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The Mountain Pass

If you had one of the best handling cars out there, built for roads with more bends than an exhaust factory and there was one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world between you and home, what would you do?

Exactly the same as we did. Make for the nearest mountain pass my friends…

Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-2

If you haven’t read part one of this story, then you probably should. It’ll shed some light on how I ended up 1000 miles from home with a Caterham 485S. Don’t care? Well let’s get back to the decision of where to head!

Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-28

The pass that looked the most accessible to us was the Grossglockner in Western Austria. Being late May a lot of the Alpine passes are still closed at their summit as the snow starts to receed after a winter long closure, but our Google-Fu revealed it was open and ready for us.

Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-3

We started in the bottom left of this picture, with the pass heading north, then turning right and winding its way up to around 2600 metres and back down again. But us being us, we managed to take the best wrong turn ever and ended up in the top left-hand part of the map – which was a dead end.

Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-4

But what a dead end. In fact, stick a fork in me – I’m done.

Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-36

During the high season this place would be crammed, but in the late afternoon sun of May it was virtually deserted. Essentially we were sat on top of what is quite possibly the world’s most picturesque multi-storey car park. Pretty humbled by the whole affair we wandered around and tried to take in the scale of it all.

Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-45

If we’d have been able to order the perfect antidote to the packed roads and relentless pace of Wörthersee, it would have looked like this. The serenity and purity of the scene couldn’t have been bettered, and the roads – having been cleaned by a season of snow – had high grip levels when water wasn’t running across from the slowly melting mountain cover.

Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-35

And then there was the odd tunnel to drop a gear and get as close to the redline as I could before a corner told me to slow down.

Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-41

I think all of us would have happily set up camp here. If ever there was a justification for driving over 1000 miles in a car like the 485S, this is it.

Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-46

Back in Audi land things weren’t too bad either, but with the sun dropping and our energy levels with it, we all knew that we should probably get going.

Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-47

But not without one more photo stop at the actual summit of the pass though. The hair on the back of my neck stands up as I look at this picture. I can feel the steering, the fatigue in my arms and a taut feeling across my chest, my ears buzzing ever so slightly from the sharp exhaust note. There’s a button on the dashboard that says ‘Sport’, it opens up the exhaust and makes everything feel sharper. I swear it was made for roads like these. This was my personal playground for a short space in time and I had the perfect playmate.

This short film will hopefully give you an idea of just how stunning it is there. You might think I’m driving fairly slowly, but remember that it’s barely above freezing and I’m on roads I’ve never seen before, with tyres that don’t particularly like the cold or water running across the road! Okay, enough excuses… I guess the real reason I’ve included this is to try and convey the sense of discovery you get when driving like this. I am seeing these corners and vistas for the first time. When I emerge from the tunnel? That’s the first time I ever saw that skyline.

Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-6

But with nearly 1000 miles to go before home, you can bet there was still a lot that was going to happen before the adventure was over.

Gypsies & Legends
Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-48

As with any good story, all I can do is give you a taste of what happened. After a night spent getting minimal sleep in a motorway service centre, having blocked the Caterham in with the Audi, a tree and a conrete fixed bin, we met these guys. They were quite obviously under orders from an older gentlemen in the distance to hustle for money at the pumps, maybe a half-hearted windscreen clean or straight-up beg if you looked like a soft touch. But instead of just dismissing them when they wanted to check out the Caterham, I let them have a sit in. I’m no saint, but when somebody lives in a motorway service centre and has to beg to survive, it reminds me how blessed I am, and the least I can do is share a little bit of that feeling when I can.

Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-12

That’s what the Caterham does better than so many other cars I’ve driven – it makes you smile. But more importantly, it’s infectious for those around you. We bumped in to these guys in Northern France, and ironically they were from Austria and were road tripping with their girlfriends to Disneyland Paris. Those phone covers? That’ll be their race cars! I shared some Speedhunters stickers and we smiled our goodbyes.

Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-49

It wasn’t long after that stop that the roof on the 485 went up for the first and only time. But with an electrical storm lighting up the horizon all around us I begrudgingly clipped it in to place. Standing water of an inch or more and poor visbility meant I had to admit defeat. Those tailights are me and I can only liken driving with the roof up that night to piloting a petrol-scented sauna housed in a family-sized tent, through a hurricane. But even that had a perverse sense of satisfaction to it.

Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-10

The following morning I woke up alone in Reims, Northern France. Team Audi had to get back to the UK so had made an early start and legged it to the Channel Tunnel. I had one more stop to make though, and for me it’s a poignant one in this world of luxuries and climate-controlled environments.

Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-17

That stop was at the abandoned pits of the Circuit Reims-Gueux. It’s a must-see location if you’re passing through the area, which is exactly what Jonathan did a while ago.

Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-16

The circuit itself is incomplete now, but part of it is still driveable on normal roads – including the one that runs through the middle here. But when there’s no traffic, the echoes of the past come to life.

Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-18

I did some filming here with Sir Stirling Moss in 2012. In fact, we nearly got run over crossing the road by an elderly Renault being driven flat out. I remember Stirling not being phased at all as my heart jumped in to my throat. What a way to go I thought! But in reality it meant so little to him because he’s done things like win a race here in 1952 with Jaguar in a C-type. That might seem like a millenia ago, but it was the first ever race won by a car with disc brakes.

Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-15

Which in turn links in to how well the cars of today do what they do. So my little trip to Austria and back? That’s nothing compared to some of the incredible things that happen in this world, but the spirit of the Caterham and the age it evokes, whilst being thoroughly modern at the same time, is a very special combination.

Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-21

So in reality, this story will pass into the Speedhunters back catalogue. Quite frankly if you’ve made it this far after two installments, then I applaud and thank you for sticking with it. But the chances are if you have, then somewhere inside you there’s a little bit of Caterham spirit ready to do its thing.

Just whatever you do, let it. Say yes and you’ll not regret it. I promise.

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: @speedhunterbryn

Cutting Room Floor
Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-30
Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-34
Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-40
Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-43
Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-5
Caterham 485S Austrian Road Trip Worthersee-7
Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-42
Mark Riccioni Worthersee Caterham road trip-39

Quite possibly my favourite picture ever…



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Being German, using a B for a ß hurts me a little bit... u don't have a German keyboard and all, but please change it to "ss" as that is fairly common practice and comes relatively close to the way you pronounce it.

Love the concept of taking a Caterham to the Alps, must have felt really special!


@jack Sorry Jack, that's slipped through the edit! Will change it to SS now!

And yes, it felt amazing. I've always loved the mountains and know how busy they can get, so to have them empty and all to ourselves was extra special.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Couldn't possibly think of doing this trip in Aus, you'll go maybe 100km and admit defeat from the absolutely crap roads we have here. The Audi on the other hand, could work. Cheers for the great story everyone!
P.S.  Last pic: "AADOOGEN!!"


Read all the way through, and would definitely read again. Sounds like an incredible trip, something i'd definitely consider given the opportunity. What incredible landscape!


Awesome article! Both Part 1 and Part 2!


if a car doesn't have an airlift system and vossen wheels on it, REALLY whats the point of even posting it?!?! 
From now on please only post cars with airlift system, vossen wheels, with a CSF radiator, on KW coilovers, takata seat belts, with a rocket bunny kit and slap on a bunch of fatlace illest stickers on it. other wise there really isn't any reason to visit this site.
i hope everyone who reads this got a kick out of it.


If any 'car enthusiast' gets the chance of a trip like this then do it.

This is my brief account of our European roadtrip just other a year ago, all I can say is that it was the best 9 days of my life! Didn't get a chance to check out Austria or the Nurburgring so we're going back next year for 15 days to do more of what we've done plus Germany and Austria, can't wait!
Great article Bryn, this is what driving is all about!


"piloting a petrol-scented sauna housed in a family-sized tent, through a hurricane" ha ha love it


Dear God, I want a Caterham badly. Especially after reading all of this. One day...


@tom I think you have not read the Part 1of this article YET. Let me quote one paragraph for you:
"Not much as it turned out, but just enough… For a start the dynamic trio decided it would be a really great idea to bring something practical along. An Audi A6 turbo-diesel should do the trick, right? Usually yes, except this one was brand new and freshly collected from the dealer roughly 19 hours before we were due to meet at the Channel Tunnel port. So they did well to get brand new ST suspension and 20-inch Rotiform wheels on it…"
So no AIRLIFT here. Rather KW. Vossen is there.


GlennBloemen Oh don't I know it, I keep straying towards the classifieds and picking this one up from their showroom didn't help.


mk4 lew Thanks! I don't think on it as a negative :)


b3nson I've driven a lot of Europe and there's always more to see and do, we're really very lucky to have such diversity on our doorstep.


@Abraham @tom How's that free website covering global car culture working out for you lads?


meal stub Thank you, I appreciate that!


JonathanShephard No matter which way you head in Europe there's always something spectacular to see, however we really did strike gold in Austria!


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner Haha, you'd be fine! The Caterham has better ground clearance and suspension travel than the Audi, with some gravel stage spec tyres I reckon it would get on okay off road too. Remember it's so light!


A lot of people talk about being a purist, whilst driving their Hyundai to work, and never going further then the keyboard

This is an enthusiasts article, driving a sweet machine across and long distance covering all its glory and faults, and smiling through it all.

I love the journey far more then the destination, nice job all around.


Guys this was a joke. I was kidding. I love reading speedhunters. Its the one website that features cars I love and they post new cars almost every day. Keep up the great work and relax a little.


I recently bought a 4G63 galaxy S5 phone case, but yet I still need to wait till mid 20s to get an actual evo!


@Whoshot Thank you, kind words. It's all about the journey :)


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner Lots of great roads here to drive on, if I can do over 2000kms in an old slammed kombi then a Caterham would be easy :) Great pics and article, more like this would be much appreciated.


Thanks for the positive feedback @Whoshot!


Amazing post, amazing car, flawless roads. Thanks for sharing @speedhunters_Bryn. Having moved to TX from a very mountainous, canyon road filled AZ, this is the type of coverage I love to read. Someday in my life I WILL drive some of these roads, I can only imagine its something that is never forgotten.


Those are some of the most picturesque images I have ever seen.


The Stelvio pass so often gets all the press, but Austria has some incredible roads and they are generally extremely well maintained. Having just moved to Wales from Tirol, I am looking forward to getting to know some of the treats my new home has to offer too. Great feature.


While reading this article i could not stop myself from having this huge grin on my face. I must commend on an awesome article and well written may i add.
Its stories like this that makes me want to pack my bags and have one huge ass long road trip around UK and Europe.
Keep the awesome articles coming Bryn!