The Scenic Route

We cover a huge variety of car cultures on Speedhunters and it’s that scope and diversity that I really love. July proved to be a rather unhinged month for us; a month in which we visited Gatebil, easily the craziest car show on the face of the planet, and a month in which we focused solely on builds from the Scandinavian region. But after weeks of engine swaps, turbos the size of buckets and drift sandwiches, August will see a welcome change of pace.

We’ll be journeying to the opposite end of the scale in August to celebrate some much-loved classics and sample a delectable taste of the more refined niche of car culture with the help of those famous wings of Aston Martin.

The classic British marque is celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2013, and so we’ll be taking a dip into the oh-so-sweet waters of the brand, with insights into what it feels like to be behind the wheel, factory tours, interviews and more. Who knows, we may even shake (not stir) things up a little.

Of course, we’ll be bringing you the best reports from what’s going on all around the world too. Jonathan and myself will be crossing the Channel to attend the OldTimer GP, where classics such as the Kremer K3 will be battling it out on track as the glory days return to the Nürburgring.

Meanwhile, Larry and Keith will be donning their sunglasses and packing the suncream to head to the salts for the famous Bonneville Speed Week…

… where cars of all shapes and sizes will be hitting the sun-baked Speedway for one purpose and one purpose only: driving flat-out.

Expect to see all manner of crazy machines gracing the white salts, from hot rods that have been present from the very beginning, through stretched versions of familiar machines, to the full-on streamliners.

Back in a world ruled less by salt and more by style, the DMPD show in the Netherlands will be showcasing some of the finest stanced, show and performance motors that mainland Europe has to offer.

At a show where one of the rules is “Lambo doors only on Lambos” and another is that any visible audio is banned, you can expect to be seeing some finely honed and tastefully executed metal from the continent. Paddy and Ben will on hand to conduct a full #FeatureThis program too.

Over in California Mike will be continuing our nod to the past at the Rolex Monterey Motorosports Reunion, where more fine racing machinery from the past will be enjoying the sun once again….

… not just to pose, but to blast away the cobwebs around Laguna Seca. Classic racing machines on two of the finest circuits in the world? We really are spoiling you…

Of course, it was never going to be all about genteel refinement though, so Sean will be checking out some of the finest modified machinery at the Nisei Show-Off in So-Cal…

… while Dino’s been out shooting Liberty Walk’s latest creation in the form of this stunning E92 BMW.

The shock evident in the face of the graffiti characters behind it pretty much sums it up don’t you think?

He’ll also be checking out the best hachirokus on offer at 86 Style at Fuj Speedway…

… before heading back to visit Rocky Auto, taking Larry along to show off some of the finest Zs in Japan…

… as well as some other drool-worthy Japanese retro rides.

Mike continues that theme with a visit to Mizuno Works. Mmmm, over-fenders.

Whilst back home in LA, he brings us the latest in antisocial parking trends from Cars & Coffee in Irvine.

Of course, there’s all the usual features to come too, so whether it’s modern-day modified machinery, or timeless classics pounding the race circuit, retro rides or refined machinery being hand-crafted on the production line, August will have the lot!

Suzy Wallace
Instagram: speedhunters_suzy