Enter The ’70s: RWB’s Latest Creation
It’s All About The Pace

If there is one thing that Nakai-san of RAUH-Welt Begriff has become very good at over the years, it’s pacing himself. Let’s not underestimate how hard that actually is, because it can make or break the popularity of the things you create if you fail to maintain the correct balance. This allows him to concentrate building countless cars throughout the year – many for overseas clients – and then, when the time is right, he comes up with something different. Last year it was Rotana – his own personal track car, that I shot before it was unveiled at the idlers event in Tsukuba. This year, however, it was a request from a customer that prompted him to slightly steer away from his usual style.

RWB has always been synonymous with ‘roughness’, or at least perceived roughness, as various generations of 911s have their fenders sawed off in favour of riveted-on overfenders of varying dimensions. However, this was not the chosen path for the white 964 Carrera 2 you see here.


That’s why, last Friday – a couple of days before the idlers Games at Tsukuba – I took a little drive out to Nakai’s shop. “The new car is finished,” were the words he uttered when I picked up a call from the man himself a few days prior. Excitement instantly rushed through my body. The time has come I thought, this is Nakai’s ‘car’ for 2014 – the one he unveils at just the right time so that RWB continues to thunder-on with the same sort of momentum. A two-hour drive later I found myself standing in front of the nameless creation. And needless to say, I was blown away.


I jumped in my car and headed off to a little park where the shoot would take place, all the while struggling to follow the impossibly-wide 964 as Nakai zig-zagged all over the road checking that none of the tyres were rubbing. Yes, he drives fast! It was the first time he had taken it out on the street – that’s how fresh the thing was…


Seeing him tackle the odd car coming in the opposite direction was nothing short of comical – the wide rear end freaking out most other motorists!


For Nakai’s latest creation, inspiration was drawn from the 1976 IROC race cars. The styling gives the 964 an RSR look thanks to that unmistakable front bumper with the large rectangular central air-dam and the two round side intakes that help cool the brakes. A black lip was added for looks and to protect the bumper against occasional rubs and scrapes.


On the factory 964 the headlight trim is usually colour-matched with the body, but to keep the ’70s theme in check vintage Bosch lenses with chrome trim rings have been added. They’re a nice little touch that accentuate the retro vibe.


Oh my, it’s the end of the world – an RWB 911 that doesn’t have screwed-on fender flares! Of course, this isn’t the first time that Nakai has done this, but maybe not too many people have noticed for the simple fact that the more aggressive overfender-equipped cars tend to steal all the limelight. Relatively speaking, the front hasn’t been widened that much, just 5cm on each side to be precise; the flaring seamlessly blended into the bodywork.


The sort of fitment you would expect on a RWB car is very much there though. There are literally millimetres between the Yokohama tyres’ sidewalls and the inside of the wheel arch, and the more the suspension compresses the more they camber inwards avoiding any sort of rubbing. The Work Wheels x RWB version of the legendary Meister wheel sport a reversed rim for a unique look and measure 10.5 inches across on the 18-inch fronts. A -10 offset makes sure they sit just right without the need for spacers. Seeing that the car will be daily driven by its owner (yes, you read right!), more street-oriented ADVAN Sports are fitted in 265/35 size. In case you are wondering what the ‘NIKI’ logo is, that’s Niki Lauda’s airline. Nakai seems to like stickering up his cars with logos of airlines.


Does the simple front end treatment not make this 964 a proper RWB Porsche? I think not!


I really like how the side of the car was left without the usual name-bearing side skirts – just like on those 1976 race cars. You can easily see the lines that take the oil between the engine and the front-mounted cooler.

Them Hips

What to say about those rear hips? Well, they are big – +15cm on each side to be exact. That’s one serious dose of widening, which just like the front has been achieved by smoothly-blended oversized fenders – vented both on their front and rear sides to mimic the IROC look. A mighty wheel size was needed to fill those guards up properly, which is why 18×12.5-inch RWB-spec Meisters were chosen and wrapped in 315/30ZR18 Yokohamas. The -70 offsets ensure that the fitment is Nakai-certified, and with dish that seems to go one for ever, boy does it all look spot on.


All haters of the stacked Porsche GT2 & GT Wing combo can keep their mouths shut, because the overall clean execution of this 964 is topped off with an RSR-style whale tail.


Underneath the spoiler, US-style rear lights and a middle ‘Porsche’ trim complete the picture; Nakai-san preferring it to the Euro or Japanese-spec lights with orange turn signals.


This car has so much presence it’s hard to stop staring at it. It warrants your attention, but in a different sort of way to usual RWB cars.


Nakai has certainly hit the nail on the head with this one.


Seeing the owner plans to drive this car every day, there’s been no comfort taken away from the interior. Even the factory-fitted grey reclinable leather seats remain and offer just enough side bolstering to keep you locked in place through the corners.


A suede-trimmed RWB deep-cup steering wheel replaces the stock Porsche unit – a simple upgrade that fits in perfectly with the overall theme.


The HKS Circuit Attack Counter was installed for when the car is taken on track – something the owner plans to do on a regular basis.


The RAUH-Welt kick plate reminds you every time you jump in that this isn’t an ordinary 964 Carrera 2.

What Will The Future Bring?

As the sun dropped lower in the sky the light really began to emphasise the smooth contours of the widened fenders.


The 3.6L flat-six has been left in its stock state, which is more than capable of supplying ample performance for everyday driving as well as the occasional track excursion.


However, to get it to sing just right, Nakai had his exhaust guy fabricate a one-off stainless steel system which pokes out of the bumper with a pair of extra long tail pipes. The sound created is of a very low frequency, with that usual NA-rasp that makes these engines so unique.


I’m sure this is one car that won’t probably appeal to everyone out there. Those that favour Nakai’s usual style will probably see it as too clean, too simple and too smooth. After all, RWB is synonymous with ‘rough style’, right?


Nakai, on the other hand, really enjoyed building it. It’s a nice refreshing break from the norm, and to say it looks sensational out on the street would be a pretty big understatement in my mind.


But what this car manages to do is further evolve the RWB name as we know it. It reminds us that there are different looks that can be achieved; all catered to the customer’s individual needs, as with with every other car he has ever built.


Exactly one year after Rotana, this 964 couldn’t have arrived at a better time.


It kept us waiting and wondering at what would come next, followed by the usual awe that every car that has rolled out of the rough Kashiwa workshop has always instilled in us.


In the last week the IROC style 964 has been collected by its owner and driven back to Nagano where I’m sure it’s already blocking narrow country roads with its massive rear end. It leaves us wondering if it will be another year until we see Nakai-san come up with something out of the norm. Rather than attempt to wow us constantly, it’s simple anticipation that RWB will continue to rely on to keep our interest alive. And let’s admit it, it damn well works!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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How does widening the rear to such an extent affect handling?  There's got to be a ton of compromises.  ?


Coolant??..... car is air cooled.

The hoses on the side are probably for engine oil that's running to the "radiator" up front. 
Cool car, rear is too wide for my taste.


Little too wide at the back, needs ITB's. Otherwise awesomeness


Well Dino has been providing some nice new wallpapers for me recently I don't know about you guys.... the Hawaiian M3, now this... what's next? :)


Nice car, but the rear is a bit too wide for me. I'd be curious to know the difference in width between an original RSR and this. It's a pretty car, don't get me wrong, but there's nothing new here just because RWB is on it.
I'd take a Singer.


I'm generally not a fan of RWB. Their cars are just too much of a caricature, almost like a parody of old racing Porsches rather than a tribute.
This is better though. The rear is still too wide for me, but the blended guards and RSR theme are much better. Would have liked to see some further NA engine work, but I understand it's a daily driver (though I feel those rear guards might make that rather difficult!).


Wow, now there's a shocker from the RWB camp. Loving everything about this 964, even the wide rear end and that exhaust. 
The 80's geek in me just wants to paint blue and red racing stripes, #4 on the door Autobot emblem and JAZZ on the plates, lol.
Awesome read/post guys!


This one is more my speed.....


midgeman Singer is on a completely different league in terms of fabrication and moneywise, too.


leitev8 Right on, son! I have spotted a similar setup used by Magnus. Do not blame Dino though. He cannot even distinguish a Mugen kit from a Spoon kit.


does it have a skid plate? i know there are alot of roads that would prolly make that car scrape here in Japan >_<


zephoto I thought the Hawaiian car we saw was a special edition S2000?!? Did I miss an M3 recently? Link please!


shiftyXTI zephoto Well I am looking for the actual wallpaper.  I saved it on 5/20 but I can't seem to find it on the articles.  This is the car but not the picture, it was on a beach.  http://www.speedhunters.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Offset-Kings-Hawaii-41.jpg

And here is the saved file, can't find the article sorry.  Anyway this is what I've been using for my wallpaper.  Lovely.


Hating? Maybe, but this looks like an rsr 3.0 clone. Would I drive it? Absolutely, but if I were ordering a rwb Porsche I'd expect a bit more originality. Nice photos however. It is a good looking car


my favorite RWB


I want to like it, I really do, and I used to think it's impossiburu to go too wide on the rears...but this car proves me wrong.  The rear arches are so wide as to become caricatures of themselves, absurd to the point of being awkward.  It DOES look great from a certain few angles, but from a lot of others it's just too far gone to take seriously at all.  :(


leitev8 Yes yes I meant oil ;)


zephoto shiftyXTI It's coming :)


kphillips9936 Thanks!


SeanStott I would have thought it would bring a lot more grip/control to the the rear engine arrangement which is extremely tail-happy... but even then I would assume that the handling would still cause oversteer near and at the limit.


The last comment and picture on chapter one is confusing me. This is an air cooled Porsche... Surely you mean oil cooler lines for a front mounted oil cooler? Or am I missing something? The piping diameters look too small for coolant.


Floz "I really like how the side of the car was left without the usual name-bearing side skirts – just like on those 1976 race cars. You can easily see the lines that take the oil between the engine and the front-mounted cooler."

doesnt say anything about coolant. They are lines for the oil cooler


"You can easily see the lines that take the oil between the engine and the front-mounted cooler"
Pretty sure it says "oil" and "front mount cooler", yes =P


fabrication process experiment?


I would so rock this daily.


Love the smoothness of this one, US taillights look awesome. The rear is veeeeery wide...could run in to some trouble as a daily driver. Great pictures!


Haha, whoops, I swore it said something different... It's been a tough morning, so I probably read it wrong!


This is just too wide.  I own a narrow body 911, and even it has some hips... the factory flares of an SC look great, and even the 930s look great.  This?  This reminds me of the women that have implants as big as their head.  There is such a thing as too much titties, and apparently you can make a 911 too wide.  It looks silly.


Stock sucks.


Too much in the rear end. Nicely done though, it is very clean. Maybe if he widened the front out it would look a little bit better.


This thing is hilariously wide. A little too wide for my own tastes but everything else is perfect.
Also, I found it pretty funny that in almost all of the photos you can't see the face of the rear wheels because they're so damn deep!


I want one so bad.... i love how it's not slammed.


Omnigear You just have to take them with speed! Lol


TjChannon LOL yeah good point, the actual spoke/face part is all the way down the barrel


These photos came out beautifully Dino! The presence this thing has on the road is insane. Nakai-san did an incredible job with this!


ADDvanced It's a whole different thing when you see it up close :)


Taryn Croucher Cheers Taryn!


I like it but to me its just a RSR clone. I would really like to see him put the RWB spin on this look. A crazy aggressive RWB RSR is my ultimate dream. Great work though and awesome shots of the car as always.


zackspeed333 Thx :) I thought the extreme wideness and fitment was the "RWB twist" on this particular car.


Wish there was more done under the hood (maybe something for the future).
This new direction for Nakai-san makes me wonder if we see work being done on newer Porsche's as well.


This is dope. Super clean and simple.


I'm digging this new direction. I really love the exposed lines on the side skirts.I'm really loving those exhaust.and that spoiler. beautiful photos Dino


Pimp sauce


Awesome photos as usual! Just wondering is it a metal widebody or an FRP? Thanks




KRaZyAmmo Thanks man!


TokyoCarGuy If customers request it I'm sure he would love to work on more modern 911s. Or a Cayman perhaps, now that would be wild I bet!


Who was the customer? Sir Mix-A-Lot?


ADDvanced Too much titties? Blasphemy!


Really cool car. I wonder how he managed to align the wheels to turn the car. Also, I guess with this wide track, the performance of the 964 is lower than the stock? If so, is this a stance car from RWB?


'You can easily see the water lines that take the coolant between the engine and the front-mounted radiator.' I think better check this sentence.. hint: oil... :-) Last time I checked 964s were still air-cooled


SeanStott it affects traction SO positively, that the stock-3.6-engined 964 receives practically "quattro"-levels of off-line-traction.  This means that the 0-30 / 0-50 mph times could probably be better than the stock 964, whereas, as the speed builds on, the huge, comical aero-drag that these rear-tyres generate (the fronts too, to a certainly big extent), slow down the car's acceleration.

This is, of course, a straight-line performance aspect.

In corners, it would probably make the car very lazy on turn-in, but a lot more fun when properly ON THE LIMIT (on track), making use of the engine rpm-ranges (for powersliding) which one could really not use in stock form, so probably a bit of a fun-track-machine too.

This would be seriously quick, though, if a Turbo engine was installed - in a turbo 911, the traction improvement is dramatically important (read:  would be faster as real-world lap-times).


speedhunters_dino TjChannon good for cats and dogs when it rains.

Jeroen Willemsen

This is just borderline perfection, nice shots Dino!!


I love this car! and the photos capture the dimensions and presence perfectly!! Nice!


Glad to see change and a fresh look into the RWB style.


that expose oil lines making me nervous.


My favorite RWB yet... insane


I hate my self for even typing this... in my eyes the ball was dropped on this one. Yes I do think the ass is too wide, but my real problem is the way the bumpers hang lower then the sides. Proportionately its just a mess.


wilfredcolon1 Thank you!


@Jeroen Willemsen Thanks Jeroen!


What is with those openings in front of the rear fender? they seem non functional...


any plans on nakai tracking this car or was it primarily a street car. i'd love to get something like this in black or silver.


A different kind of rough... Bravo but still RWB


I don't usually like RWB cars.
But this.. is an exception


Take a look at this. The 1974 Porsche 911 turbo RSR 2.14. Do the rear guards remind you of anything? I think RWB have got this right. Yes it takes its style from older Porsche race cars but with the more modern 964 chassis and JDM wheels I think it screams RWB in a retro style. Top work in my book!
Dino nice shots to!


Just bad motherf***ing @$$!!!


Scottie_LP Thank you :) Oh and that's such a beast, look at that rear wing!


koknyol :)


rebounder43 Unmistakably so :)


d_rav It's primarily a street car, daily driven. It's a customer car so Nakai won't be driving it on track no


manekineko See image of RSR race car that Scottie_LP posted above


greenroadster You know I always assumed the same, until I drove a few RWB 911s. The handling and balance changes due to the grip levels but it just gets really safe. I also assumed 315-section rear tyres would mean no more ass-out drifting for this particular car. As Taryn Croucher can also confirm, that's not the case either as Nakai-san demonstrated around a few corners hehe :D


speedhunters_dino greenroadster Taryn Croucher  Any pictures to back your story?  :))))  Really wanna see drift a 911 with 30cm wider than stock rear wheels


Normally I love RWB cars, but I LOVE this one. Fantastic style. The only thing missing is some proper seats! Oh, and great pics as usual, Dino.


Beautiful car and great shots- looks like it was built by Porsche.  '74 was actually the only year that Porsches were used in IROC.  The IROC 911 was a 74 3.0 RS bodied, RSR spec (motor and suspension) car.  This RWB car has the rear fenders of a 74-76 RSR but the front fenders from a 74 3.0 RS so it looks more RS/R inspired than IROC inspired to me. The RSRs had front over fenders and the IROCs have an all fiberglass rear wing and no reflector in between the taillights.  

IROC: http://m6.i.pbase.com/g3/53/615153/2/54014026.46944797.1974Porsche911RSRIROCPhoto01.jpg
74 3.0 RS: http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/images/large/2379/Porsche-911-Carrera-RS-3.0_4.jpg
74 RSR: http://silodrome.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/1974-Porsche-3.0-Carrera-RSR-3-1200x799.jpeg


speedhunters_dino manekineko They might be missing these parts, http://forums.pelicanparts.com/uploads19/GTR+042+21318191098.jpg But hard to tell from the pics provided. If so, brake cooling function is not achieved.


WONDROUS. The integrated look vs. rivets really makes a difference.


Did Nakai-son ever give this car a name or is the name Niki?


sick photos Mr. Carbonare!


hushypushy and an engine rebuild


Super clean look. I know it's not the RWB look, but I'd love to switch the wheels for some BBS with turbofans...