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In my editorial I wrote about some of the friendships I've forged through meets and car communities. One of the people I crossed paths with years ago was Justin Fox, an Australian graphic designer with a strong passion for cars. He seemed like the perfect fit for our March theme, as not only does he organise monthly meets in Australia, but he also owns an R32 GT-R – perfect for our Skyline festival!

The number of cars that have passed through Justin's hands is truly incredible. Each time I saw him he seemed to be behind the wheel of a new ride. He said he grew bored of them quickly, and in many ways it seemed like he was having 'affairs' with these cars…

But one car has stayed in his garage. His gunmetal grey R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R. Over the years that I've known Justin, there have been moments when he's been in love with the R32, but also times when it would be neglected in his garage, covered in a layer of dust. I remember one phone conversation in particular when he was toying with the idea of selling it. In my eyes I thought he shouldn't; a car like this, a car that you've invested so much into emotionally and physically, is something you should hold on to. Everyone I know – myself included – that has sold the one car they 'love' has lived to regret it.

Six years ago, while Justin was pounding around his local race track, the GT-R sprung an oil leak which required the engine to be removed. This is when his GT-R's build took a more serious turn, with the car evolving dramatically over the years.

Justin's GT-R certainly blurs the line between street car and track car. Although its exterior is minimalist, beneath it is another story all together. If you look up this GT-R's skirt you'll find Ikeya Formula adjustable arms, Section tension rods, Tein RA coilovers, Cusco swaybars and HKS Kansai braces. The propshaft has also been swapped out for an ACPT carbon fibre unit. 

Justin's managed to shave 100kg (220lbs) off his GT-R's weight, by removing everything deemed unnecessary. The HICAS for example, was unceremoniously shown the bin.

In the passenger footwell is a Carbing foot rest (the driver gets a Carbing dead pedal). There's also no need for a radio when you have the sound of an RB26 coming on boost!

Justin wasn't a fan of the original steering wheel – 'I found it too big, and the 330 Personal that I had was too small' – eventually finding the Nardi Deep Corn to be perfect for his needs. Behind the wheel you'll spot a Nismo 320km/h gauge cluster and R34 GT-R pedals.

The original seats were replaced with Bride Zeta IIIs with 3-inch Willans harnesses. I love how Justin painted the Cusco 7-point cage for a more stealth appearance.

Justin spent a lot of time squatting in the back of his R32, chipping away at the sound deadening before painting it in the factory gunmetal. You'll also spot the Do-Luck floor brace and a carbon trunk partition.

The Odyssey battery has been relocated to the trunk and is held in place with a custom mount that was fabricated by Westside.

The biggest overhaul came under the hood. The RB26DETT was pulled apart by IS Motor Racing, and rebuilt with HKS pistons and rods. Justin didn't want the compromise of a large single turbo conversion, and after much deliberation opted for a pair HKS GT-SS turbos. The fuel system features an HKS pump, Nismo FPR and Nismo 555cc injectors, with a Power FC used to tune the combination. The power output is a useable 408hp at four wheels.

The head features Tomei Poncam Type-B camshafts, Tomei metal head gasket and adjustable cam gears. That hint of blue at the top of the photo are the Splitfire coil packs.

Exposed air filters are a big no-no with the Australian authorities, so Justin has his A'PEXi pods shrouded in a carbon fibre box.

Justin paid a lot of attention to the smaller details, such as these carbon radiator stays. Nestled behind the front bar is a PWR intercooler, PWR radiator and GReddy oil cooler.

Justin's GT-R used to roll on Nismo LMGT4s but these were replaced with 18×10.5 (+18) RAYS CE28Ns and Toyo R888 semi-slicks. Behind the rims resides a serious brake setup, comprising of AP Racing 6-pot fronts and 4-pot rears. The cost was a rather scary $12,000.

At one point Justin toyed with the idea of making it a more dedicated track weapon, with dry carbon doors and Voltex rear wing. After a lot of thought, he instead decided to make it more street friendly, allowing him to enjoy his creation on a more regular basis. I haven't seen it recently as I now live in Vancouver, but I believe he's toned it down a little more by swapping the exhaust and removing the cage.

This is certainly one of my favourite R32 GT-Rs outside of Japan and is the perfect blend of form and functionality. I hope you'll agree that it's a great inclusion for our R32 day!

- Charles Kha

Photos by Mark Pakula



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This is a nice looking GTR.. I like it.. R32's are my fav!


Unbelievably clean. These are the kinds of cars we need to see more of.


This is my dream car. I think I'd rather have one of these than a lamborghini. Big ups Justin!


WOAW im in love :)

new desktops picture

thats a r32 (L) woaw


1 word dude (perfect)


Mouthwatering, simply one of the best R32 GTR's ever seen, Well Done!!!


desktop of 1st picture plz!


Open the Varis catalog. Dry carbon hood, dry carbon fenders and maybe SunLine Racing dry carbon doors with a Varis dry carbon trunk, and like you mentioned, a dry carbon Voltex wing, maybe with a rear dry carbon diffuser. Than it would be perfect.


Abslutive sick job right there! R32 love <3


I am absolutely in love with this car, congrats on such a beautiful car.


This is exactly what I'd do to an R32... If I had the money of course. Small wonder the owner's a graphic designer - I wish all graphic designers had such good taste.


R32 perfection? Certainly looks like it.


niceeeeeeee a very clean R32 with a purpose! makes a change to se CE28NS on a R32...!


I hope 12,000 is AU and not US dollars. that's retarded for street brakes. Otherwise excellent car!


I love it. I've known JF a long time, and I'm a long, long-time fan of this car too.

Great write-up too, Charles. Top stuff all-round.


OMG, im loving this R32!!! Just like my steaks...............WELL DONE.


this car is perfect


my jaw dropped when i saw the first pics... just beautiful... gonna repaint my E36 to this R32 grey


Looks friggin awesome!


My God that's nice! It's unbelievably clean.


It may be my all time favorite gtr. So understated.


Now that is a proper R32 GT-R.


I like... Love the R32


definition of perfection. track car with prenty of streetability.


Speedhunters, please pass these links along in your blog posts this month, the community needs to mobilize to help each other!


'Dude' is right - clean... but not showy. Best kind of car.


jdmst yo!

beautiful car


one of the most beautiful GTR's i've ever seen..simply perfect


awsome... just awsome. Done just right in all the right areas without being overdone. Hard to find a cleaner R32 anywhere! Thumbs up!


Peeeeeeeeerfect <3


true ray. r32 is so universal.. drag drift wangan... on a diet! its the best skyline. i would kill for one


Excellent photos. A car definitely speedhunters worthy


Desktops of the first picture at least, PLEASE!


I wouldn't change a thing!


Any desktop pictures of this R32?)) Really perfect one!


Can you make desktop every pic of this feature??


has this thing actually seen the track since it was built years ago?


Well done, Justin, one of my favourite Skylines!


Winning! (sheen voice) Justin your R32 is amazing.


OMG !!!!




Perfect car! nothing to add..


One of worlds best R32's (For me Garage Saurus Carbon32 is No.1) IMO looked better with

those rims :(


THE PERFECT R32 GT-R!!! Just amazing... so functional and beautiful!!


the lad must be mad to even think of selling the thing! absolutely immaculate, thumbs up. Better leave it build up dust in your garage for 5 or 10 years and make an investment! Cheers


This car is so jaw-dropping that the license plate deserves an "F" in between the SW.



aud and usd is pretty much the same thing now


Great car. Great photos. R32s never get old in my book.


Thanks for all the positive comments guys. I'm floored. Thanks to Charles for all the amazing words and support and thanks also to Mark for the amazing photos.

You can find more photos (some in high res) on my Flickr:


Beautiful! Very nicely done R32...


I like it very much, no hellaflush!


attention to detail is second to none, i hope it gets to see a track tho'.. - this car is now my favourite - that's official.


Just to let you know Charles, I would do a once over before I publish something. Maybe you can find out what's wrong with this sentence?

"I haven't seen it recently as I know live in Vancouver,"


I agree completely.

This is one of my favourite R32s, simply superb!


This is perfection.


Perfect R32 GT-R. So balanced, clean and well tuned.




Pretty average R32


Nice write up and great car. Well done.


Now these are some featured car shots! +more of this!


This car looks awesome. And I'm glad Justin decided to take the roll-cage out. It was the one and only weak point I could see from the car. Great representation of good taste but that cage is just done wrong in every way.


Awsome *silence*

Mike and Paul from Japan

Love to drive this on the road up here in Yokohama.  Mike & Paul


Just perfect...


the greatest r32


not a bad effort, keep up the good work justin, you're nearly there


This is a incredibly 'zilla' I love it. My life goal would have to be to buy a R32.. GTR or just single turbo coupe I couldn't care.. And I will be buying one within the month hopefully xD.. I'm only fourteen with a dream and it will be a mad' journey to build my car. This has been an inspiration and a thing I can look at and realise that anything is possible :P


tganks for deskription
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