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Back in March I posted a feature about Shuichi Nakagawa’s Sunoco 180SX from Team Bad Quality in Hiroshima, Japan. It goes without saying that Nakagawa’s 180 is one of the bolder S13 builds out there, but that car has also evolved to a point where it’s no longer street-friendly. It’s stripped out, caged and has just a single bucket seat, so you can be sure law enforcement is quickly drawn to its loud style.


In comparison to that car, Bad Quality’s other 180SX is much more subtle. Or at least as subtle as a slammed and widened 180 with 11.5-inch wide rear wheels can be. Say hello to Mr. Naohiro Yamane’s RPS13.


While Nakagawa’s 180SX is mostly limited to shows and drift events these days, that’s not the case with this car. Yamane-san’s 180 is a street machine, plain and simple. More than that, this car is the epitome of Hiroshima drift style.


Low ‘n wide is the main theme here. The black body is fitted with a modified BN Sports front bumper, Julius side skirts and a custom flat-mount rear spoiler.


The car is also wearing FRP wide fenders with raised arches to accommodate a set of suitably-sized Weds Kranze LXZ wheels – 18×9.5 up front and 18×11.5 in the rear. 326Power coilovers provide the deck-kissing ride height, with a host of suspension arm modifications allowing for the 180’s gnarly camber setup.


Under the hood is a typical street-friendly SR20DET setup with an S14 turbine upgrade, full exhaust, HKS intake and a large front-mount intercooler. It’s not fancy, but there’s no arguing with the basics.


The interior is also geared completely for street driving. There’s no roll cage, and both driver and passenger are treated to custom-upholstered Bride Brix buckets. Let’s not forget other requesites like the Nardi steering wheel and checkered floor mats.


This might not be the fastest or most heavily modified 180SX in the world, but it was cars like this one that helped introduced so many to the world of Japanese drifting way back when. I know, because I was one of those people.

No matter how crazy drift cars may get, there will always be a place for machines like this.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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I really like that... Full interiors appeal more to me now, must be my age :)


Why is there never Like button when I need one? :)
Great car, superb article.
Do you have some bonus pics maybe?


That camber's crazy!


nielssan Why 'like' when you can comment, much better :)


Speedhunters_Bryn nielssan Why not have both?


beautiful ride, not a fan of this kindo camber, but well..
love the boso like exhaust, and the interior just looks so noble, pretty nice this ride


Understated perfection


apieceobacon Speedhunters_Bryn nielssan Thats what I meant. I wanted to like it and leave a comment. :)


the black just screams at u .... not a stance fan but damn this looks flawless and fun to own


Looks great, love the interior! Not sure it can drive far though, very flatto on the asphalto.  :)


this reminds me of that notorious black 180sx off of youtube seen drifting... this looks like fun car to get sideways.


Well... I think it looks ridiculous!
Why get a fat tyre and only have a 2" contact patch!? Cars are meant to be driven, that car is meant to be parked, so... not a fan. Still, few minor tweaks and it would be ready to go, because it has very good details.


pedroft82 Try harder amigo


pedroft82 Absolutely agree! What I also can't get — 11j wheels and 215 tyres on it.


Gosto é igual bunda...cada um com a sua


d_rav Yeah the Koguchi car. So good.


Speedhunters_Bryn We are old men!


pedroft82 is this the first you've seen a slammed car?


Mike Garrett d_rav EXACTLY. so thats how you spell his name!... i found the video, mind blown... n i also seen some maiham media ... how did i miss this footage of koguchi running the wall??? amazing.


D1RGE pedroft82 LoL... I've been in the car "scene" for 13 years, seen it all. And if there is one thing i've learned is that trends, are just... trends! They come and go. Now there are looks that are for ever. This car is close to a racer look that looked good 50, 30, 10 years ago and looks good now. Like I've said, it has the potential to look great, but those little "trend" details are ruining it.


pedroft82 So you're telling me that a 9.5" wheel and a 11.5" wheel is only touching the ground on 2" of tire... So that means 7.5" and 9.5" are cambered... You're a fool. Plus in drift cars, more camber equals more grip. GG. REKT. RIP. Try and hate on something you actually know about.


This car looks down right stupid.


d_rav Mike Garrett Koguchi is king of RPS13 style!!


Mike Garrett Speedhunters_Bryn We're grown men, not least not yet.


@Zyphal pedroft82 Have you actually driven, or even seen a drift car? Like all track cars it has to have camber, but a ridiculous amount of like this car. Just look around Speedhunters for all the drift photos they have and you'll see they are running 2º at most. Not 20 like this one.


My God. Stupid cambered wheels. Stupid car. Stupid owner.


car looks great, and everyone here that hates, is one of the "function" is the only way peole


cant turn the wheels to park x)


hey which front fenders are these? It just says FRP