Car Spotlight>> "the Standard" Of The Slammed Miata

This past month we've seen a whole slew of automobiles dropped to insane lowness. This Miata is no different. This car is like the crispy cornered pieces of brownies that only a select few actually enjoy. And just like any good brownie recipe, the best ones are always the most simple.

Let's be honest here: this car is as Mazda OEM stock as possible. The engine still retains the stock 1.6L. The exterior additions to this car has been a Mazda OEM front R-Package lip, rear R-package lip, and a OEM hardtop painted glittery silver. Really, the only things not stock is the now rare RSR GTII ExMag exhaust system, Jackson Racing Header and the Boss Frog roll bar.

Like I said, simple.

The car's stance has been brought to you by the letter T –for Tein Flex. Despite the lack of travel at this ride height, the ride quality is superb –buttery smooth really.

Here's the insane rear negative camber.

That camber is to fit a set of Diamond Racing 15×10 -20 wheels with 225/45 tires all around.

Here's the front fitment….

…and the rear fitment. I always maintain this saying about living with a slammed car: "If you're not rubbing, you're not ricing." This car definitely rubs (but only on hard cornering), so there is plenty of that cooked white grain going on here.

This is the owner, Kyle, a man of a tall stature, getting out is this hot wheel sized car. Every morning it is a question of 'ship in a bottle' –the ship always wins.

Like the cripsy corners brownies; this car is hard, simple, yet extremely flavorful and delicious. Many people may like the middle chewy section of brownies, or brownies with peanuts or walnuts, or even a with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top. But me? Those crispy corner pieces all day long, please.

-Linhbergh Nguyen

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WOW That's just wild!


man this almost makes me want a NA...

gettin clowned in one is questionable hahaa


what an amazing car. this is something i would love to daily.


Now where are my brownies? Those sounded good.... Oh, and she's gorgeous too. Loving the wheel choice. She makes mine look really tall... (I'm self-conscious about how tall my Miata is, that's normal, isn't it?)


fucking kyle, pushing the limits even farther than paul did.


sick car yute


wallpaper PLEASE


First, fourth and last would make excellent wallpapers!!!


Miatas FTW!!!!to think,people actually look down on Miatas.shame.

I think ill browse CraigsList for a Miata


I dig the wheels. The brown on white is subtle, but sweet.

Good writing, Linh!


This article makes me want to sit in the car and eat brownies all day...=D


One (if not the most) of the most beautiful Miatas I´ve ever seen.

Props Kyle, really!

Linhbergh, as always, A-W-E-S-O-M-E-!

PS. Wallpapers!!!!!!!!!!!


nice and clean! wallpaper of 4th pic! please!


One of the craziest miatas I've ever seen. I never cared for them but this one is dope in a crazy way


2nd or last desktop guys!


Only 5 hours until December!


Hahaha did you save the best for last Linh?

You guys should see his other car.

Kylestyle yeeeeeee


The rears could come out another 5mm, easy :-D


I dunno what to say. Just like he said simple....others could call it say keep on doing your thing guys!


NA owners unite!


Diamond steelies pwn.


Like you said simple and clean,really nice and a good end to the theme.The diamond racing steelies relly set it off.


diamond racing steelies > rotas/sportmaxxes and all other shitty knock offs


WALLPAPER of the third pic please!!!


omg im blown away .

simply amazing .


"If you're not rubbing, you're not ricing.".... isn't it "if you're not rubbin, you're not dubbin" ? never heard anyone say ricing instead lol.. either way that things on point


<3 gud job linh. i haven't seen kyle in forevarz


perfect fitment, that ass shot is so damn sexy


lol harrison has competition now in the NA world. maybe one day it will come off the jack stands and hit the streets again.

props to kyle, his NA is one of my favorites out top 3 favs.


There's that misuse of the word rice again. Haha. I can't imagine how much fun that must be to drive. Pretty much a go-kart.


Needs moar miataz on speedhunters.


Miata's definition of Slam. FL going to catch up to you guys some day. Hopefully they'll be some covered by SpeedHunters someday, *hint hint*


haha love that comparison with brownies, so true. Really nice simple built there, just a bit too much camber for me, but the rest is perfect!


Thank you for hearing my cries for a slammed NA Miata, Linhbergh. This has to be one of the tastiest Miata's you guys have ever posted. I love those wheels. And as always, you're a genius with that camera. Mad props.


Clean miata... the insane poke actually works well on this car.


mmmmmmmmmmmmm..... oh sorry. lemme wipe the drool off my keyboard. as soon as i get some money im buying a miata and doing it just like that! not quite the crazy wide wheels or heavy neg camber but def the lowness and simplicity. i might even copy the diamond racing wheels. that was a perfect end to a waaaay to short month. DESKTOPSSSSSSSSSS PLEASEEEEEE

oh and how tall is "kyle"? i wanna get an idea of how much of a pretzel ill be getting out lol


on second thought....he needs to contact to get some sick wheels...aka SSR wheels he can become duma mi deng lips!

miata is still rad!


Man, if this car is not inspiring I don't know what is. Gonna make the value of used Miata's go up. 15x10? Are you serious! That is serious wheel width. Love hardtops too. This is automotive perfection.


I want wallpaper piease


dammmmmmm dats incredible!!! MORE PICSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeee interior and engine


i can't wait til this silly hellaflush fad is over...


Kyle turned me into a ricer... ;)

One of the nicest miata examples out there.

Great work.


@Jpreston, hellaflush is a relatively new term for low cars with awesome wheel fitment. Euro guys have been doing it for decades as have the Japanese guys in their shakotan and bosozoku cars. Just like hot rodding I don't think it will ever go away.




just awesome,this car has wheels wider and deeper (on relativiely stock fenders)than most people do with bolt on flares....this kids,is how you do shit RIGHT.


Miatas are the best, this one is hot


Rad. I'm feelin this; just like those "special" brownies back in college..! I'm glad to see people are finally seeing how rad a Miata can be!


What's great is this isn't even his best car.

Wait till you see what else this crazy bastard's building.


I feel his pain, I'm 6'3" and i have to get in and out of my low ass 240z. props to him though, Miatas are small as fuck!


Didn't see this spotlight coming! I actually dig that Miata - that flaked out hardtop is sweet touch! The pictures are superb btw!


Amazing! I love it!


Holy hell... 15 x 10 -20 all around?!?!?!? I gotsta change my boxers.


That's super cool


does anyone know what the style of wheel? anyway i can contact him? i went to because im looking to do similar to this guy with my bmw e30, but theres all sorts of these damn things all over a cheaply made site.. email me at


I love miatas and personaly drive one (NA) but this one... sorry but not my taste

looks like somebody step on the frog... to low, to much negative camber at the rear

german style miata? nooooo....

for god sake it's not a Golf!

just my 2 cents :)


Linhbergh, was that first shot taken in Valencia, CA on Mcbean Parkway?

I used to live there, and it looks way too familiar.

Its driving me crazy.


Tyler, that's actually in Irvine, California on Jamboree Blvd. :)