Culture Clash: Mike Burroughs’ K24 Ferrari Takes Over SEMA

From the comfort of a desk nowhere near Las Vegas, Nevada, I can still feel the attraction of the 2022 SEMA Show.

But for as long as we’ve covered it on Speedhunters, SEMA has divided opinions. It’s a pretty easy event to parody (I’ve lost count of the number of Bluetooth driveshaft memes I’ve seen over the years…), but I’ve always maintained that it’s an occasion where you can choose to take what you want from it.


If you want to irritate yourself by solely looking at unfinished or low-quality projects, then you do you. If you want to take cheap shots at builders who have spent months of their lives genuinely trying to achieve something just for likes and engagement on your own social media, then have at it. Just be aware that most of us can see through the act, and we know the people who are contributing positively to global car culture are.


There are a few cars being unveiled at SEMA this year that many of us are waiting to pore over. I would wager that Mike Burroughs’ Ferrari 308 is high on the list for a lot of people – and for good reason. This is a build that’s been driven by passion and logic over hype and trends. It’s Mike’s personal project, and one he’s chosen to share with the world as he continues to learn by doing.


The car’s striking visuals only tell half the story. Replacing the heavier, slower and (infinitely more unreliable) stock Ferrari V8 is a fully-built and turbocharged Honda K24 engine. Its sound is more in line with a fire-breathing rallycross car than a ‘typical’ K-series, and with the boost wound up from the Garrett G42-1200 turbo, Mike’s aiming for 1,000whp.


That kind of power is pushed to the rear-wheels through a Quaife QKE8J 5-speed sequential gearbox, with braking taken care of through AP Racing Pro 5000Rs. All cooling is provided by CSF, including radiators and the charge cooler which is neatly supported by the rear strut brace.


Reeling off these kind of parts makes this sound like an off-the-shelf build, but in reality it’s anything but. The suspension is a ground-up redesign with hand-built control arms, brand new uprights and more. Ironically, the biggest credit to Mike’s work is how well integrated it all looks packaged together.


Despite what some might think, the use of a turbocharged Honda K24 here hasn’t been done to rile diehard Ferrari enthusiasts. It’s a perfect example of someone looking past the allure of a brand in order to make something better by any reasonable measure. By ignoring the romantic ideas of what makes a Ferrari a Ferrari, Mike has created something much more interesting.


While you should consider this spotlight a prelude to a full Speedhunters feature after the show, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the completion of this project and to congratulate Mike on meeting his own personal goal of driving the car into SEMA load-in.


Sure, there’s still work to be done, but that is always the case with an extensive project like this. The build is only one part of this Honda-powered Ferrari’s story; testing and development is another, while enjoying the car as intended is maybe the biggest part of it all.


That this car was created to be used long after SEMA 2022 is a pretty good reason to invest in its story.


Another appealing aspect with this build and some of the others we plan on featuring, is that they’re not projects created with open cheque books. Take the level of detail Mike’s poured into this car. See that ‘244 GTK’ badge? That’s a retake on the original ‘308 GTB’ one (3.0-litre, 8-cylinder) replaced with the new engine (2.4-litre, 4-cylinder and K-series).


In this case, Mike and his workshop have invested something much more valuable into the car – their time. Although if time was literally money, I’m sure Mike & co. would be heavily overdrawn at this stage, especially given the single-digit hours of sleep incurred over the last few weeks.


But the results speak for themselves. On paper it’s one of the wildest builds at SEMA 2022 and in the metal it’s even more staggering. Should you be in attendance at SEMA this week, you can find the 244 GTK on the CSF Cooling stand – #21309 in the Central Hall. But if you’re looking for a full, in-depth big read on Mike’s car, don’t stress. We will be back with a much larger feature on this incredible car when we catch up with it at Stanceworks HQ shortly after SEMA.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Vero: pmcgphotos

Photography by Mark Riccioni
Instagram: mark_scenemedia
Twitter: markriccioni



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It's certainly an original and thought-provoking build (albeit following on in a way from the K-swapped NSXs).

It's provocative on many levels - original Ferrari engine replaced by Honda, V8 for I4, naturally aspirated for turbo. And a specific output that makes the F40 engine look like a detuned and progressive powerplant.

I can't help wonder what it's like to drive, have to imagine it's a bit tricky tbh, I assume that going from off-boost to on-boost is rather an 'event'. Hope he's made moulds of those body panels!


I thought this was a rendering he did so much work with his boys over the past two weeks. Insane. Glad when this week is over so I can keep watching his youtube. What an amazing build. Can't wait to see and hear it in anger on track.


It's fantatstic build and I've been thoroughly enjoying Mike's YouTube series. Was not expecting white! It looks great but what happened to the much expected Honda yellow?


Mike made the jump to white (wrap) to switch things up for SEMA, but has future plans to paint it yellow


I learned of this build through a speedhunters article last year and have watched the build progress each week on Mikes Youtube channel. Each week I could not wait to see what he would be doing to the car. Watching him weld and talk about the how and why of the car was great. His last episode he was prepping the car for SEMA and said there would not be a full unveiling due to getting the car ready. What a surprise to see the finished car here and wow is it more than I could of hoped for. I really love what he did to the interior and the car just oozes coolness.




So much win! I hope Mike doesn't get a cease-and-desist letter from Maranello's lawyers. Lol!

I am interested to know what wheels are those. Are they the same Rotiform used on Ken Block's new Hoonitron?


They look like old speedline wheels, I don't think the originals are still in production but I'm sure someone makes a repro


I always loved the 288GTO, it was one of my first "favorite cars" in childhood.
Kinda jelly its getting more attention and being done up, and not by me.
The E30 has already seen its peak and coming off (another one of my favs from way back when)

That said, the man did a nice job with it, nothing revolutionary, kinda looks like a drift or low weight track machine.

I wonder what would KS do with it? Like more aggressive design. Id add scoops to feed the engine, the rear window panel begs for it. Make it some type of Bladerunner meets Sr-71 mood. Maybe even paint it matte aero stealth dark grey with tasty led details - neon underglow white, fiery yellow back light, tinted out, fully done interior - none of the spartan bs sitting on a tin seat, but a nice full interior, analogue dials.This type of car has to have analogue dials. Seeing digitals in 80s era cars is like seeing low profile rims on restomod muscle cars.

And I miss seeing the needle go round and round. A nice custom made analogue dial would be beautiful. Fully stitched out custom seats. Interor is where you spend your time, it has to be like a glove, like a comfy bed after sleeping in hotels, like a girl you get with effortlessly compared to the ones you chased for nothing. It has to be done top.

For me, the whole car would be done in cyberpunk meets sr-71 meets stealth fighter meets WHEN I WAS A KID I LOVED THIS type of aesthetics. Think of it as understated overstatement.


Normaly when I see engine bays like these, I'm amazed how they manage to fit everything in. Almost like it all was molded to fit exactly this car and nothing else.
Having followed the build quite allot, it makes allot more sense looking at the engine bay. With every part Mike clearly showed why the part was chosen, where its best placed and what would be necessary to make the part work.
As impressive as the build is, I think that the fact that the complete build has been documented so well and with so much detail, is the coolest part of it.

And that sound ofcourse!


Been waiting for this one and I'm glad to see this K-swapped Ferrari featured on Speedhunters
Man it looks glorious and it's definitely one of the best builds here at SEMA if not the best
Definitely will steal the show fasho

Jason R. Bondhus

Seems like the main thing you are losing is the sound of the Ferrari engine, everything else is a plus: lighter, faster, stronger. I'm guessing this setup sounds mean as well. Would look sick in yellow but it looks so good as is!

I really like this. It's still a Ferrari...the most Ferrari part of the car is that body imo.


Pretty bitchin car. Makes a lot of sense to swap for a K24 and get more power with reliability.

Having said that, part of the reason I laugh my ass off at that tone you have when you display that holier than thou birds eye view of "we see what's going on if you're running your mouth about these tuners doing it just for the gram."

Actually...what do you see? I have a friend who designed a very well known F1 car for one of the top drivers in the world who talks massive s*** about builds like that. What would you say to him I wonder? Who are you Paddy McGrath and what actually qualifies you to say any of this about others with credentials?

Because you built a bagged VW or are you just virtue signaling. You're better off dropping that tone, but I think it's a trait of journalists and you're actually projecting your own inadequacies about building knowledge onto those who might have more but criticize.

How about some people out there simply have knowledge and opinions and they aren't afraid to express them despite what little entitled Paddy might think.

What a novel concept!


Damn even after all these years ultimatedivorcetips still addicted to both kinds of speed. Good to see some consistency in this ever-changing world.


Yes Bofa. I am still schooling you all years later. Good to know some things stay consistent---like people who know what they are talking about and have big balls to express their opinions. I know it's hard to understand but if you try really hard one day you can do it too. I believe in you.


I see your reading comprehension still hasn't improved after all of these years. Maybe you should ask your 'friend' for help?


It's going to be properly fun to shit on you Paddy.


To be very clear, I have no ill will towards you. I even went out of my way last year to help you when your comments were going to spam, so I don't really understand this weird hatred you have had for me over the years.

FWIW, you are absolutely free to agree / disagree with anything on here. However, if you can't do it in a constructive manner without taking personal digs at staff or other users, you will be removed from the conversation permanently.


"If you want to take cheap shots at builders who have spent months of their lives genuinely trying to achieve something just for likes and engagement on your own social media, then have at it. Just be aware that most of us can see through the act, and we know the people who are contributing positively to global car culture are."

Pretty easy to understand unless you have an IQ of about 80. You're so entitled to say something like that and it's totally off base assuming other people don't have actual understanding of how to build cars correctly. How dare anyone criticize. Respect all builds right?

This is utter nonsense and a larger reflection of your views of the world. Mine are different. I am free to express them.


Epic build and post. My good friend Mike's car photographed by my favorite photographer and friend, Mark. Doesn't get any better than this!

The biggest congratulations to Mike Burroughs for all you have accomplished not only on this build but everything leading up to it. Couldn't be a more deserving human.



I can't even remember the last time I was so excited about a single car. Like lots of us, I have been following this build for a while, and through his build videos, Mike has got me excited about my own build, and has inspired me to take more chances.

Mike and his creation are truly a gift to the automotive community. We are all better for them. And thank you Speedhunters for giving the completed car the intro it deserves. Speedhunters and Stanceworks should hang out more.


Just here adding to the list of praise, SOOO GLAD he didn't stick to the stupid banana and went with Japan's racing color, so much can be read from it, and "spoon yellow" doesn't really belong on the time capsule lightning in a bottle that was the 308 design.

The idea here is not to fear platforms as we all wade through this new era of mobility, since what made one car "terrible" need not apply, especially when you have someone OG legit about their passion for cars. The 308 wasn't terrible in it's time, and the NSX's glint in Nakano's and Uehara's eyes was a decade later, so this under served platform, or even the style of it, just has bad/fake memory of being "terrible". Actually, it was awesome, poster car stuff that made everyone dream of their own version of what ultimately became the Mclaren F1. We need more wedges and low beltlines to show up with restomod power! Congrats to the builders


Anyone who complains about SEMA in regard to the relatively small amount of unfinished or undrivable cars needs to stop. Almost every large show I have been to has at least a few. Sometimes deadlines aren't reached and parts don't arrive. It happens but at least the car is there and you get to see it. Also, people's tastes vary so chances are there will be a few you don't like.


been following this build on YT from the beginning and it's been a real joy seeing his progress week after week. love Mike's attitude, especially how he shows his mistakes. Learned a lot over the last year following this build and respect the hell out of his skills. can't wait to see this beast hit the track.


More like culture trash. Looks worst than I would have ever imagined. Dude snaked everyone to start a YT channel.