Mr. Rocket Bunny Is Taking Your Questions

Kei Miura. Isn’t it amazing how a little body parts designer and car guy from Kyoto, Japan has managed to become a global superstar? Here at Speedhunters, we’ve had the good pleasure of working closely with Miura-san over the past couple of years and next month at Formula Drift Long Beach, we’ll be sitting down with him to ask some questions.

Who will be providing those questions? You guys of course.


So now is your chance to ask Mr. Miura anything you’d like. Want to know about his early days? His designing process? His future plans? His hair stylist? Ask away.


Our only request is that you refrain from asking, “Will you make a Rocket Bunny kit for _______ car?” This is more for questions about the creative process, not parts requests.


Want to get in on this? The directions are pretty simple. Post your question in the comments section below and we’ll hand them over to Miura-san in Long Beach, where he’ll try to get to as many as he can. Shortly after, we’ll post up his answers for all to enjoy.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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How can I get Rocket Bunny Stuff in Indonesia??


what was it like working with Mad Mike AND Freddy?


How long is the process from paper to finished product ?


Mr. Miura. If you could buy any car today, and money was of no issue, what would it be?


Is there going to be a shift in your work broadening into the European relm of Audi and BMW...ect?


What I would like to ask is how much thought goes into the aerodynamic property's of the kits. With owning a wind tunnel being out of the question is there some CFD work being done?


Out of all the cars you have created, which one is your favorite and which one do you like the least?


I would like to ask Mister Miura what he thinks of the resurgence (internationally) of car culture. It must be nice to see more modified cars (and thus more markets) happening across the world once more.


Who and/or where do you look for your inspiration, when designing.

If it wasn't cars, what other object would you design for.


Mister Miura, with all this fuzz about the hybrid/electric thing, what do you think about the future of the car culture/modifying?


You and liberty walk seem to be on the same path in regards to styling. What differentiates you from them?


Miura-san, what is your dream car as a child and right now?

Aidan OCallaghan

what would be your ultimate car redesign ?


What was his AE86 like?


Mr. Miura, when do you anticipate the KM4SH to be released and the 6666 Enkei wheels? If one were to purchase the body kit for the 86/BRZ/FRS what offset of wheels do you recommend running to achieve your desired look? 

Thank you in advance.


do you use premade fender templates or is every part 100% designed for the car?


how did you start your business? did you start it from a backyard garage workshop to what it is now? and how every product is created at the beginning of your career, by hand with hand drawings or always with computer and cut out by machines? what basic fundamental skills you need to have to so that we can have a chance to build a business in car industry similar to yours? besides creative head, like 3D PC skills, realy good hand drawings etc.

Thank you very much!


what modeling and rendering software do you use?  In previous posts about your shop, it seems that you are a bit secretive about your vehicle scanning process...could you give us an idea of how it's done?  Keep up the amazing work!  You are a living legend in the car world sir!


Please.. make something more aggressive for the S14.  I am absolutely in love with your new S13 V2 kit with the wing..  Great work.


Hi Master, do you start from a basic design for the overfenders or do you take case by case each model of car?


what has to be your favorite car you designed?


How long does it take to design one of these kits?


Where did you get your hairstyle inspiration from and why do you like that?


Miura-san, when you first started your business, did you expect your designs to be such a hit today?


How hard is it to a) get ahold of one of your CNC machines and b) how hard is it to use?


If i wanted to be a bodykit designer what are the qualities that i got to have and how do you get them ?


Is there any car you wouldn't touch? (Anything that you feel is already perfect)


What are your current thoughts on the Japanese tuning scene now to a bit into the future? (2+years)


not every kit makes the cut so how do you decide which ones fit the car better? or in other words whats the Rocket Bunny standard


What is your design technique for these aero modifications? Do you rely on track testing? CFD? Wind tunnel? Also, what is the split between form and function (meaning how much of the design is focused on how it looks and how much is focused on how it will help with downforce or airflow)?


What kit would work best on a 01' Subaru legacy, I was gonna go with the s14 kit. But just wanted to hear your thoughts...


why are you milking your old design buy throwing it on every car? And FYI your rear overfenders look retarded going that wide.



how do you see or know what cars would look good with a kit like this and or fit a certain style like this? like, not every car looks good with this kind of overfenders and crazy aero parts, but i think every car so far has looked really good. and that Merscedes kit is just balls to the walls! you are a great inspiration to me Mr. Miura.


It seems like the retro-old school in your signature but beside '70 Japanese racing cars, do you have other inspirations such as movie, or some designers?
All the best,


Does the car's shape influence what you have in mind for the kit?


Favorite japanese car or all time?


Who inspired you in your designing process?


Will you/do you make any kits for a Datsun 240z? I think you could do wonders on that car.



1.) Are there anyone among your contemporaries (fellow bodykit designers) you are also impressed with, design-wise on their works?

2.) Works-style flares with exposed rivets seem to be all the rage. What do you see becoming the next hot item, design-wise on future cars?

3.) You work with carbon-fiber & fiberglass, but do you see a strong and steady niche for custom metal-work on custom bodykits on low-volume / niche / not-so-popular cars?

Thank you!


When you were growing up, what did you want to become?
Do you ever regret chosing this profession?
Outside of cars, what are your favorite things/hobbies in life?

Gianluca FairladyZ

Dear Miura-San

I'm very happy to can ask you some questions. 1) How far would you go for your passion? 2) For me cars are a way of life, and I would like to ask you my most important question: Would you allow me, to come and help you at the store for some time? I would like to get to know this culture and work more, and the most important objective for me, is to make some expierience that could help me in my life and in future.

Domo-Arigato for taking the time and answering my questions.
Best regards, Gianluca

Bekkengen Photo

Ill keep it simple



Kei Miura!
It's always a great pleasure and excitement to see your work showing up around on Facebook and reputable car magazines/websites!
I have a question, however. 
Though it is not exactly as new or as popular as the Scion FRS or TC, do you think you could make your signature style body kit for the MKIII Toyota Supra? (1987-1992 MA70 / JZA70 Chassis and Body Style) 

It would be sort of an adaptation of your Rocket Bunny 240SX, but a version for the MKIII Supra :) 

Thanks, and I can't wait to see more of your future work!

-Karl A.


Miura-san, any plans of branching out to make a car and not just parts? :)


Miura San 

Just wanna know what year do you buy your Honda Civic (EF) Hatch Back?



How would you compare your style of the Tra_Kyoto/Rocket Bunny brand to those of Nakai-san of RWB and Kato-san of LB Performance. I know all of you guys have contributed a large amount to the Japanese car scene, but how would you distinguish your works from theirs? Like what certain style do you have. Thanks.


Do you listen to music when designing your kits? If so, what kind of music?


Would you ever consider building
your own bespoke vehicle from the ground up? What materials would you use? What
purpose would you like the vehicle to serve?


trackHERO  are you retarded? 
Our only request is that you refrain from asking, “Will you make a Rocket Bunny kit for _______ car?” This is more for questions about the creative process, not parts requests.


I f the ft-1 was released for production would you make a kit for it?


Kits aren't simple X-Y-Z forms, but have complex arcs and shapes that make each kit stand out individually. How does the design software you've helped create work with these shapes? Is it in relation to how the foam-milling machine cuts out molds, or does it just take into account specific midpoints of arcs and different spherical radii?


Do you 3d model on the computer first, or do you start with sketches?
Also, what program do you use and how do you get from digital to reality?
Thanks for inspiring us all.


iProGam3r  As stated in the middle paragraph : [ Our only request is that you refrain from asking, “Will you make a Rocket Bunny kit for _______ car?” This is more for questions about the creative process, not parts requests. ]


wilb33  Shhhhhh.

Our only request is that you refrain from asking, “Will you make a Rocket Bunny kit for _______ car?” This is more for questions about the creative process, not parts requests.


where you get inspiration when design a body kit?




jhnosko johnny6  Thanks a bunch for the info and link


johnny6 jhnosko  Sorry it isn't 3D printed, it's cut using a CNC machine, but that's in the link so you probably got that already.


Please ask him if the 370Z would ever get the Rocket Bunny treatment. I feel this car would benefit with this kit.  Very interested!!!!!
Thank you


1cleans13  Shhhhhhhh.

Our only request is that you refrain from asking, “Will you make a Rocket Bunny kit for _______ car?” This is more for questions about the creative process, not parts requests.


Question 1: What was the reason that you choose a riveted style bodykit versus a hidden mounting style body panels? Was that choice driven by utility or an aspect of art and design? Did you wonder how that style would be receipted? And are you amazed at how the "riveted style body kits" has become the new must have design in bodykits today?
Question 2: What made me choose a ducktail nascar style wing (on the s13, s14, frs--etc.) that almost mimicked what we would see on nascars? Such a clean design, yet so distinct. Is a ducktail style wing the signature Rocket Bunny wing that we can expect on all future designs?
Those are the question I would love to ask.


Check out this interview with Kei Miura at the TUNER GALLERIA Chicago car show earlier this month.


In the early days of your body kit madness, did you lay the fiberglass by hand and produce each kit yourself?
If you can please attend the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. I would love to shake your hand.


johnny6 wilb33  Yeah thats my bad. I asked the question cause i was excited and then saw that little tid bit in the above piece. Sorry!!


What is the name of the 3d scanner you use?


what is your favorite rocket bunny kitted car?


I have a few I want to ask:

1. From Miura's beginnings to present day, what does he think were the most significant improvements he has seen or worked with when creating body parts?

2. Also if there are still difficulties or hurdles that can still be improved on to create body parts?

3. Does he see any new trends or styles developing in the future for body kits?

Thanks for this opportunity Speedhunters and Mr. Miura, Jcali.


What hair products do you use to keep your hair looking so great? Do you use shampoo and conditioner separately or a 2 in 1? Tell us the secrets of having the best hair style in the automotive scene today.


What are your body kits made from? CF, fiberglass?


Hi Kei Miura! I've got some questions for you.

1). Can you describe your design process? From the start, when you start designing the body kits to the finished product?

2). Have you had any difficulties when you learned how to use the 3D software that you use for creating the body kits? I would like to start learning how to use a 3D software.



How much has your past influenced your style/design?

What's the next big step for TRA-Kyoto?

Have you ever thought of starting a Rocket Bunny drift team?


what inspires you to put fender flares on most all of your cars ...have u ever thought of making a kit with out them? me personally i love it!!


Mr. Miura, what was the first car you ever put fender flares on, and where did you first get inspired to use fender flares in your designs?


Mr. Miura, your hair is fabulous! What kind of prepwork goes into that style?


What's your original profession?


Mr. Miura-San,
I have always been curious what made you decide or inspired you to take a basic bolt on fender flare and turn it into much more fluid and visual appealing full body kit that is now the most sought after body kits to this day? Like was it just messing around what day and happened or just letting your curiosity run wild?


1: Wasn't you hand shakeing when you cut into your first supercar? 
 2: Would you create a car WITHOUT widened fenders or overfenders are something that NEED to be in the mix?


What is a car that you always wanted to modify but haven't had the chance to work on yet?


when your not at work at tra or at events what do you do on your spare time


When will the fd3s kits be released? Where can I buy it?



NA miata kit PLEASE!


There was one equipped at the 2014 TAS. Cant recall which company showcased it, but found it on the Bulletproof Auto blog.


Do you think that there is a market for the more luxury marked cars like BMWs and Lexus, especially a 2010 Lexus IS350?


I have a two related questions:

As an automotive enthusiast that ended up working in the film industry creating Visual Effects I couldn't help but notice many of your designs are either concepted or illustrated via 3D renders and HDRI CG lighting. Do you prefer to start your designs on paper and translate them to 3D for further visualization or do you design in 3D from the get go?

My second question relates to how your designs and translated from 2D and 3D to real life creations? If 3D software is used to make your designs do prefer using more creative programs like Maya and 3DS Max design and rendering - to get a better appreciation for the final look or prefer CAD software such as solidworks - so that designs have specific measurements and can be easily translated when it comes to manufacturing the said parts?


I live in Turkey and i wish to do an internship at your shop. Question is, is this possible and if it is, how?


Will you be at your workshop on Monday 7th April or will you still be in the USA, as I'll be in Kyoto that day :)

Will you restore your H130 to its former glory and if not can I buy if off you? :D



Is there a car thats allready perfect in your opinion and you wouldn't want to touch it? And if so, which car is it?


I just realized some of my questions were redundant having read this:

So questions v2.0:

Why are you biased to using Rhino for 3D modeling?
When modeling in 3D do you prefer working in polygons, subdivision or nurbs curves?
Have you tried using sculpting software such as Zbrush or Mudbox?
What do you use to scan real life vehicles?


Do you always want to keep on using CNC and fiberglass to make your kits, or in the future do you want to venture into lower-volume production metalwork, or utilizing other materials like carbon fibre or carbon kevlar?


Besides time, what are the benefits of working in CAD to design body kits over the traditional methods of designing and prototyping a kit? Does CAD allow you to do anything with the design that the traditional method would not?


What is your idea of the ultimate car? Stock or Modified.


A question I'd like to ask would be if you were ever into bikes in your youth, and if so do you still have 1 tucked away somewhere?

Dylan spits hot fire

Between the badass 'do & swagger, how many women would you say you sleep with in a week on average?


What started you to make Rocket Bunny and did you doubt your self also what is the future in your company


Is he for hire to create a one off kit?


Are you hiring?


Which car designer do you feel has changed the automotive industry towards your likes?


What made you take the rear bumper off of the S13 in your kit?


Will you make a Rocket Bunny kit for 350z? Is it possible make a complete vented fender like the GT-86 V2 but not overfender just a complete replacement fender? Also It will be amazing a wing on the z33!! Last one...Is it possible visit your garage in Japan?


Do you ever sleep?


isy_nismo  Read above -> Our only request is that you refrain from asking, “Will you make a Rocket Bunny kit for _______ car?” This is more for questions about the creative process, not parts requests.


Ben Scales  Read Above-> Our only request is that you refrain from asking, “Will you make a Rocket Bunny kit for _______ car?” This is more for questions about the creative process, not parts requests.


speedhunters_dino  That's a question I'd like to ask Nakai-san of RWB!


Have you finished your white Datsun 510 project(or bluebird I think since its japanese market)? If not when do you think it will be completed? It would be cool if speedhunters made an article of the finished build.


Which is your favourite japanese classic car ?? (1985 and before)


when looking at a particular vehicle, what creative process do you go through, to create wide kits? also which car did you first create a kit for?


I am willing to leave everything and come and work for you as a apprentice, i am willing to learn Japanese too. I am a qualified degree holder from UK, having a crazy passion for cars. I am willing to leave everything, my work and house and come and work under you.


3nigm4 speedhunters_dino  He doesn't sleep either lol


Do you envision TRA-Kyoto to be more involved in the Euro scene? Are you also thinking venturing into any wheel design/manufacturing? I would love a TRA-Kyoto ultra negative offset collection with Mackin Industries/Work :)


Why can't we get a rocket bunny body kit for the 1993 - 2001 Subaru impreza gc8 2 door coupe ????
22B is cool but in a real world nothing is better then the one Subaru made. All copy's can't compete to the original 22B..
I think a rocket bunny kit would set each Subaru impreza apart from each other.


Does your rocket bunny run on Duracell batteries?


please!!!! make a kit for the fc3s rx7!!!! any chance it could happen?


have you thought about making a line of lips or extensions for factory bumpers?
I'd really like to see what you could do with factory s13 bumpers!


who was your biggest inspiration for designing these kits?


I have several questions I would love to ask you and if you ever come to Austin, I think that you would be pretty cool to meet. Here I go with the questions.

I was wondering what got you into cars? When I look at cars like the singer Porsche I can understand that the 911 got him into cars or if I look at Paganini's vehicles I can tell that he loves hard fast cars that have that attention to detail. I cannot tell with you, was it silhouette racing or just the overall craziness that is Japanese car culture? 

When I look at the works of art that you create, I always wonder what you draw your inspiration from. I look at your RWB Porsches' and they drive me insane! They are so crazy and look like nothing else on the road and then I look at your frs/86/brz/ body kit (which is still not really down to earth) and I can easily make out the Ben Sporsa/time attack/drift influences that are there. Is it just what you think would look good or do you draw inspiration from.. like... transformers or something?

How did you get your start and if you had something to say to someone who might be trying to do something kinda like what you have done (not only to become a world brand, but a respectable name in body modifications) what advice if any would you have?

Finally because I don't want to take up too much of your time, I want to know what is your favorite car? What car drives the man who creates cars that half of the car world lusts over? It could be the look or the performance, but I have to know. What car would make you joyous to drive/look at/sit in?

If you feel like you can answer more questions, I have a few more that I would love to talk over with you. Thanks so much.



RMutt  I would like to know more about the CAD / CAM side as well. How did Miura-san learn? Why does he prefer surface modelling over solids? Does he scan the cars himself or use data from the OEMs?


I don't have a question, but i do want to say thank you for creating such a great kit for the s13.


How did you come up with the idea to break the old bodykit layout of front and rear bumpers with sideskirts and transition the concept of a bodykit into overfenders as the main component?

We know you use CAD for your designs, but do you ever sketch or sculpt your designs by hand at any point in the process? An old school designer would say you have to do this work by hand to keep the "feel" or "soul" in the design, but you seem to be creating very emotional designs exclusively using CAD.

Where did you learn Rhino? Do you have any sort of college degree in engineering or design?

Do you have employees? Who does the fiberglass layup?

Have you ever played with carbon fiber?

Do your arms itch all the time?


What is you're favorite motorsport?


PorosakiOrHarrisonWoo  did you even fully read the article?


Zach Attack  the RWB kits arent the designs of Miura-San, RWB is run by Nakai-San ;)


if you have to give up one thing (your hair style or designing kits), what would it be? (^_^)


If you were to design your own RWD car which manufacture's chassis would you use as a basis?


are you thinking more form or function with your kits?  do you seek to improve car performance at all or is it just an aesthetic?


Mr. Miura is a boss!


Do you have the ability to come up with something new? Something that continues with your theme and aesthetic, but a different look overall that we haven't seen from you before?


Dear Miura san,
What do you think beyond the future about autocars with your cool style? do you have a design for a mass product with your own brand such "Miura RS" from vintage to modern style look haven't nowaday :)


What cad program did you use to make those models?


Are you ever going to go a new direction with your kits.. As good as they are, slapping on the same over fenders and ducktail spoilers is getting old.

JMax Paint Garage LLC

As a fellow designer and car builder, one of the biggest pain-points I experience in the car-building process is trying to share my vision of the finished vehicle to the client. I usually do it in photoshop and manual sketches, and using 3DStudio Max takes too long to create the car model... So my question is, do you plan on sharing how you laser-scan a vehicle so quickly and efficiently? Do you have plans of releasing a software suite to do this? 

That would be really cool!


do you plan on restoring your ef?also very curious about the old e series merc outside your shop,whats the story with that?


i would like to know what cad program mr.miura uses also, can you use scale model cars to 3d scan


would you ever visit foreign countries like South Africa?


Why do you wear the same thing everywhere you go? It's like Jay Leno.


The kit for the fd3s is hands down the sexiest kit i have ever seen on any car!  Was there any particular reason the fc3s hasnt had the rocket bunny treatment or is there something in the works? i also wondered if you were going to/have done any motorcycles?
keep up the good work!

ps good initiative mike!


How do you go about producing your molds?


As a fan of Japanese [pop]-culture I wonder what a car symbolizes or represents for you.  And do you consider your work/designs also as crossovers between disciplines?

Thanks and regards, Harry


JoshuaWhitcombe Zach Attack  I always thought it was a group effort thing. Sorry, nix that part but the rest still stands.


I see you use Rhino 5 for modeling. How long did it take from the start to master the program and did you get education (school or course) or learned for yourself? Also when you scan the cars, do scan an actual full size car or just a scale model? 

Thanks, Toni


Bosae86  He models them with Rhino and them machines them out of polystyrene with CNC


Miura-san -- I am a big admirer of your work and passion, but have said I don't think your signature style works with ALL cars, but clearly you believe the wide-fender look can work on almost any car.

Do you approach each car with the same mentality, or do you think there is room to make a custom look for each car? To me it looks like each Rocket Bunny kit is the same basic shape, what makes them different/unique to the car?

Also, what would a Rocket Bunny Lotus Exige look like? ;)


Dear Mr. Miura, 

How much do you have invested time and money to get their ideas and start a business? 
Is there a possibility to send you a renderings of some my works, I just want to hear your opinion?
And last one, where can I find blueprints for Nissan Sunny/Pulsar N13, I searched all internet, but without positive result?

Many thanks, B)

and I want to apologize, if I post a stupid questions or repeat question of someone.


Do you like in your workshop?


Which one of your designs do you prefer the most?


Have you ever considered useing photoluminescent polystrene?


Dear Miura-San, I hear that you have discontinued the version 1 Rocket Bunny for the new Hachiroku, but as thats my dream build but I dont have the money right now... Would you make one last version 1 for me in a couple years when I get my 86?


How many kind of materials did yu use to make RB kits?
is it ok if we create RB kits for cars which not on your list?


Dear Miura-sensei,

what are the plans for that humble w201 which is sitting onfront of your workshop? The so called Baby-Benz.
I'm really interested in that one since i had one myself :)



As a designer (interior/graphic) I'm intrigued to know how you design your forms. To me, finding an appealing aesthetic language is very difficult at times. Do you rely on your intuition, or does there exist a concrete way of knowing and achieving a suitable aesthetic language? Does it exist in nature or is it just about having fun? Or do we owe it to the old saying "form follows function"?  I like your work very much - it possesses a nostalgic-functional theme to it which I enjoy.


How old were you when you realised that this is what your passion was?


Did you ever think that you would be idolised by the car community when you first started off


hi, i love every one of your kits genius what made you get into cars. I work on cars all the time I'm working on putting an ls in a 97 s14 right now I'm only 14 but I'm starting to work on this s14 till i can drive cars are my drive any tips inspiration?


Hi Mr Miura.

I have been thinking this ever since you brought out version two of the gt86 kit (witch is fantastic), but how do you improve such a successful brand? Have you thought about designing wheels? Do you want to expand your market further into the euro scene? Just what I was thinking.

I would definitely like too see more Rocket Bunny kits in New Zealand. 

Love your work, you are an inspiration to all fellow car lovers.



*live* i mean


my question is, are you going to design a kit for the original AE86 i.e. the levin and trueno? because frankly id be on the waiting list!  

Thanks ben from melbourne australia


Your style of kits is something amazing! One of Rocket Bunny use Fail Crew from Saint-Petersburg. Do you hear about Fail Crew LS13? May be you visit Russia? In this country many people like your design.
Thanks for your answer


Hello, Mr.!
Will you make a Rocket Bunny kit for Mitsubishi Lancer Evo (8-10) car?

Great work from you! :) At the moment I have model (1/24) Nissan SIL80 and I'm making myself bodykit :)

As described by one guy, if you have the opportunity, to come to Russia. You have a popular :)


You have created a new style of kit, you have inspired many projects and you make guys like me dreaming of japanese cars even more than before, how does it feel to be known from most of the drift and japanese cars fans? You have created a revolution in the car culture, and I think you have long years of admiration from me. 
I hope you will answer my question, Ruben from France


What software and hardware do use to scan, design and mold your kits? for example Autocad, Inventor, 3D printers etc.


I've seen Mercedes 190Es in front of your garage a few times now. Should I be expecting some fantastic kits for this fabulous and legendary car?


Is the bolt-on fender style your signature look, or would you consider doing full body kits of new replacement components? Would like to know if molded kits are in your future as well.
What aspects of society / pop culture do you draw inspiration from, if any (I.e fashion, music, toys, movies, art, etc)
Would you ever consider doing Porsche to give some jdm friendly JDM competition to RWB?
Thank you

instagram submission

"How did you get into the business!! "
"Whaat made you decide that this was your calling? As in cars "
"Why is it called rocket bunny and the reasoning behind it "
"What was your first car? And kit you made? "
"Whats ur new goal? Next project? Next challenge you'll take? ! "
"Did you design this kit mainly for drifting or road racing? "
"How do you feel about the the way that the drift scene has changed and has it influenced the way you make your kits? "
"Where do u find ur inspiration? "
"I have a 77 Toyota hilux that I want to convert into a 2jzgte supra truck. Do you think it will be a fun drift truck? "
"Mr.miura when you make all the bunny kits do you make them by hand?. What's the next step of your next design ? Thank you and keep up the hard work "
"MR. Miura what inspired you, and what advice would you give others on life "
"What first got you into designing and modeling aftermarket body parts? "
"Whats your favourite car to drive? "
"When are you going to make a miata kit for me? " @whosdannygeorge
"Can you punch @whosdannygeorge in the nuts? "
"Of all of the Automotive culture new era scene. What can you compare to the Old School? Or from the time you Started doing your modifications and evolving from the point you used to be to the "Famous" status you are now, do people value much more your work or appreciate more your work than before? (I'll never be answered) but worth the shot. "
"What software do you use to design the kits? "
"have you considered designing a project directly with a company like Nissan or Toyota , Ex. the next Z or Toyota / Lexus Coupe"
"Would you ever design a kit without the bolt on/riveted fender flare look? "
"Are you gonna design more brz/frs body kits? "
"I'd like to ask what's his favorite kit he designed and why "
"Do you intend to make rims or less flashy parts? Would you go drifting with me and all these other drifters on IG? "
"what his favorite tv show answer ever! "
"Can I just buy the rocket bunny X greddy 180sx fender flares instead of the whole kit? Will it work on the shark nose? "
"What's his favorite car to work on and why? "
"Could you ask where his lines come from? Some of the lines he uses are so dope. Does he look at his creations in terms of form or function? "
"why all the sixes? 6666 "
"Miura-san out of all of your personal cars you have owned, which has been your favorite? "


Mr miura, simple questiondoes it bother you to see all your hard work get smashed up during drift events?
Ps. I miss your old civic. That thing should make an internet comeback


Hi Muira-san!

What's the basis of the design towards the RB Scion TC?


With the whole aftermarket industry trying to do something that stands out from each shop/company every year, what do you think is the future of aftermarket products as things are becoming repetitive? 

Also what drives you to pick a certain car to make it your project?


What do you think of the market for rocket bunny going into american cars like chevrolet camaros, corvettes or the dodges of this world with challengers or chargers since the huge success already in the import community in the states? or would you prefer to stay true to the japanese roots and stay in your domestic market, with it being our import market?


what cnc machine is that, i know its a router but what kind? also would he ever think of a body kit for like ae86's/s12 200sx, i think the 240sx kit would look mad good on a s12, if you could, ask him if he would draw up a plan for me please that would be a dream for me

~Zack Grapes


Make fender flares for the Soarer already.


Possible body kit for mx5 miata nc2 09-14?


is this a step to the long journey of a complete car? (imagine a rocket bunny drift car)


HI, Mr. Miura,
                         what advice would you give to a person who wants to get into the buisness.


This is a long shot, but worth an ask. Are you interested in taking on interns? I am an industrial design student that loves cars, and is well versed in rhino. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing my portfolio. 

Thanks much,

James Ervin


When designing aftermarket aero for any car, are your intentions to compliment and emphasize the original designer's aesthetic, or do you see your work as a rebellious application to their design?


What is this possibility of a S14 kouki version of his coveted S chassis rocket bunny kits?


Could you make flares for 75-93 volvo 240's??!!


Why not remove the quarter panel and replace it with a single piece that's flared?


JamesErvin  He's in japan and by your name I'm going to guess you aren't. Why not start designing yourself and get to learning?


Is Muira-san an Ainu?


Hi Miura San,

does your kit for brz, will still make the car drivable? lets say, does the wheel or tyre will not make a contact to that over fender kit even when the car goes to the track or maybe get a bumpy road at street use?


Yo Mr. Miura-San

Just a funny question to ask but will you make a rocket bunny kit for and AE102 sedan? 
i know this is late but i thought "hey why not since i'm on street hunters"

Petko Chaushev

Hello Muira-San probably i am the only one who is asking for somthing so much strange. so i've never have seen Opel Vectra for drift so i have that project to do it ... one day i saw F.Aasbo RocketBunny Scion so i've asked my self how will look the only Vectra in the world with rocket bunny kit . I am huge fan of your works so i hope so that somewhere in the future i will meet with you live.


Hey mr.kei Miura I want to ask a very important question...can you make my Mazda 3 2004 sedan a rocket bunny please? Tell me the amount of money it will take and estimates and please answer by emailing me at or my number 713 966 0996 ...I want to make my car wide and since it's black all I want is the extra wide kit you apply to those cars u make the bolts the way they are and I would be so honored for you to either help me make it to that look or give me tips on where to get the parts and weld it myself if you aren't able to physically meet me or take my car to do it here in Texas


I am willing to pay for this request of making my car rocket bunny look


You do realize this has already passed an no its not happening. A Mazda 3 really. Troll elsewhere...


That was rude ...I had a great idea and u didn't even think about it...a Mazda is as fast and as loud as an Evo and u have Mazdas in ur choices what's a Mazda 3 2004 gonna do any different? I am willing to pay up the amount to make the fender flares the way I designed them I'm not trying to tell you this car is not worth ur time I'm trying to say can I get exact measured parts to make this idea I had since I was a kid ...and trolling really? U must be a kid and don't know an opportunity when it steps in which infact sucks showing how much imagination u have

Project 350ZTT

Well this was fun to read and all, but no I am not a child and no it is not worth the money for a one off kit. He just did a kit for a ferrari 458 for god's sake. If you have that kind of money then you can afford a nicer car than a Mazda 3.
Just a heads up he doesn't weld his car either that's why they are bolt on and he scans the whole car inside his shop. This is not something you do mobile. Try reading into it a bit more before assuming.


I have a mustang but I don't want to do a project on that one I rather do something knew and yea I know it's bolted on I just don't know what you guys do to make it like that my specialty isn't making that stuff I do the designing and in only 19 and in the world we live in now I'm lucky to even have a nice car like the one I have I rather have my Mazda than nothing at all u shouldn't judge someone by their car and yes I have money so don't assume either that I can't afford it and I changed my mind someone else offered to help thank you and have a great life


So your 19 with that kind of money and no thick skin. Must be a trust fund child or something. Reason I said they aren't welded because in your first post ever you asked how the welds were done... I hope you realize this is speed hunters and and cars here aren't just something nice to look at or a hobby, but it is a passion and lifestyle and extension of who someone is.
As long as whoever does your widebody makes you happy and good luck
Custom widebody NSX across the street from my work. They are not at all cheap. Just remember you get what you pay for and read before you post. I just hope you try and take some of this as constructive criticism because I was trying to be nice. People on this forum tend to be nicer than on the gixxer forum to ignorance


I am not a trust fund child my dad owns a shop and I just wanted to know how I could get a simple and nice project done on my car...I don't need to be lectured in just asking if I can get some help please stop thinking it over board all I want is to know who or where to go to to get something done on my car this is my prized trophy no matter what brand or model the car is from or what company made it it's my first car I just wanted to make it unique I don't have to be smart about asking a fellow human being for some help if you think I'm wrong about what I assumed then thank you for correcting me but FYI I don't know anything about this stuff that's why I'm's not a crime or it's not stupid to ask


@thedude His cnc wouldn't be able to make a shape that big.


I would like to see if you can design a rocket bunny kit for 2014 toyota sienna mini van! Because most of the car out there is either sedan or coupe...
Is start getting too much and not really interesting anymore...don't you agree, I think is time for the mini van step up the game and be alittle more different on any event! Plus I think the mini van is starting getting larger and larger and the older tuner generation is turn onto bigger car because of the family...
Please said yes to my question!


I have a question , muira-san , how annoyed are you by the fact that Americans apparently can read!?
its only in bold letters across this whole page , and yet and so there still screaming please make me and can you make....
I ask that you not lose faith in this country as it seems , the fan boy genome is abundant , I refrain from hanging like Tarzan of your sack cuz honestly, I love the work but I wont sell my soul for it nor will I crawl under your bed to try and stalk you for a selfie while you sleep just to creep out your widow with your old sox to keep as trophie and scream drift life as I scatter in the allies and trip over trash the end , what you do is a legacy , id love to say im your biggest fan , but not , sorry just being honest . love your work please continue to think out the box, while all these fake boys keep trying to copy whats in it.


Mr. Miura, how did you get involved in this concept of wide body fabrication, and what if any schooling did you undergo. What is your view on internships for the person looking to persue a career in this field


Mr Miura please could you let me know what size of wheels specs will fit the upcoming released Rocket Bunny for the z33 350z ?
Thank you so much

Miguel Cintora

Mr. Miura, can you please make a rocket bunny body kit for the 3rd gen Acura TL 2004-2008.

Miguel Cintora

Mr. Miura, can you please make a rocket bunny body kit for the 3rd gen Acura TL 2004-2008.
Someone photoshoped it to see how it would look on this Acura TL. Please consider in designing a rocket bunny body kit for this car please.


Mr. Miura can you please make a rocket bunny body kit for the 3rd gen Subaru Legacy Gt-B wagon 98-03.
Best Regards Andy from FOLIA FRAKZS Germany


Mr. Miura can you please make a rocket bunny body kit for 2013 Subaru WRX sedan?


Rocket bunny kit for r32 gtr? What s chassis work custom for my r32 gtr better with obvious cutting needed


Mr. Rocket Bunny/ Mr. Muira...
Could you please make kits for these cars:
Nissan 300ZX
Nissan IDX and
Subaru WRX STi 22B.
Thanks! Hope they come true.


V can 300zx kit be for all years too? Thank you.


Rocket bunny kit for mazda 3 2013


Could you make a cool wide body kit for wrx owners who opted to not get the sti wing ?


Can you make a rocket bunny kit for a 2008 mazdaspeed 3 with somehow a big wing?

sol_scraping Instagram

Can you make a Rocket Bunny Kit for my 94 Honda Del Sol? I really wanna wide body mine but i would only want a Rocket Bunny Wide body for it. PLEASE

sol_scraping Instagram

I'll pay to have one made for my Del Sol


What is the best flush wheel fitment for the Na Miata kit, what size wheels and what offset.


Yes please


Please pass this to him. It's extremely important to me and may be valuable for many others in my shoes. I realize we are not supposed to ask for parts to be made for so and so car and I'm respecting that. I have a 1987 Shelby Dodge Charger. (Yes it is a real car) I would like to make a kit myself because no one has or will. I would like tips on working with its hard edged body style. It has square fender wells stock and I want to put round ones on it. For 16inch wheels up front and 17 inch on the back. A slight raked off look but not too agressive. I was thinking widening four inches in the back and two up front. It has hard edged body lines that I want the wide fenders to work with. So that everything flows and looks right. However I'm finding it very difficult with its body design. Its killing me.I've been trying to find enlightenment on it for years now with no avail.
Dillon Walsh,
Pullman WA 99163
Please send this. My world will be complete.


Please pass this to him. It's extremely important to me and may be valuable for many others in my shoes. I realize we are not supposed to ask for parts to be made for so - and so car, and I'm respecting that. I have a 1987 Shelby Dodge Charger (Yes it is a real car). I would like to make a kit myself because no one has, or will. I would like tips on working with its hard edged body style. It has square fender wells stock, and I want to put round ones on it. For 16inch wheels up front and 17 inch wheels on the back. A slight raked off look, but not too agressive. I was thinking of widening the rear quarterpanel four inches or three inches, and two inches on the side of the front fenders. It has hard edged body lines that I want the wide fenders to work with. So that everything flows and looks right. However I'm finding it very difficult with it's square and hard edged body design. Its killing me... I've been trying to find enlightenment on it for years now with no avail. I would like to modenize the car but keep its aggressive hard edged look. Maybe even after the stealth fighter.
Dillon Walsh,
Pullman WA 99163
Please send this. My world will be complete.


I didn't make the edit time period. This one is void.


I would like to know what kit is the Best fitment for my 13 Altima Coupe or do I need to take an bodyshop class.


Please. I am doing a NA conversion now.
It will make it much easier as I'm going for the look of the pictures.


I would like a rocket bunny kit for my 260z 2+2 1976, in the United Kingdom. Who can supply this and what would the cost be?


370z needs a rocket Bunny


Can rocket bunny fit my 88 supra i see one for the 88 mazda 7 i can find a kit for my 88 supra or get custom rb kit mk3's r making a comeback if u can find parts anyway very desperate please help