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The essence of Time Attack

This last week in Australia has been yet another unforgettable experience, further emphasizing the importance of time attack and all the technology that surrounds it. In the two years since I last made the trip down to the antipodes to cover the 2011 event it was hard not to be impressed by the sheer leaps that participants in this discipline have made.


And I’m not talking about the big high-budget corporate-funded teams here, privateers too have shown how dedication can bring results. In fact I was so blown away by what I saw I’ll be concentrating on the aero side of things on a separate post…


… while I touch on the atmosphere of it all right here. There is no doubting that Australians are among the most car-crazy individuals in the world; despite fighting an ever-growing resistance from the government and authorities that continue to target the aftermarket scene with a purely revenue-generating approach, they just don’t give in. This to me is just as commendable as the effort tuners and parts makers over there put into their projects, so big props to all you Aussies! The love for performance, power and speed is what makes WTAC such a great event in the first place and there was evidence of this everywhere, with a ton of people coming out to check out the proceedings, even on the Friday practice.


The international aspect continues to be one of the most evident attractions, the friendly competition between the Japanese teams that at the very beginning were at the top, to the new teams that signed up to join in this 2013 event. It was cool seeing the R-Magic/Endless team there with a car not entered in the highly competitive Pro class, but rather in the more easy to associate with Pro Am. This is one car I’ve seen develop in Japan and it was really cool to see it in action on the other side of the globe with Shimaya-san at the wheel. They finished in fifth position in their class (19th overall) with a 1:33.555


Another rotary from Japan was Team RE-Amemiya with all-round race car legend himself, Nobuteru Taniguchi, at the wheel. Like a lot of other teams this year they were plagued with issues from the very start of the event following an engine problem in Fuji Speedway days before the car was shipped off to Sydney. Still, they did the best they could and Nob extracted a 1:29.867 out of it, good enough for a sixth place finish. Plus I have to add that this is one of the most unique sounding rotaries I’ve heard – pretty wild to see it out in action.


It would be hard to mention the other Japanese teams without touching on Suzuki-san and his S15. His 1:27.958 might have been three seconds from the top time set by the Tilton Interiors Evo, but he managed to improve on his 2012 time…


… so he was happy with his fourth place finish. He and the Scorch Racing guys were exhausted by the end of it all but they’re now back in Japan with a smile on their faces ready to challenge the 2013-2014 Japanese time attack season. We will be seeing them all in December at the Rev Speed Super Battle.


After having talked so many times with Andrew Brilliant about his Eclipse project over the years it was really cool to see the car up close. I even got to stand on the carbon front splitter along with another guy, just to get a demonstration of how much stress proper aero can sustain. Despite issues with dampers and driveline niggles, the GT Autogarage/AMB Aero Eclipse managed to head out for a few timed sessions but the team are set on continuing development on the car ready to hit next year’s event.


It was of course the Australian teams that really set the pace however.


Everyone was ready to see Nemo prove itself but it was just not going to be. With recurring engine issues…


… Warren Luff and the team never had a chance to head out and show what that wild aero package and powerful engine combination is really capable of. Despite the fact that nobody really knows if we will ever see this car run again, we will be able to show you an in depth feature of it, so make sure you stay tuned for that. For 2013, a third place finish in the Pro class is what Nemo had to settle for.


The Tilton Evo, with its new Voltex developed aero, was the car to beat at this year’s event, its 1:24.855 pushing that envelope by a few tenths compared to the time set by Nemo last year.


There are rumors that Gareth Walden and the team will be participating at the Rev Speed Super Battle in a few months at Tsukuba, challenging Suzuki’s record time. One to check out for sure!


I spent a great deal of time in the pits taking a look at the fresh crop of cars…


… and drivers, which this year included a couple of ladies like Hayley Swanson who piloted the BPG Racing FD3S posting a best time of 1:47.308 in the Open Class.


Nob Taniguchi was also in charge of driving the Bachuss Energy Drink ISF, a bad ass interpretation of the V8-powered Lexus and one that was built in collaboration with Japanese ISF specialist Novel. 1:38.056 was Nob’s best time.


When chasing hot lap times, an all-wheel drive drivetrain…


… big aero and plenty of power is an unstoppable combination, as is shown here by tenth place finisher, the Pulse Evo (1:30.875)…


… and the Precision Maintenance Evo 8 which won the Pro Am class with a 1:30.957.

Think outside the box

But by far the coolest aspect of this year’s WTAC was the ‘outside the box’ approach that really put a smile on my face. One that stood out was this mean Porsche 944 from Evolution Industries…


… and this little Daihatsu Charade. Brad and I shot both cars so I won’t give away too much info on them quite yet – you will have to wait for their respective feature to find out more.


If you are an avid Speedhunters reader, then you will remember reading Brad’s feature on the Mighty Mouse CR-X. It was cool seeing this blisteringly quick (1:34.165) little Honda in action and I’d really like to see it lap Tsukuba, maybe challenge Oii’s FF record time that his set in the 5Zigen DC5.


And as further emphasis on just how the Aussies never cease to impress was the recently completed Grunt Performance RX-8…


… a great example of an attention-to-detail sort of build packing a beautifully presented quad-rotor engine. Maybe next year we’ll see it run!


Ok I mentioned the magic quad-rotor word… how could I not possibly show you a few images of our very own Mad Mike…


… doing his usual awesome job of demonstrating pure drifting awesomeness accompanied with the most unique soundtrack out there. I was a bit disappointed that drifters competing against him complained that the flames coming from his exhaust were distracting during the night competition, so he was asked by the organizers to turn them off. There I was all excited after shooting for 11 hours at WTAC, thinking I’d get some cool backfire action at night from the FD3S, only to see no fire whatsoever coming from his big tail pipe at the Tectaloy event. Seriously? Maybe next time he can turn the smoke off from his tires (wink wink)!

MadMike Collection04 Speedhunters EDTN 2013-9794

And when he wasn’t out on the track drifting, he could be found wandering around the paddock , checking out the cars on show.

SH love
World Time Attack Speedhunters 2013-9522

I’d like to touch on the support all you guys gave us at the event too. I found myself signing countless #Maximum Attack books as well as a big chunk of the 40 copies of #Joy Of Machine that were sold out in about an hour and that will be released officially in mid November.


Those that lined up for the limited sale of our new book were treated to a few prototype sticker sheets courtesy of our friendly leader Rodbot…


… as well as some of our #Collection 4 stickers.


These will be released soon on our online Store.


All the drifter guys were set up in front of the new South Course control tower and its respective paddock so a hike over to that side of the track was a must to check out what these guys were rocking this year.


I was definitely not disappointed. These Aussies aren’t afraid of a little fabrication that’s for sure!


Aurion V6-swapped AE86 anyone?

It’s not all about grip

One of the coolest new additions at this 2013 event was the Turbosmart Flying 500: a 500-meter acceleration demo run on the main straight. We know how power reigns above everything down in the opposite side of the globe (at least opposite for me!), so seeing thousands of horses do their thing is always far better than seeing a stationary drag car on display at a show. Here is Mad Mike taking out the Pulse Performance 6-rotor RX-4…


… demonstrating all the violence of the custom motor. This is one part of the event we’d really love to see expanded, both for its visuals but also for how everyone at the event seemed to gather around and check the action out!


If all the grip and drift action wasn’t enough, the big concrete paddock area behind the pits was home to the Show ‘n’ Shine display where we all got a nice representation of how the Australian street car scene is evolving. Just like in many countries around the world, stance has really been embraced and there were plenty of cool cars to check out.


The one that I remember the most is definitely this E30…


… sporting a Toyota 1U 4-liter V8 swap.


Over at the Zen Garage display there was much ‘stanceness’ to be seen, as well as a showing of what must be one of the cleanest BNR32s in Oz, a car that we featured some time back known simply as RB26.


So there you have it. Simple, unadulterated, petrol-running-through-your-veins sort of fun. It’s not surprising everyone that was part of WTAC 2013 in one way or another is already talking about next year’s event!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

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Any idea of the dates for Rev Speed Super Battle? Can't seem to find any information on it.


Great write up Dino! This event is definitely one to try to get to in the future. 
 RE-Amemiya 7 looks awesome as does the JDM Yard DC5!


Woot I made it in speedhunters :-D


I want more on that IS-F... That thing is badass


I'm speedhunters famous, that need for speed sticker is staying safe till my e30 is is ready for the streets


@ShirokaZe I can't say this is official as it's by word of mouth but I heard it's on the 6th of December


PaulDYuen Thank you Paul:)


Andrew Walton :)


oneslyfox Yeah it is! Sounded pretty damn good too. I've actually been meaning to go to Novel here in Japan and check out their demo car (which isn't as extreme as this but still very cool)


AnthonyAntBolic Good man!


Wow, this looks really interesting. It's cool to see the renown time attack cars from japan flown over to australia.


speedhunters_dino Andrew Walton 
Now the real question is which sticker to use and where on my sti... so much choice :-D


Curious as to why you say that an AWD drivetrain with lots of aero is the best combo. The fastest TA cars in Japan and the US are both RWD with big aero. That can't be coincidence.


Dear Dino, when you gonna post the Wacky Mate's R32 GT-R demo car feature? Almost a year since you promised it... :P


Jeez so much aero sticking out, Im surprised nobody lost an eye!
More on that Bachuss Energy Drink ISF and Grunt RX8 please :)


Grunt RX-8 feature when it's complete. Do it.


Dino, Can you post a few more pics of the old cars, like the R32 GTR's, which 23 years later are still winning competitions (The BC R32 GTR won the Open class) aswell as the old series 5 RX-7's... I just thinks its amazing to see...


Thommo Hi Thommo, you might want to check out the post I have coming up next where I focus on aero.  You will see some of those images you are after in there I'm sure :)


FunctionFirst We will have to!


vroomtothetomb Yep!


hawi51 Damn you are right!  It's in the queue!


@MyFWDcanbeatyourRWD Well Evos and GT-Rs have always been the cars to beat...before aero exploded.


Swonz Yes would be cool to see cars from other corners of the world making this event in the future.


Andrew Walton speedhunters_dino Bomb it, lol, all of them :)


speedhunters_dino Thommo 
Sweet!!! thanks brutha....


Oh Dino, you looked so lost when wandering around the paddock. It was very funny.
Such a good day though. Being in the pits with the Griffin Games NSX was such an experience. We were behind the Esprit NSX, and every time they started it up we were hotboxed with E85 goodness. Surprised there were no pictures of that car?


Wow, love that Porsche. Strange that this hasn't featured in more of the pics on various sites? Looks killer coming up out of turn 9.
It's turning the earth under it's wheels!


That Stanza/160J in the last shot blew my mind.  Did you catch a glimpse inside the "engine bay" of it... very special powerplant! Great event and well worth the crazy long days trackside and the flight across the ditch.


aussieANON How good was that E85 smell that permeated the air at times!


Yep. I'm definitely adding WTAC into my bucket list. Boo to no flame spitting.


SnoozinRichy aussieANON When it's coming from right in front of you for 10min, you start to feel a little bit out of it.
Very good fun though.


Dino, whats the chance on a feature of the of the champ? The Tilton Evo?


For anyone who interest on the Red AE86 ,

I'm not the owner of the car , nor I know the owner of the car ... it was just pure luck makes me found the car via Google Search . As expected , the engine is Toyota 2GR-FE , according to the YouTube video , the engine were sourced from 2004 Toyota Aurion , which is ASEAN Camry that sold in Australia .


Great report on the WTAC Dino, one of my favourite events of the year!
A little typo: Under Suzuki managed 1:27.95


Feature on the 1UZ silvia?


speedhunters_dino hawi51 thanks dino! Your articles are our magic window/door (doraemon) to the Japanese tuning scene


Time Attack Daihatsu Charade .. why am i thinking of the fellow aussies of Mighty Car Mods?


btw...the springs in the rear of the Porsche are currently 1486lbs...that's some squat going on right there!


Evos, Evos everywhere. :) How does Mike turn off the flames from his car? Did he have to run a different map? Oh, and boo to less flames!


great cover


Nice coverage and pics, i flew over from Perth for this event and wasn't disappointed.
Lots of action and good opportunities for photos of all sorts of automotive goodness!


aussieANON SnoozinRichy That's why I was helplessly wondering around the pits and paddock, I was high on E85 all weekend! lol


333pg333 Thanks!


SnoozinRichy Engine bay? Surely you mean dashboard ;) I hear the heating system is particularly efficient


Yanes Boo indeed!


Glim89 When it comes to Japan I'll feature it :)


BlakeParry It gets better every year!


SuzyWallace Boooo


333pg333 Slightly biased when you own porsche :)


333pg333 More than slightly biased when you are the owner of the porsche! ;)


333pg333 Slightly biased when you own porsche :)


JDMized Glim89 We will of course have an updated on to the link Alex kindly posted


JackKrajcinger Sorry didn't get to that one :(


bertclaes Fixed it thanks man!


Thommo speedhunters_dino It's live now BTW :)


JDMized thanks mate 
speedhunters_dino cool, sounds great :)


speedhunters_dino SuzyWallace Well, seeing how there was a massive bush fire burning (remember the smoke from the last chapter?) and it is a track surrounded by dry grass ready to set alight, turning off the flames is a very wise choice.