#featurethis At Trax: The Winning Entry

We kicked off our inaugural #FeatureThis showdown at the Trax show last weekend, with the opportunity of a full Speedhunters car feature shoot up for grabs at Silverstone. New recruits Charlotte Moran and Melissa Clarke spread the word amongst the assembled hoards of excited, car toting Britons. Our search for the car of the event had begun.

The concept is simple: widen out the pool of possible feature cars to the thousands of attendees at one of the largest modified car shows in the UK. Entry is equally easy: just upload a shot of your car to Twitter or Instagram, hashtagged with #FeatureThis. Deciding on which car should win was far more difficult…

Charlotte and Melissa spent the first couple of hours pounding the asphalt of the Silverstone in-field, giving out #FeatureThis stickers and promoting the ways owners could use to send in images of their rides. The girls picked out some of their own favourites…

…some a little too carbon-based to be eligible.

But our Twitter and Instagram feeds lit up with entries, with more pouring in as the day progressed. Unfortunately there could only be one winner.

So we’re excited to announce that after some long and hard discussions amongst the Speedhunters team at Trax that the winner is this AE86 owned by the Corolla Brotherhood’s Chay Ford.

We’ve been seeing a lot of Chay’s modified AE86 at shows across the UK over the past couple of months. We’ve most recently picked it up at Toyota Retro at the Ace Café

…and the Retro Rides Gathering at the Prescott Speed Hill Climb. Amongst the huge number of entries this AE86 was a real stand-out, and we reckon it’s the deserved winner of a full car feature shoot.

His AE86 shows a tasteful take on the classic Corolla, with its wider and more aggressive kit accentuating the shape of the car. We’re looking forward to getting up close with it in the very near future.

Speedhunters’ #FeatureThis programme will be continuing with more activations to be held at events later in the year. Super limited-edition #Featured stickers will be gifted to cars that are awarded features on the site. And remember that there are no criteria for entry: any brand, model or style will be judged on its own merits.

So, stay tuned for the upcoming shoot with Chay’s AE86, and make sure that if you attend a #FeatureThis event in future be ready with your camera-phone and Twitter/Instagram accounts. Next time it could be *you*.

Jonathan Moore



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Nice, those girls are pretty cute.


Way cute!


Damn that 86 is perfect.


Another AE86, would've preferred something totally different. There is a lot of unknown awesomeness in car culture. Still, this AE86 looks super bad ass. Can't wait for the feature.


Well done mate, keep repping the brotherhood!


Thank you so much guys, I'm genuinely shocked and humbled that you think my car is worthy!


Damn, the girls are better looking then the cars here. And that's saying a lot, that 86 is nice.


the use of the n2 overfenders without a gt wing is sooo dope


Last picture, girl on the left, is that Melissa Clarke?


I hope these girls actually know stuff about cars, like Camile (I think that's her name) and aren't just another cute face...


Those girls are too much "wee, I'm on camera".


@ChrisKommavong That is THE Melissa Clarke!
I didn't recognize her with clothes. But that is her alright!


girl on the right, shes cute, I like her eyes


 @AlexanderEvensen  They're professional models, how the fuck is that bro? Idiots I swear


gotta get some work done on my car so i can get featured.


Chays 'rolla is so badass, DEFINITELY worthy!


86 Corollas are so nice. This one is a fine example. From the unique color to the overall smoothness of the whole thing, its one of the coolest AE86s I ever seen. If i got a choice between a Ferrari 458 or a good condition Corolla I would pick the Corolla without hesitation.


How about you make a way of entering that doesnt involve instagram of twitter. Im not a member and i dont want to be so now my car doesnt get a chance?


How about you make a way of entering that doesnt involve instagram of twitter. Im not a member and i dont want to be so now my car doesnt get a chance?