Time For A Video Break…

We’re not far away from kicking off a new week of Speedhunting, which means it’s time to take a quick look back at a few of the videos we’ve been watching over the past seven days.

We don’t need to tell you why Back To The Future was filling up social media feeds last week, but we can’t go without sharing at least one DeLorean-related clip…

MARTY is the name given to a very unique DMC-12 dreamed up by engineers at Stanford University. No, it doesn’t fly, but what this DeLorean does do is embrace present-day technology, specifically electric-power and self-drive. Oh, and it drifts by itself too!

Next up, we’re in Jay Leno’s Garage to check an ultra-rare machine from the ’70s – a Mercedes-Benz C111. This prototype model, of which only a handful were ever made, was primarily used for R&D purposes, and early on in its development used 3-rotor and 4-rotor Wankel engines. This recently-restored C111-II example from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center might be powered by a 3.5L V8 (again, for testing in period), but it’s absolutely amazing nonetheless.

During the week, Paddy brought us coverage from the final round of the 2015 Extreme Drift Allstars championship held at the MotoArena Toruń stadium in Podium. There’s some amazing drift talent in Europe, and you’ll see plenty of that in the official Drift Allstars video of the event.

Finally we have the second instalment in the Z Dream build: Episode 2: Rebirth. This time, Sung and the guys visit Signature Autobody where their S30 has arrived for body work after being seam-stitched and caged at GReddy. Look out for a sneak peak of the engine and the Datsun’s Rocket Bunny aero kit…

The Speedhunters



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Hnnnnnng, that Z Dream.


Correction - Marty is the character name of Michael J Fox in BTTF. No harm done though.


"[...]Allstars championship held at the MotoArena Toruń stadium in Poland "


Isn't there a 2JZ DeLorean on the web? I thought I remembered seeing one that made a LOT of horsepower?


Holy shit James Deane can drive his ass off!!! Another, ANOTHER!!! incredible chase run for the ages! This one, combined with his chase run in the finals at the IDC indoor round are easily the best chase runs of 2015. This guy is unreal!!


Think about it, each one of us paid for like .00005% of Kang's Datsun. Keys for 5 mins Sung, you owe us.


I was in class today, and my teacher was like do what ever im done for today. so i pull my phone out, doing my normal going on here. i started watching that z dream video. and i swear some kid was like HE IS WATCHING FF. so sense Mr. Kang (which apparently automatically means ff)  was in the video i got iss for watching unschool appropriate things. I didnt right this comment to say no one gets me (because i might only talk to like 2 people at my school but outside out class i am always at someones garage helping them with a car or something in those lines). I just wrote to show how one faced people are getting today. Just because he is an actor dosent say anything about his personal life.


DRiFTaddict  FF1 reminded me of how much I loved imports.
Be true to your self Bro.


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