News>> Rusty Slammington Arises Once Again

Rusty Slammington, a car that is either absolutely loved, or absolutely hated. There was never any middle ground between those two camps. To some, it was a blasphemous hunk of metal that should have never existed in the first place, to others, it was pure inspiration. It’s a car that has seen countless phases in its life. It has been purposely rusted and suffered an accident which saw the first death of the car. It then saw a second life as the chop topped Rusty we either love or loathe and just recently, it suffered another death, this time by fire. Today, Mike Burroughs has decided to restore the car once again.

This brief, from Mike, is really the best explanation on why he decided to restore the car for a second time:

“…Rusty isn’t an extension of me, because Rusty is his own self. Rusty is more than a car, and if you doubt that for a second, I can say it’s only because you’ve never had the chance to meet him. I’ll be honest for a moment. Rusty is probably my best friend. Yeah, that might not be the “coolest” thing in the world to some, but I’ll just hope that they simply don’t “get it”, and that’s okay. Rusty and I have been through a lot. Probably more than most friendships could hope for in the good times or handle in the bad. Rusty has become the one thing I’ve always been able to count on, no matter what. He’s always there.”

So no folks, Mike did not purposely burn his garage to get attention. There are no conspiracies. There’s just a man and the undying love for his car. And in this day and age, that should be more than enough.

We are very excited to know that he’s in the process of restoring the, now, twice dead Rusty. We’ll also be keeping you guys up to date when updates of the current restore and build process arises (pun intended).

Let’s think for a minute, what does it really take to kill a car? Read about Mike’s heartfelt announcement on Stanceworks.




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If this car never existed in the first place, I would never have any of the crazy plans I do now. When I finally get my VW Caddy, it's losing its roof completely, dragging on the ground, and then surviving forever no matter what.


Hope this project hits the streets soon.


Do you have any high resolution (1920x1200) pictures of Rusty Slammington? I would love to slam it on my computers desktop :P


I've never been a bmw guy at all til rusty came along. I found an old 2002 for cheap that I would love to chop the f*&# out of


Hell yes.


dude awesome!!! i reeeeaallly dug the last time i read about and saw pics of rusty. i thought he was a wicked lookin ride. the gold wheels were tight as hell too. happy to hear he'll be back.


Rise Like Lazarus.


very cool, his car looks cooler now, i hope this guy makes a cool car


i cant wait !


nice car but thats the most emotional load of crap ive ever heard


Stop posting this car. Please. It has nothing to do with speed and it is nothing anyone wants to hunt. It was burnt down for a reason.


How did the gold wheels fare in the fire?


WAY TO GO MIKE !!! Build it up !!! i SO wanna see Rusty back on the road !!!


yeah i loved it and i'm gonne love it again.

i'm superhappy that he is rebuilding it.


Long live Rusty Slammington!!!!!!


like a phoenix from the ashes.. - i await Rusty's return.


mike burroughs = foveveralone.jpg


You know, people love to hate this car. I think that's what's so appealing about it, I mean how often do you see a car with so much character, so much out-of-the-box styling, that people from all sects of the car enthusiast world both hate and love it? It's everything a rat-rod should be: so outlandish and slammed and rusted and trashed that it's fucking awesome.


Kudos to you Mike, and to Rusty. Haters will be hatin' on this soon enough!!! I say F*CK 'EM!!!! Thats the beauty of the modified car scene- No matter what your into, Take your car and tmake it truly "your own"


yea, this gonna be epic, grim reaper's couzin.


Good for you Mike!

Your car will probably end up looking crap, but I admire the passion nonetheless!


We should stop calling it Rusty and start calling it Rasputin :O


best of luck to Mike!


It'd be nice if he were to put a pair of the charred rims on it


Not even "kill it with fire!" worked on this thing. :P


So will Rusty Slammingtom become known as Flamey Slammington from now on?

...I just wonder how he'll restore the car's rigidity, because usually a burnt chassis suffers from metalurgical problems that affect the car's structural integrity.


what happened to the 24k wheels?


It's like a cockroach...


Scrap it. Start again.


maybe accept the fate that it should die and stay dead....


this guy is my idol !!!!


This dude clealy loves attention


this made my day :,]


Whether you love or hate Rusty, you have to respect Mike's dedication. It'd be cool if he kept a burned panel or two untouched to show what Rusty's been through. Maybe his new name should be Crispy.


@Tyler I hope your car is burnt down someday and you expirience the pain that Mike would have. Then tell me then if you still feel like that.


Not a single post to this day has made me happier than seeing this.Im so excited to see Rusty V2 :)


Amazing, it never ends ! :p


Great to see it come back to life. Never before have I been inspired by a car in such great lenghts.

Bought my own 5 series (E12) and I love it. Thank You!


I could've told you that Mike was going to rebuild the car with the burn look... oh wait!.. I did.


Rusty is Lord. Nothing can kill him. Accident? lol.. Fire? Rusty is too cool to get hurt by flames. RIP doesnt stand for Rest In Peace anymore, more like Rusty Is Phorever lol


Ill be honest when i say i am not a fan of rusty but I cant help but give you much much respect for brining this thing back from the dead. Cant wait to see it rolling again.



It is like a cockroach indeed haha, back to troll us forever.


At least the owner sticks to this car and isn't butchering any more BMWs. I just hope not many people get inspired by this vehicle's "style"


This is the grim reaper's car,


rubbish car that looks crap


zombie ² ?


that shell has to be soooo unsafe now. being in a fire weakens that metal up. i cant believe hes going to use it again. this guy should just move on with it.


This doesn't interest me one bit. I can see rusty old pieces of shat in any junk yard. Laying frame was cool back in 1995, it's 2011, lets get a move on.


I hope this gets announced everywhere...OH YEAH, he's coming back folks!


yes !!!!


id hate to have to refinish all the wheels


I'm glad that Rusty is salvagable! I definitely respect how much work Mike has into this car, and even though I'm not into the whole uberslammed bullshit, I love this car, especially for the fact that is just oozes character.

Long Live Rusty "Flaming" Slammington!


Bruce said:

Kudos to you Mike, and to Rusty. Haters will be hatin' on this soon enough!!! I say F*CK 'EM!!!! Thats the beauty of the modified car scene- No matter what your into, Take your car and tmake it truly "your own"

Pearls of wisdom, too bad the haters can't appreciate it.


Please SpeedHunters quit feeding in to this guys interwebs status. id say that 90% of the people that come to this site hate this car. hate low offset wheels, and hate stance. we all originally got on this site to see fast cars, and cars that perform on the street and track. i understand that the site has changed over the years to keep up with the culture and the hobby. however seeing cars and posts like these just make me laugh at the stupidity it takes to try to build a car that was burnt down, the cars rigidity is gone(didnt have much left to begin with after the wreck) after seeing this car at the import alliance in atlanta last year, it is a hunk of crap, i will be honest here, this car, his website, and the crap he puts on there are all people who built sold out cars just to fit in with the "cool" people. performance minded people can appreciate non performance vehicles, however this car is one that we shake our head at and hope for a quick exit from the hobby.

cars like these have ruined the hobby, broke kids who want to fit in buying ebay coilovers and widened steelies so they can be "stanced" and "herra frush". i understand its a tough financial time, however kids listen up, if you save your money and buy really good parts and take your time then you will appreciate and understand better what it takes to build a complete all around nice car.


Its like the Devil Z, it keeps coming back :)


they should change the name from Rusty to Kenny (like the guy from Southpark that keeps dying and then they revive him in the next episode)


True love never dies!


That Guy - 'id say that 90% of the people that come to this site hate this car' - If you decided to read any of the comments you'd see that 95% of the commenters love the car, there's only about 3 that are hating. Anyway, he did have a 2jz in it, so I don't know what the plans are this time.


I am personally am not a fan of this car but at the end of the day if it brings satisfaction to the owners life than that is all that matters. I doesn't really need to make sense because everyone is a little different and what bring them that satisfaction is different also. Good luck to the owner.


I am personally am not a fan of this car but at the end of the day if it brings satisfaction to the owners life than that is all that matters. I doesn't really need to make sense because everyone is a little different and what bring them that satisfaction is different also. Good luck to the owner.



Oh and thats the difference...

To you and your "group" its a hobby...

To us its a passion a part of our lives... Building cars, trucks and motorcycles from our hearts,

Which is the difference from your cookie cutter cars with "good parts" bolted on lol

For it to be a nice car lol

NICE sucks!!!


@THAT GUY and others:

Nice try retards.

Cars are an expression of who we are, amd everyone has different stylesnand opinions.

Guys have been chopping and slamming cars, trucks and motorcycles for decades.

Guys like Chip Foose, and Jesse James?

You guys sound like you grew up without Hot Wheels cars, or Legos as kids..

Our cars are our toys as adults, and we create things that many may not agree with.

My passion is performance cars, machines like Garage Saurus R32 GTR, and RE Amemiyas Super G FD....

But i lOve mini trucks, bosozoku, VIP, hot rods, choppers, sport bikes, low riders, Kei cars, exotic cars, etc...


not a fan boy like most of you critisizing so severely, becuase you lack inspiration, imagination and creativity.

We have only 1 life, and we do whatever we can that makes us happy.

The guy isnt selling crack, he simply wants to build a crazy bimmer.


@E'sFactory i grew up with hot wheels and legos, im not near as old as you think i am, late 20's, been around cars since i can remember. i build track cars, i buy parts most of the kids who claim this is their passion will never be able to afford. I work in the automotive hobby, i help with events outside of racing, i have worked on multiple cars that have been in magazines. and please point out where i said im not an enthusiast? i said i appreciate everything not just race cars. i much rather see a cookie cutter car than some of the slammed broke boy trend follower cars that are being "built" right now. most people lack the abilty to be creative or build custom parts and i understand that, but just jumping on the bandwagon because you lack the know how is never an excuse. doing "custom" work just takes someone to learn how to do it and apply it. also calling people retards cause they dont like the car shows a serious lack of intiligence, good way of allienating your fellow enthusiasts. everyone is allowed an opinion, best thing to do is understand that, and if you dont agree than let it roll of your back. now i never once said mike cant build cars, or isnt creative. what i stated is how i feel about it, if i remember he owns another bmw that i actually liked. i also understand mike did what he wanted with this car, all fine and dandy. just because someone doenst like it doesnt make them a "retard" or "hater" it means they have an opinion like every other human being in exsistence.


so happy he decided to restore "rusty", been an inspiration for me and my beemer!

Long live rusty!!!


It's not a f*cking BMW anymore, what BMW enthusiast will recognize that piece of crap as one anyways...stop calling it that.


@E'sFactory and THAT GUY

I´m totally agree with you.

I´m a car enthusiast, and i like to see people who loves his car even when the car was burned

Rusty must return from the hell to the road because true love never dies!

And finally to THAT GUY: I´m sure you aren´t a mechanic because nobody who feel the metal and oil on his hands could say that you said.


this car is like a dumb ass 17 year old that crashed their civic trying to drift and is now in a coma, brain dead, on life support but it's parent's can't bring themselves to pull the plug. just let it go already.


OMG, let this car die already, it wants too obviously


"i buy parts most of the kids who claim this is their passion will never be able to afford."


I stopped reading here elitist. This has got to be one of the most self absorbed, pompous comments i've seen on the internet and makes you look like a fool.

Excellent job "alienating" your fellow enthusiasts. Get off your high horse.


@That Guy,

E'sFactory is right to say what he said. You came in claiming that 90% of people on here hate Mikes car which obvioulsy isnt true if you read through all the posts. You also go on to say that everyone hates stance and flush, blah blah blah....You then go on to bashing kids in the scene buying cheap parts etc..which i was kinda like, how did you get so off topic? Comparing Mike to some random kids just starting out in the scene makes no sense to me. Mike has done a ton of custom work to Rusty and has made that car his own. He didnt follow the trend that you and many others follow to achieve what they think is a "nice car". You and your "rant" were a complete FAIL.


No Ferro I am not a shadetree mechanic, im a car builder, and as a builder and a human being i have thoughts on things, dont try to judge someone on what they say on a blog site. everyone here is free to say what we want, we dont have to agree, we can form our own thoughts that is unless your a mindless sheep who just follows trends around and does what everyone else is doing. mike is not the first person to keep re-building a car after near certain death of that car, its been done a lot by old school rat rod builders, knowing a few myself but even they know when enough is enough. this semi worship of someone due to a car is ludicrous, just like people telling Chris Rado to stop road racing a drag car. everyone do what they want, think how you want and build how you want. just make sure at the end of the day you form your own opinions and thoughts on things. oh and btw if you havent noticed the man behind the car hasnt chimed in, probably cause everyones opinions could phase him less and he like myself probably gets a laugh out of this, cause this is a great passtime for hours spent at work.


@That Guy

Stay tuned. You'll like it this time around.


Rusty MUST live!)))


@That Guy

yeah you got another opinion like other does..your opinion is stupid..can you feel the love of a car? this car spends unexplainable times with mike b. the feelings that's so strong that makes the car part of his life..perhaps you couldn't feel that..your not a real car enthusiast..people do what they want in their life even the craziest things..he wanted to go on and resurrect this car,rusty is love,you don't need to say those things to us who also feel for're probably the one who are trying to fit to enthusiast..u are a human but u're not a car lover..

sorry everybody if my english is so bad,bad grammars..I just really hate this guy..

and mike burroughs,I really love to see you go on with rusty..I'm feelin it..and stay with the burning colour all over rusty's body..that's a scar that builds history,everybody will remember it..just restore his face back..Rusty still got it..there's still his face behind the shadows..;)


@ That Guy

Maybe you are a car builder and maybe I'm an astronaut, but what is certain is you are not a car lover that's the only truth.

You might have a different opnion and I respect you for it, but you can't say that mike is stupid or that sets a bad example to rebuild his car because what he does is what you claimed: have a different vision.

I would like to terminate the discussion and I insist that I do not intend to offend you, just I have a different opinion from yours and so I'm not wrong.

I hope to see soon the answer that you give the 90% who disagree with you and your respond with the same speed and toughness.

If you are a car builder, I hope to see soon some of your works on this web and I would show you some of my work restoring and preparing bmw to rally.


Thank you for making this website a place for lovers of all types of cars, you are the first and the last I visit every day.


if anybody sees this, what kind of lift is that and where can ingest one?