The Golf Mash-Up Build: Part 2
Golf Soul, Civic Type R Power

Hello Speedhunting friends. As promised, here’s the next installment of our Kleers Golf build story – and I have so much to tell you since my first post. Although I introduced you to both the cars and the project last month, there were some details I decided to omit. Well, sort of anyway, because although I didn’t mention them directly, there were clues in the pictures that pointed to a pretty major aspect of the build.

So, before you continue to read this installment, maybe you should go back and visit the introduction post. See how many clues you can spot and then come back here and see if you are correct!

To recap on the build – we are building a one-off Golf that will be used for a number of things in 2015 and beyond, including a role as a track-ready Speedhunters x Kleers x KM4SH camera car. It’s being built in the UK and we have thrown away most of the sensible and easy ideas in favour of some mental ones. Here we go then…

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8315

So as you can see from this picture, the aero kit has been test fitted for now and we can finally see the major lines of the car coming to life – including the hard top roof, which when this picture was taken, was just sat on the car awaiting some fabrication work. Now, if you know your cars you’ll see that the wheels on our little Golf have come straight from the EP3 Honda Civic Type R. If you look closely though, you may see the crucial part of this project that I purposely left out last time. Can you spot it? Let’s come back to that in a moment…

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8228

The KM4SH kit is a chunk wider than the original Golf body, which means that we are able to run a much wider track on the car. That’s a good thing considering we are keeping it front-wheel drive and it will have in excess of 600hp when complete. The front wings of the Golf needed some prep-work before the over-fenders could be fitted – specifically the area just behind the front wheels. It required the removal of some of the original panel, but I’d certainly call it a DIY job you could tackle yourself with a bit of spare time and some basic tools. You can also see a centre-line mark on the fenders from all the measuring and remeasuring that’s been going on. Measuring is playing a major role in this project. If you know your VWs, something in the engine beyond the tell-tale red cam cover must be troubling you by now…

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8237

At the rear end the kit and the side skirts were a near-perfect fit. We have a little bit of bodywork to adjust to make it absolutely spot-on, but considering it just bolted on first time, I was quite happy. While I had seen renders of the aero before it was physically made, now seeing it on the car my favourite part so far is the side skirt sections. They’re very simple and when painted it’s going to be hard to notice them as they are certainly not as aggressive as rest of the kit, that’s for sure. The roof went straight on out-of-the-box, but as we are chopping around a lot of the rear end of the car we are fabricating special sections to ensure we can bolt it down firmly and also remove it with ease. The car is completely jacked up off the floor in this picture and I can’t wait to see it sat at its intended track-friendly ride height. Just for the record, there will be no tucking of wheels or tyres and no air as this car will be hitting the track – and hitting it hard.

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8243

Okay, let’s give the game away. If you haven’t noticed it already, now the guessing can stop. You know I told you we were putting in a 2.0L DOHC i-VTEC K20A? Well, we did, but along with it we also installed the entire Honda Civic Type R EP3 chassis that came with it. That’s right folks, what you are looking at is a Honda Civic chassis – minus the top, mated with a VW Golf top – minus the chassis. In the picture, what is blue is VW and what is silver is Honda. For now I’m calling it the VW Golf Type R – continuing our mash-up theme for the whole project. You like?

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8244

Now you can understand the relevance of it sitting on Civic wheels right? Freakishly, the wheel track of the Civic – when mated to the Golf body – fitted almost perfectly to the width of the new KM4SH aero width. Although this picture would have you believe otherwise, it’s actually almost flush from rim to arch. I could say we measured it and made sure before both chassis were cut, but actually it wasn’t that scientific – I just asked the boys at Hauser to hack-up both cars to see if it could work, and we got lucky on the front. The rear, however, is somewhat a different story, which I’ll get to shortly. As you can see in this picture, all the Civic’s suspension turrets and running gear remain and the front section of the Golf was braced to keep it aligned using the frame you see here, and then cut off and realigned once the chassis swap was complete.

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8247

You could argue that cutting and shutting a car is pretty easy, and I am sure that if you didn’t intend to mate two cars together to a show quality and to a fraction of an inch, it probably is. However, at this point in the build more than 200 hours of labour had already gone into our little car. For starters, the Civic was six inches longer and eight inches wider than the Golf body and needed adjusting. To do the job correctly, a jig was made and then the factory welds holding the front of the car to the rear (you can see them at the base of the rear seat section) were un-stitched, six inches were cut off, and then it was re-stitched. Once painted you would never be able to tell that this floor didn’t come from the factory in this way. Likewise, four inches either side were trimmed off and then retacked to the Golf’s inside sills.

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8250

From another angle you can see some of the work going on to match the bodies together while retaining the bulkhead and positioning of the Civic steering column and associated bits and pieces, which we intend to keep. Of course, as the car is UK-registered and made in England, we drive on the correct side of the street – unlike most other people in the world… The next thing that needs to happen inside are the ergonomics, including the sourcing of good race seats and mounts from somewhere. Any decent seat people out there fancy getting involved with our little car?

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8256

This is a great shot, as so far a lot of work has gone into the front of the car but at the rear work was only just starting when Rod and I visited the shop. The track at the rear needs to be a lot wider than that of stock Civic to accommodate the wide fenders of the KM4SH. As we won’t be reinstalling any interior panels – which means everything will be on show – the rear inner arches will be remade using a combination of factory-like angles from both the Golf and the Civic in an attempt to make them appear something close to normal when finally complete.

Getting KM4SH’d
KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8263

With the front end bolted up for the first time, we could finally have a look at the front splitter arrangement that is part of the KM4SH kit. As we kept the overall outside of the Golf body, the kit is fitting where it should and we are yet to find any dramas as a result of the Civic mash-up. Seeing the front like this also gave me some interesting ideas as to what should or shouldn’t go in the holes at the front end. Hmmm, I’m not sure I want a sleeper, retro or OEM look, so maybe something else is in order for its face… Which reminds me – I need to call the guys at CSF Radiators.

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8264

If you have ever built something, anything, then you can understand what we are doing here. Despite me always asking camera folk to avoid taking pictures of me side-on, and therefore showing just how big my nose really is, Rod managed to capture this shot in all my glory doing what everyone in my position at this stage of a build wants to do. ‘Let’s just offer that up and see what it looks like’. Good times…

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8271

Of course, we did the same thing at the rear. The KM4SH kit comes with a diffuser, but if I am to be honest I’m undecided on it. I just can’t visualise it properly without the correct wheel fitment and ride height, so I’m not quite sure if we will install it on the final build or not. We’ll see… It’s an exciting little piece but I can feel some mods coming on to personalise it a bit. You can also see here just how much slimmer the Civic track is against the wheel arches. We’ll definitely have some wheel fitment issues to contend with, and – because of effectively running a wider track in the rear – eventually some handing, setup and balance challenges to work through too. I’ll worry about those later.

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8280

Here’s a shot of some of the filleting work that has been going on to match the bodies together. We’re trying to keep the panels looking as standard as we can, as we won’t have carpet, trim or anything like that – just painted metal. The standard pedals are still there but I plan to ditch those in favour of some sort of pedal box arrangement.

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8285

And here’s a better picture showing more of that hard-labour detail, albeit half finished.

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8291

The roof is an odd bit of kit. It’s one of those panels that depending on what view you take and where from, presents all sorts of different angles and looks. From this particular viewpoint you can really see the elevation of the ducktail section.

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8296

For now, the work continues to match all the silver bits of Civic to the blue bits of Golf, but the cool bit I like – and reason for doing what we are doing – is that a lot of the original Honda dimensions remain intact. I could literally order any number of aftermarkets parts: turbo combinations, supercharger combinations, other upgrades, and know they would fit as we’ve kept the chassis original. I don’t intend to do that fully, but at least it makes light work of some of our decisions as not everything will be one-off. In the meantime the stock engine can sit there while we work around it, but it’s all about to change.

KM4SH Kleers Golf Build 2014 Rod Chong-8319

Progress on the car continues and it’s already moved on from these pictures. The project is one of keeping things simple where we can, and also turning things on their head here and there. I like the idea that when it’s finished, if you saw the car parked up, you could look at it and think, ‘Ah, a Golf with a body kit’…

Now that you know a bit more about the car and the plans, I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas to help us on our way. There are also a ton of parts we need for the car so if you make decent stuff we could use – sorry, I’ll rephrase that: we would want to use – here and there, and fancy being part of our project, do get in touch.

Until next time…

Andy Barnes



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Whoa, didn't think they'd go that far with the chassis too. Really interested on where this goes from here.


Golf Type R? Call it the GTR GTi! C'mon, that's too easy for you guys to miss...


Golf Type R? Call it the GTR GTi! C'mon, that's too easy for you guys to miss...


huh I'm not sure if I really like that ducktail rear-end, but exited to see what happens next:)


*gets popcorn*


A rear defuser will may throw a rooster tail of stones, dust or rain. If this is mainly a camera car then rather not have it...


Exo frame and rails for camera mounts around where bumpers would go and on the roof... And maybe some passenger mounted controls to assist with on the fly in car camera adjustment to follow the action. I'd love to see some details and ideas for camera rigging and possible lighting for night shoots.


So as a camera car, will it get a third rearward facing seat in the back? :)


Looking great. One question though. I remember from my old hot version DVD's that the EP3 chassis doesn't handle very well once lowered (as stated by Ichishima-san from Spoon). Is this going to be an issue for your car, especially seeing you're aiming to have 600hp?


I wonder why you don't want to use takata seats? This car seems to be all about your Sponsors (Kleers, Ken Miura,...), why not stick with the theme and make everybody happy?


first of all, your doubts on the difusser, I think that the difusser isn't ended, de dimensions are perfect, but needs a bit of work and I think it would looks perfect, simple and clean on the body of the golf. for me its a must on a fast car a big diffuser to grow the grip as much as possible.

And a simple question, it would be a roadlegal car? or only for track works?

and for the ending, a compressor match more with the Vtec concept, but not sure if with that you can play 600whp...


Love the idea of a k20 golf mk1 but the front arches bother me slightly in that the cut-away seems too high/far forward and arch doesn't seem to be round or be in-line with the wheel itself, I don't know if that's something to do with using the civic floor or just the camera angle but it looks odd and I think the front of the arch extension would look better if it were to flow into the front splitter (similar to the berg cup mk1 in the picture) for a more fluid look and it would also match the rear arches better (which look great). Also, is there a reason why the new roof is half a foot short at the rear? It looks strange and dare I say the standard material roof looks better due to its fitment.
Lastly, the diffuser imo doesn't suit the rest of the car, it looks like a last minute hack job whereas a shallower molded design may work better.


Still liking this. Not sure how keen I am on the rear being wider than the front on a FWD car though, seems an odd choice when designing the kit - was there any reasoning for this other than the aesthetic? As for the diffuser mostly because so many golfs run with a shaved rear, maybe have the exhaust exiting out through the middle of it with a slash/flush cut tip?


MatsKarlsson We toyed with that for a long time and came to the conclusion that the height wouldnt work but also we'd probably make everyone and anyone who got in the back - sick. We're also trying ideas with having the passenger seat facing backwards but switchable although its thrown up all kinds of safety concerns for the belt mounts etc, work in progress...


3nigm4 Nah that's nonsense. The EP3 is one of great little track cars of our time. It had a few oddities on the running gear which were headscratchy at the time but its a great car. As we had masses of them in the UK as its made here for the global market, many people did a lot of things with them - far in excess of anything that had/has been done in Japan and certainly by likes of Spoon. EP3's have won tons of 'racing' stuff and continue to :)


@JDMjunkies_ch This car is being built by us at Kleers as a collaboration with Speedhunters and KM4SH, we'll use some bits and bobs from some of the Speedhunters sponsors but its not necessary - that's not the point of the car but clearly if they make stuff we want and are willing to supply us, we;d be daft not to use it eh.


GMS03 Its still got a registration number so we can drive it on the road if we want to - one of the pleasures of being in the UK, we can have pretty much what we want on the street to a degree. The car will see a lot of track work and that's the focus for the spec and build, it certainly wont be built with comfort or the street in mind. We're leaning towards turbo charging not super charging, just as I like that concept better, nice big single sucking the atmosphere to death. 600bhp on a K20 is nothing really, its not excessive nor impressive compared to what can be achieved, its just a nice level of power I think, solid tune and reliable to hammer around the circuit.


Robo_No1 It looks odd as what you see is a Civic chassis, not golf so it looks more than it is really. The rear is a bit wider than the front on the aero, I suppose if you wanted to do a RWD golf you'd be on a winner for choosing nice wide tyres with the kit, lets see how it plays out when its 'complete'.


@MrH The majority is the photo angles and the way the car is propped up, it looks slightly strange at the moment. I like the style of the berg kits but we could have just got one of those kits, the idea here is not to copy berg but make something different, a variation on a theme I guess. The roof is falling short as there is other stuff going on back there....soon..


D1RGE EXE Sweet or Salt?


Love this build, its great when people take a car and turn it on its head. People may hate it others like me will love it but the best thing about it is that someone out there is doing it.


Please install the diffuser, it looks awesome. BergRennen style


Andy Barnes  My fingers are crossed for a wraparound rear window...


In the shot showing the rear difuser being offered up, that appature which is presumably the boot opening looks beyond perfect for a rear mounted radiator! And also, just an opinion, but the ducktail spoiler looks somewhat soft/half arsed without meaning to sound like a critic, when you compare it to the likes of the group b Lancias and such. I think a small carbon lip along the top edge would add a little more purpose if that's the right way to put it? Love seeing wild conversions like this taking shape. Opening up the option of using off the shelf parts is such a great perk to doing it this way!


Vw with honda parts... You dont see this the other way around, and you probably never will.


600 bhp and fwd, that's just plain stupid, a fwd car should never have more then 300-350 bhp OR super-touring/similar type of front suspension with proper double wishbone and all very refined, 600 bhp will never make it to the ground. It will be more like alot of smoke and understeering, but it's all up to you to decide obviously. All cred for the work and money you're putting into it can't wait for the final result, good luck chaps.


Won't the steering column be too close to the door after the narrowing of the chassis?


I'd like to see some 80's and group B vibe here. The roof especially would fit into that. Maybe radiator on the back and some RS200 style cuts in the rear screen. No diffuser and totally open up the rear bumper area. Lancia Speedline wheels maybe and lot's of holes in the front a'la Audi. Graphics should be quite simple too, maybe something like the 1986 group A golf.


super curvy wide body on box shape golf.........HORRENDOUS.......


Im a die hard car enthusiast but am a VW guy at the core. Having owned a 1988 Cabriolet I was pretty excited about this initially, but im finding myself very disappointed. And no, its not because I hate on Honda. My buddy and I tuned his Civic SI pretty hard and I love it along with many other Hondas, so that's not the problem. I was thrilled about an extreme berg cup style Cabriolet with a high revving Honda motor, but as the build progresses and you screw with the chassis I cant help but think this is like a plastic model kit incorrectly cobbled together with left over parts. Maybe I just don't understand the point of this build, but I feel like there's no way it will live up to anyone's expectations. Hopefully Im wrong....


umm, i hope that your going to sticth weld that all together. and may i suggest some sort of cage if you are going to use it mainly for track duty.

by marrying the two bodies together you may end up with some interesting driving dynamics.


WOW. it will be a monster,Maybe it could have been 4wd??
But i can see the work that has gone into it. I bt it will be a giggle on track and on our british crap roads???



It's been. ..four days dammit where's part 3??


When I read about the front end conundrum I couldn't help but dream up the idea of the brick styled headlights from it later year to keep some of its boxiness. Then with a twist think of the 69 camaro flip up lights, apply that and there you go, you have a two for one.


Can't imagine the amount of work needed to combine those two...


aw man, where were these body parts when i had my MK1s?


Very impressive, but will it be as quick as an SS180?