An AE86 Is For Life
The perfect companion

What is car life? There is no definitive answer to this question, and that’s a great thing. It could be the guy that saves up his money for years so he can go down to the dealership and buy the car of his dreams. It could be the wealthy guy with a garage full of rare classics that he sometimes drives and sometimes just stands back and admires. It could be the fellow that spends every weekend at the race track trying to shave fractions of seconds off lap times, or the person who has spent countless hours on a build or restoration without even firing up an engine.

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But when it comes to the more literal definition of the term ‘car life’, it’s all about finding the automobile you love and then living with it, not unlike a great marriage. I’m not talking about a car that you enjoy only on sunny days or relaxed weekends – but one that’s with you every step of the way.

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I think it’s because I have a notoriously bad habit of switching cars way too often, that I have a tremendous amount of respect and a fair bit of envy toward those who have found their favorite car and stuck with it.

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That’s why it was very special when I was able to spend some time with Japan’s Hirokazu Sato recently – a guy who redefines the bond between man and machine. His car of choice is the iconic Toyota AE86, and if you look at the photos you’ll probably recognize this this car from past event coverage stories.

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Sato-san is a member of Bad Quality, the Hiroshima team that also includes Shuichi Nakagawa’s famous Sunoco 180SX. And while this AE86 isn’t modified to the same level as that particular machine, its story is every bit as interesting.

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Sato-san’s love affair with the AE86 began when he was a high school student, or more specifically – one that spent his free time reading magazines and watching videos that featured a certain Keiichi Tsuchiya pulling off amazing maneuvers in his own Hachiroku.

Bad-Quality-AE86-12 copy

When he had a chance to drive one, Sato-san was hooked by the AE86’s lightweight chassis, high-winding engine – and a balance that people still praise to this day. A lifelong relationship was born and he’s since owned four different examples of the 86, with this particular car having been in his possession for 14 years now.

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To put it simply, there really isn’t anything that Sato hasn’t done with this car. It’s his daily commuter, occasional track car, and he also drives the 86 all over Japan to events and to meet up with fellow enthusiasts. He’s even been known to throw on snow tires and go sliding in the mountains during the winter.

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And when you think about it, it’s hard to imagine a car better suited to all those tasks than the humble little AE86. Its power and response is perfectly suited for day-to-day use, and its small footprint makes it a good choice for Japan’s notoriously tight city streets and parking lots. It could very well be the perfect daily driver.

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Sure, the car might be older than anything else in the grocery store parking lot, but after almost a decade and a half of ownership, you can bet that Sato-san knows the car inside and out. DIY maintenance and modification is another area where the AE86’s inherent simplicity makes it a winner.

Achieving balance
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On the subject of modification, in the long time he’s had the car Sato has honed the 86 into one of the most stylish and functional examples out there. From the moment you see the car you can quickly sense that it and its owner share a long history together.

Bad-Quality-AE86-16 copy

Lifting the 86’s FRP bonnet, you’ll find a fully rebuilt 4A-GE. There’s no forced induction, and for the most part the engine preserves the character that made the AE86 such a hit when it came onto the market back in 1983.

Bad-Quality-AE86-20 copy

To keep the car’s manners street-friendly, power modifications have been limited to the basics. There’s a Fujitsubo header, an A’PEXi SAFC, and A’PEXi intake, plus a host of other upgrades to improve reliability like a Koyo aluminum radiator and an FC3S RX-7 oil cooler.

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One notable modification is the addition of Yoshimura muffler out back. Of course, this part was designed for a motorcycle but on the AE86 it makes for a unique look and a very aggressive sound.

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Drivetrain work has also been kept simple with a Toda flywheel and TRD clutch, and a TRD limited slip diff with a 4.55:1 crown wheel and pinion. Essential stuff for a proper AE86 experience.

Bad-Quality-AE86-19 copy

As for suspension, Sato has equipped the car with a set of coilovers from GT Works – a name that instantly brings respect and admiration from AE86 enthusiasts around the world. Other upgrades include a stabilizer bar from a Toyota GX71, Jubiride negative camber adapters and adjustable tension rods. TRD bushings throughout also help keep the old chassis feeling fresh.

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As for the wheels, the car has seen numerous sets over the course of its life and in its current form wears a set of SSR Longchamp XR-4s – an absolutely timeless choice for the AE86 if I do say so myself.

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The wheels measure 14×8-inch in the front and 14×8.5-inch in the rear with 185/55R14 Dunlop DZ101s on each corner.

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The cockpit of the car has also seen plenty of attention over the years, with a Cusco 7-point roll cage and a pair of Bride Zeta II bucket seats.

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The seats have been fitted with Takata harnesses and let’s not forget the the quintessentially-Japanese checkered floor mats, and a grippy MOMO steering wheel.

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There’s also a full suite of Auto Meter and Omori gauges, and because it’s a daily driver the car is also equipped with a capable Alpine audio system.

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Not only that, but the car even has a few Alpine monitors, which usually play music videos from Japanese rock ‘n’ roll hero, and fellow Hiroshima native, Eikichi Yazawa.

This is car life
Bad-Quality-AE86-2 copy

Moving to the exterior, you’ll find the same blend of factory style and tasteful upgrades as the rest of the car. There are factory side skirts, EC Works mirrors, a subtle BMW rear spoiler and a custom double-stacked rear bumper giving the tail of the 86 a slightly more aggressive look.

Bad-Quality-AE86-7 copy

Also to be noted is the ‘GT-S Twin Cam 16′ lettering on the doors, which pays homage to the USDM Corolla GT-S. I think actually works quite well with the panda color scheme.

Bad-Quality-AE86-3-2 copy

Of particular interest is the front end, which features a kouki Levin nose with a zenki front spoiler and Run Free eyelids. Sato-san is so much of an AE86 maniac that he also has a complete Trueno pop-up headlight front end that he swaps back and forth depending on his mood.

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With the release of the new Initial D anime coming this summer, Sato-san he says he’ll probably go back to the Trueno face to capture some of that Takumi spirit. Why not?

Bad-Quality-AE86-26 copy

Despite the fact that this AE86 gets used and driven as much as anything out there, Sato-san has taken great care to keep the car as clean as possible. It might be a daily driver, but it’s certainly no beater. We all know there’s a great deal of satisfaction that comes with keeping an old car running and looking like new – or in this case better than new.

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Is this AE86 the fastest, most heavily modified, or most unique car we’ve ever featured? No way. But car life comes in many forms and I think the story of Hirokazu Sato’s old Toyota is one that can inspire us all.

Life is short, so why not follow his lead and spend it with a car that you love?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Hirokazu Sato’s Toyota AE86

Rebuilt Toyota 1.6L DOHC 16-valve 4A-GE, Fujitsubo exhaust manifold, Yoshimura muffler, Hotwire plug wires, Wako coil, NGK spark plugs, Hot Inazuma system, A’PEXi S-AFC, A’PEXi air intake, Koyo radiator, FC3S oil cooler, Omori oil block, Sard Racing fuel pump, NISMO fuel pressure regulator

Toyota OEM T50 5-speed geaerbox, TRD clutch, TODA flywheel, TRD limited slip diff, Toyota 4.55:1 final gear

GT-Works coilovers 8kg (front) 6g (rear) with helper springs, Cusco upper mounts, GX71 front stabilizer bar & end links, Jubiride negative camber adapter, adjustable tension rods, TRD bushings, AE86 GT-V rear stabilizer and angle correction links, adjustable lateral rod and reinforcement bar, slotted brake rotors

SSR Longchamp XR-4 14×8-inch -12 (front), 14×8.5-inch -19 (rear), Dunlop DZ101 185/55R14 tires

OEM kouki Levin front end, zenki Levin front lip, Ukiya Syoukai FRP bonnet, kouki Levin taillamps, OEM side skirts, OEM double-stacked rear bumper, BMW rear spoiler, pulled fenders, EC Works Group A mirrors, Run Free eyelids

Bride Zeta II seats, Takata harnesses, MOMO Drifting steering wheel, Cusco 7-point roll cage, Auto Meter tachometer, Omori gauges, checkered flag floor mats, Mooneyes dash mat, Alpine head unit, DVD player/TV tuner, Alpine monitors

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All way liked a car with a good story!
Keep them coming!


Man... Such a good story,it's really inspiring. This stuff just make my love for hachirokus even bigger! I have to buy one in the future.....


I love getting lost in your write ups.


Great story. Goes to show that you don't have to spend tons of money to enjoy a vehicle.


YES!!!!! This is an AWESOME story. I absolutely love Sato-san's ae86 and it serves as an inspiration to my own car. It's happened to me where you just buy a car not really thinking about what's going to happen, but some how my car has dragged me into this Ae86 life that i'm obsessed about.

Seeking Perfection

Mike I love getting lost in your write ups like my buddy @driveCirclesdoes...but then my girlfriend farted a big one and I immediately got a flashback like a blast from the past. Yes, that's what it was >>> 
Now, with full clarity and after taking a breath of fresh air, I can officially verify that your JDM-oriented posts never disappoint me.

P.S.BTW what happened with the Rywire 'feature cars' we got promised many months ago? You need to collaborate with @stickydiljoe to bring some premium quality Honda content for SH.




You know how extremely annoying is that I can't find any AE86 for sale here in Poland ?


BartoszBulinski They are hard enough to find here in sunny California!


TheRobotCow It also makes me miss mine (your) AE86 haha!


jungle168 Indeed. A little love goes a long way!


@driveCircles Thanks much!


RoboFace Thanks!


TechPanzer I KNOW I will own another at some point - although for now I'll make my equally vintage Supra suffice.


Mike Garrett I have a few things in stored for it just wait and see ;)


Nice clean car..Alpine 7894 head unit in it of the best head units ever made


These are my favorite articles. Tastefully modified daily drivers.


Mike, u prove time and time again that u are the best writer here in speedhunters. U appreciate the smallest of details. I also appreciated ur article about liberty walk. Initially, I thought doing a post on it was quite reduntant but that was quite refreshing. Thanks!

Brandon Motteram

I'd like to hear how it sounds with that Yoshimura exhaust.


Exterior is on point..but man...that engine bay hurt my eyes


I think i'm in love.... this is a perfect looking Ae86! It is my dream to own something like this! Great article Mike!!


Mike, these photos ROCK!!! Great article!


Love the story but really love the wheels...SSR Longchamps XR4...


The Hachi I look up to.


That cover shot :D


This article puts a smile on my face. Timeless :)


Mmmmm notchback....I likey

turbo BEAMS ae86

nice..more like this!!  real cars!


Clean! I love it!


ah, this just makes me want an FR-S so much more. I followed the FR-S from first rumor, dreaming of getting one, but didn't quite have the coin together when they hit dealerships. I've got a few years to go, but I know my dream car and I'll get there eventually. In the mean time I'm "living" with a mazdaspeed miata, so I can't complain. I'm never parting ways with this car either. The third car I need is a 2nd generation 4runner, I had one for years, sold it, and regretted it almost immediately. Along with my 240Z project thats pretty much my affordable dream garage right there: MSM, 4runner, ZN6, 240Z.

Thanks for the article mike!


This article gave me the inspiration to do a 150km run today. My 86 is also my daily driven car. Just want to share a photo of my ae86 from my run this morning. Also inspired by Sato-san's 86 photo in the tunnel. Great article SH!


Cool car, cool story, cool pictures… and absolutely amazing location. But the icing on the cake for me is those boso boys in the background just hangin'- with not a word of mention in the text - like it ain't no thing. Uber cool.

I have to agree with the fellow down below who commented on your eye for details Mr Garrett... and also add that you have a great eye for picking cars themselves, whether it's choosing a car to feature or picking one out for a one-off shot at a show (i always want to see more). Speaking of which - and with no disrespect at all to Mr Charvonia's excellent work - i personally miss your American car culture coverage. Will you be attending Billetproof again this year?

Ok, compliment-rant over. Jimmy out.


Great article! I can fully relate to the story, I've had my EG6 for six years and made some attempts lately to buy something newer even keeping the old Honda, but every time I see it parked in a parking lot, amongst all those new boxes with headlights ending at the door handles, I fall in love with it again.   :)


Great car!

One thing bugs me slightly though; with all the talk of nimble lightweight Japanese cars that can be tracked and dailied at the same time, where is my Roadster/Miata love at?


The owner should have his front suspension geometry checked. I suspect the front camber is out.


Absolute perfection


I think he was going for the "stance" look. This look requires excessive negative camber.


Zero'd out camber settings don't always = best performance. Top fuel time attack s2000 was running -3.5 up front and -4.25 in the rear at one point; although I don't know what settings are being run right meow.


also: the togue monster (amuse s2000) was running ~ -3.5 and -4.0.


I think someone forgot to change the file names for the wallpapers :P  Nice article! :)


Yeah neg camber does help cornering grip. Especially at the front, though the driving wheels generally benefit from less aggressive camber as they need to have max grip in a straight line. Just check out a touring car or gt race car. Front always has more aggressive neg camber than rear.




I'll be sure to tell him ;)


That's a good point. We do actually have a super cool Roadster feature coming up - though that car is from California and not from Japan. :)


I know what you mean. It's amazing how even a basic mass market car can look so special today.


Thanks bud. Plenty of American car culture coming up - including some good stuff from Japan.




Thank you!


Thanks Taryn!


Thanks! It really means a lot.


Love how its got part RX-7 in this build!  Just saiyan.  Definitely clean and respect to those who decided to stick with their cars and not give up after all the years of ownership.


Sorry if I missed it, but do you know how many km's he has on the chassis?  I'm sure I'm no record holder, but may AE86 daily just rolled over to 465,000 :)


I always thought if I was ever to get an AE86 that I'd have a Trueno and Levin front end so I could swap around, the choice just being too hard! I'd still have to choose between Coupe or Hatch though!
Great looking car. Can see why the owner loves it so much.


Good eye on the shots. Simplicity at it's finest.


Love this... I have owned my 85 GTS since 99'.  It has gone through so many stages and builds & been put to the side for other builds(rb25 s14, fd3s ls1, countless sr20 240's, etc) but I always go back to her.  Check her out... not every ones cup of tea but she will be changed up again in the next 10 yrs... lol


jdmsr86 Nice, man. Love the video. Cheers


Thanks for all these stories, Mike. It's great to be able to slightly experience them through your work. I remember seeing you running for shots at FD-Miami. Straight dedication, haha. 

I can't wait to be able to have such experiences. Cheers and best of luck to you, my friend.


jdmsr86 I haven't seen you on ImportsNC in forever ;)


love it, dream car