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Greetings my fellow Speedhunters! I realize it’s been quite a while since I last wrote about my personal project cars, and I’ve got a pretty big update to share here.

The last time I left you, I was focusing on two vehicles: my 1969 Toyota Crown Custom Wagon and a Mk6 Volkswagen Golf GTI. I still have the Crown of course, and while progress has been slower than I hoped, I’m entering 2015 with a newfound inspiration to finally get something done on that rusty but lovable old car.


For now though, I’d like to focus on the other side of my garage – the one that holds the car I drive everyday, from local errands to long distance Speedhunting road trips. Up until last winter the GTI served as a perfect daily workhorse that could be easily driven by myself or my wife while still being plenty enjoyable.


Last year though, my wife got a new job and that meant we’d need a second car for her commute. Being the automotive ADD sufferer that I am, my mind started going over the possibilities this new situation brought. Since she would need her own transportation, that opened up the chance for me to get something for myself, and in my mind that meant a car with rear-wheel drive with a manual gearbox – that latter being something the wife would have never have gone for in her car. But now I was free.


Not surprisingly, the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ were at the top of my list. These were the cars I actually had my sights on a couple years ago before I settled on the four doors and DSG transmission of the GTI – but this time I was able to justify having a coupe with a stick. I hunted around a bit and last spring I came across a reasonable deal on a secondhand ’13 FR-S 10 Series with low miles and welcomed myself to the world of rear-drive, boxer motoring.


The FR-S was (and is) a great car – it looked cool, returned excellent fuel economy, was fun to drive and handled wonderfully. It made for a lot of smiles on a twisty stretch of road and I know it gets even better on a race track where you can really wind it out and truly enjoy its fantastic balance. As for the negatives, well it’s probably the same stuff you’ve heard before. Power from the 2.0-liter flat four is decent when you rev it out, but the lack of low-end torque is hard to ignore. The cabin was large enough considering the car’s size, but it could get loud and tiring on long trips and the ‘back seat’ is really nothing more than a shelf to throw things on.


This is not to knock the car at all – it accomplished everything it set out to be. The FR-S really is a modern incarnation of the AE86, or fixed-roof version of the Mazda MX-5 – and that’s a good thing. It’s a handling-focused sportscar with few compromises and is still one of the most fun and unique new cars one can acquire on a realistic budget.


It would have been fun to start modifying the FR-S as so many people have been doing, but for some reason I never felt a huge desire to start tearing the car apart. Part of it was because it was a brand new car that I needed to drive everyday, but more so there were already many FR-S projects out there, and with Keith’s pair of awesome builds right here on SH – Project ZN6 and the Scion Tuner Challenge MAXIMUM ATTACK car, I didn’t think you guys would be too excited about yet another 86 project. So I drove and enjoyed the little Scion, while trying to decide where I’d go with the car.

Enter The Mustang
Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-27 copy

The whole time I was driving the FR-S, there was actually another car I’d begun take an interest in and that was the upcoming 2015 Ford Mustang. More specifically, I was intrigued by the idea of the new EcoBoost model which would be powered by a 2.3-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-37 copy

I’ve always dug Mustangs. I owned a pair of Fox Body 5.0s during my high school and college years and you might remember the ’06 GT that I had several years ago. While I’ve never been the type to claim sole allegiance to one brand or type of car, I certainly wasn’t one of the Mustang newcomers that Ford is targeting with the more refined sixth generation model.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-11 copy

On the other hand, many hardcore Mustang fans will scoff at anything less than a V8-powered GT and I’d always felt the same way. Non-V8 Mustangs have historically been pretty uninspiring, but to me there was something very interesting about this EcoBoost thing. The 310 horsepower turbo four sounded like it could be nice partner with the new Mustang’s redesigned, IRS-equipped chassis and it would also be offered at a price point significantly lower than the traditional V8 GT.


Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time you could get a Mustang with turbocharged four cylinder under the hood. You’ll likely remember the 2.3-liter SVO model from the mid-1980s, which provided a more sophisticated alternative to popular 5.0 models. In its day the SVO could give its V8 cousins a run for their money, and while there’s debate over whether or not the EcoBoost is a true modern version of the SVO it’s not as if the idea of a turbo Mustang is unprecedented.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-26 copy

Like many, I read the news reports, looked at the spy photos and eagerly awaited the chance to check out the ’15 Mustang in person. When cars finally began to pop up in showrooms and at events like the SEMA Show I was extremely impressed with what I saw – particularly in terms of exterior and interior styling.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-34 copy

The more I thought about it, the more the idea of trading in the FR-S for an EcoBoost Mustang appealed to me. When optioned right, pricing for the two cars is very similar, and while I’d be losing the light weight and razor-sharp reflexes of the FR-S, my hunch was that the Mustang would make up for that with added power and comfort, while delivering the same fun factor and fuel economy.

The Grown Up Thing?
Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-8 copy

When I finally got the chance to drive an EcoBoost Mustang it seemed like my hunch was right. I’ll save my detailed driving impressions for my next post, but even after just a few minutes behind the wheel, it seemed to offer everything I was looking for in a daily driver.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-19 copy

Being a big tall dude, I certainly felt a lot more comfortable than I did in the FR-S  and while the power (and the noise) was definitely different than the V8 model, the EcoBoost seemed more than capable in terms of handling and acceleration – especially when equipped with the optional performance package.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-31 copy

I was pretty much sold. I loved the look of the new car, the interior, the performance and perhaps most of all – the concept behind the whole thing. I explained my crazy scheme to my wife,  somehow how got her to green-light the idea and set off looking for the right car at the right price. Now, this part can actually be quite difficult as there are so many different trims and options when it comes to choosing a Mustang.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-3 copy

The car I was looking for would be a base EcoBoost model with a 6-speed manual transmission and the performance package as the only option – probably not the biggest volume mover in the Mustang lineup.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-20-2 copy

After scouring the inventory of Ford dealers across the state of California, I found an Ingot Silver example at a dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area and this past weekend I drove the FR-S up to take a look, hoping I might be able to work something out.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-35 copy

Despite the fact that ’15 Mustangs have only been on sale for a short time, I was pleased to find out that certain dealers are already offering discounts below sticker price – and combined with the FR-S’s typically strong Toyota resale value, the whole deal was actually surprisingly easy on the pocketbook.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-12 copy

I drove the car, thought it over one last time and decided to pull the trigger. Hands were shaken, papers were signed, I said goodbye to the FR-S and for the fourth time in my life I became a Mustang owner – although this was the first not to have a V8 under the hood.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-19-2 copy

On the road trip back home to the Central Valley the car began to impress me even more – particularly in terms of comfort, lack of interior noise and the buttoned down (but not harsh) road feeling. I’m still waiting to finish the break-in period before I really push it, but I’m already in love with the way the overall refinement and the way this thing just eats up highway miles. Maybe I’m just getting old?

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-28 copy

Old man or not, I’m still really looking forward to having some fun with this car and that’s why I’m happy to say it’s joining the fleet of Speedhunters project cars alongside my ’69 Crown.


The great Bon Jovi once said that his heart is like an open highway – and the same can be said for this car. The aftermarket for the turbocharged Mustang is still in its infancy, but I already have a feeling the EcoBoost is going to have lot of potential for tuning and customization, and my hope is that it will be an enjoyable and interesting project to document.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-2-2 copy

I honestly haven’t been this excited about a car in a long time, and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling on this thing. In fact, I’ll be back soon to give some more detailed impressions, talk about dealing with V8 envy, the Nissan Silvia influence, and outline some of my ideas and goals for the project.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-5 copy

For now, if you have any suggestions or ideas please drop a comment, and if have any questions about this unusual new Mustang, please post them below and I’ll be sure to answer them.

Now, let’s have some turbocharged fun!

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Mike, my three ideas mate.
1: No rocket bunny or similar kit. Just some small add-ons like a GT350 style kit.
2: Track style suspension setup to give it some herbs around the tight stuff, we are talking about a heavy car here.
3: Eco-Boost the hell out of it. I would love to see the potential of these motors, but something different wouldn't go astray. Maybe a supercharged 2.3ltr?
Just my 2 cents, but with anyone's project it's up to the owner not the masses to decide what they do. What ever you come up with Mike, I'll be keen to see it. Cheers mate!


How about "keep it classy" as a marching order?

Find unobtrusive ways of making the car better at what it already does well. Don't try to turn it onto any kind of "v8 beater" or any of that nonsense.

That being said... the stock wheels look kinda bland.


Does this one have super confusing electronics that require four hands to operate?


I'm not sure how popular they are in California at the minute, but here in Michigan you'd think they were given out to all the states residents. We've had a couple decent snow storms dropping a few inches, and every time I'll see at least one or two of them out. Not to mention all the ones I saw last January in camo. I do like their looks though, the rear end really does something for me that other Mustangs haven't. And having just seen the GT350 at the Auto Show, I can't really knock this generation.


Full-race.  Freak-o-boost.


Super excited to see more of this project, the potential is massive.

Still would rather have an E46 M3 though!


i see this as a blank canvas... to go mental and to personalize as your own... with a veriety of ford v8 engines to choose from, if you so desire to change, or grow tired of the 2.3L mad as fuk vtak fury.

i mean... ecoboost fury, sorry.


It's unfortunate that many people in the mustang crowd tend to look at none v8s in disgust... As a boosted 4.2 v6 (from a f-150) sn95 owner, I can tell you that there is nothing more satisfying than to kill the ego of someone like that. Thank you for bring up the SVO, many people forget about that gem when complaining about a 4 banger in a mustang.
The ecoboost and mustang in general have amazing aftermarket support. Should be an interesting build! I'd like to see a slammed street fighter.
Its a great canvas, good luck.


Awesome!  I think of this car as way more awesome than the 6 cylinder mustang of the previous generation.  Its got a turbo! Doesnt get much better than that... (well v8 hahaha but still it will probably be cheap to get more power out of it)


My personnel opinion on this one is to just wait for a aspiration swap sooner or later a pro charger will be added in the ford racing web site or other after market sites. On top of that buy some suspension parts/coil overs and I agree with chris on no rocket bunny or wide body kits I think a simple fender roll would be good on top of that a 4.0 cage and some snugger seats. Like i said just my opinion also maybe get a new exhaust and rims to american racing wheels rant to expensive. 

P.S good luck!!!!!!


You're lucky your missus didn't take the new car for herself, as she's the one that actually needed it,  and leave you with the old one! I also saw your post on Instagram mentioning the comparison to a Silvia. Looking forward to hearing more.


my dream pony  machine is "McQueens bullit". a that car is simple and blacked out and fast.


Good Luck with your Mustang --

I was looking at the '15's on the lot just the other day -- I'm a big boost fanatic (my three toys have been turbo'd), but I think I'd still go with a V8 (maybe turbo that LMAO evil-ly) -- maybe if they offered the V6 turbo'd, now THAT might swing me over to the dark side


Mike, I didn't realize you lived in the Central Valley. I'm from Dinuba (just a wee bit north of Visalia). Lately I've been considering what a goldmine we have for driving roads up in the Sierra Nevada hills and I noticed the fourth from last photo in this article. Looks like the sorts of roads east of Madera. Whereabouts do you like driving in this region?


Does this new Mustang continously wishes it was born a Nissan GTR, or is it just me. In disregard of handling, and power figures of course!


Mahfoodh In terms of looks? Hmm never really made that connection myself. Maybe it's the silver color?


gliebau There's a lot of good spots. Sample, Old Millerton, Trimmer Springs - I actually don't go out driving near as much I should, but I think this car might inspire me to do it more.


@Fiatdude V6 turbo would be pretty cool, but at that point it'd be really be stepping on the toes of the V8, and not offering a Mustang with a V8 would be strange I think.


BT180 Yeah, she actually picked out a an electric Fiat 500 as her new daily and it's actually pretty damn fun with its lightweight, lower center of gravity and instant torque.


JacobHerman1 Thanks! Yeah I kinda doubt I'll be going too extreme in terms of body modifications. I'm also quite fond of the factory lines but we'll see what happens.


JeffStein1 Those are pretty much my thoughts exactly. Although the V6 has become pretty good in recent years, it still feels like its missing something. While the turbo doesn't have the same power, it feels more like its own thing. I'll elaborate on this a bit more in the next post.


SN95 Lover Thanks much. Slammed street fighter - I kinda like the sound of that.


Matt Khoun Yep, regardless of the engine I don't think the aftermarket is going to disappoint on the S550 platform.


DoyouevenM3bro Thanks M3bro haha.


I like the idea of a built ecoboost engine. Immediately rallycross 4 banger mustang comes into mind. However, if the ecoboost gets tiring or the aftermarket takes a turn for the worse (hard to think of since its a mustang) then may i propose sr20 swap.


EricSeanDelaney Yeah, you can see how much different the rear profile looks in the pic next to the S197. The dimensions aren't terribly different, but the feeling sure is.


Larry Chen If I can figure it out, I'll be taking a job at NASA.


Miguel Lavin Yeah it's hard to beat simple and tasteful.


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner Thanks much! I like the sound of all those, I'm not sure how far I'll try to push the motor, but I do plan on starting out with some of the basics.


Mike Garrett gliebau Mike, Trimmer Springs is a great road! I wind up over in that direction a lot, particularly in the hilly roads between Pine Flat and Squaw Valley. I haven't been up to Lake Millerton or on any roads in that area in a while, though... Oddly enough, I just purchased and started driving one of the slowest vehicles in existence, and it's spurred me to drive up in the hills more than ever before. An '83 Mercedes 240D with a four speed manual... 79hp! Wee... I'm sure your new Mustang will be a blast up in such routes. Do get out more - there really is a lot to offer, especially right now with everything as green as it is. Gotta' enjoy it while we can!


Nothing compares to a huge NA engine, but to be honest, i'd LOVE to have this Mustang. Even with any lawnmower engine. It looks absolutely brilliant, one of the best looking cars now on the market.


@truhidden Steve's Bullitt was dark green lol


This is possibly the best looking Mustang ever (runs and hides), and the fact that it is so powerful and economical is an excellent sale point. Ford got it right again. In terms of upgrades, I'd say give it a way bigger turbo and injectors, and a downpipe connected to a less restrictive exhaust, if such a thing exists. I'm sure you will do amazing things with it so I'm following this.


MiketheCarGuy1 Speedhunters we need an EcoBoost project in Germany soon. That I told Ford Germany. I would do this job....


MiketheCarGuy1 but no answer since today :-(


modification? A new handbrake. My God, it's hideous with the weird angle and
short stick. For the rest, new (coloured, but nothing to flashy) rims and bigger
exhaust pipes. For the performance, something you fancy yourself, the old man
that you are. I've seen on Youtube 600 hp packages for the EcoBoost, which
sound pretty awesome. Reliability is probably out of the question. So maybe a
nice catback, slightly bigger turbo's etc. The exterior is good how it comes
factory, apart from the earlier mentioned rims and exhaust pipes, so I would
leave that stock.

Can't wait to see how it turns out. So many options!


Mike Garrett JeffStein1 I am anticipating that post!  BTW I really enjoy your speedhunter posts/articles, I am sure a lot of people like me think the same thing.  Keep it up man!


First I want to clearly say the I hate American cars. They are huge, boring, similar designs, no corner abilities and have interiors like hotel rooms in the '70's. Ahh, and they also need engines twice as big as European cars for the same power output.
But....there's a new car that I love.
The new Mustang EcoBoost.
Man, I just love the new shape, the independent rear suspension and this 2.3 liter turbo engine.
I really do believe that if Ford puts it on sale on every dealership in the world, with this engine not the V8, it will sell like ice cream in a hot day.

BTW, in my country I have to pay 5000 euro to register the V8 and 200 euro to register the EcoBoost.
Also, the annual tax is 1200 euro for the V8 and 110 euro for the EcoBoost.


I just saw the on the screen of the mustang's music player that you were listening akb48, and i found it to be really original and admirable, well i don't listen to akb48 but i like kpop. So this is the reason, sorry for not talking about cars on a car site. So, do you like jpop? or perhaps kpop? witch i really like


Mike Garrett Chris 'Haffy' Hafner That's what they all say when starting a new build :D

Next thing you know it'll be producing ridiculous power, rattling your fillings with a bone crunching ride, and breaking down every five minutes.

Anyway jokes aside best of luck with the build.


I don't always like silver car. Heck, i don't always like Mustang in general. But this.. This is an exception!

Man.. That new shape, the color, somehow it all comes together.. So sexy!

Congratulations Mike!

For the mods, i prefer to leave it simple. The stock rims must gone LOL.

Simple power adder to the engine, and don't forget to make the handling better. It's about the balance, just my 2 cents.


It looks cool Mike - I'm sure you'll have loads of fun
with it. I'm envisaging a US car in JDM style.... I can just imagine a set of
TE37's in gunmetal with a polished lip, craft square mirrors.... I could go on.
Ha ha


In the US they will frown on the non-V8 but in Europe. This EcoBoost engine will sell like alot more..especially due to the huge cost in registering the EcoBoost engine.


greenroadster This is why the Ecoboost is such a good move, it's going to convert a lot of us to loving the Mustang.


I think the Ecoboost it's going to have good sales, I don't know how much it costs in the US, but here in Spain it's going to be around 37k € (44k the V8), which is quite cheap for a Mustang considering that the old one was almost 10k€ more expensive. The Golf R for example is 3k€ more expensive, and without extras.


lighten it....sure its pretty heavy...


If I'm not mistaken, the inline 4 is actually more expensive than the V6 model. Is that right?


Speedhunters_Bryn greenroadster  Plus the weight benefit of the lighter engine. And the possibilities of tuning the EcoBoost engine over the V8...


Mike Garrett I say the last part in jest. My M3 is a maintenance queen and that certainly is not for  everyone but I have yet to drive a car that is a more complete package. Good luck with Project EcoBoost!


Very nice!  I'm not sure if it's the silver color or your photography that makes the front end look less......bulbous than some other photos I've seen, but it sure looks good!  I've had 3 Mustangs in the past, also in high school and college.  As someone about to pull the trigger on a new (family) car, this sure makes me wish I could fit the family into a Mustang. :)


Nice choice.... The Mustang is really quite refined and in GT trim its comparable to the M4 in terms or power & handling IMO. They've really gone quite far, I've owned nearly 20 in my years. I had a 13 FRS which was traded for a 15 GTI DSG SE with a APR flash. I am looking to trade the GTI for the Golf R and getting ride of my Vette for a GT350. 

The IRS, brakes, handling package and Ecoboost make for a sleeper package. FRPP has a Tune available that will maintain the warranty very curious to see that coupled with intake & exhaust mods, coilers and a wheel/tire package on one. Good luck and I wanna see some tasteful mods and before/after dyno results here.


greenroadster You're a bit off in that regard but to each their own. Your issue is taxation for the bigger motors forcing smaller displacement and higher revs for performance. The US isn't burdened in that fashion and our gas prices are lower compared to Europe. Different mentalities overall... 

However there plenty of 6, 8 & 12 cylinder models from all of Europe making big power its not an American thing. Its a HP thing


Mahfoodh I want whatever you're drinking/smoking theres no resemblance at all. The GT is very rounded compared to the angular GTR


does anybody have a link to the mk6 golf and the 69 crown wagon?


different front bumper a small sleek hood scoop new Japanese wheels tighter suspension new headers and a exhaust


Needs moar low. No, but seriously, little bit lower suspension, thicker sway bars, bigger turbo and a few other performance bits. Also, needs some volk TE37s. Sorry, little partial to those wheels.


Full-Race Motorsports has already taken this Eco-Boost under it's wing. Look forward to watching what you do with this.




Did you paint the rims or did they come like that?  Look pretty awful, nice car though!


Oh yes Mike!  So stoked you bought this one and I'm really liking your comparison to the FR-S.  For a car guy, these 2 cars are actually in the same wheelhouse and I've gone back and forth myself between the two.  Can't wait to see what you do to it.  I'd personally like to see you take the car a good ways in the power mods with stock turbo and intercooler so that we can see what a tune, intake, exchaust and easy bolt ons can do for the 2.3L.  
I'd really like to see wide wheels/tires and basic suspension and see what kind of performance can be achieved on a track day compared to other cars like the FR-S, WRX, EVO and Mustang GT (does the lighter turbo 4 up front with similar power figures outperform a GT for the same price).



...seeing words as four-cylinder and fuel economy next to a hurts my eyes, and my heart. And I'm not even American.


You referenced the SVO and Bon Jovi and you pose the rhetorical question, "Maybe I'm just getting old?" I believe you have your answer.

Also, although it's a V6, you might find some ideas here:


AZMIDLYF Came here to mention Full-Race. Would love to see a detailed and quality photo build up of one of their sweet kits


Keats It's not a V6.  It's the Ecoboost turbo inline 4.


The_Ridge AZMIDLYF Livernois Motorsports out of Michigan already have an ECU chip out on the market for the Ecoboost Mustang.  They got theirs to run 12.7 in the 1/4 with just the chip and slick tires.


I don't know why but it looks so right and i really like the 4 pot aswell i'm not saying it's better than a big v8 but i think it's cool to have that alternitive
Btw does anyone know if vaugh gittin jr is going to run a 2015 mustang in fd?


anonym0u53 yes with a badgeless blackout grill.


Mike Garrett BT180  oh wow, I didn't realise those came in an electric option. That would be a fun drive.


@mikegarrett you wouldent have had a trueno sticker on your frs and drive up and down Guadalupe canyon in Daly City from time to time would you?
If you have you prob recognize my mustang.


Rü$╫ Nope, don't think that's me. Although I am in the Bay Area from time to time. Nice S197!


JustinOdijk That's a good question regarding Vaughn's Mustang. I suppose we'll be finding out soon enough :)


MishKonn That's actually an interesting thought. You'd think Americans who grew up around V8 mustangs would be the most vocal about the idea of four cylinder turbo, but I'm guessing a lot of those from outside of the US have the same image in their head. Haha.


hechtspeed Thanks man. Yeah it actually is a really tough choice between EcoBoost and FR-S. One has light weight and great response, one has more power and more of a GT car feel. It's good time to be into cars.


@Beany It's stock. All of the performance package cars (both EcoBoost and GT) have black wheels from the factory.


SVT_Bryan The_Ridge AZMIDLYF I've seen the videos. Pretty nuts.


Billy J I like that train of thinking.


Jochem MrSOLOMON85 ^ Yep, if you go through the archive there should be a few stories on each.


Simple_Logic Thanks! Yeah the FRPP tuning stuff sounds very promising. Gotta love factory-backed power upgrades.


Next time your around you should check it out. It won't have a 4.0l in it anymore though.


dougbunge Thank you! Yeah if there's one major drawback about this car as a daily driver it's that the backseat is still pretty tight. I was actually hoping the Ford might develop a sport sedan off the new Mustang platform with the same motor choices. Maybe badge it as a Falcon?


@MyLifeAsLouis You are correct. It's a small bump in price for a bit more power and fuel economy. Also the V6 isn't available with any sort of performance package.


LavarBowers It's not light, but I'll be interested to see if the aftermarket can remedy that.


EvolveWRC That doesn't sound bad actually. I'm really excited to see more Mustangs popping up in countries outside the US.


MatteoVrancken I think that's what Ford is going for. V8 will always be awesome, but I think the EcoBoost will open up opportunities for a lot more people around the world to get in on the fun.


day_old_tofu Have you mind melded with me? Haha.


Febrian XR Thanks much! And yes balance will be key with whatever I end up doing.


@outwotsl Haha. I do listen to a fair amount of Japanese music - not much KPop though.


greenroadster I can't say I agree with the first part of your comment, but I'm glad the Mustang EcoBoost is helping to change your opinion of cars from my country. Let's hope some more European tuners get on board with this thing!


Jochem Thank you! I haven't noticed any awkwardness with the E-brake, but maybe I've already gotten used to it?


KevinForbes I haven't been alive to long enough to remember when "classic" Mustangs new. But I have to say, in stock form it is one of the most exciting looking Mustangs I've ever seen.


@Frozenstar The looks were a big part of what sold me. Love the way its modern yet still instantly recognizable as a Mustang.


Pittraider18 Rallycross? It might a be a bit much for a daily driver, but it sounds like a radical idea. Hopefully someone will do an EcoBoost Mustang that shoots fireballs and has knobby tires.


This is actually a lot more interesting to me than a v8 Mustang.


Can't wait to see what you come up with!  Been a Mustang fan for a long time and you'd be surprised how much everyone supports the EcoBoost.  Sure, you have a few close-minded folks who can't see it for what it is, but they are few and far between.  I'm sure you'll have a blast working on it!
For the folks who aren't familiar with how to set up the live rear axle on previous generation Mustangs in order to make them actually handle well, I encourage you to look up a "Watts Link".  I think you'd be surprised what that stick is capable of :)  Enjoy that new IRS though!  Pictures don't do these bad boys any justice, they are stunning to see in person.


First mod: 5.0 Swap

Second Mod: Everything else




I've been watching this on Instagram and your posts are making it so hard to be patient for the RS.  The interior on the new mustang really does look fantastic for the price.


Mike Garrett greenroadster  You can bet that if that happens, it will be for the EcoBoost engine. Nobody here is really interested in buying a new car with an American V8 in it. If I want a V8 it will be an BMW, Audi or Mercedes. Throw in a Ford Mustang with the 4 cylinder turbo engine and you will have a big surprise :))) It will be another game.


fifteen52_coneklr I can't wait to see the RS. As for the interior, I've never been one to harp on them to much but it really is a huge improvement over the earlier cars - particularly the driving position.


JohnTruitt Something tells me it might be slightly easier to just buy a 5.0 from the factory - though I'm quite satisfied with the four myself :)


ChrisMcNamee Yeah there will always be those who won't part with the tradition, but there've been plenty of Mustangs over the years that have departed from the norm - some for the better and some for the worse.


Smiggins That's kind of what I thought. If ultimate performance was my goal the V8 would be an easy choice, even stock it's hard to drive the EcoBoost without quickly hitting illegal speeds.


gliebau Mike Garrett That's awesome. There's something great about winding out an extremely slow car haha. And yeah, California seems to be the only place where it's green in the middle of winter and not any other time of year.


kayjaypug205 Mike Garrett Chris 'Haffy' Hafner Thank you!


Mike Garrett

Mike, as for modifications I'd look at weight reductions were possible without compromising too much refinement or killing your back account - very simply, if do something to the car make a point that it must add lightness.



nice and sensible choice, even if i like the rumble of a V8, this seems a nice combo turbo-four , (compared to the older ) lightweight and a new suspension.whent arrives here in europe,i have to compare it with my mk6 gti 35 as daily driver


Saw that we got the 2015 Mustang to Sweden a few weeks ago. Ecoboost and 5.0. Thought it could be an interesting DD car since I'm looking for a new DD. Until I saw how much it cost here in Sweden. Starting price for the Ecoboost is 38k USD. 5.0 over 42k USD. That's when I ditched that idea.


Mike Garrett okay i was just curious, because unfortunately i don't know many people that listen to asian music


I think you should sell the Crown and the s13 shell and focus on the Ecoboost. As for the mods, exhaust system and some aftermarket rims would be nice for first steps. By the way, please leave the right height as it is. There is nothing more ridiciluos than a low Mustang


One thing I hope the Mustang will achieve is get the Japanese to go back and start making making Turbocharged 4 and 6 cylinder engines which are good on fuel. The Japanese really have dropped the ball on that one.


I hope so too. The more cool an affordable cars available, the better it is for everyone.


S13 shell was sold off a while back to put money into the Crown fund, but I love the Crown way too much to get rid of it. It's kind of my lifetime project car haha.
As for the Mustang, I'm sure it will see some suspension work - but don't count on it becoming a stance car.


That's too bad. Sounds like a lot of you guys have it tough when it comes to taxes and such. Mustangs have always been cheap in America.


That would be an interesting combo. It's def faster than Mk6 GTI, but that car will have the edge in practicality.


Delete the 2 Pony badges, black out the roof, and lower it.  Then drive the piss out of it!
*Teach your wife to drive a stick!!!!!* (not with the Pony)


@khdy That's not so bad... The list price for the new V8 mustang in Denmark is 106k USD, and that is actually considered as cheap. Damn our 180% car tax to hell :/


I'm actually digging on this hard core , so many ideas to free up even more ponies.


Agreed. The GT will best it in terms of power, but I'm really interested how the two will compare when it comes to gains with aftermarket equipment.


She's practiced on a few of my cars and done OK, still not ready to drive a manual everyday though :/


I'm interested to see how this model, with some suspension and chassis tweaks, and maybe some freed up power, would do against a similarly set-up GT on a track.


Well, it seems a great car. It will have lots of Tunning Potencial for shure. Just for curiosity In Portugal the 2,3L ecoboost starts at €45.000, and the 5.0 V8 €86,000.


I am so torn! this has great potentional but its like driving a 4 cylinder vette, it just ins't right!! i almost feel like they should of designed a new rwd vehicle and dropped that engine in it.. just my opinion, but mustang is v8 or nothing


Chemical Brothers!


I'm excited to see how this project comes along. I'm also very intrigued by the EcoBoost option on the new Mustang, but I'm ALSO one of those torn by the idea of driving a Mustang with anything less than a V8. Sounds like I really need to just get behind the wheel and see for myself. 

Love the model you went with, all the ones I've been building on the website have been Silver Ingot with the black mesh sport rims from the sport package here in Canada. 5.0 or not....beautiful car.


surprised no one mentioned it yet, but followers of a particular youtube channel should already know, that the 2.3 ecoboost is very closely related to the 2.3 disi engine from mazdaspeed models


matthewyaa Thank you! It's certainly a car that needs to be experienced from the driver seat. In stock form EcoBoost won't blow your mind in terms of acceleration, but you can tell there is a lot in this car that's waiting be uncorked. That's one of the big things that drew me to it - along with those looks of course.


@niko_si I understand the feeling. Aside from the aforementioned SVO, I've never been much for non-V8 Mustangs either, but this car might be able to earn some converts. On the other hand, it would be amazing is Ford did a modern EcoBoost-powered RWD Escort or something. It could even use the 2.0 EcoBoost from the Focus ST and would be a riot.


@Nuno Wow, that's crazy. Can't imagine too many V8s being moved in that market!


HLB Yeah it would depend on the track of course, but on a tighter circuit with shorter straights I think that could easily be within the realm of possibility. I want to drive my car back to back with a GT to see how noticeable the extra weight over the nose is.


Well isn't that just we are going to see dousche bags putting enormous cocksport "cocksport" stickers all over mustangs too, then drive threw traffic like your running from the police!


I like the new engine option, but Im not particularly impressed with the chassis. It weighs 3550 with the 4 banger, 3700 with the v8... Outside of being different I see no reason to get this over a fr-s. Its like ford's take on the genesis... with worse mpg but better looks. The new WRX is a much much better car IMO, for the same money.


AlexLobanov I actually checked out the new WRX before I got this car and really liked it. But the Mustang seemed a little funner to me, and I much prefer the looks myself. If I lived somewhere other than California where I needed the AWD or the back seat of a sedan, it might have won out.


d203809 I work at a Mazda dealer and I see Ford stamps on many Mazda blocks, so that does not really surprise me.


SVT_Bryan Keats Lmao the video has the 6 cylinder, not Mike's


im pretty excited to see what this mustang has to offer. i like the booster four cylinders, compact and can make some power. you made a great choice!


i have a frs and was considering ta eco boost stang as well when i first heard of them. 1/4 mile numbers are all over the place though. ive seen 15s,16,s 13s lol im not sure what to expect but i do want a test drive. frs is pretty extensive in mods already so im not motivated to trade it lol


To be honest, at first I didn't like the 4 cylinder Mustang. I did think that only the V8 is what belongs under the hood.  Actually, I still think it is, under the AMERICAN Mustang's hood, that is. If you think of the Mustang as a more european car, though, cars like the Capri pop into the mind, and the whole concept suddenly makes sense. That's what your article helped me with, Mike, and I'm glad I made this realization, as it opened my eyes to the endless amazing possibilities and ways this car can be modified in. I certainly hope you'll get inspired by the cars such as the Capri and it's racing history and modify the Mustang influenced by that era, it would be awesome to once again see a Ford coupe built in such a way. Anyway, either way you take, I wish you luck and tons of fun with the new car, drive safe Mike!


Well, as an FR-S owner, I suppose I'm in the minority that would not be bothered at all by yet another 86 project. Oh well.

Side note, and not like this is relevant to anything at all, but I live within walking distance of where you bought your Mustang.


I think the whole point in this car is its torque and not so much the power. If the EcoBoost engine can give similar torque figures to a V6 or V8, then it's almost there... And if there's not that much power now, doesn't matter; just matters what you do with it... IMHO, anyway.


Аnyone noticed perfectly matched titles playable tracks on the radio?)


Frank1996 Yes torque is indeed one of the things that separates the 2.3 from the V6 available in this car.


hushypushy Haha, well still plenty of FR-S build threads and such out there. I actually would be entirely open to picking up another one in the future once you can get them used and cheap.

Regarding the dealer, that's funny. I looked all over for the right car and this one of the few places that had the options I was looking for. Def a bigger selection than you get here in the valley.


Mike Garrett JohnTruitt It will actually be really interesting to see if down the track, people who have purchased EcoBoost Mustangs and simply not grown to love them (hardcore 5.0 fans) will go down the engine swap route of a V8. Possibly older, used V8 options? Food for thought...