Random Snap>> Rusty In The Rain

I came across this photo of Mike Burroughs' infamous E28 BMW, Rusty (taken by Mike Burroughs!), during my nightly interneting. This photo blew me away. I love that it's so moody and the fact that I had to take a closer look to really notice that it was, indeed, that rusty BMW that we all either love or hate.

After a quick chat with Mike, he mentioned that it rarely ever rains as hard as in this photo in his part of the country. So when it did, he didn't even have to think about grabbing his camera and driving dear ol' Rusty out to a nice spot. That bit of quick thinking reminded me how improvisational, emotionally charged and how much sacrifice has to be given for the sake of photography.

There's no glamor in the act photography, but light capturists like Mike sure make it look so.