Saito Versus The Touge

We always look forward to new films from Luke Huxham, and the latest release from the Japan-based cinematographer and director, No Daigo, No Party, lives up to all expectations.

Filmed on the iconic Gunsai touge (think Hot Version battles), Daigo Saito gets behind the wheel of his Toyota JZX100 and shows why he’s one of the world’s greatest drifters. No gimmicks, no tricks – just raw drifting captured in a natural habitat from in-car and chase cameras.

Select 1080p HD mode, crank up the volume and hit play!

The Speedhunters



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Oh hells yes. Give me some more of that!!!!!


More drift videos. More drift videos. Does SpeedHunters have a resident cinematographer?


We need more of such videos!


Damn, that car sounds good!


I REALLY don't understand how Daigo is called a good drifter. I've seen his performances in FD, in person twice a year for a few years. He just stops in the middle of a corner to force a wreck. All of the FD drivers bitched so much, they even made a rule against it after his first full season. He of course NEVER gets called for it, because FD is as realistic as WWE. I'm sure I'm not the only 1 who thought JTP was going to jump on him more than once (Road Atlanta). I also can't be the only person who's seen Vaughn have to literally bash Daigo through a corner because he simply refuses to do anything but park it (Palm Beach International Raceway). Cheaters, especially those who risk the safety of the drivers & fans should at the very least be publicly ridculed by all, if not outright banned from the sport all together.


GhostOfAkina You probably piss a lot of people off, but I agree with your comments. In the traditional sense of drifting (Tsuchiya, early option videos) how are any of the guys in the sport considered good drifters? I see so much hand braking and huge horsepower needed to go sideways (both of which Tsuchiya addresses as easy and beginner techniques in the Drift Bible) how is anyone impressed with what they do? 

Long gone are the days of Ueo throwing his AE86 sideways down the straights using nothing but pure momentum and a combination or steering and throttle to initiate the drift.


GhostOfFakeina- How is Daigo a cheater (as you put it) when he's one of the best professional drifters out there? You sound like a trailer-trash, redneck NASCAR-watching hater.  Of course you only mention and stand up for jtp (who is just an immature hot-headed sore loser) and Vaughn Gittin Jr. (who, don't get me wrong, is also one of the best drifters in FD).. You also compare WWE to FD and attend these drift events a few times a year for several years now?  Why use your money (maybe it's your mom and dad's, not your own) and support a sport if you're complaining and nagging about it like a little biyatch?  How is Daigo the only one "risking the safety of drivers and fans" when every other professional drifter takes a risk anyway any time they get into their own drift missiles?  You don't make any sense. You say, "I REALLLY don't understand how..." Well of course you really don't understand only because you're fckn ignorant with tunnel vision.  Think, be objective and use your brain before you open your big mouth little boy.


@Ghostoffakeina take your opinion and shove it. I don't have a long rant. Just that Daigo is one of the best on the FD grid today. You don't believe me, watche some high speed drifting at tsukuba.


I actually still have an old DVD copy of The Drift Bible.


Did this guy watch the video? Wtf is he talking about? Daigo is the bomb


This actually made me laugh out loud. Dafuq are you talking about


GhostOfAkina All of your ignorance makes me laugh. Do you even know how drifting works, boy?

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Just let this girl have a rant, we all know he's talking shit.
GhostOfAkina, go fornicate elsewhere.


jay8393 GhostOfAkina of course he knows how drifting works... he gets perfect drifts in need for speed XD


GhostOfAkina and that Chris H dude are the same person that's why they keep agreeing with each other on different posts. The dude is having a conversation with himself, effing mental.


Drift for fun and show is great, drift as a so called sport not so much.
But i have to say, Luke, once more great video, as for Daigo, well, i think this is the best car he ever drove or had, all the others are just plain pantomine and fireworks. And yes, i think is a great driver.
And remember people, freedom of speech stands everywhere in the world.


GhostOfAkina Daigo Saito, top 4 at IDC this weekend in a borrowed car with only 1 practice lap. If that's not saying something then I don't know what is.


I probably should have brought an extra pair of pants to work for that one...


wojcei20 No we're actually not. I run @mulholland_magazine and have no idea who the kid is.


Such a vulgar display of skill. Haven't seen a drift video this good in a while. And a Prodrive wheel, nice touch.


GhostOfAkina Sweeet. I have a couple Option Videos on VHS, still remember the one where they show that guy street drifting his AE86 in the mountains where his house was. Pretty cool.


@Chris H That's exactly what someone who was doing that would do, deny it.


wojcei20 LOLOL!!!


wojcei20 That's waaay freeeaky dude........... diagnosis: schizophrenia


GhostOfAkina man sit cho ass down!   if he can slow down and speed back up for you to chase you can slow down spped back up and chase him too,,,,,,      lol  prolly dont even know how to manji


Everytime i see this video i like it even more then i did the previous time. This is what drifting is all about.


@Chris H GhostOfAkina I liked your comment because I too am more of a fan of the traditional drifting, but things evolve and it's also interesting to see how drifting has changed in terms of style and technique, so I like drivers like Daigo as well.  Love all round.


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner so hes pretty much doing what you do on every single post?


he looks way too fucking calm #thuglife