The P1 By McLaren Special Operations

I can only think of one thing better than driving out of a McLaren dealership in a brand new P1, and that’s driving out of a McLaren dealership in a brand new P1 that’s been breathed upon by the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division. Commissioned by a North American customer, the car in front of you is one such example of what the engineers and stylists in McLaren’s factory customisation skunkworks can do – and it’s heading to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in two weeks time.


According to McLaren, around 20 per cent of its new cars are optioned up at MSO before delivery, the only parameters that dictate what can and cannot be achieved being legal limits and the required materials, which need to be automotive approved. Although only a few bespoke touches have been made to this 915hp and 217mph-capable machine, the collective impact is large. The McLaren Orange detailing, which even extends to the brake callipers, looks amazing against lashings of glossy carbon fibre and the exclusive Stirling Grey paint which adorns the panels and wheels.


At the rear you’ll find 24 carat gold heatshields around the engine bay and Inconel exhaust, and a one-off aluminium grille fitted above the bumper.


Inside, the P1 features a special MSO steering wheel with carbon fibre and Alcantara – materials used extensively throughout the cockpit – plus lightweight carbon-shelled bucket seats with four-point harness belts added. If you’ve got an eye for detail you might have spotted some more custom McLaren Orange detailing around the centre console too.


On top the MSO P1, McLaren is also planning to bring an MSO-customised 650S out to Pebble Beach, but it’s the much-anticipated P1 GTR design concept that a lot of people are itching to see the most. If the latter is anything like the artist impression we’ve been teased with since last month, it’s going to be something very special indeed. As special as the 1995 McLaren F1 that will be going under the hammer at Gooding & Company’s annual Pebble Beach auction. The Marlboro White machine – chassis No. 031 and the only one ever produced in this colour – has just over 1,000 miles on the clock and is offered with a price guide of $12,000,000 to $15,000,000…

With a few of the Speedhunters crew headed to Pebble Beach, expect more on the McLarens and everything else the annual automotive extravaganza has to offer in the upcoming weeks.

Brad Lord

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I think I have to be alone for a few minutes...

Gianluca FairladyZ

StuKP  hahah :)


damn it, for one second I thought it was automatic, but then I discovered the shifting paddles, double clutch must be fun :D


Hate supercars, hypercars , and megacars with Passion, but mclaren seems to be the only one with such a diverse range of cars, and they produce the only ones which I actually like☺


I'm going to be at Gooding & Company's Pebble Beach Auction as well! Will there be a Speedhunters booth or any way to see you guys there?


For Arabs maybe but not for racers. I "ll stick to the LaFerrari.


Saw a programe eairler this year on tv about how they made this car and it made me very prould to say i am an ENGLISHMAN.
But why oh why those CHAVY/BOY RACER orange brake callipers??I know it ties in with oather orange details but really.
Some one pass me a can of black hammerite and a brush!!!!!!!


Not worthy. To pay 12 million and not having a soul.


Because McLaren's classic colour is orange. Dont be too proud of being an Englishman, McLaren was started by some New Zealand bloke called Bruce. You may not have heard of him?


I love the P1, but things like this honestly just make me laugh. God knows how much extra this was commissioned for and all it gets:

1) Heat shielding - on a car that has had no reports of over heating. If the car needed 24 carat gold heat shielding Mclaren would have built it from the factory like this. Remember the F1? 

2) Inconel exhaust - for the price people pay for these mega cars (or whatever the hell we're calling them now) they don't come with inconel? If I was spending this kind of money I'd expect that from the factory. 

3) One off aluminum grill - cool, but much? Doubtful it helps any performance. 

4) Carbon shelled bucket seats - the seats aren't carbon fiber already? Really? This actually saves weight I'm sure, but the gains on track can't be much and would only be realized by a professional test driver.  

5) 4 point hardnesses - people have these in Miatas and 240s. Wonder how much this guy coughed up for "Mclaren Harnesses" 

So for a huge amount of money you're shaving minimum amounts of weight (seats are probably the biggest saving) and getting basically no increase in performance. Personally I don't see the big deal with this "special" edition. Seems more like a concours car for some rich guy who wants to show off. I'm sure Mclaren are laughing all the way to the bank. Reminiscent of this article for me:


greenroadster  I believe that 12 million is for one-off F1 in white, not for P1. It will take a long time for P1 to reach same price tag.


kovyrshin greenroadster  Are you implying that an F1 has a soul? That's funny, an McLaren with a soul. If someday someone finds a McLaren with a soul, I bet it would be a boring one, having a smoke in an old chair, with a glass of scotch. Don't ask what a Ferrari soul I think would look like :)))


Utterly amazing....


Someone's just jealous. Nothing stupid about this car at all, it's a masterpiece, perfect Hypercar. You sir are a fool


Mclaren P1 series looks astounding with its luxurious design. It could provide better competence with other such cars. It is power-packed with high performance with the best features to make it classy on the road.


The P1 is a supercars, supermodel shapely & heroically powerful, It is one of my favorite super cars. I am not able to get it because is too expensive but company provided to me to ride.