Liberty Walk’s Road To SEMA Starts Now

What’s next? I’m pretty sure that’s a question that Kato-san of Liberty Walk must be very tired of answering by now. Mind you, it comes with the territory, because there aren’t many workshops around the world that would even dare to do what the Japanese custom car builder has become known for. So if you’re wondering what car is next in line to receive the LB-Works treatment, well, here it is…


Liberty Walk has already worked on the Lamborghini Aventador, and if you recall back to last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon you might remember its creation that Sean and I took a look at in detail after the show ended. The body kit on that particular car could be considered an entry-level upgrade, but that was never going to cut it for Kato-san. So along with a tantalising line up of other cars planned for the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November, he also plans to bring a fiery-red LB-Works version of the Aventador with him too.


As you can see in these initial CG images, Liberty Walk’s take on Lamborghini’s flagship machine will be sporting front and rear Works fenders applied to the body with exposed bolts for the raw look that makes these conversions all the more special. A large GT wing will also be added at the rear, supported by a pair of stays fixed to the body through cut-outs in the center-section of the bumper.


Along with a front spoiler, the conversion will also feature more profiled side skirts and a rear diffuser section, and very aggressive wheel fitment. SEMA might still be months away, but Liberty Walk is wasting no time in ensuring that its display will be the talk of the show once again.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Yes !


Looks wilder than stock. Like this


The bolt on flares aren't really doing anything for the car. they arent creating awesome new lines that didn't previously exist or accentuating subtle features to make the car really stand on its own. I really like the fender flare look (the 458 wow!) but for some reason this car looks like its just fender flares for the sake of fender flares. 

yea it takes crazy balls and a ridiculously deep wallet to cut up a supercar, but it should only be done if its going to make the car massively better, and this is the first flare add build that makes me think the fender flare thing has just become played out :(  It needed to be wilder or do something new and its done neither. i want to love it but just cant get there.


Lamborghini are known for straight lines, adding curves isn't working for me. Like some else said, adding same fender flares for the sake of it. How about some fender flares with straight lines to match the Aventador and do it properly?


Can not wait for Sema this year!! Especially the LBW stand.

We finally have a Liberty Walk kitted Murci in Australia that was just unveiled last Friday.

Stopped a lot of traffic! Now to get an Aventador one here


The fenders don't look out of place to me.  They accentuate the factory lines and flow with them so perfectly.  If they were blended into the body, it could almost look like Lamborghini made them that way.  Kato-san and Miura-san hit this one on the head IMO.


Dos anyone know what 3D software they use? I use SolidWorks, but this is something else, at least to render, IMO


As much as I love this, these Rocket Bunny kits are getting just a bit boring. It's the same style over and over. It looks very well done, integrated well into the lines and all. Super wild. Not hating, just think it would be nice if the style evolved or differentiated a bit.


Motive DVD They are known for straight character lines but it's not like every panel is perfectly flat.  These mimic and extend the curves of the existing fenders. 
I think we've all known that Liberty Walk would be creating this kit eventually, and it's no surprise that it looks like it does.  But to me it looks just right.  There's a reason Kato and Miura's kits are so popular - they almost always work really well with the body lines of the car they go on, even if they have the same overall style.



JMax Paint Garage LLC

You know what would be cool? an AE86, TE72 (2 door sedan) and FC3S on Liberty Walk/Rocket Bunny aero.

That would be cool




Wojt90 He uses Keyshot to render. Pretty sure He uses Rhino for the modeling.


lockdown disgused


I want to see someone build something like an Aventador Superleggera, or an Aventador STS.


Looks really good, but like stated below its become really boring.


Sorry, I'm usually the last one to "hate", and I always try to find good/cool/positive things about almost anything, but this is shite.

"with exposed bolts for the raw look that makes these conversions all the more special"

No, it doesn't make them more special - it makes them look exactly like the same cheap crap people put on 180/240sx's. It's also easier. Making it smooth, and looking factory-like while still being modified, widened and aggressive is the true art. Not this "let's take these same panels and adjust them to yet another, beautifully designed super car". 
I'm sorry. Maybe it's just a bad day, but to me great bodyworks were/are those of italian coach builders, where you take something great and make it... Well, magnificent actually. Hand crafted, beautifully designed and well thought-out. Not this copy-paste thing.


People say this is played out or whatever but how many have you actually seen in the wild? Not at a meet or anything but just driving around


Your answer lies in your sentence - why haven't you seen anyone driving with this kit on , well for a start how many aventadors have you seen driving around , the answer ? Not many I bet , out of those aventador drivers how many would you see agreing with the man in a workshop in japan cutting up their quarter million pound car ? Answer- probably count less than your fingertips , I personally don't hate it but... From a marketing point of view I don't really see this being a massive hit or a highly popular kit , from nakai San's point of view he does it because he cannas out of sheer pleasure which is great it's not as if he hasn't got money to burn either..... I do have a question for the speed hunters team !- considering this sort of tuning is rather high end and let's be honest most of us would rarely see this sort of thing on the road ,
Do you feature these cars (like RWB and LB performance) because speedhunters team likes them or because you are sponsored by them and the features are like a "thank you" advertisement for them ?


They should came out with a dif style for the aventador.....dif fender lines. It's all looking like an frs now


@Funky Child Honestly, I'm totally with you. Sure the flared look might look alright on some cars, but to me a stock bodied Aventador is way more appealing. A set of wheels, go for it. 
Not only that, but they (Lamborghini) test these cars in wind tunnels for ridiculous amounts of time at ridiculous speeds... And he goes right ahead, slaps on some flares and a massive wing and calls it a day.


Have you seen any kits on any cars now owned by a shop or manufacturing brand on the road in USA. That goes for lb and rocket bunny.
Individual purchases almost do not exist....
But the truth is ...who cares...the amount of kits that are bought b2b for advertising purposes pays for the molds and makes these guys the money ..
So they don't need any public purchase of these kits...


Sorry gor the misunderstanding but I was talking about the liberty walk/rocket bunny look with bolt on fenders. I just see a lot of people saying it is played out when it really isnt. It is just featured a lot

JMax Paint Garage LLC

I think a lot of you guys are missing the point - THIS IS Liberty Walk's 'style'. It's already been established and all their builds will have the same essence in the aero and overall style. This is why I don't understand the 'it looks boring' point of view. It is NOT boring, the problem is that RWB, LB and RB builds are heavily featured on Speedhunters, so for people who visit the site often - like myself - it already seems common.

It is like if someone would complain that all BN Sport kits look the 'same' on all cars - it's supposed to, that's what makes it a BN Sports. Same goes for Uras, D-Max, Vertex - all those kits will have the same characteristics on all platforms that will MAKE them exclusive and different from each other.

What we need to "fix" here is this: If you are tired of seeing the same shops and their builds being featured (RWB, Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny/6666 Custom) then provide that feedback to Speedhunters staff.

I do think the kit is beautiful and very characteristic of Liberty Walk. That IS a Liberty Walk kit.


aussieANON yeah but he is the one who makes millions and u .... dont so why hate on some ones style when all u have to do is just not care and keep looking for something u do like? and lets be honest at the speed Lamborghini test these cars the people who do buy then and insure them probable dont drive them the way they are supost to be driven and thats like u stole it they probable just pussy foot it and slowly work there way threw gears so in all reality i love the LW stlye and i love the moto dont be afraid to by a lambo and chop it up my niggas!!!!!!!!

turbo BEAMS ae86

rv_zenki Lol theirs a lot of this cars at vancouver canada


I highly agree kei mura carries his artistic edge in all parts of the automotive artistic design and i think will always be able to maintain the integrety and heart behind the connection between man and machine througg his fluid and timless designs and im even more of a datsun/nissan fanatic but i can never bat an eye at any WB , RWB , and of course rocket bunny and supermade ( my nissan love of course and the obvious brz/ft86 passion as well.)


Be a hell of a track or time attack car, couldn't see this one the streets.


This looks absolutely jaw-droppingly stunning.


i came, i saw, i came..


@turbo BEAMS ae86 rv_zenki biting my lip sooo hard right now...

I like the kit! looks good


I usually don't hate on cars, but this is a new level of same idea new car. LB produce a signature look but it doesn't belong on a flush smooth designed Lamborghini, it looks out of place. Wide body lamb is should still look smooth and sharp not easily bolted on. As I say, "Each to their own."


im torn between this and the fd.


Somehow makes me think of AKIRA

Gianluca FairladyZ

Fab Design is located 10 minutes away from me. They build Aero kits for the Lambos too, but hell.... They're absolutley nothing compared to LB Performance! While the Fab cars look rather like Batmobiles, the LB Performance cars play in a diffrent league! I'd love to see LB Performance one day. How's their philosophy over there? Do they welcome visitors from oversea or do they say " gaijin go away" ???


SideWays4Life English would be great, please. 
Disregarding that you can't seem to type a proper sentence, are you saying that I shouldn't be able to offer my opinion because I'm not the one doing the work? That's retarded. 
Am I therefore not allowed to comment about a video game, because I'm not the one doing the development?
That's ridiculous.

Liberty Walk is essentially just rice for really expensive cars. Wide tyres yes, but when stock is already massive and super grippy it won't make much of a difference.


JMax Paint Garage LLC if thats just their style, it also means that they seem to incapable of doing something even remotely new on any of their builds. The thing is, some people are just sick and tired of them practically ruining cars that most of can never afford just for the "shock factor".


aussieANON SideWays4Life You know the funny thing English or not, your not the one going to make millions off the body kit LW is going to make and sell :) so you can keep your 40 year old virgin stuff with your video game BS and ill go look at more cars nigga :)


I can't even?


For the most part my opinions relatively neutral on Liberty Walk's kits, although I was a fan of the 458 and E92. But recently my minds been stumbling over the thought of that, if the guys got the finances to cut up a pretty reasonable amount of super cars around the world, would it not be cool and possibly capable of him to try and get a kit onto a car of an independent GT team competing in one of the many championships that involves the sort of cars the company modify? Some actual R&D into aerodynamics would have to take place which can involve substantial investment. But I just think it'd be so cool if a company that's so like, grass roots-y and passionate broaden their market like that.


You legitimately have mental issues. Or are 12. Or both.


Gianluca FairladyZ I was just over there and they def welcome visitors. They have a used car lot right across the street from the show room. We did some filming there as well as where the kits are installed which is about 20 minutes away. If you get a chance to, I would def go.


hmfatlace what artistic edge, mate? Applying the same fender treatment to all cars, not taking in count the car's design lines, heritage, or era it was built in, sure has lots of things in common with artistic edge.


@Funky Child You are a hero!


aussieANON SideWays4Life bitch i am 19 and ur probably some 40 year old virgin who sits and waits to just troll on people just get over the fact that u are probably sitting and watching porn playing with ur self and wishing u could be on my level


one question i have is, could these guys make some insane wide body's for cars most of us could or do own?? like Silvias, trueno/levins, rx's, evos, sti's etc... I know their whole "wow" factor is that they do this to exotic cars, but if they are this talented and have the money, it would be awesome to see some of this.


SideWays4Life aussieANON his levels probably wont go that low...


Lachys114 imo, this kit improves the car's appearance. The stock body seems too "quiet" and doesnt try and speak its power to the world. This kit, helps that and makes people wonder, "man, that thing looks powerful" and such.


JMax Paint Garage LLC Well put.


Definite improvement over stock. Although that's not saying a whole lot IMO.


Kei mura pretty much adapted the idea of the hakosuka and dorisha racers from the highway and street drifters and somehow manages to apply it to all cars okay i admit artistic edge was a bit of a leap but it still takes some creativity to maintain the same form everytime u gotta agree


I finally saw that wing on an Aventador like i imagined year or so before