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From rotaries we move onto some S-chassis, but since there weren’t that many this year I’ve decided to combine Fairlady Zs to the post too, once again an all-Nissan selection! We start off with the R.Y.O. S13 “Odyvia” which I already ran a spotlight on back in October, when I first laid eyes on it at the D1 final in Fuji.

It’s as wild looking from every angle and proof that things down in the south of Japan are done a little differently.

You can always expect to find nice rides on display at the Yokohama booth, and this year…

…modeling a set of new Advan GT lightweight 5-spoke wheels, was the Amuse Z34 Vestito.

Among all the Benzes at Veilside I did manage to find one Z34, sporting an instantly recognizable Yokomaku-special conversion. Veilside is one of the most recognized names in the JDM tuning word and even if they have shifted their style and interest a little over the years, it’s still great to see them exhibit at the Tokyo Auto Salon; it just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Drifters crash a lot. Nothing new there. If it weren’t for them we would have never had so many face or rear end conversions over the years.

N-Style Customs did a great job of grafting on an E46 front onto this Silvia; an S15 M3?

While some may cringe at such off the wall creations, it’s certainly different. Until the next crash that is.  Then who knows what it’s going to look like.

Enkei had this Z34 roadster at their booth running the new deeply concave, multi-spoke RS05RR.

The Fatlace 6666 Customs S13 was built in Japan especially for the show. It looked great slammed on a set of TE37Vs and a great addition to Nakai’s new Spearmint Rhino at the Fatlace display area.

R.Y.O. had another Silvia on display at the show, and to find it I had to head over to the Okuyama booth, makers of Carbing body reinforcement parts. This S15 is an all-new build and different from the widebody car we saw earlier last year at the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown. Still, an unmistakably R.Y.O. creation!

If you want real low, with possibility of on-the-fly adjustments, airbags are hard to beat as this Z33 at the Kleers booth was showing.

Cockpit is a chain of car accessory stores similar to Autobacs. There are actually quite a few in Japan, places like Yellow Hat, Driver Stand or everyone’s favorite Up Garage, which deals exclusively with second hand parts. Sometimes specific branches will build crazy demo cars like this 500 HP S15 from Cockpit four. Other well known Cockpit shops are Cockpit Wako which specializes in GT-Rs, and Cockpit Tatebayashi which caters to Imprezas, Evos and pretty much any other performance car.

Nakamura’s S15 as ever was on display at the D-Max display. It was cool seeing it last month attempting to grip around Tsukuba at the Super Battle!

The Weber Sports Z33 in all its orangeness.

Saitama-based drift shop Car Modify Wonder had the cleanest S14 at TAS.

Loved the deep blue paint. It would almost be a pity to drift it and chip that glossy finish!

There were a couple of Fairladys in the RH9 section, first up this supercharged Z34 from Car Making Revyou and next to it the Two System Z33.

Development on Under Suzuki’s Scorch Racing S15 continues. On display at the Option2 area the car was sporting a few aero alterations, the most obvious of which was a new carbon hood with additional louvers to allow for better engine cooling. Very Super GT!

It will be cool to see it in action again at a Battle Evome meeting!

Sitting next to it was this all-new project that Friends Power and GReddy have began working on. I got really excited at seeing this car, not only because of the projected 650 HP it will deliver, but because there are all-new time attack builds of this caliber popping up here and there now. Exciting times to say the least!

The chassis is a work of art, spot and seam welded, reinforced in various areas and fitted with a welded in roll cage before receiving a nice, almost bronze colored coat of paint in the interior.

Racing fuel cell is a must at these levels. This joins the Exceed Moat S14, which will be getting an all-new engine this season, as well as the all-new Exceed Moat S15. Thanks to series like Battle Evome and the Word Time Attack Challenge things are getting really exciting for those obsessed with lap times!

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-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Hey look! It's a BMW that DOESN'T need to have its valve cover and oil stand gaskets replaced! :D (Okay, just kidding BMW guys, don't shoot me, I'm just the comedian.)

The blue on the Car Modify Wonder S14 is spectacular. Would love to see pictures of it in the sunshine. Bet it really grabs one's attention then.


That RYO Silvia Looks amazing.


Shit effort telling us about the "new deeply concave, multi-spoke RS05RR" under a photo that doesn't show them lol


MK...look to the right in the picture, they are there on display


I'm still drooling over the S15 M3...


OK i really need a picture of that 'convertible' van beside the Car Modify Wonder S14.

Besides that, great post again Dino!


Why bother mentioning the rims on the enkei z34 when you cant even see them on the car?! Other than that great coverage, really loving the categorised posts.


Beemvia looks better than an actual BMW!


just like MK said, you spoke of rims and show a car front shot, then you also talk about the z33 on airbags and show us a front shot. come on man, let both pic and words do the talking.


I still to this day cannot understand why in the fark people feel the need to take a front end from say a BMW and mate it to the body of another car like the S15. To me this screams "I cannot afford an M3, so I made this look-a-like". Kind of like those RE-A's FDs w/Porsche fronts... Abominations!


@Marvin C. said

A good S15 from 1999 costs more than a M3 from the same year!!!


It is very cool to see Silvias dressed up to churn out numbers and not just smoke. Love the Scorch and Exceed Moat cars a lot.


Scorch S15, definitely greatest S15 of all time in my opinion. Loved it at WTAC last year,


Would like to see photos of the roof-less Estima (next to the S14) in the Toyota post!!


FYI, M3s were never available with the front end pictured.


That blue S14 is absolutely amazing. Like most cars here. Except for that silly BMW conversion. Oh, well it'll probably crash anyway, so I don't mind. Seems as if every front end from every manufacturer will some day be put on an s-chassis. WHat next? S13 with a Jeep Wrangler front? :)


The Amuse Z34 is still the best looking one. The RYO Odivia is still a bit weird to me, and the E46 front end is too massive for a S15. I'm really looking for more about this Friends' S15 : it's gonna kick ass !


When I saw first picture where was only front of BMW i was like:

but when i saw second and third picture with whole car, I was like


@mk look at the display!


Nice rides.... PLEASE tell me you are going to post a pick of the yellow and silver 240z.. your killing me man.


yo every single time i come on speed hunters and they just have nissan for the feature it all ways put a smile on my face cause i feel like nissan is going to take it this year no matter what SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY NISSAN FANS OUT THERE


"The Fatlace 6666 Customs S13 was built in Japan especially for the show" please make me understand what mark did to build this car other than open his pocket book and write some checks. The only thing I see that his "company" could offer would be massive amounts of stickers. Unlike other builders at TAS who really turn a wrench and or dont just use a Vinyl plot cutter and call it a day. This car should really be labeled as "rocket bunny sponsored by FailLace"not FailLace rocket bunny car. Please stop calling him a builder.


I'm curious about the GX71 beside the S13 in the first pic!! :D


I guess I'm alone in thinking this is the worst caption-picture article I've ever read on here?

Straight on front shots are boring!


loove the fabrication work on that final 15. looks hot,



That's insane! Didn't know that. I retract my previous statement, lol... But still, why mix the two? Their lines are completely off to me... The only swap I saw that made sense was the R.Y.O. S13 "Odyvia". Just because it almost looks like the S13's stock lamps, but modernized and widened. To each his own I guess.


@xyz cat

lmao! spot on



love the feature..


We need a feature on that Cockpit S15...... Please!!!


thanks for sharing some shots from this year's TAS - good to hear the show is getting better!

any chance of a closer look at the HKS-supercharged Fairlady's from TwoSystem and CarMake Revyou?

i remember you posted a shot of the TwoSystem car at Tsukuba and mentioned a fairly impressive best lap in the 1'02 range. would love to hear and see more about the setup!!


The S15 seems like it's lacking triangulation in the cage.


No classic Zs? :(