The Tokyo Garage House Of Your Dreams

It’s been over a year since we’ve dived into a juicy Garage House feature. The pandemic through the better part of last year sort of put a halt on leads for me. For 2022, I hope to explore this story angle a few more times over the course of the year, and to start back off right I have a truly special one to share.

The house, or more specifically the garage space that I’m going to share with you today is located in a quiet residential area of Southern Tokyo.


It’s a building I’m quite familiar with, as it’s only a few minutes away from my place in the buzzing metropolis. That’s why I cycled over to meet with the owner, Go Hiramatsu, for this special tour.


The white Tesla Model 3 belongs to Chiba-san, the owner of our very first Garage House feature from almost two years ago. He’s a good friend of Hiramatsu-san.


Hiramatsu’s home is designed in a very modern way, and a Japanese one at that. To my architecturally-untrained eye, it merges a contemporary interpretation of Bauhaus fused with details to highlight certain elements, textures and zones.

It’s the garage section of the house that we’re specifically going to look at today, but you can check out the entire building, as designed by Hideki Ishii, here.


We’ll start with the garage to your left as you walk into the property’s central courtyard area.


I gasped at the sight of this exotic trio, but couldn’t help notice the celebration of geometric shapes on every surface. From the stretched and elongated light-toned bricks that make up two walls of the garage, to the square cobblestones that cover the ground inside and out. But my favorite detail was the wood-textured concrete walls, highlighting the grain of the planks that were used to cast them.


The textures really do draw attention to the cars, while three large, sliding glass doors protect them from the elements.


First up in this space is a Ferrari 488 Pista, the track-focused version of the 488. The beige suede interior is a very nice detail on this car, contrasting against the subtle light metallic blue exterior.


We’ll skip the Italian hybrid next to it and move straight to the other hybrid in the garage – a Synergy Green McLaren P1


Up close, the P1 really is stunning. Not only has this hypercar stood the test of time, in my opinion it’s the best work McLaren has done. It has this organic feel about its design, a contoured shape that manages to be brutally functional but also eye-pleasingly beautiful, not to mention ridiculously aggressive.

When Hiramatsu-san picked up the P1, he used it as his daily driver, running up the mileage without a worry. McLaren even did a short film on him back in 2016, celebrating the fact that he’s an owner who knows how to enjoy his cars – check that out above.


The best part about owning a hybrid supercar – or hypercar in this case – is that when you get close to home and start driving through residential areas, you can switch to EV mode and glide into your garage in near silence to keep the neighbours happy.


This is also why Hiramatsu-san recently added a Ferrari SF90 to the fleet. It’s his freshest arrival, having just been delivered in February. We’ll get to this car in a second, but first I want to show you the opposite side of the courtyard, where there’s another three-car garage.


On this side, Hiramatsu-san keeps his Ferrari Portofino, a car he jumps into when the Tokyo weather is right for some drop-top driving.


Next to it sits a massive Lamborghini Urus finished off in satin black with fluorescent yellow accents. Of all his cars, this is the one Hiramatsu-san loves to drive the most. It has performance, comfort and plenty of space for his family.


However, the more subtle Lexus NX by far sees the most use. It’s surely a far less stressful and therefore relaxing – not to mention quiet – vehicle to drive around Tokyo in.


There’s a seventh car in the lineup, a Volkswagen Beetle convertible for when Hiramatsu-san wants to blend in but still have the ability to put the roof down.


The adjacent office/lounge space that looks out into the first garage is nothing short of a dream setup, but before I headed in there I asked Hiramatsu-san to move the SF90 into the center of the courtyard.


Which, thanks to the car’s electric mode, he did in complete silence.


I haven’t seen many of these new SF90s around, so I wanted to take it all in properly. And what a place to do that in.


I know there are people out there who are not overly happy with Ferrari doing hybrids, but when the LaFerrari released it became obvious that the technology would eventually trickle down to the ‘lesser’ models.


Except, there is nothing ‘less’ about the SF90; with 986hp – or an even 1,000PS – it packs a stronger punch than the LaFerrari.


I’m not one to fuss over purity. If there’s one car company out there that should keep up with the times and stay at the forefront of performance and tech it’s Ferrari, so to see an all-wheel drive hybrid from Maranello is fine by me – just as long as they keep delivering track-focused versions. I’ll even overlook the fact that the Purosangue is right around the corner as long it allows the cooler stuff to keep coming.


At this point in time with cars, I think it’s all about the integration, specifically how all these layers of technology and driver assistance are being handled and managed. That’s what sports cars manufacturers have to strive for; making their tech-laden cars feel natural, respond predictively and at the same time leaving you feeling like a driving god. Because with close to 1,000hp in a street car like the SF90, I personally would want all the help and safety nets available.


And that’s what I like about Hiramatsu-san – he embraces this angle in the cars that he buys. He enjoys the mix of emotions that they bring to the table and likes to experience it all. He even has a Tesla Model S Plaid on order, plus a few more Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Good on him, I say.


The little alcove next to the garage is a spot Hiramatsu-san uses for quiet work and to celebrate his passion for cars.


As soon as you walk in you’re greeted by a display cabinet of model cars – some that he has previously owned in 1:1 scale, some that he currently owns, and some that he will own in the future.


There’s a really relaxing vibe in here. Warm wood tones and leather chairs contrast the white walls, and then there’s the large window.


And the view. Wow!


Hiramatsu-san not only likes to drive his cars every day, but change them out often too. That said, I think I’ll be back sometime in the future for another look.


In the meantime, I’ll definitely have to hit up the Hakone Turnpike with Hiramatsu-san one sunny Saturday morning.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare



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Always open to the elements or is there a hidden door somewhere?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes there are sliding glass doors that can be pushed out and close off the garage sections completely.



Cristian Nieblas

looks like sliding glass doors


It say there's sliding glass doors to protect the cars.

Faithless Wolf

Simply amazing.. and you're a lucky guy Dino, good job!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thank you!


Thanks for another superb article, Dino.

It's so sad to see the great sexy lines of the SF90 ruined by the registration plate stuck at the nose of the car. I wish Ferrari could figure out how to blend the plate to the car. Or was it meant to be an air brake? hahaha


good news the SF90 isn't a looker in the first place

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks! Yeah I know what you mean, would be cool if Japan figured out how to make smaller plates for the front like it's done in some countries.


Or just dump the whole front plate nonsense.


We’re gonna need some more info on that custom unicycle hiding in the back of the garage

Dino Dalle Carbonare

LOL that's just a popular toy for kids in Japan. Sort of surprised me too when I first came here


Best part of the story: he enjoys the car, use it properly, has the ability to part with it, enjoys another newcomer. Is there a class called car playboy in the car comunity?
I'm gonna virtualy tip my hat off for you brother for your hard work to be able to build a house like this and a fresh an healthy stable; not any lawyer can afford this.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I don't think there is, you might have just invented it lol


I respectfully greet the owner of the house for his success in earning so much money.


P1 for sure withstood the test of time, but F1 was McLaren's best work and possibly the best work of all makes in the supercar realm. OK, maybe add the F40 as the alternative. In some ways, the F1 is probably the first hypercar had the term existed 30 years ago.

Anyways, the level of taste and dedication in Japan is on another planet as usual.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah F1 is on another planet when it comes to that!


Very cool... But "Bauhaus infused blah blah"? Why say anything if you have zero idea that this architectural style is textbook "Brutalist Modern" with contemporary construction and material selection?

Anyways this house is too short, which is appropriate given it's Japanese and the warm office "cave" has a midcentury base (architecturally, not a jab at genetics, seriously), but the brutalism/sheer material surfaces works best when the SCALE is outsized. Classical scales would have really made this garage deserving of the esteem you're lavishing on it, but hey, at least it exists and has 3 of today's more recent legends lined up. Always wondered why the big badges bother wasting money on marketing shoots when their own customers have way cooler garages and aren't fake? If a customer buys over a million cash of your products, why not throw in a weekend preview of the new stuff to keep them excited and use their lifestyle as the products' backgrounds rather than hiring models and booking a studio? Dumb.



To be honest the house is trash at being a home and the execution is so painfully underwhelming. It's so architecturally lost as a residence and the design philosophy is just quite sad. A cold stable for materialistic greed and single-dimension interest. Zero regard for space, dimension, scale, material, or life beyond a glorified storage box desperately trying to appear deeper and more sophisticated than "man obsessed with cars lives in left over space of overpriced parking lot".

The awkwardly arranged "lounge office" showcased here is the icing on the cake. But hey, at least the television is mounted at the correct height LOL


Brutalism my a***,
This is Sketchup period. Even tables, chairs from Sketchup.

Entire theme was,

I had very refined taste, you insensitive clod!


You have to laugh at McLaren dedicating a film to one of its clients just for using his car every day.

Honestly take a second and think about how laughable this is. You pay 6 figures for a car that is the "pinnacle" of motoring with the best engineering on the planet and we some how decide driving this machine every day is some kind of feat that deserves a film dedicated to it?

This is why I laugh at super cars. Every other car person on the planet drives their shit. Every single hot rodder I know has a car making 400-800whp that they daily. Yet to McLaren this is a stunning achievement? It sounds to me like these cars are purchased by people who have no real understanding of how cars work, how to modify them, or what they are intended to do.

I look at this feature and I just see a rich guy with some cars in a nice house. This is just wealth porn and gloating.

Lawyers are so sordid to boot lol. I'm not impressed with any of this. The guy just bought some nice cars with a check.

This is "speed hunting" in 2022.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I think you have totally missed the point. This is a story type celebrating how a variety of car people are able to fuse their love of cars and combine it with the way in which they live. It's a very real and natural representation of how car people do it in 2022, in Japan at least. Other types of people in other countries will do it very differently, that's obvious. Professions or types of cars or how people use them aren't the point here. The point is to see how they do their own thing. If seeing this irritates you, then I really have no idea what to say.


yeah I agree it's just a guy with money. Nothing really interesting


I think it's you who has missed my point. I am laughing at the fact McLaren celebrates these people for daily driving their cars when they are supposed to be high levels of engineering achievement.

It is pretty wild to see someone in Japan with a house like this and cars like this, but that is why I said wealth porn. I think there are a lot of weak men in the industry now who have no balls and we applaud people for just using their cars now when we used to applaud them for working on their own stuff and innovating.

I'm in the industry and find it increasingly ironic how this is becoming the celebrated norm. We are glorifying the objects now as opposed to the craft and ability of real drivers and tuners.

It's fascinating to me now we receive articles like this from outlets called "Speed Hunters" where the subject has probably never changed his own oil. The industry is definitely changing and it's becoming very watered down. That's my point.


It's celebrated because cars like the McLaren P1 and F1 are usually stored away as investment pieces, rather than being driven daily like this guy here did.


Which tells me everything I need to know about the people who buy these cars. Supercar owners are not real drivers / enthusiasts. They are typically older men who see these cars as investments.

Remember the entire purpose of the automobile was to replace the horse and carriage and make things faster. To not drive a car that was built for speed is hilarious when you stop and think about.

A manufacturer who glorifies this becomes even more ironic.

Imagine inventing time travel or warp speed and then putting it in your closet so it can appreciate. Total waste! I really just have to laugh at what this industry has become. It's funny to me.

Bronald McDonald

No one cares what you think kid.

We get it, you're unhappy with your life because you simply can't afford what he has.

Just appreciate the fact that have a chance to view the life of someone more successful than yourself.

- Juz @


I have a friend worth $60,000,000 who drives open wheel cars and can't be bothered with any of this super car nonsense. He's in the hall of fame, developed cars with a top level designer in Indy and taught me how to rebuild my race engines.

What you say to me means absolutely nothing.

This has nothing to do with me not being able to afford what he has--most people in life won't be able to--nor do I care to...a concept that might be wild to the materialistic mind of someone less educated in the sport but I digress...

I worship knowledge, technique, and ability in cars and in finance. This feature features neither.

Have a seat in the corner. You're severely outclassed in this discussion.


Thanks Dino, I've been looking forward to the next installment in the Garage House series for a little while now!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Glad these are appreciated as they are so much fun to shoot. Hope to do more


The words on this website are always a few steps from making my skin crawl. The photos are always awesome though.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Why and thanks I guess?


Love this kind of garage tour, more please !

If i can give my opinion as a designer and car collector, the garage is too close from the main door ( in case of a robbery ) and not very discreet with glass doors.
The garage itself is really dark and the man cave space to "live" with the cars is way too small.

Even if my cars are A LOT cheaper i think i currently have a better man cave / showroom garage to enjoy them than a real millionaire, that's pretty cool :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Everyone has their own taste and opinions. Do show some pix of your set up though, I'm sure we'd all like to see it

Bronald McDonald

I just picked up a new place too!

Not quite as good as this but still, I think it's as epic as my GRMN iQ

- Juz @


Amazing read and pics as always Dino!!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks Ivan!


Sweet house/garage, awesome location......filled with mostly "look at how much money I have!" cars.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Each to their own right?


Glad to see another garage feature, hope you keep this series going!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Working on it!


Couldn't care less that it's faster, the SF90 is a horrible car compared to the laferrari, in literally every way.
Completely lost its soul.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'd love to get both for a day and compare


Some of the replies are ridiculous, for me this website is where I spend my coffee break from a busy day at work (helps me get through the day), reading these varied stories is a welcome break from just seeing cars only. Published magazines are damn expensive now this website is free, i cringe at the thought that Speedhunter's might not exist one day, hope that day never comes. . .


I completely agree. Thanks for this Dino.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thank you Mahesh and Jezzafool! Comments like these is what keeps us going :)


Was kinda hoping to see a r34 gtr or nsx tucked away between these European exotics,even a old school s500 would of done it.

It’s funny how there always a tesla in the background when it comes to the upper class of car people (not hating btw)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'd have a Cybertruck lol


Likes: garage section of the house, be it kind of cramped and wonky
Love: architectural discussion in the comments
Dislike: dino starting out every article he writes with a pandemic reference
Interesting: using a bike to go to a car shoot

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Because the pandemic caused the delay on shoots like these lol. Guess it must have ended for most people :D


good post, bit unattached to the regular reader but it give a good insight into the upper class of japanese culture

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The series will show a variety of owners with different means. I mean would you not take a look at Jay Leno's garage just because he's wealthy?


what does the guy do for a living to afford all these cars? cause I'm definitely in the wrong career


Likely exploits others. There is no way he is working that much harder than you.