, not healthy to dwell on the negative aspects of them." 

peace and love man. don't be so quick to assume the worst.


Damn kids get off my lawn!


This is interesting. In my local areas car group, there are always "those" causing issues. And some way, some how, highschoolers are always bunched into the group that cause issues, even though were typically the calm ones not doing anything stupid. A majority of baby boomers seem to think that when anything bad happens, its automatically the "kids" fault and not theirs. Remember who sets the example for us-ITS YOU! :)


Amazing. For me the word that sums up this problem is "debate". People have to be "right" all the time to feel good. They live in absolutes. I have my taste, i don´t like everything but you do what you like and i´m willing to discuss those differences. I love debate, exchange of ideas. Nobody has to win but many people think that this is important.

Because of this, it´s hard to even express your opinion in a totally polite way, since people tend to take this as an aggression. I don´t like the way you did your car, i would have done it differently but it doesn't mean that you´re wrong, a bad person, stupid or something bad. It´s an opinion, taste, and i think that if people knew how to debate stuff, they would enjoy many advantages, new ideas even from someone with a radically different point of view.


The fuck is this shit? Delete this rant.


zombiedog seriously


I resent this post. It's not YOUR community dude. It belongs to whoever is there, and you don't get to choose who, with whatever attitudes, gets to truly be a real part of said community. If i'm not mistaken, modified car culture has been on a foundation of rowdiness and egomania for many, many, many years. Hell, watch Grease....


You make some good points Paddy, in the end I think we just need to ignore these people who are attempting to be unfriendly in our community to avoid giving their opinions any power over the enjoyment of this amazing facet of our cultural you described here in great detail. They seem to be part of the STOP LIKING THINGS THAT I DON'T LIKE philosophy and honestly they're just ruining their place in this community for themselves as you pointed out with the part about keeping a good reputation. I don't think we need to do anything but ignore these people and eventually their own philosophy will come to wreck them in the future. I feel like I used to hate on other peoples rides when I was younger as well (we've all been that immature at some point) until I came to realize the whole "To each his own" thing makes for a much more comfortable way of life. Basically, the way I see it this younger generation is just going through some growing pains and they will suffer through it and eventually grow to be more mature so be patient with them and realize we were that stupid once as well...


johnbezt I don't think he's trying to act like some sort of dictator for the community mayne, I think he's just trying to get people to dedicate themselves to a higher standard of behavior and attitude that will save this community from all the eco friendly spergelords in the future when the petrolhead community truly comes under attack. And yes, we all know the car community is a foundation for egomania, however I think Paddy is saying this needs to change if we want to survive in a world where environmentalism is the #1 priority


johnbezt Modified car culture was founded on creativity and pushing the boundaries of what a car can be or do. This article seems to have struck a cord with you for a reason.


@BARRACK OBONGO What a bunch of crap, so now I can't have an opinion about an ugly ass pos car? gtfo lol


formsrbp It's because when they hate something or discriminate against something, they just ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist to preserve their own ideals. It's sickening because they, too, need a keyboard in front of them if they feel the need to complain about something. 

They are totally saying your opinion doesn't matter.


Regardless of which generation is better or worse, 10 years ago the community was more of a whole, nowadays it is a lot more divided with a lot more opinionated people. Car meets and shows had a proper mix, there are so many different "scenes" nowadays, everyone believes they are the centre of it. It was a lot better back then.


formsrbp haha nah I'm just saying we should ignore you and continue on about our business because your opinion doesn't really matter to those who are enjoying themselves. and honestly you make a good point I didn't realize, we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously because who cares if you think somebody's car is a POS


@BARRACK OBONGO formsrbp you should be ignored as well then. It breeds separation. It's wrong to do that. You're just wrong here. You don't get to decide who's part of THE community, only yours.


I really don't think the problem has anything to do with age. Writing about millenials is just an easy and harmful way to generalize. We've always had the assholes, they get to be more vocal now with the advent of the internet. I agree with everything you said about them, but it's not a new concept brought to us by the young. Assholes that think their opinion is fact have been around forever. Just take a look at any member of the US Congress. They're all really old (too old and been there too long in my opinion), and all believe everything they say is fact, and won't debate or change their opinion. They'll shut down our government, and cause great harm to everyday citizens to attempt to get their way. It's not a generation issue, it's a society issue. Making it an age issue only alienates the young, and might prevent them from experiencing what a true community is. The young are impressionable, we still have a chance to help shape them.


I'm angry at you and I don't know why. I guess you're right about all of it. I just don't think this post will help anything. All it will do is bring out all the keyboard warriors. Also, just because things are changing, doesn't mean that the changes are bad. In 15 years, I will hate children and in 15 more, so will the children I once hated. Idk maybe you're right and I'm just an entitled little kid that needs to get off your lawn.


@BARRACK OBONGO johnbezt simple answer is to hop on more resource friendly technologies instead of complaining.


@Nate johnbezt yeah, the complaining and blaming of generations has seeped its way into every single interest I pursue to enjoy on the web. Its annoying. 

You want these hooligans to either change or leave? Well that's your opinion, and It's been made very clear to me in this article and comments section that everyone is allowed theirs, except young people...


BirdHasACamera /discussion. This^^^


johnbezt Everybody is allowed an opinion, the problem is that if it isn't a positive opinion you need to learn to keep them to yourself. Your negativity is what Paddy was referring to and it is detrimental to the hobby because it potentially drives away other interested parties.


I like cars and cars like me. The end.


Paraphrasing "Gosh darn whipper-snappers these days.. Get off my lawn!"


@Nate johnbezt This is about as close as i'll come to agreeing. I know negative comments should be kept to one's self, in fact I believe in that.


formsrbp Your opinion is fine. The way you present it, or if you even should present it all, is the problem. 

Statements like 'gtfo, lol'...don't further discussion. Posting that a car you don't like is a POS is unnecessary. That only serves to harm. Don't like it, can't be civil?...move on. It's a simple concept. No need to start slinging insults at other enthusiasts.


So much butthurt. Here ya go folks


Is the only purpose of these car culture gripe articles to bolster comment traffic stats? If so here's another one for you. 
Everyone is so sensitive and politically correct, putting so much weight in hollow opinions is making the problem worse not better.


type1blue All it's doing is bringing out the people the article is referring to within this comment section. It's funny because he never said all Millennials were like this. BUT unfortunately in this sub-culture many of them are.


This is hands down one of the best articles you guys have ever posted on speedhunters. Thank you guys, you summed up my thoughts and experiences all in one. already shared a bunch of times haha


Speedhunters well said!


Best article ever!!! They needed this written right after sowo this year tho lol


I believe the point you are trying to make involves more than just the "car world". Asshats are asshats regardless of their interest.


love the article. excellent points and writing style. keep up the good work, we're lucky to have someone like you on the speedhunters team


And one last note, the amount of hate this article is getting, not only in these comments but the forums in which I shared it, is the exact point he is trying to make and reason it was written.


therealnecroscope Not a chance :)


Paddy McGrath therealnecroscope  You said you had personal experience with it.. 

I think there are some wrong statements made here. To me it looks like you are blaming a particular group of people. But in the end, having this discussion is useless: it changes nothing. So what is actually the point of this story if I may ask? 
The conclusion is very weird: self entitled generation that becomes self-awere? Have you aver seen an asshole become self-awere? I don't..


@Nate Maybe not so much social media, but more so the anonymity provided by the internet. When people realise there's no repercussions for being a dick, they tend to become even bigger dicks.


pmcgphotos Well said Paddy. Now, back to the Polaroids and leave the writing to the big boys...


neilmbriscoe Will I post you your crayons back?


Paddy McGrath

I get those emails all the time. It's SPAM'S FAULT!


RicardoSmits Paddy McGrath therealnecroscope I'm just not willing to share that particular experience or else I'll have to live with the drama. Plus it's not fair to potentially shame someone online without giving them a chance to defend themselves.

I am blaming a particular subset of people, but I'm also keen to point out that I know that it's not everyone within this group. I'm trying to reach out to people who might be put off by our community due to the current levels of hostility that surround it. I want people to have the opportunity to experience the same enjoyment that cars have given me. No more, no less. 

Also, no need to apologise, your English is great!


therealnecroscope Paddy McGrath Hahahaha, I knew I should have worded that better.




It's funny you should mention the matter of entitlement, because I was watching an old episode of Dragnet last night where Friday and Gannon arrested a group of hippies for burglary, who proceeded to tell the cops that they were all fed up with materialism and unfairness and the like.

Then the cops proceeded to remind them that (this episode being made in the late 60s) they'd probably never seen a hundred men competing for one job during the Depression, or a neighbor's house with a "quarantine" sign on it, or a person with polio, or a bunch of other things that Friday and Gannon grew up with. 

The point is, these hippies felt entitled to be angry about things that were no big deal to people who'd seen much worse, but because they'd grown up in affluence, they didn't have any sense of perspective on what constituted real problems.

I'm really tempted to get up on the soapbox here, but I won't do it. The way I see it, you get to be an asshole about life's hard moral stuff. But since cars aren't a hard moral matter, you don't get to be an asshole about them.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Itasha or Bippu, for numerous reasons - but the people who build those cars ARE, and do so out of a sense of love and fascination. That's the important part - that they're fellow enthusiasts. 

We want people to join us in our world of cars, not only because what we do is fun, but out of a sense of self-preservation. We don't want to drive people away. 

We cars guy absolutely DO NOT want to become the AR-15 snobs, the militant Star Wars fans or the Apple fanboys, who alienate outsiders with their obnoxious, elitist attitudes and behavior, and their lack of perspective.


Ice Age I couldn't agree more with this. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, really appreciated.


johnbezt Every generation that's ever lived has believed that both its predecessors and its successors are Doing It Wrong.


pmcgphotos neilmbriscoe well said.



Every one sets an example for everyone.  In my experience, peers have the greatest influence over our behavior.  Fall in with a group of baddies and more than likely you'll become a baddy.  Fall in with entrepreneurs and you'll follow a similar path.  It takes an extremely strong will to stand TRULY apart.  Don't blame anyone. Blame EVERYone...including yourself.  Societal change is glacially slow.  I remember 30 years ago saying that my generation would change things.  They haven't.  Some try, but the masses beat them down.

Entertainment "news" has much blame to face. The latest spate of gun control talks as example. John Oliver said it right that if you want to blame the shooter, you have to take mental health treatment seriously and do it NOW.  Guns don't kill people. People do...but nobody really wants to fix people. Not really.


haters gonna hate, right? great article!




@hcetretsam Can't disagree with that.


pmcgphotos It has always been the same. People love to tear someone/something down to make themselves feel better.


My coworker says it best really "offense can only be taken, not given". Car culture is very competitive by its nature and thus breeds narrow view points based on personal experience. You only have to look at the Chevy v Ford v Dodge to see that bashing and opinions have burned bright and been shouted at each other for decades. 

So this is not a new problem and I can't say that this is a problem that will ever go away. It's also a trap that we've all fallen into at one point or another (and you're lying if you say you haven't) 

So what can we do? Easy. Be vocally positive whenever you can. See a build that took a massive amount of work but isn't necessarily your thing? Praise the craftsmanship. And if you are ever the spotlight of criticism feel glad that your work evoked a response because that person just had to and you made him/her.


#build a better car scene


As a millennial myself, it sucks that this is true. I've lost count of the number of times I've been having a conversation about the engine rebuild I did (nothing fancy, all stock components) with a fellow millennial when it changes to how much mommy and daddy paid to have their new exhaust installed on their brand new BRZ.  Or when it changes to how I should've done my rebuild in a different way that was way out of budget. It's extremely frustrating. I like to believe that I'm not part of this subculture though, and take pride in the work I do on my car and try to learn what I can where I can.


@imaginbaru I can't put enough emphasis on the fact that I know it's not *all* Millenials. Good on you for keeping it real.


Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink.


Tinj I absolutely intended to provoke discussion and critical thinking with this short piece. I think the Speedhunters' readership is quite unique and really well suited to having a solid debate on this subject. I don't expect everyone to agree with me - and I know I'll get flamed for it too - but it's a conversation worth having as a community.

I agree with your point too, it baffles me when I read people shouting in the comments because someone e;se has decided to do something different with their own car. That they paid for. With their own money. In the grand scale of things, I think there are a lot more important things to be getting worked up over.


Also, I just bought an RX-8, any more images of that 8? Looks nice.


type1blue I doubt it'll change anything either, which does make it frustrating. I'm not against the youth at all, rather the opposite in fact. I want to be a part of encouraging young petrolheads to follow their dreams and not be put off what can be quite a hostile environment at times.


PowerTryp This is a fantastic article Paddy, and PowerTryp, you make a very good point yourself. With a lifestyle as varied as ours, there will always be people in certain camps. Imports vs Domestics, racers vs stance, GM vs Ford, Mits vs Subaru..... Great rivalries give this lifestyle the culture and historical significance it enjoys today. If everyone had the same passions, it would be boring!

The issue is the way people approach the discussion. I remember back in the 90's when there would be fist fights between the import and domestic camps when they would inadvertently meet up at the same street racing venue. This only happened once in a blue moon, but with the facelessness of the internet, and the lack of any real repercussions for just pure hatred for the sake of hating... I find the growing saturation of negativity rather toxic.


BirdHasACamera I agree with you, but it's a difficult subject to talk about without using a particular group as an example. It's just from my own experiences that the millennials seem to have the highest concentration of self entitlement, although I'm completely aware that it's not exclusively limited to this particular group. 

You're exactly right and you have worded it better than I have. This should be more about 'saving' the good ones or at least trying to show people what our community is really about.


@Nad Great, great post. When I first became involved with the car community as a young teenager, car forums were quite large and far more general than they are now. As such, the different groups interacted really well with each other and we all gained experience of the varying car sub-cultures. From Italian classics to Japanese imports, from muscle cars to German bahn-stormers, we were all part of the same family.

Now, every sub-culture has been divided and broken down to the point where guys with MKV GTIs argue with guys with MKVI GTIs about who's car is better. To move forward as a community, I think we need to go backwards.


FunctionFirst I only have old pictures on my own site, there's been some changes since:


As a millennial, I am so glad to see this article. We need to take responsibility for our actions as the next generation, and learn to appreciate our differences in style, preference, brands and builds. At the end of the day, if you are contributing to the car culture in any way shape or form you deserve some respect. I hope many people my age read this with a positive outlook and an open mind. Great work.


pmcgphotos Touché, good sir. Shall we meet on the common for a duel of the morrow?


One of us,
Equals many of us,
Disrespect one of us,
You'll see many of us.

Great write up, very passionate, and rightly so. Respects.


Budd19 PowerTryp I don't think rivalries are a bad thing, provided they're not taken too seriously. When people get genuinely worked up over the fact that another human being has the audacity to like something that they don't like, it's time for a long, hard look in the mirror.


Paddy McGrath  I don't think anonymity spurns it because most people use their own
identity (facebook, twitters or whatever people use). I think people
misconstrue the attention they get as validity of their opinion. That
coupled with the mob mentality that social media creates is what creates
such a toxic community.


Bud just epic exactly how I feel about our love and joy of cars. I love them all, all styles all looks all brands and doesn't matter who drives it if he took the time and appreciate it then ill shake his hand and say awesome work man!


@Nate Paddy McGrath That's a really interesting view that I hadn't considered before. Mob mentality is the worst too. People who get worked up over nothing and then forget why they're supposed to be mad and just continue to be mad anyways.


johnbezt  Just as a small FYI, I'm not ignoring you. I just want to take the time to give your post the response it deserves. It's good that you feel so passionately about this.


Thanks for the inspiring read Paddy!


in response to the whole schpiel about not being entitled to an opinion unless you back it up with facts and other assorted anecdotal evidence;

why do you like cars? is it because you like things that go fast? if so, why do you like things that go fast?

there are some things that inevitably come down to opinion, that cannot be proven "wrong", per se, even though they have no logical evidence to back it up.


I respectfully disagree.


@Kenny And that's perfectly fine. But do you care to elaborate?


neilmbriscoe Gentleman’s rules, 40 paces.


Blurat Rushy33 It's relevant to any group of people - the facelessness of the web gives power to the trolls


It's not that anyone isn't or is allowed an opinion it's the fact that these people state these opinions as the end all be all yet present any fact or basis to back up said opinion. Everyone is open to their own thoughts, ideas, and opinions but you should also be respectful of others because when it comes to personal interpretation (which modifying cars is a personal interpretation of what the builder wants their car to be) there isn't a right or wrong answer only different ways to achieve a goal that's what is being stated in this article.
For someone who says they hate bitching and complaining you sure have done quite a bit of that in the comment section.


You literally just justified everything said in the article.


SS6K You're 100% right. There are definitely things that can't be explained. But I think people should at the very least try. Rather than posting one word replies that are solely created to hurt or inflame an argument.


amen. amen 1000 times....


This article is exactly what I wanted to see, but wait. Is this thing limited only to car culture? I mean look, Unity-using devs trash others, Apple and Android users trash each others, chopper-driving bikers trashes on "plastic" streetbikes. There's a lot zipper-suited sun gods in all sectors.


I love these types of write ups to break the norm, and I agree 100% with what you've said. One thing I might disagree with, however, is that all of the car bashing is done by younger individuals. I don't know if the rivalries between makes is the same everywhere as it is in the US, but it is still very real and a big problem over on this side of the pond. The brand wars that were intentionally started by the big three in the late 60's are still alive and well. And this hatred of other makes comes mainly from the middle aged. For example, though this may be rather extreme, I have a friend that dailys a Camaro. No big deal right? Wrong, at least according to the older man that pulled up next to his car in the parking lot (driving a newer Mustang) and proceeded to key the words "Chevy sucks" on the door of the Camaro. This was caught on CCTV, I've seen the footage myself. This nonsensical hatred is not exclusive to the youth, and the older folks tend to be more vocal of their opinions in person than today's keyboard warriors.


johnbezt formsrbp We are totally not saying that.


BirdHasACamera formsrbp Perfectly put.


Paddy McGrath Budd19 PowerTryp For the most part, I think we are all talking the same language. It's awesome to see that this there is an overwhelming of positive posts and the pure haters have seemed to be temporarily scared off. 

I miss the days when a fellow auto writer and myself, both having very differing opinions, would stay in the office to the wee hours of the morning debating what car should win in a comparison. For hours we would fight it out until one person would have to concede due to facts, merits and who the target market was. Some debates became quite heated, but at the end of the day, we were both open to what the other had to say, and we still enjoy a great friendship... even if he does drive a Ford!


Dill Pickle That is honestly shocking. WTF is wrong with some people?


@smallblockyota I sometimes feel that cars hate me. :(


Paddy McGrath BirdHasACamera It is difficult to talk about at all. I'm technically (and begrudgingly) a millennial (I'm 32). I've also always been into cars that were not the norm around me. My experiences were shaped more by the older crowd who hated on ricers because they didn't have v8's like their Camaros. 

I think what some people miss when talking about millennials and entitlement, is millennials don't have the same opportunities as those before them. We were all told whatever we wanted was attainable if we worked for it. However, the reality has been anything but that. The buying power of our wages is lower than the last two generations, we're more educated, but that education won't get you a job...I think a lot of them are more disillusioned and pissed than entitled and they're lashing out as a response to the situation they're in. But that's a whole other problem not related to

Glad we agree though...assholes suck, and they're all over the internet.


I don't believe its a generation exclusive problem at all. I've seen many older guys and girls hate on certain builds and brands without any reasoning to back it up. Other than that yeah i agree, this picky attitude people have is killing the community, just chill out and appreciate a mean looking car when you see one


Dmsq_ It's definitely not limited to one particular group, just from my own experiences I see a lot of it from a generation younger than me. Maybe because I'm closer to them? Anyways, thanks for taking the time to comment.


I'm 20 years old and I'm glad to say I've been brought up correctly and have learned to work hard for what I want. I fully respect all cotergories of car culture and yes I agree with what has been mentioned in this post. Some people just don't get it


So, just to throw a spanner in the works, I would be considered a 'millennial' also.


Budd19 Paddy McGrath And that's where the real issue lies, a complete lack of communication. Everybody is willing to spout their opinion without defending it. 

It seems like we are on the same page and it's a breath of fresh air to see others accepting of the whole car scene and not just their niche.


a car is a car, a build is a build, i dont care what it is, someone put there blood, sweat, and tears in their car, i respect anything that shows up, that doesnt mean i like it, but i dont hate on someone because of their build. their build is part of their personality, if you had on someones personality you sir a douche, that doesnt mean you need to be their friends.

i went to a show about 6 months ago, it wasnt big, but i liked how it was ran, when you get here park beside who was before you, it doesnt matter what it is just park their. we got parked by a camaro and a evo. im gonna be honest i never got into anything muscle, but the guy's story behind the camaro was amazing. thats when i learned, it doesnt what it is, we are all into the same thing.


pmcgphotos Who said I'm a gentleman?


neilmbriscoe Well, P_aulHealy told me about that night away in France on a launch...


Paddy McGrath BirdHasACamera formsrbp You're right. She should have told you to "Politely, fuck off".


Paddy please have a hug from me ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ


wojcei20 You're right, and I'll explain myself. Negative commentary by would-be know it alls should be kept to one's self. Obviously. Complaining about it as if it's some kind of generation exclusive issue is just so annoying. It's about as hypocritical as me complaining about complaining, if that makes sense.


I hope his next article is about cars.


Paddy McGrath calling people dicks isn't a negative opinion of people that you should keep to yourself then? Maybe you should accept this "challenge" and "change" your opinion of how you go about addressing this issue of yours. Consider writing a personal journal because your professional website is barely an acceptable forum for this.


Yeah, but what if they build their car stupidly?


Like cut springs and chinese rep garbage and stretched out mad-cambered wheels, all on a chassis that is dangerously degraded and under-maintained, or in violation of pretty much every emissions regulation/law on the book?


Just ignore them and don't worry about it. It's not your car


God I love this article!


pmcgphotos P_aulHealy We were both young, and lonely. Everyone experiments!


neilmbriscoe pmcgphotos young? Us? I call shenanigans.


Generalize much?


P_aulHealy pmcgphotos Well, younger than we are now at any rate. And significantly more flexible. Ahem.


@BMWtrackJunkie You can be polite in being critical, especially if the person's safety is at risk. People tend to respond better to polite advice than being shouted at too.


I enjoyed this article a lot!
Especially since I'm part of the idiotic generation discussed and I couldn't agree more.


Paddy McGrath I have to agree with Dmsq_ ... ignorance and self-centeredness creeps in from any age group. I'm a gen x'er - older than millennials, and younger than the baby boomers - and see it from both ends of the spectrum. While millennials may be self-entitles, the boomers are too often stuck in their own past. What they had/have was/is always the best... and without any logical reason why. Simply "because". A lot like millennials. 

In my father's generation, it was Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge. If you drove one, you hated the others. Just because. Forty years later, they all still hold onto those biases. I've known people of that generation snicker at my WRX while they drive off in their Malibu... and I don't mean a tricked out, shoebox Malibu... I mean a FWD econobox family sedan. But hey, it's a Chevy, so of course it's better than anything Japan might produce. 

The world moved on, They didn't. 

It's a different self-centeredness than millennials, but it amounts to the same in the end.


I can recall instances where i've been on both sides of this, and nowadays I just try to respect other people's builds or interest. I'm glad there's people doing something different with their vehicles, a lot of times you'll see people playing copycat, and that's cool. But I think if one were to truly bring about change and innovation, one would need to do something different, even if the change isn't welcomed at first.


This sort of thing has been bothering me for years, and I'm only 21. The whole "Us vs. them" mindset that seems to plague car discussions online is really ruining things for everyone. We're all friends, we all have slightly different tastes, let's not bash eachother like savages.


This is the exact reason I can't stand sites like Jalopnik. There is so much elitism in this community, and this article hit on it. How many of those people actually have cars? How many of those people are just bitter and miserable because they fucked up their lives? How many people there believe everyone should follow their mantra when it comes to cars? 

Personally speaking, I've got car friends of mine that I am close with. They do autocross. I don't. We still can talk about our four wheeled friends for hours on end. I know they hate on the scene I'm into (stance/showcar) but they keep it to themselves and prevent  becoming keyboard warriors.

It's like religion: Don't fucking force your views on others. Sometimes I feel as if parts of this scene are like some crazed religious nuthouses with how many people try to convert others away from stance, fake wheels, riveted on fenders, or whatever trend they may be crusading against. Calling someone a derogatory term or telling them that they're stupid doesn't help your argument. 

We're killing ourselves from the inside, plain and simple.


neilmbriscoe P_aulHealy pmcgphotos This is honestly one of the best comments I've ever seen... Nailed it!


@Beany It's a difficult subject to approach without making some generalisations, but I've been quite clear in pointing out that I'm aware that it's not *everyone* within a particular subset nor is it exclusive to one generation or another.


That's what happend when they star paying attention to none productive people like kanye and the kardashians.
Its all the Kardashians, Apple and Google fault...Lol!!!
I wonder what sorts of recent events make your mind to write this interesting and truthful article.
@960 regarding the Beef between Harley bikers and sportbike riders...I've been a biker since well I was a little kid and I always will be. And I have to say that for so many years the media and a small ignorant group of people have tried to create this aura and urban legend that there's a beef. This is just a tiny small group that think they're bikes are better just cause they are American Made, they pay 3 times more, even do they leak oil brand new and are crappy and poorly tuned purposely to spit & sputter so they can sound and vibrate in a particular way. But in reality there is no beef at all. Its like when you watch that wrestling channel and see that ignorant so 80's thing they do trying to make a beef between USA and 2015 and they are still doing that... Bikers are like a family we don't care what you ride as long as you ride. And all do Im a car guy to...I have to say in my experience I have yet to meet a more friendly group of people than bikers no matter what you ride. For me personally is all about the diversity that makes it fun.
Im gonna agree and quote James Blunt when he said: "People's opinions are like assholes... everyone's got one!"


Paddy McGrath Dmsq_ Just have to say... damn, I should have proof-read that. My spelling was awful. That's what I get for rushing through a post while at the office. My bad.


@RaceAddict Paddy McGrath Dmsq_ You got your point across perfectly, that's all that really matters. People who attack another's grammar during a discussion or argument are usually clutching at straws.


johnbezt Paddy McGrath It's an analogy, meant in jest.


hmmmm i agree and slightly disagree (if only on the semantics) about opinions. 
By definition an opinion is 
"a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge." 

and because of this everyone is entitled to what they think. I think the old adage "If you have nothing nice to say better to say nothing at all" is more appropriate. No one likes everything and i see builds and things on here even that i don't particularly like or have an interest, say for instance the chopped hot/rat rods...not my scene, i'd never own one but i can appreciate the work thats gone into them, some of the details on the white '28 Tudor  posted a while ago for instance, blew me away and i can respect the work gone into it.

Yes sometimes people do stupid things to their cars that compromise safety or sometimes are just ricey and don't actually have the performance benefits that they people think they have. (locally that'd be altezza owners with fart cans) but i think if we could put that aside as a car community and at least try weed out ignorance with kindness rather than just bashing people who don't know any better everyone would be better off


@Alex Chestnut I can't say that I'm perfect and that I've behaved perfectly all my life, but I have made a conscious effort to try and rise above petty behaviour. It's hard because people will try to drag you down, but at the end of the day, it's a far more enjoyable life when you learn to seek out the positives.


johnbezt I had the full intentions of engaging you below, but seeing you repeatedly post and just trying to have a pop at me, means that I would probably be wasting my time. Would I?


Loxlee I like to think we’re better than that though. People have been getting away with this kind of thing for far too long.


BirdHasACamera Paddy McGrath I can only speak from my own experiences, but I completely relate to what you're saying. It has been damned hard for me all through college and out into the 'real' world. Every day I fight for my living and to have the absolute privilege to do what I do. I know it won't last forever, but provided I have no regrets at the end, I think I'll be a happy man.


danielbelvino Great point, Daniel.


pmcgphotos great article. Best way to put it. Not just for the car guy but life in general too.


thetram Thanks a million, Tram. Appreciate that.


Paddy McGrath Not really, but sure I'll give it a whirl.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but you've built an argument that millennials, for whatever reason, feel entitled to ridicule others whom they know nothing about, on their work/preferences/beliefs/whatever.
I don't think that this is a new phenomenon but rather an evolution of one that stretches back to the beginnings of the human race. For lack of a better term I shall call it "Them and Us"
Humans seem to love nothing better than dividing things up into categories, identifying with one of those categories and deriding all other related categories
e.g. Computer games (Xbox vs Playstation), school cliques (Jocks vs Geeks), Football (Celtic vs Rangers), Race (Caucasian vs Negro), Religon (Christian vs Protestant),Electricity (AC vs DC) to name but a few.
I will say that such behaviour is vastly more prevalent thanks to the anonymity of the internet. If it is more harmful than before is beyond me.
But if some one gives me an opinion and is unable or unwilling to argue its veracity. Well, they can politely, f**k off.


Right on Paddy McGrath!! Agreed with thetram too- across the board


@Kenny Paddy McGrath For someone just giving it a 'whirl', you sure put together a good argument. 

I don't like the generalisation that had to be made, but it's a difficult subject to approach without having one. I'm acutely aware - and have expressed this several times in the comments here already - that it's not exclusive to one group nor does it mean *every* person in any given subset is guilty. 

For the record, I'm what would be considered a millennial too. In a strange sort of way, I'm sort of hoping to break down the walls and bring the good ones aboard and into our community. In the process, maybe we might convert some people along the way too. 

I can't stand the obstacles that we have imposed upon ourselves as a species.


Dill Pickle You can curse a man, but you never touch his car. It's just not done.


yeah! compassion and wisdom :D


Paddy McGrath Slappy_Pistons
Abe aside nice post Paddy, I've tried and failed to write a similar piece before.


DaveT Paddy McGrath Slappy_Pistons I only discovered that 'Netflix & Chill' doesn't actually mean watching Netflix and chilling out. So, that picture is far more accurate that I would like.


Paddy McGrath DaveT Slappy_Pistons Heh. There's a car rolling around here with "Netflix & Chill?" on the back bumper....


Nice article, however I do feel car communities tend to 'congregate' into smaller groups, especially when it comes to car clubs. The local scene is littered with clubs that used to be close knit but went there own ways because of (more often that not) petty reasons for argument. I find that even older enthusiasts tend to elitist about brand or level of restoration or mods, not only the entitled generation. It has more to do with personality rather than age, a hater will always be a hater!


GeoffreyCaruana It wasn't always the way though. Well, at least not here anyways. It's a shame that people feel the need to divide and divide again. Should be coming together, we're stronger as a whole.


Thank you for posting this, I totally agree with this article, you don't have to love someone's car because of the way they did it, but show them respect and appreciate it for what it is, they put work into it and it's their car not anyone else's, so no one else has the right to thrash their car or judge them for their car


DaveT Paddy McGrath Slappy_Pistons You can also add 'on fleek' to the ever growing list of things I don't understand.


I can relate and agree with this. Too often people want to be noticed and want their opinions seen and heard, but simply hitting a "like button" doesn't get you fame or glory, you're 1 in many so to be noticed you must comment which is why more often than not and I see I on these comment threads everyday, the comments are often negative.
Here in New Zealand the car scene has turned to shit, The Tuners long to have Meets like the Rodders but cant understand why the vibe isn't the same and the Police wont allow them in the same way.
Rodders share their passion. A Belair owner will compliment another, ask them about his or her issues with the "thing the had problems with" the Generations now only want to be faster, lower, wider or better than the next guy so everyone sits in their cars trying to look tough telling their passengers why their car is better.  A Car Meet is just that..   a "meet" to meet and discuss, make friends even.. I often approach people at meets and they just stare you down like they have something to prove, which in turn brings bad vibes and soon the boys in blue come to "check on things".. it's a godamn shame.


Paddy McGrath DaveT Slappy_Pistons I actually have no idea what that means and refuse to Google it. 
It seems to generally be used as a positive but that is about all I know.
For the most part my other hobby (bmx) keeps me fairly in touch with youth and their slang (here I am talking like an old fellow at 30) but that particular phrase has not crossed over.


Paddy McGrath FunctionFirst tyvm sir.


FunctionFirst Paddy McGrath He's on instagram at @flipsideauto if you want to see more.


ethosVeritas_Z32 You said exactly what I was thinking - right down to the definition of opinion.  :)

Paddy McGrath Thanks for this great read, I hope things get better because we're only hurting ourselves in the long run.  

If we took the time to question why something was done instead of immediately bashing, we might understand, learn something or at the very least have some background information for a proper conversation.   My issue is with people that think that only their opinion matters.


Paddy McGrath FunctionFirst That rear diffuser tho...


FunctionFirst Paddy McGrath Cool, right? It's just the fins that attach to the standard diffuser. Really neat and simple addition.


Paddy McGrath FunctionFirst Do want. Maybe a big wang too.


Preach it brother! This is the generation of instant gratification. They want the likes; they want the attention and they want it NOW. At the end of the day I do not understand why they can't approach it from a simple mind set: to each their own. There will always be people who disagree with your taste so why judge? Just appreciate what you can and leave be. While everyone feels the need to be heard, the internet is so saturated people find in necessary to shout in order to get the attention they crave.
It is for this reason I have surrounded myself with like minded people. My circle of close car friends shares the likeness of my taste is builds: Quality > Quantity. I have no time, energy or patience for the fickle, self-professed know-it-alls that don't know their ass from their elbow.


Spot on. One of the downsides of The Internet, it seems. For every positive gearhead who wishes to share knowledge and lift up a fellow gearhead, there are at least a hundred waiting in the wings, ready to spit venom and unleash Hell.


RMutt Ditto. All my car friends are great humans first and foremost. They've even accepted my small German hatchback into their stable of Japanese cars.


I agree with most of the stuff on here.


This is especially relevant when events are involved. As aircooled Volkswagen enthusiasts, we often drive either an aircooled Beetle or Bus to classic car events where we're berated because some American muscle car drivers don't feel our Volkswagens count. The naysayers love to make us feel unwelcome, whereas the husband and myself share an appreciation for most vehicles old or new. Even within the Volkswagen community there are huge rifts between the aircooled and the watercooled folks. Once a gentleman told me that my 1982 Diesel Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup wasn't a VW because it had a radiator. Just because something isn't your "thing" doesn't make it wrong or undesirable. 

That being said, we have been VERY fortunate to have found a couple of different groups and clubs who embrace the value of community when it comes to the common love of cars, and we stick with those folks. We all even have weekends where we bring our cars to a centralized spot, camp out together at night and work on each other's cars all weekend. No money involved whatsoever. Bring your parts, your tools, and your appetite. THAT is what it's about to us.


And I can talk with experience having been treated like shit in the past by people who didn't realise what efforts were put into doing stuff!


Never argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. If people are hating just ignore them. Everytime you engage them it just reinforces their behavior.


Jagdroach True that, but I sometimes can't help but call someone out on their shit, especially if they're trying to bully or intimidate another person. Killing them with kindness and logic is my preferred method.


Hear hear.

Sadly though, I fear you'll be preaching to the choir. A particular skill of the people you're referring to is assume that they aren't the ones causing the problems in the first place. This plea for a little sense may unfortunately go right over their heads, and they'll continue on as before.


I'm laughing at all these negative comments. Chances are if you don't like this post, it probably applies to you lol!


ethosVeritas_Z32 While that definition is true, I think what Paddy was getting at was that an opinion based on nothing whatsoever isn't worth the pixels it's typed in.

The problem isn't necessarily people having an opinion - even a daft one with no basis in reality - it's people believing that their opinion holds equal (or greater) weight to everyone else's, even if it's patently ridiculous. That's where facts, experiences and thoughtful debate comes in - those are what make opinions worthy of being considered.


ethosVeritas_Z32 "but i think if we could put that aside as a car community and at least try weed out ignorance with kindness rather than just bashing people who don't know any better everyone would be better off" 

Dude, this quote made me create an account just so I could agree with you. I'm turning into the old guy that looks down on all of the kids for having horrible stance and the like, but I know that attitude isn't good. You're spot on with that statement. We could all benefit from that logic.


Being a lurker in the community until recently I hate the terms "Self-Entitled Generation" and "Millennials". Both terms make me feel dirty since I'm technically part of that generation that everyone loves to hate. Which could be why so many of my peers tend to lash out. But that aside the car and motor/gear/petrol head community is the last place you should air that dirty laundry.


BrandonPetersen I was thinking that myself, but my momma always said too keep my damn mouth shut. :)


Hey...a note to those butthurt few here...  EVERY youngest generation was the worst generation in the eyes of those who came before.  When you get old and crotchety, you'll likely look at the youngins and think they are all hooligans, too.  Human condition. Don't take it personal.  You are you, not your generation.


But you can't really tell what a person is feeling unless you face them face to face ! Just saying is all!


Personally, I hate the babyboomers waaaaay more then I do youngsters, least the young have an excuse for their silliness.


antonyingram I agree with you. Those kind of guys can in fact read this post and agree with every single word, but they probably won't realize what they're doing wrong, beacuse in their eyes, it's not wrong. And that's very sad. As Paddy tried to say, it hurts our family.


As a millennial I find it unfair to generalize our entire generation. I know many gen. X people who assume any Japanese car is a "ricer". I was fortunate enough to get a classic Plymouth project car as my first that I have put countless hours into with my dad. Even though I have been raised in an "all American" family some of my favorite cars are 240z, supra, gtr, ect. And I have learned to respect everyone's choice of car.


Preach Mr McGarth. Preach!
It's not a problem that just exists in the young though, proper actual car shows scare the life out of me, I've been laughed at for questions I've asked at big shows before to older gentlemen, I'm a late adopter of four wheels so my age throws people when I ask "stupid" questions.


FunctionFirst I love RX-8s, but that's just my opinion (which stinks) ;P


love this article.

I'm very opinionated. But from time to time I catch myself trying to bite my tongue a lot more, especially as I get older. At the same time, I think it makes the culture more competitive. Criticism and negativity are separated by a thin line, and it's not necessarily what you say but how you say it. 

I personally think stance is corny, but I learned to realize there is a place for it in racing, especially drifting. I hate the honda game, only to see a friend's ek hatch destroy an evo. I hate AWD, drove my best friend's STI and loved it. I wouldn't buy one, but I grew to respect it a lot more. As our culture continues to become more mainstream, the younger and younger newcomers get. I think we can take a step back and realize it's a sign that car culture is growing far larger than it was a decade ago. 

All my opinions from when I first got my license might still be with me, but I am far more open minded. And as each newcomer continues to grow older as I have they will realize that there is a balance in everything, and we should give them time to mature. We should appreciate the fact this community you speak so highly of is growing. 

Like the OP said, this is  "a community which transcends gender, race, religion, language barriers and pretty much every other obstacle we as a species have imposed upon ourselves." No community is perfect. People are never going to meet eye to eye on everything. The beauty is that we can have our own opinions within our culture without the need for bombs or war.

turbo BEAMS ae86

i have not spend one day as a stancer, but we must except stancers as real human beings for a change and let them do there strange offset  activities


Great article :).
May be it comes from me being non native english speaker but I don't see this article is about the "generation" thing (btw, who are those "millenias" you talk about?) but the fact that some forget that we are car enthusiasts after all.
We all have our personnal tastes but what's the point of being rude or an asshole with those who don't have the same taste than me?
There have always been (and always will have)  "fanaticals" (in the wrong meaning of this word) who think that their way in the only good (as we can read in the comments).
I think that internet just give them a wider audience (+ the keyboard warriors and others trolls).


You're absolutely right and i perhaps didnt make it clear/focus on that aspect. No one's opion should be placed above anyone elses really...i have caught myself thinking "geez that mod is stupid" or tacky or what have you. But everyone should be free to express themselves. I will say i really admire Japanese culture in this respect, not that i know what its like from the inside but jus looking at all the content here they really embrace individuality and just coming together as car people in a seemingly nurturing way and sadly im sure if some of those same builds were dnen somewhere in the western world they may be shunned in the way Paddy describes in the article, actually im pretty sure a search of the comments on some of the features would prove the point.


Did we just become best friends?


A4999 I'm a millennial too, so don't take it personally. I'm more than aware that there's good amongst us.




Robbie1518 Yup, that's why you should be polite. Makes it easy to back down if you've mis-interpreted something.




@turbo BEAMS ae86 I've another cool '86 for you shortly, brother :)


Thanks for responding, I'm sure you are busy with 190+ comments. I meant no offence to you, I respect you as a photographer, your history of cars you've owned and I think you write some of the best articles on this website.


TarmacTerrorist Story of my life. In the famous words of Taylor Swift, just shake it off.


A4999 You're very kind and I certainly didn't take any offence :)


A4999 He already addressed that in the article.


RobertWerk I'm part of the same generation as you too, but it's a conversation worth having.


therealnecroscope That's right. Demographics are not destiny.


Millennial refers to people who are in their mid 20's or younger


A4999 Wikipedia defines it as anyone born between 1982 & 2004. Which is a pretty broad group.


Wow broader gap than I thought


Great read. Maybe something I should show the guys that make fun of my 2000 Civic Coupe. They laugh at it, "Oh look it's so slow" or "Look at that ricer!" . Quite frankly, I don't give a damn. You might make fun of my Civic but I love it to bits. I love driving it, sitting in it, looking at it and spending hours on ebay finding that awesome part i've always wanted.

You might call it a "Piece of Crap" but hey, Its MY "Piece of crap"

(FYI, it havent even done any major cosmetic enhancements. It's just black with a new exhaust and 17" black rims)


Now get off my lawn


@Militancy Sadly, you're about four hours late with that joke :(


Dynomight Bingo. It doesn't matter what you drive, it's what's in your heart.


Speedhunters Just as I was going to bed. THANKS. :p


No arguments here haha


Amen Paddy. Thank you!


Ehh, one gets slow in their old age.
I don't disagree. I believe the issue is more about access. It's easier than ever to buy parts that bolt up and look/work well. When the community was more about building something, or even dropping a large chunk of money to pay someone to build something, there was a comaraderie built by that shared pain. One didn't laugh at someone's choice in [part] because they knew how much it work it took. And even if it was silly, hey, we were just glad to see something different. But now I'm getting into a whole different part of grandpa territory known as "back in my day"


Speedhunters Yes and no. Trolls can be any age (ask a Harley guy about Honda bikes). We agree that we can all be better for the hobby tho.


Paddy McGrath GeoffreyCaruana I agree, the connection I make with people is as much fun as building something cool, hence I prefer to talk and be friendly with everyone but stay away from 'cliques' formed in clubs. 

Sometimes having a common enemy makes everyone stick together, at the moment enthusiast are sticking together to petion for a proper race track


therealnecroscope FunctionFirst Yup.

Reuben Rodriguez

I drive a lowered truck in a small town in the country where all that is seen are lifted trucks. Just imagine the hate lol. Back on topic though, I can see all this happening to my little brother. He is 16 and has worked hard to buy his first car being a 05 vw mk4 golf gti. He doesn't hate on peoples builds but he is starting to get that "scene kid" look and attitude. I, his older brother (20yrs old) am trying my best to help him. To get him off his high horse. To teach his how to modify his car, not based on what everyone else thinks, but purely on what he wants to do with it and what he likes. I'm Motorsport oriented with my cars but he wants to stance his. I didn't tell him to not do it. What I did was teach him how to look up info on his car so he could learn about what is needed to reach his goal. What we have to do as a whole is to help each other out


Reuben Rodriguez Good on ya, kid (I call everyone kid). You're what's right with everything :)


I see it as being too broad. People who were born in 86 are way different than people born in 96. It all has to do with the age kids are introduced to the Internet and social media. I was born in 89 and I didn't have Facebook until high school. Kids now are on Facebook and tablets before the age of 5.
I had books in school. Kids born in the 2000's don't have high school books anymore it's all on a tablet or laptop. It's kinda crazy to think about.
Technology is killing us!


Well said sir, well said


Good points, but it is only half the story.

Constructive criticism is not evil and all of us should learn to accept criticism rather than re-actively fighting it.

So yes, people should learn and understand before commenting, but conversely people should harden up and accept that not all criticism is a personal slight.


Paddy McGrath true that. 

I never really mentioned in my initial post that I loved reading this despite that little nitpick, and that i totally agree with the sentiment behind everything; even as someone who was born in the middle of the generation in question.


rook56 Keyword being Constructive.



it seems we very much think alike - I can relate to a lot of how you come across in your articles, and this latest one is not an exception. It is perhaps generalized a bit much, but in the overall I very much agree.

I will be the first to admit that I've been guilty of such behavior in the past as well - however, I like to think I've learned from it. A recent example would be where a friend of mine posted his car for sale in a Facebook group. I felt absolutely disgusted by all the comments that attacked him personally for how he modified it and what price he set it at. Not to mention that the people in the comments started to get into flame wars with each other and both sides sounded like complete pricks. A while ago, about two years or so, I would've probably joined in. Today, I can just shake my head at it. 

Our lives are short - we should consider ourselves lucky that we have found a passion that we can embrace. Instead, it seems that most of the current generation of car people spend their time insulting each other and being unpleasant persons in general. To say it with a popular meme - ain't nobody got time fo' dat. I'd rather just kick back with a beer and share in people's enthusiasm about their cars. After all, it's what makes us all excited - why should we introduce negativity into it when it is something we should enjoy? 

Anyways, long story short - great article.


Even when an opinion is egregiously hostile or negative, it can't be right or wrong, nor can it have value, until someone chooses to listen to and/or react to said opinion. Every opinion is therefore equal- that is to say, worthless- until it is prescribed worth by someone on the receiving end. Everyone is, in my opinion, entitled to their opinion.  *steps off philosophical soapbox*
That being said, the willingness to see a different point of view, or to keep an open mind to other's opinions, is crucial to the health of our community. I've encountered narrow mindedness far too often in my local community, so I absolutely respect what you have to say.


rook56 While agree with you, constructive criticism is good. The types of comments, I think he's talking about are not constructive at all. 

There is always at least, one comment calling a feature car, hideous or ugly. Or comments saying how they wouldn't of put those wheels or that body kit or that engine swap if they built it. 

The first type just doesn't belong and is plain disrespectful. The second type is slightly better but it's still not great. Someone has taken their hard earned time and money to build it just the way they wanted. If it's not your taste that's fine, go out and build your car the way you want to. But don't attack someone else's pride and joy, just because it's not what you like.


Well said


This has nothing to do with the millennial generation, or any specific generation for that matter. Do you think this is a new occurrence? The phenomenon you're describing has been happening since the beginnings of society and shared interests. It has been becoming more prevalent thanks to the internet, but what do you expect with an open forum that you can participate in anonymously? The internet comes with positives and negatives jut like everything else. Having thick skin is a valuable trait, and a necessary one if you don't want to live your whole life with this bitterness you're displaying.

This isn't a case of "those damn kids ruining what I love," it's just people who don't like to keep their opinions to themselves. This isn't a new thing. You say people aren't entitled to their opinions, but they are. You can not control what someone else thinks, no matter how right you may be. Holding your own beliefs and thoughts is a basic human right. What people are not entitled to do is contest someone else's opinions without being willing to discuss it and possibly change their own. 

Again, some people are just going to be assholes. You can't change that, and it's not a specific trait to any one generation.


Hmm. This is super biased. Can we not just agree their are major dick weeds from every generation?


I finally see some RX8s, and they are in an article saying some people are dicks....   8(



Speedhunters truth and s3mag has been saying this for along time. start with being diverse with features.


@MarkVIILSCFBRX7 rook56 I completely agree about the first. Not sure about the second type of comment. I can only think how I would feel if someone said that about my car and I honestly think I'd be OK with it. What if they had an awesome idea for an improvement? It is understandable to not like those kinds of comments, but maybe you can get a new slant on your pride and joy.
ps. Thanks for the constructive rebuttal - shows not everyone has to agree.


very well said and being 16 and coming from a family that has taught me to respect others and their opinions and preferences, I agree 100%


You have stumbled upon the great human nature of all least the nature of being extraordinary/ mysterious ,indifferent from others. Maybe its a fun way to blended know when you, me and rest of the world wake up one day, go to work or to school...and that feeling comes and you said to urself ' what the hell iam doing here?!' and decide to take a personal day off.
The Alpha generation tot they could fly n hv super-mutant powers.


Been breathing in this world almost sixty years now. See articles like this every now and then. Back in the sixties my older brother was in 'Nam and he had two subscriptions to Hot Rod magazine. One went to him and the other went home so he'd have every issue when he came home. He did come home and was always involved in some sort of racing. Drags for a while then he got into dirt track. through all those years some schmuck always gripes about a group that is making everyone look bad. They wanting to change this, they do this differently, they wear sunglasses when they drive and when they have an accident all our rates will go up. (Yes that was out there for awhile) But the one griping makes so few noteworthy points and then tells us this, "When you’re raised to believe that only your opinion matters, you immediately remove any opportunity to learn from your life. "  Then a paragraph down says this, "But surely everyone’s entitled to their opinion? No. Nobody is entitled to an opinion unless you can back it up with facts, experiences or legitimate and thoughtful debate. "     So I'm back where I started. The author was looking in the mirror and scolding himself.  Just the same old same old.  Just get out there and have fun. If some killjoy comes along.....handle it. I spent many a weekend covering asphalt on two wheels. Had friends that rode and they were decent folks. But there are times when there's nothing like the wind in your face and no voice in your ear or light in your mirror. Never needed a group to ride and still don't  
Slow fade.


I've noticed that the trolls tend to hide behind screen names which afford them a layer of anonymity. Sort of like how the jackasses in mobs who are wearing masks are the ones burnign cars and throwing rocks at the police. 

Not the ones with their faces plainly visible. Anonymity seems to show who people really are. It shows how they'd act if no one was watching. They are cowards who are afraid of their own cowardice...

All my online names are what you see above. Facebook, Twitter, this page, YouTube, etc. In online forums I'm JetBlack but I add my real name to the profile section. It keeps me honest and makes for a politer internet if anyone can call you on the phone, or in the case of the kiddies, talk to mommy and daddy about what junior's been up to.


"The fact that you or I could go anywhere in the world and find a
like-minded individual and start talking (or pointing and smiling if
language is in the way) passionately about automobiles is an incredible
stumbled onto a smal local car meet in a small town one night when I was traveling in Thailand. Within minutes I got offered a beer and some fresh noodles eventhough no one spoke a word English. But with hands, feet and pictures on our cellphones we somehow all spoke the same language, that of car enthousiast. They showed me all the mods they made to their cars while i took a bunch of pictures and spent the next couple hours just chilling around the cars without anyone actually talking.
Needless to say it was a great experience of what being a car guy is al about!


At 23 I guess I'm in a minority, I can look at stance builds and
enjoy them just as much as track/race builds, I can look at american,
euro and japanese builds and like all of them, I'm not a brand whore. . .
.and instead of being a complete ass and saying something's just "no
good", I'd rather say "respect the work involved but personally I would
have [whatever]" I don't know if it's because I've been raised around
cars, or because I work on cars for a living but that's just how I am.
. . .and I always find it difficult if I'm at a show/meet/whatever [and
this especially applies to the UK VW scene], talking to someone who I
feel should be a proper car enthusiast and they seem to know nothing
about anything other than. . . . . .what some shop did to their car.
It's like. . . .great, you have a car but did you even do anything to
it? Are any of the modifications done by yourself or did you just get a
car on finance and pay someone to fit an air ride kit and some wheels?


Wow, I thought many of this "problems" never be addressed!
Ok hardly ever comment anything related to cars or bikes, or ever post anything related to my build, yet my opinion and ideology has never changed, and I'm glad you literally took some words I have remarked before in both scenes. My respectsU0001f64f and this only gives me hope, that maybe someday we can switch around the scene into a positive atmosphere, where regardless of your taste we can appreciate anyone for what they are and for what they build. Amen! -OlgaSaldivar


Paddy, this is the kind of shit I deal with in the military and the car world. My car garners so much hate and shit talk its not even funny. What? Aimgain and limited edition Volk Racing on a hybrid? Suspension and wheel gap that looks stock? Tail of the dragon competing with cars that are turbo charged and set up for autocross? I don't get it. You shoulda just gotten x y and z and swapped in a 2j or ls and slammed it to the ground with -15 camber on my parents dime.

I'm sorry that my car is faster than yours on the dragon. I'm also very sorry that I get 45mpg to and from the road trip there and back. <^> (-_-) <^>


Patrick Yun At least you don't drive a MINI. I catch hell from all my military buddies on a daily about it. At the end of the day though when I get in my car I smile more than they do in their beige-mobiles.


I somewhat agree with this, ive built my car how i want and to me thats all that matters, now when i see a car with mods i find distasteful, i do think to my self "not what i would have done" not out of being a self entitled douche, but for the simple fact i dont like it, and i dont think i have to back up that opinion with an argument or facts, cars are about personal expression. Appreciate other peoples cars, respect the effort they put in.


Paddy, I'm going to be quoting you so much in the coming weeks. Brilliantly written.


You're actually one of those being referenced, sir. "But personally I would have... [xyz]."
That's exactly it. The author doesn't care what you'd have personally done. You didn't do it. That's that narcissism in which one feels their interpretation of another's efforts somehow merits the attention of others.
It doesn't. And that's what is on the discussion block here. #irony


It's super easy to say this is an issue with millennials, to call us the "self-entitled" generation when that incredibly popular stereotype is reinforced over and over again in social media, mostly by people who aren't millennials and don't understand what the sample mean even looks like. It's also incredibly easy to forget that these millennials with terrible attitudes were raised by baby boomers and Gen Y, and that's where they learned it from. 
I don't know how many times I've heard things like, "Yeah, well my little corvette I used to have back in 75 would smoke your little jap econobox" or "too bad it's got a 4-banger in there, it'd be better with a Chevy small-block or something, you should swap it out" from a guy who hasn't turned a wrench since 1992. I've caught just as much negativity from people over 35 as I have from those 25 and under, almost entirely based on the fact that I enjoy different things than them, and I should have done it differently, specifically how they would have done it (sound a bit familiar?).
Being an entitled asshole is not a thing that is unique to the millennial generation, and people need to stop pretending like it is.


Agree with almost everything in this article. The dipshits whose opinions are limited to "V8 - sux kthxbai" are what are being referenced, and directed at the younger generation because most simply don't have the experience to explain why, they just know that all the other kids who they think are cool (and most likely don't even have a car) said it before them and therefore, they get to be cool for a second as the 1st one to say it. However, its quite a bit more convoluted once you get down to the why of things. 
  Why are they like that? How did they get like that? From US. Our parents, our brothers and sisters, OUR GENERATION showed them the way. They are shown a world of instant gratification(raised on TV commercials), assigned no responsibility(padded and coddled, protected from any harm during childhood), taught to pass tests (instead of learning knowledge) etc. It's what we've left for them. 
In many ways I do feel bad for the Millennials. They didn't ride a BMX bike in a dirt lot with slip-on Vans and torn Levi shorts trying(and failing) to jump three trashcans while dad slowly went for the band-aids without setting his beer down. They didn't get to wait by the mailbox every first week of the month, aching for the next Thrasher magazine. having a question and needing to go out and FIND the answer. They were bottle-fed the world's entire wealth of human knowledge and experience, conditioned to have the attention span of moths, told they have no future and never taught how to create their own. 

Do you wonder why we get comments like "NEEDZ MOAR LOW" or "V8's r stupit unless its a UZ then JDM(gasp) <3<3<3"?


Porthos1984 Patrick Yun I will never ever talk shit on minis again after facing off against one on my local touge....that thing handed me my ass.


Maybe if children have a disciplined upbringing again, they won't grow up to be spoiled self-entitled brats.
Eg. I spoke to a school and kindergarten teacher and they aren't allowed to use the word "No" anymore, nor are they allowed to get the children to form any kind of structure, like lining up in a row, seating allocations etc.
Some bullshit about they need to explore and develop their minds on their own, find their own way.
It's not just car culture affected. This self-entitled generation is spreading like wildfire in all aspects of life.


What's the matter with discussing different build ideologies? The main problem is people can't respect shit for whatever reason. If you can discuss what you would or wouldn't have done and why or why not in a civilized manner, then why not? Its not so much a problem of narcissism as it is the need for people to shit on others efforts to make themselves feel better. People should be able to express their opinions on things so long as they realize that different people like and do different things and you have to respect that. If you can't manage that simple task, that's when you need to just keep quiet and move along.


Well written!! Thank god someone who has the capability to reach thousands finally said what has been on our minds for years!!!


this is what i think when someone asks why id wanna slam or build my Kia. Why not its what i want to do.


tunerguy21  agreed, I see no problem in saying "I like it, but I'd have painted it red" that's my opinion, I'm not asking everyone to care about it, if you don't like it what does that matter? it doesn't because I'm just a guy on the internet.


NoPar It depends on how the line is delivered.

if it's "This is not my cup of tea, but can totally appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into this build" then I think its ok. I guess you could argue the "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" which is fair, but at the very least while the person may be passing judgement, they've at least had the respect to acknowledge the amount of work required to build the car, which is nice to hear regardless.

if its 'lol ur car is shit fgt y even bother wif da stok motor just ls swap it smh' then its not ok....

I don't think everyone should be expected to like every kind of build, at the end of the day a lot of what we do to our car's can be classified as 'Art' and is therefore subjective. It's the assumption that "my art is better than your art" is what Paddy is referring to here...


Lachlan21 They key here is "i think to myself"

Noone expects everyone to like every car build ever. But at least have the respect to keep pointless negative comments to yourself


tunerguy21  I think the reality here is that I'm saying "I" prefer it red, I'm not saying you "should" have painted it red, which is the difference between needless criticism and opinion.


David, you touched on the problem. Back in the day, before the Internet, the only way you could tell someone what you thought of their car (their girlfriend, their looks, their politics) was to their face. You owned what you got in response, from being ignored to a broken nose. Now, people can spout off all the time without consequence. And they do.


pmcgphotos You are dead on with this. Thank you for writing it.


I don't mind people doing what they want to their cars - what I DO mind, though, is the proliferation and positive reinforcement there is for using cheap knock-off parts or just the poorest of the poorest build quality junk just because they had to do SOMETHING to the car.  Why is there no shame in buying the cheapest junk, or giving money to people who've blatantly copied a product?  Like, it's almost the cool thing here.  I'm not talking about say, $1500 knockoff's of some $10k wheels - I'm talking about like, companies like Raceland coilovers - shit thats absolute garbage and does EVERYTHING worse than what the stock suspension does. Hell, the market has been taught that coilovers are supposed to ride like shit - no, only shit coilovers ride like shit, QUALITY coilovers can ride just as good as stock, and still do everything they're supposed to do better.

Oh, and debadging - I know some do it because they honestly like how it looks without the badge.  Thats cool, nbd there.  But the people who debadge a 323 because they feel embarrassed that ti's not an M3?  WTF is up with that?  Why can't people just be proud of what they DO have?


EvanShanks Speedhunters that was truly awesome


pr3p3hunna Speedhunters I usually don't share stuff like that, but that was well worth it.


EvanShanks Speedhunters I feel like that's one of those things that needed to be said, not even just in car culture but the world today


I never wrote this article and I'm not claiming that I did in voicing my opinion about it
"Rather than appreciating an awesome final product, they immediately turn it around into what they would have done to make it ‘better"

People should just care less about what others think, whether on the internet or in life, its your money, your car/house/phone/girlfriend/food/opinion/insertanythinghere... get on with your life. what does it matter if someone goes onto this website or another forum etc and writes some words? it doesn't. The reality is, you'll possible be angry about it for 5 minutes then you'll forget and move on or you may even think "that's not a bad shout maybe I will do that, if you don't want people to comment, remove the comment section?


I think it should be named "How not to be an elitist prick" rather than making it seem as though a certain age demographic is the cause of all problems.


If you want the self entitled generation you should look no further than the baby boomers. Their unabated greed and parenting has lead us to where we are now. They are the real culprits here.


rb25unicorn more like the balls


i23sonny the reason why they aren't is because if they would discipline their child, (by, say, spanking them), people would cry and scream that it is child abuse


D1RGE EXE this makes so much sense and its another reason why i don't want to be a parent


The parents of the self-entitled generation are as much to blame as the kids themselves. These are the mothers that park wherever they want in shopping centres because they believe they are entitled, these are the same parents that leave trolleys all over the carparks, even just meters from a trolley bay. They have brought up(or lack of) these children with any form of discipline or punishment and have handed them every iphone, ipad and gadget they could ever need to throw out their opinions on the world wide web. Before forums and the internet(gee I sound old), none of this garbage went on in the car scene. Kids and social media have more or less ruined it, and it's almost certainly going to get worse. 

Hopefully the 80's babies that were the last to be punished properly before the world went mad with anti-smacking bullshit, and were the last to really grow up without phones and the internet will bring everything back into order. They are now having children and will hopefully have a different mindset to the previous generation that were all about quiet time, naughty corners and giving their children everything they demanded and telling them that their opinions matter.


drowning sounds like a response a self entitled would say...blame it on someone else.


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


dangina drowning I agree with drowning, the parents are at least partially to blame. How can they not be?


JakeSchmidt i23sonny The let them abuse(not as such). Not bash or whack, but a smack here and there does no harm. The whole can't form lines or sit in the same seat thing so they can explore shit is rubbish. The world has lost it's mind!


Spaghetti why are they leaving small trains 6 to 9 feet from the train bay?


StevieM Spaghetti Sorry, do I need to say Shopping Carts so you'll understand?


I am a part of the self entitled generation (born in the year 2000), a car enthusiast, and I feel ashamed to have such narcissistic, self righteous, uppity assholes in my same age range. My dad and I would go to a Cars and Coffee with his 2010 STi that, at the very end of it's life span, had 200+ cars attending, but the local kids around my age (15) and some of the younger people attending would leave their shit and trash all over the lot. That caused us to be kicked out, and a change of location. That new location is only a couple months old, and it's already dieing. My two most recent visits have only yielded 10-25 cars, and the majority of the people attending are the basically clones of the people who got us kicked out. We've already received complaints about the excessive use of vape pens for hell's sake. It's these sorts of people who need be taught how to wear hats correctly, to be told no for once, and to be taught a set of manners.


wistro12 I agreed with you up until "how to wear hats correctly." They're just hats, dude, people can wear them however the bloody hell they like.


Scrolling through these comments is making me want Speedhunters to put up some type of giant readers rides post. I want to see some of the cars mentioned here.


I loved this post and certainly agree with most of what you say, but however I disagree with this - 

"But surely everyone’s entitled to their opinion? No. Nobody is entitled to an opinion unless you can back it up with facts, experiences or legitimate and thoughtful debate."

I'm very sure you don't  need facts to back up your opinion, because that's the whole point of it. It's an opinion for a reason. If you like blue eyes, what facts can you back that up with? None, because it's an opinion!

Apart from that, I love your work, keep it up!


Mate, you're not much of a writer. Either work hard at it to learn the craft properly, or forget the social commentary and stick to car and event features.


Hahahaha man you're the kind of imbecile this article speaks out against!! Politely: **** off


Haycha3170 Exactly my thoughts!


@Cabrio16vt If you like reading poor writing, good for you.


Well said..This is probably the one thing that keeps me from going to car meets or car shows. Being in my 20's I hate to associated with these kind of people who are not really enthusiast to begin with and are really into cars just show off and use it to get attention they crave.


I'm not much of a reader but I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I whole heartedly agree with everything you have said and I feel you've explained one of the most pressing issues in the car community today in the best way possible. Keep up the good work!


Spaghetti JakeSchmidt i23sonny um its nothing to do with the physical harm it doesnt have to be hard to cause psychological damage. also the amount of stories I heard from my dad and any 40 plus adult is that sure the were disciplined but instead of avoiding bad behavior the just tried not to get caught, kids are gonna be brats no matter what. the reason you see kids involved is because events, meets, are more accessible through the internet, you don't have to be as passionate to find ways into the community anymore. hence we get asshole kids


1939ba Please share with us something you have so brilliantly written. As a web developer/designer for the School of Journalism at WVU, I worked alongside many great writers and content creators. This piece is in fact very well written, but of course that's just my opinion.


Jagdroach That would be cool.


pr3p3hunna Speedhunters Absolutely. We live in a very self-entitled world as a whole; this can absolutely be applied everywhere.


EvanShanks Speedhunters couldn't agree with this more


Spaghetti StevieM haha please translate for the Americans


This site has a lot of young fans.  Some of them will be rude and selfish from time to time, but most will grow out of it.  I find most of the comments here respectful and enthusiastic, just like the articles themselves.  Keep up the great work!


smeck Nice story.


Spaghetti most if not all early-2000s bulgarian kids were grown w/o phones and with smacking


I wish the author had thought of some solutions to this problem. The only thing I read here was a long complaint with an intent on dividing the automotive community between those that are part of the "family" and trolls. Trolls which according to you are millenials and young car enthusiasts. Maybe we work towards including everyone and trying to educate this group that you generalized.
Also, the writer sounds self absorbed and manipulative. Maybe try a different writing style?


Your speaking of preference, not opinion. An opinion should be based on some facts.


I definitely agree with the points raised in this article, although it's not just the young people that are assholes in the car community, there are plenty of older people that can be complete assholes, you just have to look at some of the car groups on Facebook (the RX7 groups seem to the worst) so much hate that goes on in those groups. I think social media is definitely to blame for it becoming more common, people hide behind a screen and talk s**t about people and their cars, but would never have the balls to say it to their face, anyway that's just my 2 cents.


Mb84  in my opinion, it should be red, because I like red. Is that factual enough? Not all opinions need to be justified. Because they are damned obvious.


opinionəˈpɪnjən/nounnoun: opinion; plural noun: opinions1. a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.


Yo I like your article and I'll let you finish, but first; I'd put overfenders and 22"s and drop that stupid wang because wangs are for wangs but that's just my opinion.
Bad jokes aside; really well spoken Paddy, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for not only addressing the problem, but doing so in a way in which to remind everywhere why we're here and to remain respectful of those outside our bubble. We gotta keep the petrol family strong as long as there's guzzolene to burn.


JoshuaWhitcombe RX7 groups are great, unless you're dropping a piston engine into an RX body :-p


Spaghetti 80's? Sorry, as someone who born in 1994 I hardly disagree with you. Its all about the social environment they grew up in and how your parents educate you more of a "age thing" At least if we are speaking from years before 1995.


Spaghetti 80's? Sorry, as someone who born in 1994 I hardly disagree with you. Its all about the social environment they grew up in and how your parents educate you more of a "age thing" At least if we are speaking from years before 1995.


Spaghetti 80's? Sorry, as someone who born in 1994 I hardly disagree with you. Its all about the social environment they grew up in and how your parents educate you more of a "age thing" At least if we are speaking from years before 1995.


Jason Marah JoshuaWhitcombe Or fitting a Rocket Bunny kit, or basically any other widebody for that matter haha


Thank you Paddy. I'm 24 and it's beyond frustrating to see people my age act like this. It's so childish. Honestly Speedhunters have been crucial for me and opening my eyes to the infinitely broad world of being a petrolhead. Before Speedhunters, I'll admit I was a bit narrow minded but being exposed to what actually out there is truly an eye-opener. My favorite builds are the ones where you can see that the owner is truly passionate about what he has created. That sparkle in their eye when they get to show the world their heart and soul in a machine that they connect with. That passion, I feel is missing from the majority of people out there but i feel SH managed to capture a good amount of it and is why i love this site.


Thank you Paddy. I'm 24 and it's beyond frustrating to see people my age act like this. It's so childish. Honestly Speedhunters have been crucial for me and opening my eyes to the infinitely broad world of being a petrolhead. Before Speedhunters, I'll admit I was a bit narrow minded but being exposed to what actually out there is truly an eye-opener. My favorite builds are the ones where you can see that the owner is truly passionate about what he has created. That sparkle in their eye when they get to show the world their heart and soul in a machine that they connect with. That passion, I feel is missing from the majority of people out there but i feel SH managed to capture a good amount of it and is why i love this site.


Thank you Paddy. I'm 24 and it's beyond frustrating to see people my age act like this. It's so childish. Honestly Speedhunters have been crucial for me and opening my eyes to the infinitely broad world of being a petrolhead. Before Speedhunters, I'll admit I was a bit narrow minded but being exposed to what actually out there is truly an eye-opener. My favorite builds are the ones where you can see that the owner is truly passionate about what he has created. That sparkle in their eye when they get to show the world their heart and soul in a machine that they connect with. That passion, I feel is missing from the majority of people out there but i feel SH managed to capture a good amount of it and is why i love this site.


That Cresta tho


That Cresta tho


That Cresta tho


First pic is wonderful!

Rest is black and white.. :(


JoshuaWhitcombe Jason Marah Wow, that's a bit sad, really! I can't say I've noticed that, but I don't pay too much attention to the FD stuff on those pages!


JoshuaWhitcombe Jason Marah Wow, that's a bit sad, really! I can't say I've noticed that, but I don't pay too much attention to the FD stuff on those pages!


JoshuaWhitcombe Jason Marah Wow, that's a bit sad, really! I can't say I've noticed that, but I don't pay too much attention to the FD stuff on those pages!


I would have put wider wheels and more camber. :P

Gianluca FairladyZ

Hey paddy good article! Unfortunatly you're right and this group keeps growing.. They share the same passion but chosed the wrong path.. Maybe it is a question of education or a negative side effect of narcism.. In the end it's just sad when they personally don't have the capcity of accepting other opinions, or at least trying to understand other ways than yours.
Yes you can have all the money you want and be a nobody. Or you can be a nobody and have all you need... But in the end the most valuable currency is to have respect for yourself and the others, the rest comes on it's own.


Paddy you've sure stirred up a storm here! 
I was brought up with a "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all" mentality and I genuinely think the successive younger generations are slowly loosing this for some reason or other.

Positivity breeds positivity!


Jason Marah JoshuaWhitcombe i've seen the same thing in the Z32 community when an LS gets dropped in where a turbo motor should be. It used to bug me but i can understand why people go that route...then there's the how-dare-you-defile-this-sacred-chassis crowd... people need to loosen up lol


If you don't at least enjoy learning about different and strange aspects of car culture (even if they aren't to your personal taste) or if you "only like brand Y, everything else is junk" or hatefully bag out someones choice of car, then personally I feel you aren't a real enthusiast. I'd like to see car cultures banding together more, especially as politicians and police forces, at least in Australia are hell bent on seeing us marginalized. God forbid anyone should have a hobby that isn't binge drinking in this country o_O

tl;dr rant.


Speedhunters great article! Couldn't have said it better!


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For what it's worth, I'm basically a millennial. Take that how you will. 

Every generation seems to complain about the upcoming one. The cycle always repeats. The new generation is always criticised by the older generation but don't seem to learn from it, so when they become the older generation they say the same shit about the new new generation .

It's a bit like how rock music was the devil's work and now it's video games that are threatening our children's lives. Same shit, different decades. People will always find a way to complain about the new generation, just like they'll find a new thing that is destroying the children. I aspire to not be one of those people. 

However, I'm not going to just deny what you said is true, I think some of your points have merit to them. 

I think the narcissism stems from parenting/environment, from social media and from, well, the fact that millennial are young and therefore stupid. That third one has always been there because that's how we are as humans. The second one, well that's also because we are humans and social media takes away some of the social barriers so we sort of switch off our inhibitions. The environment in which someone grows up and lives will affect how narcissistic they are as a person, but the other two factors mean that they'll let it out more.

Most people (and by us i mean human beings) have some level of narcissism and I think it's important to recognise it and actually be self-aware. Self awareness is a skill that in my experience, many people lack, regardless of generation. 

That includes the person reading this. Yeah, you. And me. 

Many people say "wow 90% of people are stupid/bad at whatever/blah" without realising that they are the 90%. They might read, most people aren't self aware, not realising that they are part of that group. That's you, the reader. It's me. It's pretty much everyone. This is something that I feel transcends generations because quite frankly I think most people (including myself) typically think that they are above average. Because the word average in society has negative connotations. WTF? Average should literally mean average, not bad.

On the topic of having justification for your opinions: I completely agree. Just because your opinion exists, doesn't mean it's worth anything. Back it up with evidence and logic. This is something that all people should know and is a problem that affects people in general, not just this generation. I reckon some of the politicians in my country and probably around the world would learn this. Look at the evidence first, then form your opinion. Don't form your opinion then try to justify it because you might have a shit opinion. 

In regards to the people who say "I would've done this instead" instead of appreciating it. 

There are many people who aren't millennials who say the same stuff. Sorry to repeat myself, but I think it's a people thing. A lot of people simply dont appreciate other people's tastes in a given subject I guess. You can appreciate something without enjoying it. It's like saying someone's music is shit, just because you don't like the genre, and that you'd rather listen to (whatever band you're into). Yeah sure, it's shit to you, but other people like it. Who cares?

sorry to go on a fairly unstructured rant/ramble

sorry for bad english it's not my strong point

tl;dr i think it's more how we are as people, it's just that the internet has allowed us to let go of some of our inhibitions and therefore some people become arseholes. also please read it i think i have some valid points. let me know if any of my points are shit so i can either better explain/justify it or change my opinion


There are a lot of comments that I want to respond to, but it's going to take some time. In the mean time, I just want to cover some bases and to re-emphasise that I'm perfectly aware that it's not *every* millennial nor is it exclusive to any one particular generation. I chose millennials because that's the group I've witnessed displaying these traits the most. I would agree to a certain extent that it's not entirely their fault, but that doesn't mean they - or anyone else - can have a free pass to do as they please.

I believe that the vast majority of people are good and I think the comments here show this. There are a few who may have mis-interpreted what I'm saying (I'll try talk to you individually) or are just offended because what I'm saying might be a little bit too close for comfort. Some people won't agree with me either and that's fine too. 

I'm not a writer and it was a huge challenge to articulate this argument. But, I am a car guy and all I want at the end of the day is what's best for our community.


What an awesomely well written post! I feel exactly the same but have never been able to sum up the right words/sentences to explain what i think. Thankfully you have nailed it while informing a vast audience. Hopefully this may change a fair few peoples ways, and eliminate future negatives and criticisms. 
Wicked Post Paddy!


Once you drop all the narcissism and take a step back and appreciate all the little things in life and not bitch and whine when you don't get your way. You will truly be happy and more importantly humble. Only you as a people have what it takes to make a difference. Now go practice what this article preached please. Because our culture (real car enthusiasts) is slowly getting worse and worse to the point that I no longer goto car meets from all the negative feed back and constant drama that seems to happen at just about every meet up I attend.

Reuben Rodriguez

Jagdroach yes we need this!


All this article does is tap dance around the real issue and shuffle all the blame on "the evil ones." There has been two types of car dudes since the second car was built: insecure dudes who only care about the image, and dudes who don't care about the image because they do it because it's what they enjoy. Too many people in the world wide car community are only into it because they think it gives them some kind of image. Too many people think they deserve respect because they threw money at a car and then got covered in a magazine or are popular on a forum. Too many people demand respect and then go on rants like this because there's one person who doesn't feel obligated to bow down just because they were on page 13 of *insert magazine of your choice*. The problem with the modern car community is that it's more attractive to those who are in it for the image due to the growth of the internet. Instagram, Speed Hunters, StickyDilJoe, etc. are all guilty of contributing to this mindset.

People can't give opinions? If you don't want someone criticizing your car, don't post it on the internet. It's that simple. Don't put your car into public eye if you don't want to hear what the public thinks about it. Forumˈfɔːrəm/noun a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. If you're incapable of accepting that people don't align with your thoughts, don't go on forums. It's that simple.

As someone who is very passionate about driving, I welcome criticism. I want people to tell me I suck. I want people to tell me I did something wrong. I want people to point out flaws. Why? Because it gives me insight on something that I might have overlooked, could do differently, or I just did it incorrectly. It's called growth, and you should be happy people care enough to help you grow. Instead, people just get pissed off and blame the "self-entitled generation" for being trolls or flamers or whatever term you want to use. Self-entitled? The only people who are self-entitled in this community are those who think they are beyond criticism cause they have a bunch of shiny parts on their car.

How about you be productive and write an article about that BS mentality instead of falsely accusing an entire generation of something they're not? Oh wait, you can't because the real self-entitled people are the ones who bring the viewers to your website.

Oh and the next time you want to accuse the millennium generation of being a bunch of self-entitled douche bags, I hope you remember that the millennium generation has been fighting an all-volunteer war for the last 14 years. How's that for self-entitled?


In the late 90's -early 2000's things like the flip-flop- trunk and crazy things like that were looked at as cool and unique, now everyone wants to blend and if you do a flip-flop - trunk then heads spin and the names start rolling. I miss when people weren't as jealous or close minded. :/


1939ba Yeah, well, that's just like, your opinion man.


@Tom wistro12 exactly. "Cock your hat - angles are attitudes". So said Frank Sinatra.


Spaghetti How old are these parents if not the "80's babies that were the last to be punished properly before the world went mad with anti-smacking bullshit"...?


FilthyFitment I need to let my mom read this U0001f44dU0001f3fd