Ask A Tame Racing Driver Anything You Like!

You wait for an expert and then three come along at once. Well, you know what? We’re grateful for that! So we’re not about to back down from getting inside their heads and seeing what makes them tick. Along with Kei Muira and Jonathan heading off to Aston Martin in the UK next week to see Marek Reichman, we’re very happy to have been given the chance to talk with Tommy Milner, Team Corvette driver and no stranger to Speedhunters. An accomplished racing driver, Tommy has won his class at Le Mans and continues to build on an impressive resume every time he steps in his car and buckles up.


TAG Heuer Eyewear sponsor Tommy and thanks to them we’re going to give you guys the chance to ask a top-flight race car driver anything you’ve wanted to know. Why not find out how much fluid you have to drink during a 12-hour race? Did he ever fancy trying Formula 1? How much fitness training does he have to do? How does he adapt to different race cars? What about racing in different countries, or are they all the same from inside a race car? Is the new Corvette a complete animal? What about his early knowledge of racing lines being learned from video games? Is that true? I’m sure you’ll have your own topics you want covered too.


Because of the TAG connection we’re also going to get to find out about his work developing new lens technologies with the French manufacturer’s team of designers and engineers. For example, did you know that Tommy wore TAG night vision glasses in a race? It makes sense when you hear about it, but now is the chance to know more. How do they work? After all, sponsor or not, every component or element in a race scenario has to work.


So here’s what we need you to do… Come up with the best question you can think of and add it to the comments section below. We’ll select the most interesting ones and connect those questions directly to Tommy’s answers. So what do you want to know? Fire away!

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_Bryn

Photos: Camden Thrasher
Instagram: camdenthrasher



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Who is your favorite childhood racecar driver? Maybe someone who inspired you to want to be a pilot too.


1.before every race do you still get nervous or are you accustomed to it already. 
 2.i bet it must be a dream to be a pro racer i know mines is but my other question is what lead you up to were you are now.


What car do you like going toe to toe with the most on track?


What is it like telling people you drive a race car for a living? Can they even hear you when you speak? I heard your voice is only audible to cats.
What is your favorite color?
how many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth at one time?
is it true that you like to sleep inside-out?
Do you really enjoy the smell of Wednesday?
How long did it take to get the tattoo of your face done on your face?
How much horsepower is your IQ?
Is it true that you on occasion have broken into peoples houses at night and left two mysterious extra house keys in the kitchen drawer?


What is the feeling you receive behind the steering seconds before a race?

Do you get a unexplained experience each race ?


I know Pratt&Miller have an incredible amount of computer simulation at their disposal.  One of the most difficult things to model is the driver.  Have you ever seen instances where the simulation and your performance were nearly identical?

What is your favorite track and why?

Does your mind ever wander to strange places when doing a long stint?...I once imagined I saw a purple elephant crossing the road while running 120mph in the woods in the middle of the night on a rally stage.  Made my heart stop!
I want to learn more about these night vision glasses!!  My vision sucks at night especially in the rain.

As an endurance driver, how would you describe your braking technique?  Are you a late braker all the time or do you tend to brake more gently and roll the middle?

Lastly, when (what age) did you know you wanted to be a professional race driver?  What was your biggest hurdle in making it happen?

Thanks Tommy! and go Corvette!


Do you think racing games or video game simulators can give an advantage to drivers before entering a race?


I really enjoy your online marketing!

What is your fitness routine like?

Thank you for your time!


How close are we to the point where technology advances must be suppressed by racing regulations to keep things fair and interesting? For example, if the technology existed to have a "best line" visible on a heads up display or projected onto the racers helmet visor (similar to the F35 fighter helmet) would that be banned by racing organizations or would technological advances on that level be accepted? A more recent advancement would be the video screen night vision and rear cameras in the racing Corvettes...both can obviously give a huge advantage to the drivers with those systems. At what point does that level of technology make racing either unfair or boring?


Back in the 2013 ALMS season, I watched a video showing the details of the Corvette rear view camera with radar detection of the approaching cars. It seemed to be the perfect solution to the problem of approaching headlights of the R18 Audis. Will this package be sold as a solution to all GT cars in the future, or left as a Chevy advantage for the Tudor USCC ?


CPTNSLO  That's a great question, I know the rear radar systems exist from a safety point of view, but blurring the lines between an assisted type game play scenario and reality. Hmm, interesting.


sean klingelhoefer  I know! He shot some beautiful stuff at Sebring that we'll be able to use in the article :)


What is the best piece of advice you can give to a novice racer regarding technique? Is there a general issue you notice with most young/inexperienced racers or is it more of a case by case thing?


Can you describe the feeling when your car has to be fixed during a race and what you do to not lose your cool.Also how awesome was it to run in the 24 hours of lemans.


Do you get nervous before getting in the car?
Do you want to move on to different cars later on? if so, which ones?
What kinds of racing did you want to get into when you were younger? (F1, WRC, Sports car, etc)
What is your favorite part of being a racing driver?
What is your least favorite part of being a racing driver?

What do the drivers do to help improve the car between races?
What is your most memorable moment as a driver? On track and off?


Speedhunters_Bryn sean klingelhoefer  I didn't think it was a real name to be honest... it sounds like a stage name.


Ezalis  Please let it be Bomarino in the Viper, and not the BMW Z4 GTEs. It just looks like I better battle with the Dodge.


Kirk_B The Viper is closer in capability, but those BMW Z4s are crazy quick in the corners.  Based on me watching the races it would be anything but a Ferrari since those guys seem to just knock cars off the course (especially when the Z4 was coming back on the last laps at Daytona).


A friend and I were just commenting on that as you responded. Probably the only series where driving an Italia is an impediment to your career!


Tommy - when will we pair up again? :-) -Edward


Can you describe the process of learning a new track, and how to feel the limit of every turn?

How far from the limit do you keep it in an endurance race? How do you balance speed and durability?


Competing in some of the top series in the world, what is your opinion of "less traditional" motorsports like drifting or the "gymkhana events"? could you ever see yourself participating in those?


How do you keep up lap consistancy during endurance races, do you have any tricks to maintain concentration when racing ?


Tommy, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if the wood chuck is Chuck Norris?
Also, if you could build any car, what would it be?


As part of racing I'm guessing you must not just focus on the ideal line but drive to conditions and other cars too. What do you concentrate on while racing and is this applicable to fast road driving?


Tommy, when running at a new track, how many laps does it take before you find the limits on your braking points?


Speedhunters_Bryn sean klingelhoefer  Ya Cam is radical!


Kirk_B Speedhunters_Bryn sean klingelhoefer  It is a bit strange, but it sounds almost as awesome as his photos. Hands down one of the most talented guys shooting motorsport.


I am wondering how the officials investigate performance enhancing drugs (if at all) and also do you have a very specific diet you usually follow preparing for endurance races. 

Another question is do you race series other than LeMans and would you ever think of doing something more frenzy pace like time attack/lap battle series or rallycross?

Or is there a specific series you would like to partner with your sponsors to enter oustide of LeMans?

Go fast! Don't crash! Be safe! Thanks for being a part of the community of motorsport enthusiasts.


How do you wear those night racing glasses especially when you have your helmet on?


Love your crash helmet, how did you come up with the design?


Have you thought of doing road course races in NASCAR?
Who would be your two dream co-drivers at Le Mans, and which car would you want to drive?


Does your fitness training consist of much running? Being a cross country and track athlete at school, I was curious to see how our workouts compare to those of a professional race-car driver.


Are there any ways to overcome nausea from being exposed to high g-forces (exercises or workouts or even diets before race day)? This issue presented itself a few years ago and I've tried taking medication before track days with no luck.


Which is more important in racing, a strong upper body, or lower body? I know it's best to have both, but which do you think is more important?


How did did you start racing, what was the biggest thing helping you into lemans?


How many times has the C7 tried to kill you? what kind of challenges come with building a full on racecar around a brand new generation of car?


How do you drive on public roads? Can you switch off your hunger for speed, can you take corners like most people do or is every corner a challenge for you?:)


What do you do the day before an important race? Do you know the Stig?


How much you get paid?


tommy is a clean shaven face the fastest way around the track should I stay clean?


What did YOU do to make a career in motorsport, did you have well funded parents, good sponsors or just alot of talent and succeeded as you could back in the days?


What is the car you have had the most fun while driving? Race or street car.


koko san How do you know he is not the stig?


How does a long endurance race effect the body,how much time would fatigue add to a lap time and how do Race Teams compensate for driver fatigue


In terms of being a pleasure to drive.....the PTG E46 or your current Corvette C7R? Also  2002, GTV, or 510?


throughout your career, what percentage of the expenses came out of your own pocket?


nickmmele koko sanBecause I am haha....oh shit! I've just been fired!


what were your dreams when you were a kid or teen? Do you did like shifting all around the house?


Tommy, have you ever encountered a time during a 12 or 24 hour race where you felt "sleepy" or just tired in the early stages of your stint? If so, and if too embarrassed to call in to your pits about it, how did you personally and professionally overcome these obstacles/ challenges so that you don't miss a beat and stay focus until you're ready for a driver change? Thx Tommy - Keep Calm and Jake On!


How lond did it take you to get into professional racing?


Hey Tommy, I'm a friend of Camden Thrasher and currently compete in the Pirelli World Challenge. One question I commonly ask fellow drivers is: Have you ever sneezed while racing?


Explain RCAs, to the average autmomotive driver? ...


Are you a turkey or an eagle?