Win A Feature Shoot Of Your Car At Trax

As I was selecting the photos for this announcement, I couldn’t help but feel excited by all the amazing metal that the Speedhunters crew has been shooting this year.

We’ve been pushing hard to gather together what we think are the world’s most exciting builds, and it seems that you would agree too as it’s these car features which are regularly the most viewed Speedhunters stories each month.

There’s no set way that we use to select our feature cars. Sometimes it’s word of month, occasionally we find them on forums and sometimes people contact us via email or on Facebook.

We also like to be in the know about upcoming builds, and tend to have relationships with a lot of shops and constructors. They’ll let us know what’s coming up and we’ll swoop in to grab a feature just as the last bolt is being tightened.

Whatever the case, we are very hungry to shoot new features all the time, no matter the genre of the machine. As each year goes by, this is of increasing importance to us.

So to this end, we’re planning to conduct a big UK car feature search at the upcoming Trax show at Silverstone in the UK on September 2nd.

If you think your car has the styles, when you get parked up at Trax on September 2nd shoot some photos on your phone and upload them to Twitter or Instagram, hashtagged #FEATURETHIS.

Over the course of  the day, the Speedhunters crew will be monitoring this hashtag and picking out their favourite cars. Owners will be messaged on Twitter or Instagram to pick up free Speedhunters stickers at our booth in the BDC paddock.

Then at 4pm UK time, our favourite car of the lot will be awarded a full Speedhunters feature photoshoot by Speedhunters’ own Bryn Musselwhite. So if you are planning to come to Trax and have entered the contest, keep your ears tuned to the Tannoys or watch your Twitter or Instagram feed for the news. Your car may be about to enjoy a wave of internet fame.

We’re sure that the UK crowd will be showcasing some feature-worthy machines on September 2nd and we are open-minded when it comes to the type of car we want to photograph. It could be anything from a drift car, a track-day special, a rusting rat mobile, air-ride VW or Time Attack monster. Originality, style and fabrication quality are what’s going to catch the eye of the Speedhunters crew.

We’ll see you at Trax!

The Contest Terms and Conditions can be viewed HERE.



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My question will sound very dumb but can you go just as a spectator to this Trax event because if so then i will hopefully go as i only live about an hour or less away from silverstone and i aspire to be able to create the same well engineered, creative and interesting cars as i see all over the internet when i'm old enough to as well as the great community that is praised so highly, and this seems like the kind of event from what i've heard with Aasbo and McNamara being there along with the fifth round of BDC, that this could be great!  


 @Elijah221 indeed you can. There is a banner ad at the top of the home page with info about tickets :)


 @Elijah221 make sure to come by our booth to say hello!


I'm from Canada, and I own an STI, no love for the country or car it seems on this site :(


@Brian Well at least you can be happy that Speedhunters was originally thought up by Canadians :) our production office was in Vancouver until last year.


I have #FEATURETHIS but seems im the only car on there?


More 370z love plz :D


@Brian Is your car going to be at Trax?


fingers crossed ill see you guys at trax!!
dont think my corsa is worthy of a feature...yet!!


@Gav Whiting We are only starting the program on Sept 2nd at Trax :)


@Nikhil_P We will see you there!


I'll be tweeting pics of my R34 GTT, fingers crossed!


 @JohnehGTiR See you at Trax!


Intimidating selection of cars on the announcement post! You've scared me off Mr Chong ;)


you should make it so when you click on an image it takes you to a bigger version, im trying to grab some desktops here guys.


Where can you post your pics if you're not on Twitter or Facebook or whatever? Most of my time is spent on the car that's why lol