A Family Affair:</br> The Advance Flatout NSX
An Unquestionable Legend

Some things never get old, and the Honda NSX is one of them. Simply said, there is no other Japanese car that has aged quite so well as this all-aluminium sports machine. It’s almost like a mystical creature, built with a very specific set of goals in mind, and setup and honed by a racing legend. Altogether, this keeps it up to par with modern day performance cars. Plus, as we all know, the NSX responds rather well to a touch of tuning – be it aesthetic, mechanical or both.

But there is more to why, after 18 years, Advance is still hanging on to its ‘Flatout’ NSX demo car.


This yellow Honda made its debut on the Japanese tuning scene back in 1997 after being brought into the Advance family as an R&D platform for a series of NSX-specific products the company wanted to develop. Masa, the man behind the operation, told us that the Honda was originally his father’s baby – a car that he fine-tuned and perfected over the years, and eventually honed into a blisteringly fast circuit car. After his father passed away some years ago, there was no way Masa was going to get rid of it. The NSX had become an icon to Advance’s customers, and the evolution of the project simply had to continue.


For those that can appreciate the fine balance that makes this one of the best driver’s cars of all time, the NSX is quickly becoming very collectable. If you’re after 600hp-plus, there are plenty of other cars that you can look at in Japan, but the NSX trades outright power for lightness and explosive torque for handling finesse. It’s for this reason that values have held; the model continuing to lure in those wanting to experience the unique feeling of driving a well-sorted, honest, mid-engined sportscar.

That all said, Masa knew that he had to inject a more modern look into the shop’s demonstrator, so in the quest to update the NA1, he first ditched its pop-up lights. Yes, they are super cool in a very ’80s way, but they are heavy and Honda’s replacement and spare parts stock for the lights have been depleted, so the shift to fixed NA2 projectors was an easy one to make. More so, they’ve altered the face of the car rather dramatically, while adding an instant touch of modernness. The bumper was also updated to reflect the change – now a Garage Kite item mated to a Tracy Sports front lip spoiler.


If executed correctly, the JGTC look on an NSX is simply to die for, but at times it’s better to hint at details from the world of motorsports rather than try to emulate them too much. That’s why Advance’s Flatout carbon fiber vented bonnet is just the right sort of touch – aesthetically pleasing but at the same time exceptionally functional, shaving weight off the front end and dumping hot air that has passed and cooled the grille-mounted radiator through louvered nostrils.


Just look at that profile! To say Honda got it so right with the NSX would be the understatement of the century. It’s a simple yet well proportioned mix of lines that sculpts one of the most recognisable shapes on the road. That’s why Advance chose to only add small touches rather than mess with it too much.


Wanting to give the somewhat narrow NSX a little more girth they designed a set of wider Flatout front fenders, which include a grilled section where they meet the door line that helps to channel away high pressure air from within the wheel arch. Against the yellow body the flat black RAYS Gram Lights 57DRs are a well-chosen addition, as are the fluro Advance stickers added to a single spoke on each wheel. The car runs a staggered height and width setup – 17×8.5s in the front and 18x9s at the rear. And the Advan A050 semi slick rubber is not for show either, because despite being totally street legal, the NSX is still used to set lap times at circuits like Fuji Speedway and Tsukuba.


Because of the NA1’s light weight a huge brake system wasn’t required, but there’s still some quality gear in the mix – AP Racing 4-pot calipers biting down on Garland slotted 2-piece discs via high-friction Endless pads.


This evolution of the Advance NSX follows on with the tall Flatout side skirts which mimic the side intakes and provide more airflow for rear brake cooling.


A pair of appropriately shaped lower cowls tuck the underside line of the car’s profile cleanly into the rear bumper, but the biggest visual change to the NSX are actually the rear fenders.


These Marga Hills items add 30mm width each side, taking the stock blistering of the rear wheel arches and exaggerating it. At the same time this frees up more space for wider wheels with more aggressive offsets. However, with the whole car being built around balance, Advance have stuck with 265/35R18 Advans at the rear, which offer up plenty of grip without taking away that lovely mid-corner adjustability that has always made this chassis such a peach.


What I personally like about Advance and the whole crew is their love for driving. Every month they organize a track day at Fuji Speedway for their customers, and if you dip below the 2-minute barrier you’re entitled to enter in the Advance ‘Under 2 Minutes Members Club’.  How cool is that?


The rear end is finished off with a GT wing – something that comes in handy for stabilising the rear of the car through the faster corners at FSW. The rear filament bumps in the taillights are long gone, now replaced with a modern set of custom-fitted LEDs that fill up the entirety of the rear lenses.

Let The Velocity Stacks Sing

For anyone that walks past the Advance NSX, it’s this particular angle that will stop them in their tracks. Yep, the whole engine is on show, and if you know a thing or two about the V6 mill that powers these cars you will have already noticed something rather special here.


That’s right – the single throttle body intake and stock plenum have been ditched in favour of a mechanical six throttle body setup that Masa’s father originally developed. It’s completed by six short velocity stacks that create one of the most intoxicating induction howls that I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.


To make sure they are fed all the fresh air they could ever need, precise cut-outs in the clear polycarbonate engine cover allow them to breathe freely while being shielded from heat.


The air is provided by this little roof scoop which has been custom integrated into the main polycarbonate glass section. It’s great seeing modifications dictated by function!


The NA1’s transversely-mounted C30A has been treated to a few choice additions in order to extract the best out it. Oversized Toda Racing high compression pistons which increase capacity to 3,110cc have been fitted and all other rotational components have been finely balanced. The cylinder heads feature Toda Racing camshafts that have been dialled in through adjustable cam pulleys to squeeze every last drop of performance from the six-throttle intake. Masa told me that power is around the 370hp mark, which is pretty much the maximum you can expect with any tuned C30A. What makes the difference here is the response that the throttle body setup delivers.


To make sure that the engine is never starved of oil Advance fitted their larger capacity oil pan, and cooling is taken care of through a Flatout oil cooler and a large core aluminium radiator mounted up front. Above you can see the big air-separator tank used in the cooling system to keep it functioning at its best – even during hard use on track.


Adding to the concoction of sounds emanating from the rear of the car is the Flatout GT exhaust system – a barely silenced titanium item that has been created to emulate the sounds of the old GT cars. Cool, right? Trust me – it makes this V6 sound amazing!

Forever Young

Advance could have gone a lot wilder in the aesthetic side of things and jumped on the whole aerodynamic movement which is taking the time attack scene by storm these days, but the choice to keep it real and create a car that their customers can relate and aspire to was the correct way to go.


We even had another familiar NSX that Advance have worked on join us during the shoot at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama. If you haven’t seen our feature on this particular car, click here and enjoy!


Yellow and black – it’s a superb combo!


Much like the exterior of the NSX, Advance have kept the Honda’s ageless interior clean and simple too.


There has been no futile attempt at ripping off interior trim to shed a few kilograms – the car is light enough as it is, and doing so would only impact negatively on the way it looks inside. Advance have, however, added a deeply-cupped Momo steering wheel and a rather optimistic 340km/h speedometer. The center console houses the three Defi gauges that help monitor engine vitals, while the most important addition of them all – the HKS lap timer – is nestled on the left side of the instrument binnacle.


A legendary mark!


Rollbar hoops have been fitted behind the Sparco Evo bucket seats to add a touch of safety should Masa get into trouble out on track.


Following the Advance crew back to the shop that afternoon I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful job they have done in keeping their demo car so attractive and current after all these years. I’m sure Masa’s father would be proud of what they have created, and hopefully they will continue to perfect it for many years to come!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I love this "all function track day cars", and the throttle bodies looks amazing.


only a 1:01 a tsukuba come on man i know that car can do better heck you got hatches running that kind of time and almost stock imprezas like the 2015 blitz subj nice ride though.


***Dino, what kind of car is that in the first picture that is on the right lane follow the NSX? Its the car with a giant Advance sticker on the hood and an OS genkin sticker too along with some other stickers.

Great article!!I agree about being timeless. the NSX is just a beauty and it never get old. the new NSX is kinda lame in my opinion. it just doesn't have that exotic WOW to it.

Dino, What are your thoughts on the NEW NSX???


I was starting to lose faith in you guys, but this one is really brilliant. Great car and great feature!


Even compared to the FD, the NSX looks like a four-wheeled fighter plane.


@tom S2K I guess !!!


jacobherman14 Oh I'm sure if a pro driver got his hands on it it would be under a min for sure


@tom There's a feature coming up on that red car too! New NSX? What new NSX ;)


@rafal Why would you ever say that?


Ice Age LOL FD too though, ageless


These are rare in NZ just like Honda's newer "flagship" model (flagship for us petrol heads) S2000. I've never dreamt of owning one, but if I ever drove one I'm sure that'd change.


Dino, great article by the way. I have seen a few articles you have done recently on the NSX. Has any of the companies done turbo kits for them in Japan for the road cars? I know Esprit has one for the track.


That's an awful lot of talk about intoxicating induction noise and thundering exhaust for no video clip!


speedhunters_dino Ice Age And that's my point. As good as the FD is, the NSX is even better.


@tom The car he is in that's following the NSX, to take the rolling shot, I believe is the blue NSX he featured a little while back. It's also mentioned and shown above in this article. The visitor he mentioned :)


"a rather optimistic 340km/h speedometer"... haha :)
Great article as always Dino.


BSides This video is from six years ago, so there may have been changes made since.

Muhammad Haqy Aunoora

I like that NSX because they make the modification dictated by function, another great article Dino


Lol my thoughts exactly!!!
AND I thought the car that is chasing the NSX was the blue NSX but I'm not sure because it doesn't have any hood vents and there isn't any outlines of the pop up lights so I honestly dont know. I initially thought it was a Z33 but I could see it being an S2K.
Dino do you know what car i am talking about?
I am curious because it looks kinda nice. I know that sounds weird but it got my attention.




Dino you've been tracking down some of the most amazing NSX's lately. Great job!


I really liked their blue one you featured earlier, but damn..them stacks and roof scoop - just superb!


Perfection! So much love for NSX this month!
Love the small roof intake scoop. I think it's made by Mugen? Looks so much cleaner than the usual Super GT periscope item.


Verdigrie BSides You, sir, just made my day with this video! Oh, the sound of the C-series is to die for!


jay8393 No it's not a Mugen item, that was much bigger


azmedaj Induction noise will make you come in your pants!


@zz Few more around too! I'll get to those eventually ...


jmc0415 Who needs filters?


Muhammad Haqy Aunoora Thank you!


i23sonny well not even with a twin turbo set up haha


ThelamusCeasar Esprit is the only one I have heard of. GruppeM used to do a supercharger which was really popular back in the day


i23sonny Yep same blue car :)


Reminds me of the legendary Ferrari F355, this NSX is EPIC.. this over the new American Acura NSX......


speedhunters_dino we are doing something similar with my old NSX here so love these articles we thought we had finished some of the mods but are now discussing balancing that bottom end big time.


Great way to stop rocks being ingested.


John Key NZ where you based I could fix that one day


Thank you Speedhunters for featuring this car. After that last BMW and the Lexus, I was getting a bad taste. I mean, those cars look amazing, but it's highly doubtful either of those cars will be ever used to back up their looks. Meanwhile, this lil' Honda here.....I would take all day err'day over a parking lot princess. More of these, less of those please!


Am i the only one that thinks bright screaming yellow colored aero parts and supercar silhouette needs more than 350ish horsepower?
Sure, it's not all about power, especially in this case, but a stock looking and more powerful NSX is more of a win.


Fantastic this, Dino. More like it please - this is what we want to see.


You guys need to start posting videos with these features. Every one goes on about how mind blowing the ITBs/turbos/titanium pipes etc are, but it doesnt mean much without backing..


speedhunters_dino jacobherman14 The Stig!


The car weighs about 1200kg stock, so this will weigh even less with its race seats, forged wheels, semi-striped interior etc. 370hp at the rear wheels in a car that weighs around 1200 is very quick, more than you would ever need on the street.


Awesome car, awesome story. Comparing the track time of this and the 190e Benz... just shows how amazing that 190e is to keep up with this... BEAST!

Love it! Both cars!


Ujean This NSX has the potential to be well under 1-min at Tsukuba. Somebody needs to get Nob Taniguchi into this thing!


Falsey That's true, we'll make sure we integrate more vids into future features


mrwicksy You go it! :D


Gary89 I agree, power isn't everything. This car will run rings around a heavier car with 600 HP.


D1RGE EXE We try to keep a balance, so don't be afraid by a little variety. We are trying to keep it fresh after all :)


TYPE_S_ZERO speedhunters_dino Cool to hear! Let us know when you complete the car. Where are you located?


Mahfoodh Ahhh the 355. The last REAL Ferrari IMO!!


jay8393 BSides You're most very welcome, I'm happy to help.
For more C-series goodness, checkout the video below. The Taitec exhaust is incredible!


speedhunters_dino Falsey or just a sound clip for engine revs, etc. would be also great :)


The more NSX's you feature the more i realize how poor i am haha just kidding, what i'd like to see from a tuning house (be it Japanese, American, or European) is a NSX and CRX only shop. If im not mistaken, one of the prototypes for the NSX was built from a stripped down CRX shell, no?


TheDude69 I haven't heard that but it would surprise me, the CRX is based on a civic chassis, front engined, fwd.


Gary89 they weigh closer to 1300kg stock this would be around 1200kg now after all the weight loss


speedhunters_dino TYPE_S_ZERO we are based in New Zealand engine mods should be another month waiting on a custom intake manifold and larger single TB, no turbo on this build staying true


you guys should get this guy from http://www.thenaritadogfight.com/  to cover track events which is what he does.... that be awesome to show others life at the track ...hmmm not a bad theme ...


All you need now is to feature a red and black NSX's to have the Voltron force. These are really epic nsx's you n Larry covered ... Now I'm interested in what else is in the 2 minute club!!!!


speedhunters_dino Falsey You guys have been saying that for ages! This is where you need to match the competition!


jmc0415 That's the Japanese way, although considering it's mid engine and breaths through a top scoop, I'm sure it's fine


What is the blue car in the second picture


MrSOLOMON85 Same car as in pic 21


d_rav I should head to a Fuji track day and show you ....


HLB TheDude69 never heard that


@Beany speedhunters_dino Falsey Hey I've done it in the past on some features. Probably went unnoticed?


TYPE_S_ZERO speedhunters_dino Cool, let us know


jmc0415 Rocks? Seriously ?


speedhunters_dino Is there a pane of glass between the car's interior and where those ITBs come through the plex? I really can't tell from the photos. If not, jesus christ this thing would be loud inside...


ca_bimmer speedhunters_dino Yep there is lol


speedhunters_dino ca_bimmer That makes sense. Great feature man, you have been killing it lately!


Falsey Do a youtube search for Advance NSX Fuji and listen to the sweet sweet VTEC goodness that is this C30A! I know that is what I just did!!


speedhunters_dino jay8393
that is definitely a mugen hatch.


d_rav I believe there was a green one as well? Damn...it's been so long. Voltron was one of the first anime I saw.


azmedaj d_rav HAHA oops I meant green! But imagine a pack of NSX's blasting down a track or freeway.... seeing these featured NSX's remind me of the Top-End NSX's from a loooooong time ago... here's a clip of similarly styled cars...



speedhunters_dino Cool man - aside from that the features recently have been fantastic


Not a fan of the yellow but everything else thumbs up.


Dino you need to shoot it parked up with the yellow/black Spoon Civic type R and Integra type R, late 90's/early 2000's styling at its finest. Great coverage as always!


speedhunters_dino  Well - that NSX is really great - what stands out here is the mix of quality, style and performance. It's got "that something". Maybe it's just me and I don't completely understand the idea of SH, but for me Speedhunters is the place for the best of the best, and examples like that red compact Honda or million horsepower (I never thought I'd say that, but also kinda generic) cars just don't make me crazy like the rest of the features.


guys did you see the NSX type R on sale on the web these days?
its on the german mobile.de !
230.000 Euros


TYPE_S_ZERO John Key NZ from Auckland dude jl.mather@yahoo.com


d_rav azmedaj JDM Insider!! LOL I literally paid Best Buy money for the privilege of owning all of these DVD's back in the day. Still some of the best video's as far as format and content relevancy I've watched. VERY ahead of their time. 360 Videoooo!


Just like to point out that the front wheels are actually SSR Type C wheels, while the rears are Gram Lights 57DRs.


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