Do You Hear Boost? <br />The Sound Of The 2016 Miata

Seeing as how the current Mazda MX-5/Miata has been around since the 2006 model year, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of anticipation for the debut of an all-new model. This week the Japanese auto manufacturer not only revealed the date it will unveil the 2016 Roadster to the world – September 3rd – but it also released this short sound clip that teases the new car. On top of an exhaust note that sounds rather aggressive, there also seems to be some turbocharger whoosh in there too, which would be a very welcome addition.

Should FR-S and BRZ owners be scared? I guess we will know in about two months…

Mike Garrett
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Hopefully not a turbo.


XTREMESP33D I have a mazdaspeed miata, I've driven quite a few other miatas, NA, NB, 1.6, 1.8, 5 and 6 spd. The MSM is far and away the most fun. I'm totally open to another turbo miata.


My money is on a 1.5L direct injection turbo, around 200hp.


Tying my favourite cardigan over my shoulders in anticipation.


Interesting. Whilst turbo will lost the little roaster some of its character, in an era of tight emission regulation and 6 seconds hot hatches it needs to be done to keep up I guess.

It may put some pressure on 86/BRZ to match the performance.


They already showed off the production chassis, and engine, which lacked a turbocharger. There's a turbo-esque woosh at only a couple of points during the video, which leads me to think it was funky wind noise, induction noise, or a bit of both.


The FRS and BRZ have been overrated and hyped up from day 1. They are not bad but the Miata has become some what of having a legendary status- almost like a modern day Datsun 510, M3, or Sentra SE-R. That would be sooooo awesome that Mazda went with forced induction for the Miata!


Come on Mazda, give us a coupe. + rigidity, - weight.


that definitly sounds boosted. "All new", may they ditched the MZR?

robert armantrout

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't the original Miata a turbo in Japan?  I know our original 1.6 had low enough compression to run a turbo system (like the Greddy) just fine?  I own an Abarth and I have to say, a 1.4 liter multi-air in a roadster would be a blast!


I thought it was already pretty much confirmed it was getting a Skyactiv stupidly high compression NA engine. I forget the source of that statement though, might have been Autocar (for what that's worth)


robert armantrout  its 1.6 came from 323 gtx if im correct. came stock turbo from the factory, they took the turbo off and put it in the Miata's. Block was tapped for coolant routing and all that.


robert armantrout Nope, I think the only factory turbo Miata / MX-5 / Roadsters were the BBR Turbo (or whatever it was called), which was a turbo kit endorsed by Mazda and the limited edition 787B coloured one sold in the UK based on the BBR.
The 1.4 Multiair would be a brilliant engine choice, the output is certainly sufficient but would put Mazda in a sticky spot if they wanted to release one at the 200bhp mark.


Other Will robert armantrout There was a factory Turbo Mazdaspeed Miata NB.


NYporkdept Cars designed from the ground up to be convertibles typically don't have rigidity problems.  The Miata weighs less due to its lack of roof honestly.  It's designed more like an open wheel car with a light body on it.


Mclaren F1 It's one of the few inexpensive sports cars that has a double wishbone suspension. Even Porsches come with Mcpherson struts


TheCrudMan NYporkdept

That is hyperbole at best, flat-out incorrect at worst, There is nothing about the Miata that makes its underpinnings at all like an open wheel car.


All I hear is some wind turbulence and gear whine from the transmission.