Perfecting Perfection:</br> The Advance NSX
THIS is the NSX

How do I say this without angering too many people… Okay, so you know the new Honda NSX that just made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show? Yeah, that futuristic, somewhat anonymous-looking supercar that many people have been lusting over. That, my friends, is not an NSX.

While it’s the best, and probably the only answer that Honda needed to come up with to meet the current trend of turbocharged, direct injected, all-wheel drive hybrid monstrosities that we now refer to as hypercars, they simply had no choice in the matter. Sure, they could have come up with an all-alloy and lightweight carbon fiber sportscar with a high-revving, mid-mounted V8 engine driving the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual transaxle. It could have possibly even been the most accurate expression of a modern day driver’s car. But come on, let’s be serious – who the hell wants a car like that these days? The NSX has always stood for unadulterated driving perfection, and while it may be old, no matter which way you look at it or try to argue it, it will remain the best sportscar to have ever come out of Japan.


So how do you improve on perfection? Well, one thing is for certain, it won’t be via that car they are calling the new NSX. No, while that will be stupidly fast and ridiculously easy to drive, those seeking true driving satisfaction will still be looking at the original car. Which is exactly what our friend Jun-san did. His search for a serious driver’s car is what led him to the NSX initially – the timeless looks and the ability to fulfil both sportscar duties as well as hold its head high at race tracks like Fuji and Tsukuba the main attractions.


But his search for the perfect NA1 was just the beginning. After living with the car in its standard guise for years, Jun eventually began tinkering, and that’s something that has never stopped. In its current state, it’s a superbly executed interpretation of what Jun’s ideal NSX is, and upon initially seeing it and meeting him at Daikoku PA, I knew it was one car that you guys would love to see.


There’s no question that the zenki version of the NSX with the pop-up lights is the one to have. It’s so beautifully simple in its design and can really look the part when you start playing with the aesthetics. The idea here was to add function by helping the NSX body to slice through the air, while making full use of the air passing over and under it.


So on top of large openings to boost cooling, the Marga Hills front bumper has been modified to accept a pair of carbon canards, as well as a carbon splitter and an undertray that Jun made himself. It extends a long way down the car and seals up against the rest of the underbody covers that help smooth airflow beneath the chassis.


An Advance vented bonnet helps air passing though the radiator and oil cooler escape, and in the process looks extremely menacing thanks the raw carbon fiber louvers.


A set of wider Marga Hills front fenders followed, helping the NSX look broader and lower to the ground. In turn, this has allowed Jun to run a wider front track to help boost grip and cornering feel through the turns. A set of staggered RAYS Gram Lights 57Extreme wheels measuring 17×9-inch in the front and 18×10.5-inch in the rear with Dunlop Direzza Z2 tyres all around is the chosen street setup As for the brakes, if you hit the presentation mode button you can enlarge the picture and check out the 4-pot Brembos hidden behind the thin spokes. The rear gets the same package, given that’s where much of the car’s weight is found.


Since Jun is quite handy when it comes to DIY, he went ahead and created his own LED side markers, which he fitted in the appropriate position on top of the fender’s vent section.


The JGTC-inspired look of the Marga Hills aero kit continues along the profile; the side skirts really pulling the front and rear end treatments together. The steps feature second sections in the form of carbon fiber underskirts that help define the bottom edge of the car and giving the illusion that it’s sitting even lower.


It all culminates at the rear with integrated Marga Hills pumped fenders for a seamless look. From the way the aftermarket aero has been fitted, to its design, which improves on the NSX’s underlying DNA rather than altering in an unnatural way, it’s all very nicely executed.


Seeing the NSX cruising around Odaiba that afternoon made me fall in love with the NA1 all over again. I mean, just look at this thing – it’s like the Takata JGTC GT500 racer has been unleashed on the streets of Tokyo! How the hell is this car over 20 years old?


But wait, I’m not quite done yet. You see, once you take a look from the rear, more of Jun’s handiwork comes into play, starting off with the GT wing. It’s comprised of a Garage BB main wing section with a set of carbon Matric stays fixed onto the factory wing mounts.


There’s more custom LED work to be found too. Since the idea behind the build was to bring the NSX into the modern era style-wise, Jun designed his own pattern for both the taillights, brake lights and indicators.


It makes the NSX look so damn sick when sitting behind it in traffic. More one-off work followed, this time with a custom rear diffuser, which just like the front extends to connect up to the sealed-off underbody.

Toda Racing Meets Advance

Jun was more than happy with how his car was coming along, but after years of use and abuse both on the street and at the track, the time eventually came to freshen up the engine. And what’s the point of doing that without throwing in at least a few upgrades, right?


Well, he might have gone a little over the top here, but since the engine had to come out it just made sense. Aside from Advance’s signature deep blue cam cover, there isn’t too much that hints at how special this C30A actually is. Just by looking in the engine bay you would never know that this engine pumps out 110PS per liter – but that’s exactly what it does. It comes courtesy of a Toda racing 3.1L stroker kit, comprised of a special crankshaft and a set of high compression pistons built to GT specifications.


There’s Toda Racing billet camshafts in the mix too, and with Advance’s race engine building knowhow the Honda V6 was transformed into a rev-happy and responsive powerhouse that just begs to be used properly at all times! 350PS might not sound like much, but in a car that tips the scales at just over 1,200kg, it’s plenty of power to play with.

Jun’s lap times are testament to just how fast a well setup NSX can be. Hit play above and you can see his 1’01’ lap from Tsukuba circuit from a few weeks ago.

And this is a video of his best lap at Fuji Speedway – a 1’55”. That’s pretty damn impressive and easily puts a lot of modern day supercars to shame!


I bet you are looking at this NSX in a whole different light now, right?


The Advance-built motor channels exhaust gasses through a set of high-flow Fujistubo manifolds before passing them onto an Advance titanium exhaust, which as you can see here runs a pair of transversely laid out silencers that help quieten the blaring V6 soundtrack. It sounds, well, glorious – a perfect mix of raspiness that intensifies as revs rise to an almighty naturally aspirated racket! The engine is managed through an HKS F-CON V Pro piggyback ECU running a custom map that Advance fine tuned over a series of dyno and street tuning sessions. All it needs now is a Toda Racing sports injection kit with a sexy set of velocity stacks – what do you think Jun?


Advance proceeded onto the driveline with an Exedy twin-plate Carbon-R clutch mated to a lightweight flywheel. That sends drive to an OS Giken 1.5-way LSD with a 4.4 final to help bring the gears closer together.

Say Hello To Digital

Jun has spent a serious amount of time personalising the cabin of his NSX.


Along with a Momo steering wheel mounted onto a quick-release boss, he’s replaced the stock seats with a pair of Sparco REV2 fixed buckets flanked by Sabelt harness belts.


But the real party trick resides in the instrument binnacle… With the release of the Defi Smart Meter there has never been an easier time to create your own racecar-type digital display. The way Jun went about it was to retain only the NSX’s fuel, volt and water temperature gauges, and create a carbon fiber backing on which the LCD display was fitted.


The Defi unit interfaces with the Honda’s ECU and relays information wirelessly via Bluetooth to the screen, which is simply a Google Nexus tablet. This of course means it’s a touch panel, and by swiping a finger across you can toggle through the different display screens, or, if you are feeling like it, watch some movies on YouTube and reply to some emails! It’s pretty damn cool, right? I think Defi are onto a big thing with this little gadget.


Seeing that Jun hits the track quite often he decided to permanently fit an HKS Circuit Attack Counter (lap timer) into a carbon fiber leather trimmed, custom-made pillar mount. Of course, he did all the work himself!


More DIY work can be found in the center console with a custom-mounted touch screen navigation unit and a GReddy Multi Switching System controller. The audio headunit has been relocated to the passenger side to keep things uncluttered.


Advance also took care of the NSX’s handling, fitting their original Bilstein dampers along with a set of appropriately chosen Eibach springs, and topping it all off with pillow bushings to eliminate any possible slack. It all makes for a very well setup time attack machine.


Jun has pretty much taken the perfection that is the NA1 NSX, and perfected it further.


It’s these sort of cars that continue to define what Japanese car culture is all about. It’s all about perseverance, following a dream or an idea, and slowly but surely turning it into reality. The best thing of all for me is that there are never any ulterior motives. This is a car build by an enthusiast for the sole purpose of satisfying his need to create the best possible interpretation of the car he loves so much. It’s the essence of what we all strive to do: no need to fish for kudos or attention – just personal satisfaction.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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AWESOME WORK DINO! One of the best privateer Hondas in the WORLD.

turbo BEAMS ae86

Dis Dino men is why i came an this site..great photo as always..and godly JDM car
How can others love new NSX?  and call it NSX?  Plz...that is some thing else good..but not NSX..not the same as these
Sorry for any english


ugh the brakes! This car can brake deep.. What does he run for pads?


Ive been reading from SH as a daily bible for a few years now. Your first paragraph hit the nail on the head. Sad part is that i dont know why no one has seemed to say what everyone in the purist community was thinking. NOT re-imagined as the NSX was meant to be. Maybe examples of the drivers machine is totally extinct :( As a generation said before, "they dont make things the way they used to". Build more like ft86 or 4c!


Yeah the braking on this car is scary!  Watching that Tsukuba lap I'm thinking "woa woa woa slow down!" and then he finally stomped on it haha

This is one of the most tastefully modded cars I've seen on in here in months.  I'm a sucker for JGTC inspired builds and as this melds that along with street style and custom work it separates itself from other builds in my opinion.  Very very very nice car!


But you know, what if the new NSX just, you know, plain BECOMES the NSX? It's deep, yes, but you'll get there.


Does anyone hapen to know the name of the blue ?


Came to see insanely tasteful cars, not disappointed, awesome shots dino, and what a darn awesome build Jun-san!


Well done Dino!
I agree on all fronts regarding to the new "NSX". I love everything that Jun-san has done except for the cheesy(imho) front/rear LED treatments....who cares though this thing is epic!


I love the aesthetic integration. Blue paint, blue engine accents, blue-faced gauges. I love how the engine bay is entirely devoid of color, except for the parts which are matched to the body color. Well, almost.
The gauge cluster works well, too - blue-faced gauges flanking a nicely-done, full-color display.
The overall elegance and simplicity of this NSX makes it superior to the new one. 
Naturally-aspirated engine with no hybrid add-ons or power-adders, manual transaxle with no electronic controls, clean exterior aesthetics refreshingly free of the "totally radical to the extreme!" styling common to modern bodywork (at least, before all the aero add-ons), and you don't need a mind-blowing amount of power when you're not trying to motivate two-and-a-half tons of car.
And the little chibi NSX on top of that box in the engine bay is a nice touch!


I love this car and I've always been a huge fan of the Na1 its my dream car and I will be on look out for one! Good article Dino, and awesome car!

Tasos Papazachariou

What an amazing car the NSX was...
After seeing the new ''NSX'' I can't help but wonder what the hell happened to cars aimed for drivers.Personally I just can't take a sports car seriously when it lacks a clutch pedal and a shift nob.


This car is absolutely beautiful and amazing... Download image... Download image ... Download image...

Charles Montgomery III

Upgrade to 6MT from the C32A?


Love the article Dino! Makes me want to get out and drive my S14! To bad its under a couple feet of snow...


Damn Dino, you were made for this! Getting beyond the material, as always. 

Superb article.


Anyone know the shift indicator that's mounted to the steering column just behind the wheel?


These NSX are timeless!


Error 404: Sparco Harnesses Not Found.
I do love these cars, and you hit the nail on the head with the JGTC references. This car screams "Look at me, I'm a Track Car on the Street!"


Better snatch these up before they jump to a starting price of 70,000 USD at 150,000 miles!


...has taken the perfection and perfected it further. This does not even make sense. While, I should accredit the owner for the use of some quality after market parts, I never liked gen 1 nor this particular car. #haterade


that sound...god that sound...


@TROLLS ROYCE makes sense if you think about it


smithadamb Thanks man:)


rv_zenki Get digging lol!


Tasos Papazachariou Simple, a technology race...


Ice Age lol chibi NSX


@SW1 Strange some of you don't like the LEDs


jdmRob :)


UWerqxTeam_MJ To deep for me buddy...


zephoto Yeah he's an awesome driver


@j_kouki Maybe Jun can come along and tell us


ra64freddy! Thanks!


@turbo BEAMS ae86 Thank you:)


speedhunters_dino Perfection is the ultimate state-condition. I don't see how there is room for improvement on something that you arleady consider perfect, but I understood what you meant. Nevermind.
P.S. I hope we get the full feature on the slammed Jag from TAS soon.


Tasos Papazachariou  I was able to handle the duel clutch transmissions, I think, but all this hybrid nonsense has taken things too far. Prepare for old 90s Japanese sports cars to double in value. Makes me shutter to think of all the ones that have been hacked to pieces a la Fast N Furious LS swap.


speedhunters_dino UWerqxTeam_MJ lol


So how many people here would take the new NSX over a good condition original NSX?


What a great write up and feature!


I had an NSX for about 6 years.  Took me about a year to get used to the car.  The NA1 is truly incredible once you master it.  I had to sell it because you just start taking bigger and bigger risks with it.   Those where the days!


Dino, you get another fistbump today.. you simply understand what it means to love the older cars; the time before bullshit started happening.


@researchisyourfriend :fistbump: back :)


RyanChristopherSmith You should have kept it my friend :)


ITRbroham Thank you!


Smiggins Not me...


@TROLLS ROYCE speedhunters_dino It's kind of like Ayrton Senna's driving. He used to go to the limit, and then go over it ;)


@zz It's now or never. At least in Japan you still find low km examples


Z Spool LOL yes yes


Z Spool LOL yes yes


Z Spool LOL yes yes


Can't get enough of that sexy ass.. The LED does really makes the rear stands out in more 'modern' way.

Thanks for cheering my day up with this article, Dino!


In before Nissan GT-R fanboys come yelling "GT-R is THE best sportscar to have ever come out of Japan!" Hahaha!
as a huge fan of the NSX (thanks to those old Best Motoring videos),
this is just epic. Although I prefer the kouki NA2 front, no doubt the
NA1's pop-up lights are unique. They are the essence of 90s sports car
What impresses me most about Jun-san's car: no
forced-induction. Plain old natural-aspiration. I agree he should fit
individual throttle bodies to the C30A! It already sounds glorious now, but with the ITBs, it should sound much better than even the Lexus LFA's soundtrack!


I loved the car, but like I said I was just driving too crazy in it.  At least I can say I owned my dream car.  After owning that car no other car really awes me anymore.  Greatest car ever built.


this thing is so tastefully built... it looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside, and from every angle. i love that it isn't merely a garage queen or a demo car, it was built to race. all the other led stuff and gadgetry is like the icing of the cake... that sound it makes puts a serious smile on your face (had the headphones on full blast). just wow. then vtec kicked in...


I had the opportunity to drive an NSX 3 years ago; it was a white 1996 car with almost 100 000km on the clock, 18 inch wheels and an automatic on sale at the time for $34,000. Had to use my dad's account info and payslip just to be allowed to test drive. After one and a half days with the car it was honestly the best thing I'd ever had the chance to drive up to that point, in the hills it just ate up the corners, it felt firm, confident, running it round this particular right hander that often gives me trouble was damn near like finding Valhalla, taking this corner in my C-class I have to lift all the way off and cruise all the way around at 50kph constantly fighting understeer but in the NSX went round at 62kph partial throttle. Its an amazing car when you drive it fast I can agree with the guys below who say it s dangerous because it inspires you to take bigger and bigger risks.

That said, if you're not driving it fast it's boring. Feels like a very special Civic at low speeds or in town only because your mind tells you its very special. Love what Jun-San has done with his interior that would surely make it a better place to spend time in. thinking back to that white Honda in August 2012 can't help thinking what it would be like in the hills with a Procharged LS4 under the hood.


F355 over this, any time!


@Frozenstar yeah costs can't really compare now can they...


Hands down best car featured on SH ever... Bold statements seem to be the par for course today Dino, but that's one I'll stand by.
The fact its the standard bearer for sports cars out of J-land is one thing, but the right amount of help out of Advance mixed with a few personally bred ingredients just brings this thing right up to the now..

Be a tough one for you to beat throughout '15, good luck with that :)

Have a great day all.

Les from Roughsmoke.

Gianluca FairladyZ

@Dino...  Beauty has no expiration date ;)!!!!!!! That is NSX still rocking it!


Are you sure this thing wont cost the same as a stock 355? In my country they're about the same. Well the maintenance can cost more, but then theres the horse on the front :)




@Frozenstar But in the track all yuo'll see will be that NSX ass...


This is seriously the best car I've seen here.... No words can describe how perfect this car is! NSX <3


@j_kouki  I use ENDLESS MX72.


This car is just BA!


Winston Jaury Charles Cj one of the two NSXs we spotted at Odaiba that day.


The idea here was to add function by helping the NSX body to slice through the air, while making full use of the air passing over and under it.


This feature is everything I love about SH and the way you guys document and capture the essence of the car and builder. One day I will own a NSX, a real one, and my drive to work will be the happiest part of the day!


Woow, just woow, this is one of more beastly cars i have ever seen. I my self own a Honda S2000!


Dino I always held your Skyline as something to work towards or for however you look at it... But I know think I have two this NSX checks off all the boxes in my mind. Great wright up and as always top notch photography.


What an inspiring build right here...


@Frozenstar Meh European cars bore. I might make an exception for the Zonda.


speedhunters_dino Smiggins Im not convinced the new one will be very good.


speedhunters_dino Classy reply - nice one


daymn this thing looks sicck!


the taillights are beautiful


DAYAHM this is Probably my favourite article this year!! I love custom work that is subtle and not over the top, even more so when its DIY..  Great Find Dino


I wish I could fit in the Damn thing.


Are you a giant?


Thank you Sit!


Yep the NSX should always be on your list lol


Thanks man! Trying to bring the best I can find from Japan :)




Ha ha great way to put it!


I will try haha


$5000 for a cam belt change in Japan. Yeah pretty sure lol


Such a cool car! I love the NSX, and agree that the new ones are just kind of boring and typical...nothing really special in that car.

However, all the time and money that went into this build, but no roll cage? And his harnesses aren't safely installed since the mounts are above the shoulder pass-thru's in the seat.


Such a cool car! I love the NSX, and agree that the new ones are just kind of boring and typical...nothing really special in that car.

However, all the time and money that went into this build, but no roll cage? And his harnesses aren't safely installed since the mounts are above the shoulder pass-thru's in the seat.


Even Tony Stark dumped his Acura NSX for an Audi R8 lol


6'5, can't fit in alot of nice sports cars :(


6'5, can't fit in alot of nice sports cars :(


speedhunters_dino Bad Ass? Baka Anon.?


Now THIS is a NSX!


speedhunters_dino bad ass. :D


I've never been that big of a fan of NSX's but this is a work of art!


...any infos on the tablet? Which version is it, size?

98 of the best SH articles. Amazing build, amazing attention to detail. What a complete build. I sincerely appreciate people who are patient with building their ride without compromise. It's more about the journey than the destination, and there is a sincere attachément to ones car when you are fixated with a specific vehicle for years, finally get it and take the journey to become one. Reading this makes me appreciate my own car so much, and the lifetime I plan to spend evolving it into my version of the perfect machine. Keep up the great work Dino.


That Dash tho!! On point interior.. Nice work to the owner who has done a lot of the work himself.. respect!


I love this! In my opinion the NA1 is the best NSX, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that thinks that! This particular car is a beauty and unlike most NSX owners, this guy actually wants to go fast! This guy loves his car and uses it, this is what being a gear head is about.


oh man..very hard to find in Malaysia..


The Wheels/Tyres says the tires are 345/40R17 for the front on circuit, is that supposed to be 245?


lawd!!! best nsx I've never seen!


the advance nsx!


@Frozenstar F355 is a junk car that most Ferrari fans won't even touch. It's a well-known maintenance nightmare amongst Ferrari enthusiasts. I got an NSX last year and all I've had to do so far is change the oil once...


Love the engine bay and the tablet. Curious how the bilstein and eibach spring combo is working out. I have tein flex on mine and it rides pretty rough and skips over bumps... It's not very good.


Seen it live at tsukuba 01/25/15 pretty nice beast!
love the defi Unit!


Speedhunters speedhunters_dino Why can't we ever download the cover photo! You can download all the other pictures but the cover photo, and it's always one of the best pictures in the article!


You can, it just takes some trickery via presentation mode.


Beautiful and fast, more like this!


How would you like to feature another advance / toda collaboration? I'm in the uk and have an advance flatout kitted NA1 NSX running TODA ITB's